Reader – Chapter 07

Although Oren wasn’t the only place you can attain the occupation, there was a special occupation you could obtain. It was a trainer or tamer.


“There are 500 trainers, and 3 tamers.”

“…. It’s less than I thought?”

Users that acquired titles are 0.7%, so Joo Hyuk Yang thought there would also be a lot of users that had special occupations. However, different than what he thought, the number was very low.

“It’s because they go down before they achieve the qualifications.”

“I guess.”

To become a trainer or tamer, the conditions to change careers were quite difficult. In the case of becoming a trainer, one would need to complete all of the four training centers located in Oren. Only then would one be able to receive the quest to change into a trainer.

It was even more difficult to become a tamer. In order to change into a tamer, first, one would need to hurt a rabbit to the point where it’s on the brink of death; then, one would need to eat ‘a very well baked bread’ that was being sold for 5 gold. And after, that rabbit along with a different rabbit would need to be killed together. Only then would the quest to change into a tamer appear.

“That’s why it’s a special occupation”

If you were to go the ordinary route, it would be a special occupation that couldn’t be attained.

“Then, lastly.”

Joo Hyuk Yang’s question was not yet over. More than the highest-level user, the user that earned a title, and the user that earned a special occupation like trainer or tamer; there was something he was more curious about left.

“What about the library?”

It was the library.

“Of course, there is none.”

“I guess, since it is the first day.”

“No, even if a couple days pass, I don’t think there’s going to be one. The library at Oren.”

Not one user has used Oren’s library. No, there won’t be a user that would use it. Jang Yool was certain.

‘You need 50 gold.’

In order to use Oren’s library, one would need 50 gold. But, 50 gold in Oren was a huge amount of money. Pay that large sum of money to utilize the library? It wouldn’t make sense. There’s no way there would be a user like that.

“You never know, there might be one. Maybe there’s some type of hidden piece placed inside?”

Joo Hyuk Yang said.

“Like you said, there may be a user like that.”

Jang Yool shook his head. Although he thought there would be no way there would be one, like Joo Hyuk Yang said, there may be a user that may think by chance and access the library.

“By the way, you couldn’t say that the hidden piece there was a hidden piece, right?”

It didn’t matter whether or not one used it. The hidden piece in Oren’s library wasn’t considered a hidden piece. It was a piece that could be obtained at any other library.

“Yeah, you’re right. During that time, it would be better to raise your level or do a quest.”

Besides, although it was called a hidden piece, the efficiency wasn’t very good. It was to the point where it would be preferable to raise your level than wasting time trying to obtain the hidden piece.

“But, it would shine in the latter half of the game.”

Of course, the saying was only for beginners. Towards the latter half, it changes. In the latter half, there will be a significant difference between those who have acquired the library’s hidden piece and those who have not.

“It’s going to be too late to acquire it then.”

It becomes more and more difficult to obtain the library’s hidden piece as your level rises. It’s best to acquire the hidden piece at that level.


It was at that moment. Jang Yool shouted as if he was surprised.

“… What’s wrong?”

Joo Hyuk Yang asked Jang Yool as he tilted his head.

“A user that’s obtained a first class occupation appeared!”


Joo Hyuk Yang had to ask Jang Yool again. Just like how items were separated into 6 rankings: common, special, relic, hero, legend, and god; special occupations were also separated into ranks.

It was ranked from 1 to 6. To obtain trainer at Oren was ranked 6 and tamer was a fifth ranking occupation.

There wasn’t a huge difference between the sixth ranking occupation and general profession; however, from the fifth ranking and above, you could clearly see the difference.

But to be ranked in first class? Of course, as great as first class occupation was, it was very hard to promote. If a general profession needed 1 to level up, then first class occupation needed 100.

It was not simply experience anymore. For special occupations, in order to level up or raise your skill, one needed to complete a quest.

“What kind of occupation is it?”

Joo Hyuk Yang asked. There wasn’t only one first class occupation. It was quite diverse. Amongst those occupations, he was curious as to which first class occupation was acquired.

“It’s the King of Ruin!”

“… Sigh.”

Joo Hyuk Yang waited for Jang Yool’s answer with anticipation and let out a sigh of relief as he heard the answer.

“What a relief.”

King of Ruin, just like its first class ranking; was very good. It was definitely a great occupation. However, not only was it difficult to promote, but also the King of Ruin needed another user to support them. King of Ruin was a worse occupation than the general profession if played alone.

“But how were they able to achieve the qualifications already?”

Joo Hyuk Yang could not understand. A condition had to be accomplished in order to receive the quest to change occupations into King of Ruin. There was no way one could fulfill that condition on the first day. He was confused as to how that qualification was achieved.

