Reader – Chapter 08


‘As I thought.’

Soo Hyuk thought, as he headed toward the rabbits with his sword. It was something that he had felt yesterday as well, but the sword that he had received from the drill instructor was on a different level than the training sword. The training sword had felt like a club, but the sword that he had received as a gift from the drill instructor felt like an actual sword.


The rabbits that had to be hit 3-4 times before, were now dying with every 2 hits.

[You have captured 100 rabbits in Oren.]

[Title: Butcher of Oren obtained.]

[Information regarding your title may be viewed through your character window.]

As Soo Hyuk continued to kill rabbits to obtain their hide and experience, he suddenly received messages.

They were messages stating that he had obtained the title ‘Butcher of Oren’. Soo Hyuk opened his character window again. And, as he now had a title, he clicked on the now activated title button.

-Butcher of Oren (Str, dex, vit, wis +3)

After confirming his new title, Soo Hyuk closed the character window and continued to focus on his hunt.

’52 more to go.’

Having killed 25 rabbits, he had received another 20 rabbit hides. However, even if he was to combine it with the hide that he collected yesterday, it was still a bit away from his goal of 132. There were still 52 more hide that needed to be collected.

‘I should be fine if I kill 70 more.’

His previous kill of 70 rabbits had given him 49 rabbit hides. This was the reason why he figured he would be able to obtain his goal with another 70 more rabbits.

*   *   *

‘Please come out!’

Thought Soo Hyuk, as he attacked with his sword.


The rabbit that had been hit with the sword lay on the ground without any movement. Then, a drop window appeared as Soo Hyuk smiled.


Within the drop window was a rabbit hide. He had finally completed his goal of 132 rabbit hides. After clicking on the obtain button, Soo Hyuk opened his character window.

Level: 8

Experience: 51%

Vitality: 2040

Mana: 260

Satiety: 61%

Strength: 14

Dexterity: 15

Stamina: 38

Wisdom: 13

Bonus stat: 10

Current level was 8.


Looking at his level, Soo Hyuk spat.

“As I thought, is level 10 too much.”

Rabbits were low level monsters. They were nooby monsters that even level 1 characters could kill, so there was definitely a limit with trying to level up with such monsters.

“I should go down and level up the remaining 2 levels.”

Of course, although little, the experience bar still went up. He could eventually hit level 10 if he continued to kill the rabbits.

However, he had killed many rabbits until now. So much till the point he was weary. He did not want to hunt anymore.

Not only that, but rather than killing the rabbits till level 10, Soo Hyuk figured it would be better to go down and kill some other monsters to help conserve time.

‘Finally, I’ll be able to get into the library.’

Closing his character window, Soo Hyuk smiled again. Having collected his 132 rabbit hides, he now just had to sell them off to receive the 50-gold needed for the library.

He wanted to hurry and sell the rabbit hides, so he began to walk towards the village.

“I keep getting ks’ed, so how do they expect anyone to obtain the title?”

“For those of you who want to receive the title, please head further out. You should be able to obtain it without any issues.”

Soo Hyuk soon arrived at the village. Different from where he had hunted for his rabbits, the front of the village was still heavily populated. Passing through other users, Soo Hyuk entered the village and headed towards the store.



As soon as he opened the door, the owner of the store, Tara, greeted.


Responding back to the greeting, Soo Hyuk walked towards Tara. And, at the same time he arrived at his destination, Soo Hyuk opened his inventory and began to take out the rabbit hides.


Tara was surprised to see Soo Hyuk pull out so many rabbits hides. 132 wasn’t a small number even for Tara.

“Wow, look at that user.”

“Aren’t those all rabbit hides?”

“How many did he kill?”

Tara wasn’t the only one to be surprised. The several users that were in the vicinity shopping for items were beginning to gossip while staring at Soo Hyuk.

“I’d like to sell all of them.”

Listening to the users around him, Soo Hyuk spoke to Tara after pulling out all of the rabbit hides.

“W, wait a moment.”

After responding back with a disconcerted voice, Tara began to count the number of rabbit hides on the counter. It took but a moment to count the items, as Tara soon spoke.

“There are 132, I’ll give you 35 gold.”

‘Huh? Isn’t it supposed to be 33 gold?’

Soo Hyuk had no choice but to be wary of Tara’s words. 4 rabbit hides equated to 1 gold. In other words, 132 of them equaled 33 gold. There were 2 gold more than normal.

‘Is it service?’

Am I getting more because I’m selling a lot at once? Having noticed the wariness in Soo Hyuk, Tara continued to speak.

“The 2 gold is extra service. You’ve brought so many to me at once, so the least I can do is add a little more.”

