Reader – Chapter 09

“Are you really going to purchase them?”

Although the hard breads were put out on display, she did not think they would get sold. They were only out on display to fill the display section.

“Yes, I don’t have any time to spare. I have 20, it’s 2 gold right?”

“Yes, you’re correct.”

“Here you go.”

He took out 2 gold and purchased 20 hard breads.

“Hold on one moment!”

It was at that moment.

The bakery owner, Kara stopped Soo Hyuk in his steps.


He turned around and looked at Kara with curiosity as she came out from behind the counter and walked towards the display area.

‘What is she doing?’

She grabbed the hard bread that was out on display and a couple of soft breads next to it and began walking towards him.

“I will give these to you.”


When he saw her grabbing the breads, he thought ‘is she?’ and was in shock to find that his thoughts were correct when she handed the breads to him.

‘What the, why?’

Why is she giving me bread all of a sudden?

“Thank you.”

For now, he thanked her and placed the breads in his inventory. He wasn’t going to decline when she was offering.

‘Why is she giving them to me?’

He thought to himself. He couldn’t understand why she gave the breads to him.

“If they weren’t sold by today, I was thinking of throwing them away anyways. Please don’t feel burdened.”

Kara said to him. He realized something with what she said.

‘Do I seem pitiful?’

He believed he looked pitiful. Well, he did purchase an outrageous amount of hard bread that no one would eat unless they were really desperate.

“Thank you very, very much.”

He said thanks once more and came out of the bakery. Then he opened his inventory and checked how much hard bread he had.

The bread he had originally, the ones he received just a moment ago from the users, the ones he purchased, and the ones he received from Kara totaled 112 hard breads.

“If it’s 112 hard breads, I should be able to last a very long time.”

112 hard breads was an extraordinary amount. It was to the point where he couldn’t predict how long he’d be able to last with that amount.

“She also gave me 6 soft breads?”

Kara did not give him only hard bread. She also gave him soft bread.

“When I feel that I just can’t eat the hard bread anymore, I should eat one of the soft breads.”

He wondered how big of a difference the taste would be between the soft and hard bread. However, he had no thoughts of eating one just to fill his curiosity.

When he just can’t eat hard bread anymore, is when he decided he was going to eat soft bread and closed his inventory.

Now that he solved his satiety with plenty of bread, it was now time to head towards his primary goal, the library.


He left the bakery and continued walking. Shortly after, he arrived at his primary goal, the library.

He paused for a short while as he stared at the library and was filled with anticipation. He began walking again and went inside.

“Who are you?”

As soon as he entered, the librarian, Kejan, who was guarding the entrance, asked. Soo Hyuk responded.

“I came to utilize the library.”

“Can you please give me the pass?”

She held out her hand.

“I don’t have the pass, but I’d like to purchase one.”

He opened his inventory as he spoke.

“Oh, I see.”

She replied shortly as she withdrew her hand.

“It’s 50 gold, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

He took out 50 gold from his inventory. Kejan then asked.

“What’s your name?”

“It’s Soo Hyuk.”

“Soo Hyuk….”

She mumbled his name as she began creating his pass.

“Here you go.”

In the meanwhile, he held out 50 gold, as she responded.

“Hold on one second, please!”

It seemed like it was going to take some time to make the pass.


Soon after, the pass was completed and she held it out.

[Oren’s library pass has been acquired.]

As soon as he received the pass, a message appeared. He read the message and held out the pass as is and spoke.

“I would like to utilize this right now.”

“Okay, when you leave you can retrieve it.”

She replied as she took the pass from him and placed it in the storage box behind her. As soon as he heard her response, he walked past the entrance and headed straight into the library.

“What is this?”

Just like how it looked from the outside, the library’s interior was huge. On top of that, there were a lot of books. Of course, he wasn’t tilting his head in wonderment because there were so many books.

“Why is it sparkling?”

The reason why he was tilting his head was because the books that were in the bookcase were shining. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the books again. The books were sill sparking.

“What’s that, why isn’t it shining?”

All of the books were not sparkling. One, there was one book that was not shining. He wondered what kind of book it was and why it didn’t shine as he approached the bookcase that held the book.


The book that was shine-less was a guidebook.

“Are the books that I haven’t read sparkling?”

He thought to himself as he turned away from the guidebook and looked at the shining books. He was not sure. However, in ‘Pangaea,’ the only book he read was the guidebook; which was the only book that wasn’t sparkling. The possibility was quite high.


He wanted to find out for himself. He grabbed a couple of books that were next to the guidebook and walked in front of the desk that was placed in the center. He then sat down and began reading one of the books.

‘It’s a travel journal?’

He was curious as to what types of books there would be. The very first book he read was about someone’s travels.

– Arteric 11/23/1252

First day of adventure.

I met a wonderful comrade named Hadruss. The beginning’s great.

– Arteric 11/25/1252

I met my second comrade. Eurice, she’s extremely beautiful. Hadruss is smiling greatly; I believe he has the same thoughts as I.

– Arteric 11/28/1252

The adventures I heard from father are completely different. I’ve already met my third comrade. I think I get along well with Hadruss and Eurice.

– Arteric 11/29/1252

I met my fourth comrade. Name’s Caryl, an excellent prosecutor. Tremendously strong. However something’s strange. Aren’t you supposed to like having a strong comrade? Hadruss, Eurice, and Temel’s expressions are not good.

– Arteric 12/1/1252

I fought with Okwa. Hadruss’ mistake almost caused Caryl’s death. Atmosphere is not good.

– Arteric 12/3/1252

Eventually Caryl left. I’m guessing it’s because of what happened the other day? Now the only ones left are myself, Hadruss, Eurice, and Temel.

– Arteric 1/24/1253

Hadruss obtained information regarding the dungeon. He says it’s an ancient magician’s dungeon. It seems dangerous; will we really be able to explore it? I’m anxious.

– Arteric 2/2/1253

We found the dungeon. I’m just so happy at the fact that we found the dungeon, but Hadruss, Eurice, and Temels’ expressions are so cold. Is it because they’re nervous?

– Arteric 2/14/1253

I’ve finished getting ready to enter the dungeon. I will be entering the dungeon tomorrow.

– Arteric 2/15/1253

First day in the dungeon, is it the first day? I cannot tell exactly. Of course, the only thing I can’t tell is the time; dungeon exploration is safe. At least for now.

– Arteric 2/16/1253

Eurice got caught in the trap and was badly hurt. Up until yesterday, I thought that we would be able to finish the exploration easily, but I was wrong. Thankfully, Hadruss had a potion that helped heal her quickly. I don’t remember purchasing the potion though, did he have it originally?

– Arteric 2/18/1253

The dungeon has so many traps. I said let’s turn back but everyone refused. Hadruss stared at me coldly as his eyes were telling me to go back by myself if I wanted to go back. The Hadruss that I know is completely different than now. No, am I finding  out the real Hadruss’ personality now?

– Arteric 2/20/1253

I found out a shocking fact today. It was not the first time Hadruss, Eurice, and Temel met. They’ve known each other from the beginning. But why did they act like they met for the first time?

– Arteric 2/25/1253

If the information is true, then the only thing left is the trap. I can now see the end of the dungeon.

– Arteric 2/27/1253

I’ve been betrayed. Am I going to die like this?

– Arteric 3/1/1253

I met the devil.



Although it was a travel journal, to Soo Hyuk it was also a novel. No, it was a fun novel. He smiled as he read the last page and closed the book.

It was at that moment.


[Wisdom has increased by 1.]

The book’s sparkle disappeared as the message appeared.

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