“That is, the qualifications have changed.”

“… What? The conditions changed?”

“Yes, Teacher directly changed it?”


Joo Hyuk Yang shouted with elasticity as he heard Jang Yool’s response.

“Well, I’m sure they have their reasons.”

Joo Hyuk Yang shook his head. After he finished shaking his head, he spoke.

“Anyway, monitor the situation. If a message appears, report it to me. Fourth-class ranking Sang Man Lee. You don’t need to report fifth, and sixth-class rankings.”


* * *

Beep beep!

As soon as the alarm rang, Soo Hyuk opened his eyes instinctively. He stretched and got up from his bed.

“It’s the New Year.”

He looked at his watch. The year had finally changed. Of course, just because the year had changed, it didn’t mean there would be a change in his livelihood. Ever since he became a junior high student, he always spent the New Year alone.

He did some light stretching, then sat at his desk and began reading a book. He focused solely on the book for 30 minutes and then closed it.

He went to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

“I should eat some ramen.”

There were no side dishes that came into his eyes, so he took out only one egg from the fridge and closed it. Then, he opened the cupboard and took out a ramen.

He cooked an egg ramen and took it with him as he walked towards his computer. There were going to be players whom didn’t sleep and played the whole night.

He anticipated what types of posts would be up all night and what kinds of things might have happened as he went into the official homepage and clicked on the best bulletin board where all of the popular posts were gathered.


The very first popular post that came into sight was about special occupations.

“A special occupation, you say…”

If the entire content in the popular posts were ten, then there was only 1 post that had information regarding the special occupation and 9 about bragging. In the comments, many users asked about how a special occupation was acquired.

“It’s more than enough if you’re a magician.”

Soo Hyuk clicked the back button. He thought about changing his occupation into a magician anyways. He didn’t need information regarding the special occupation nor was he interested.


The second popular post he checked was regarding title.

Title: Honey-like information on obtaining a title in Oren.

Character Name: Righteous

If you kill 100 rabbits in Oren, you can earn the title of Butcher. Strength, agility, stamina, and wisdom will be raised 3 each. Take this honey-like title. For reference, if you go down and catch 100 rabbits, it’s useless. It’s only possible with Oren rabbit.


He exclaimed as he checked the post.

“If I catch a little bit more, does that mean I can obtain it?”

Currently, after the quest was completed, he had caught 70 rabbits. In order to complete the quest, he caught 5 rabbits before, making it a total of 75. If what the writing in the post were true, then he would need to catch 25 more rabbits in order to acquire the title.

He checked the comments in the post in order to figure out if what was written was true or not. If by any chance it were a lie, the responses would not be good.

“…. Hmm?”

He frowned as he read the comments. The responses were not good. They were negative. The problem was that it wasn’t negative because it was a lie.

Ruka: The time it takes to catch 100 rabbits, I’d rather go down and level up.

Dishika: I saw this post and sent my friend first. However, I’m at level 9 and my friend’s at level 15. That bitch.

Ishid: Everyone, this post is real. But, it’s better not to do it. It’s inefficient.

Scarf Lizard: I acquired the title. There will be a time this title will shine right?

The title itself was true. Though, the majority of the comments were negative. If there were a total of 10 comments, then there would be 1 positive comment, and 9 negative ones. 1:9, an overwhelming ratio.

“Well, it doesn’t matter.”

He pressed the back button. Efficiency was not important to him. He had to capture rabbits anyway.

“There isn’t much.”

Hereafter, he looked at the other popular posts but there wasn’t any information that was of great interest. Just in time, he finished eating his ramen. He then stood up from his seat and after he finished washing the dishes, he connected to ‘Pangaea.’


As soon as he was connected, he looked around as he tilted his head.

‘Where did everyone go?’

It was because he could not see any users. Up until right before he logged out, there were a couple users hard at work catching rabbits. But, where did all of them go?

Confused, a smile formed on his face. He didn’t know what was going on, but it wasn’t a bad thing in his perspective. It was because he would be able to catch rabbits continuously.

First, he opened his character window.

Level: 6

Experience: 1%

Vitality: 1860

Mana: 200

Satiety: 85%

Strength: 11

Agility: 12

Stamina: 35

Wisdom: 10

“I’m going to collect all of the bonus stats from now on.”

In order to change into a magician, he needed to become level 10 and have wisdom 30. Currently, to achieve level 10 and wisdom 30, he will need to gather all of the bonus stats received henceforth. If he thought of the title, he could only spare 3.

“I have no problem with satiety.”

There was no problem with satiety because it was at 85%. He closed the character window and opened his inventory. He then began swinging the sword he received from the trainer and headed toward the rabbits.

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