As he had thought, it was service.

“Thank you.”

With those words, Soo Hyuk sold all his rabbit hides. And, he was soon able to receive his 35 gold.


As soon as the gold was put into the inventory, the number next to his gold grew. With 35 being added to what he already had, Soo Hyuk had exactly 52 gold now. Seeing the large sum of 52 gold within his inventory, Soo Hyuk automatically smiled.

‘Let’s buy 2 gold worth of bread.’

Even if he sat there doing nothing, as time went by, his satiety level dropped. Deciding on buying 2 gold worth of bread to help with his satiety, Soo Hyuk left the store.

‘The bakery is……’

Having come out from the store, Soo Hyuk did not immediately head towards the library. The library was his final destination, so he was planning on buying bread before that. Opening his guidebook, Soo Hyuk checked his map, and began to walk towards the bakery.

‘Wow, it smells so good.’

The closer he got to the bakery, the more his appetite got stimulated. Following the map and smell, Soo Hyuk soon arrived at the bakery.

“I’d like to buy this.”

“3 soft bread huh! That will be 1 gold!”

There were already several users lined up to buy bread. Soo Hyuk entered the bakery and began to look at the different types of bread and their prices.

‘They sell hard bread too?’

There were many different types of bread within the bakery. And, amongst them was the hard bread that he had obtained through his quest.

Was it because of how hard the bread was? The amount of hard bread that could be bought with 1 gold was quite a lot.

’10 for 1 gold?’

It was no less than 10. If he paid 1 gold, he could receive 10 of the hard bread.


Soo Hyuk thought for a moment. The amount of gold that he currently had was 2 gold. With 2 gold, he could buy 20 hard bread that could potentially last him for quite a while.

‘No, still……’

After thinking for a moment, Soo Hyuk looked away from the hard bread. Although it was just to fill his satiety, he had wanted to eat something that was easier to eat. Something that had a bit of taste, and could make him smile.

‘Soft bread huh.’

Next to the hard bread was the soft bread. It was definitely one that looked much tastier, but Soo Hyuk had no choice but to ponder again.

‘……..1 gold for 3?’

3 soft bread could be bought with 1 gold. That was quite a difference to the hard bread that was 10 for 1 gold. Soo Hyuk continued to move his feet as he looked around at the other breads.


And, after confirming the other breads, Soo Hyuk found himself back at the hard bread.


Staring at the hard bread, Soo Hyuk sighed.

‘Money is the problem. Money.’

He had confirmed the other breads. There were 5 different types of bread that could be bought. However, there were none that could satisfy his satiety for as long as the hard bread could. Soft bread was the next best after the hard bread, but even then, with 3 breads for 1 gold, there was a big difference between it and the hard bread.


Soo Hyuk eventually began placing the hard bread onto the basket that was provided by the bakery. Having placed 20 of them within his basket, Soo Hyuk stood in line. Whether it was the person standing in front of him, or the users that were leaving the bakery, everyone stared at Soo Hyuk’s basket with surprise.

‘Buying hard bread?’

‘No, why is he buying so many? That stone like bread?’

As normal, the reason why the users were surprised was because of the hard bread.


A user was unable to contain his curiosity as he asked Soo Hyuk.

“Why are you buying that?”

“For my satiety.”

“Ah, should I give you some of mine?”


Being faced with an unexpected question, Soo Hyuk answered with another question. Then, he quickly nodded and spoke.

“I’d be very thankful if you could give me some.”

There was no way to confirm how many books were within the library, but there were probably so many of them in there, that 20 hard bread wouldn’t be enough to suffice. Since, the user was willing to give bread for free, Soo Hyuk definitely had to take it. Even if it was just hard bread.

“Here you go.”

Hearing Soo Hyuk’s answer, the user opened his window and gave 6 of his hard bread.

“Thank you.”

Receiving the bread, Soo Hyuk stored it within his inventory and gave his thanks to the user.

“Have fun playing Pangaea.”

“Yes! You too!”

The user now walked out from the bakery.

“I will give you some as well.”

“Me too!”

“Here you go.”

With that being the beginning, all the users that were leaving the bakery after buying their bread, began to give their hard bread to Soo Hyuk. As Soo Hyuk received the breads, he began to think.

‘Although this is great, something’s……’

Staring at the number of hard bread growing within his inventory, Soo Hyuk felt relaxed. However, that wasn’t the only thing he was feeling. Although it was hard to explain, there was another subtle feeling that he could feel.

It was soon Soo Hyuk’s turn to pay.

“…..It seems like you’ve already received a lot.”

Having seen everything that had happened just now, the bakery owner Kara, spoke with a disconcerted expression.

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