Reader – Chapter 10


He read the message and wondered.

“Wisdom increased?”

Why did wisdom increase all of a sudden?

“Is it because I read a book?”

No matter how he thought, there was only one reason for it. He read a book, he was certain that the reason why wisdom increased was because he finished reading a book.


Soo Hyuk turned his sight away from the message and looked at a book.

“If I read a book I’ve already read will it still increase?”

By any chance, if he read the book he’s already read, would his stats raise again?


He thought to himself for a moment as he stared at the book and began reading it again. He wanted to solve his curiosity.

“It doesn’t increase.”

Shortly, he attentively read the book once more. He could find assurance when a message did not appear. A book that’s already been read will not increase your stats if you read it again.

A book that hasn’t been read. That is, a book that’s sparkling must be read in order for the stats to increase. Of course, this was not something he was sure of.

He placed the travel journal he read twice to the right. Then he grabbed the book that was placed all the way on top of the books he had stacked on his left side.

The book was not yet read and was radiating with light and sparkling. He opened the book. This book was also about someone’s travels.


[Wisdom has increased by 1.]

Once he was finished reading the entire travel journal, the sparkle disappeared. Then after, same as before, a message appeared stating that wisdom increased. He opened his character window.

Level: 8

Experience: 51%

Vitality: 2040

Mana: 300

Satiety: 52%

Strength: 14

Agility: 15

Stamina: 38

Wisdom: 15

Bonus Stat: 10

Wisdom increased by 2, making the total 15.

“If it’s going to be like this, there’s no need to necessarily gather the bonus stats right?”

The reason he was trying to gather bonus stats was because he wanted to change into a magician. The qualifications to change into a magician were to be level 10 and have wisdom: 30. If reading a book increases wisdom, then he didn’t need to gather the bonus stats in order to reach the amount of wisdom needed. Even now, didn’t he have 5 bonus stats to spare?

“No, even so, because you never know what’ll happen.”

Nevertheless, reading a book may not increase your stats every time. It may only be the first couple times that it increases.

“Let’s be prepared.”

For now, he invested all the 5 freely available bonus stats into his stamina and closed the character window.

“Let’s fill satiety first.”

He checked his satiety just a moment ago. 52%, it was time to fill his satiety. He opened his inventory and took out a hard bread.


It was at that moment.

“You cannot eat inside here!”

“Ah! Okay.”

He stood up from his seat as Kejan shouted. He thought; maybe because he was inside the game he’d be able to; but found that what’s not allowed outside is not allowed inside as well.

He went outside of the library and hurriedly chewed the hard bread. Once he finished eating the entire bread and filled his satiety, he came back to his seat and began reading again.


He finished reading a book and the sparkle disappeared. However, it was different than before. Only the sparkle disappeared and a message did not appear. His stats did not increase.

“As I thought.”

He smiled. Just as he predicted, the number of times your stats could increase was set to a certain amount. No, he couldn’t be certain of this either. It could increase again, so he had to continue reading. Though, there was one thing he was sure of.

“It doesn’t increase unconditionally.”

Just because he read a book didn’t mean that his stats would increase unconditionally as well. Even if he never read that book and it was filled with sparkling light.

“It’s a good thing I didn’t use it.”

At the very least, he left some of the bonus stats. He thought he was fortunate as he placed the shine-less book on the right and grabbed one of the sparkling books from the left. He began reading the books in this manner.

* * *

<The Last Test>

Destroy 5 Training Purpose Scarecrows!

[Training Purpose Scarecrow: 4/5]

Quest Reward: 5 gold, training engineer

‘One more Ahead!’

Need to destroy one more scarecrow moving forward.

Leah closed the quest window.


She headed towards the scarecrow in front of her and swung her sword.


[Training Purpose Scarecrow has been destroyed.]

It took only one hit; the scarecrow was demolished with one hit. Leah was delighted as she looked at the scarecrow. She then turned her sights away from the scarecrow and looked at her sword.

‘As expected, it’s beyond comparable!’

Its’ overwhelming performance was incomparable to the training purpose sword.

“Hey Leah!”

It was at that moment.

She turned around towards the voice that was calling her.

“Hey Gia!”

The person who was calling Leah was the girl who started ‘Pangaea’ with her, Gia.

“Did you catch all of them?”

Leah asked Gia as she arrived.

“Yeap! You?”

“Me too!”

Gia was also trying to complete the quest ‘The Last Test.’ The two of them conversed amongst each other as they approached the training instructor in order to complete their quests.

“They have been destroyed!”

“We demolished them!”

They arrived in front of the training instructor and shouted at once.

“…….good job.”

Their energetic cry made the training instructor hesitate for a brief moment before he opened his mouth.

[Quest ‘The Last Test’ has been completed.]

A message appeared when the instructor spoke. It was a quest complete message. Leah saw the message and smiled as she held out her hand.

“Please give me what you promised!”

“Me too!”

Leah was not the only one with her hand out. Gia held out her hand as well. They held out their hands because they wanted to receive the quest reward.

“Hold on.”

The instructor chuckled as he held out two pouches. He then placed one in each of the girls’ hands.

“Inside there will be the promised tokens.”

He spoke after he gave the pouches.

“Hope you are well wherever you go.”

He spoke briefly. Leah and Gia said good-bye and left the training center.

“Gyah!!!!!! Finally….”

As soon as they came out of the training center, Gia grinned broadly as she shouted. Though her cry was cut off in the middle.

“Hey Gia!”

Leah had cut off her cry.


Gia realized why Leah cut her off and was filled with regret as she apologized.

“Never mind, let’s go.”

She accepted Gia’s apology and quickly checked her surroundings. Thankfully, the users around them didn’t pay much attention to Gia’s cry.

Shuffle shuffle.

“So, are you really going to go?”

Gia asked as they began walking. Currently, they were both walking together but their primary goals were different.

“Yeah, I have to go.”

“Do you really think there’s going to be something in the library?”

“I’m not for certain, but I think there’s going to be something there.”

Gia was thinking of leaving Oren. However, this was not the case for Leah. Her goal was Oren’s library.

“Seeing as how it takes 50 gold to enter, I’m sure there’s a reason for it.”

She could learn the library’s existence by looking at the map in the guidebook. What type of place is it? By any chance, wouldn’t there be some type of quest? She thought as she went to the library. But, she needed 50 gold to access the library.

She was certain when she heard 50 gold was needed. There was going to be something in the library. She believed this because 50 gold was not a small amount of money.

Especially, at this tutorial region of ‘Oren,’ it was an enormous amount of money. To need that large amount of money, there was no way there would be nothing there.

‘Even if there’s nothing there.’

By some chance, even if there was nothing at the library, she was satisfied with obtaining the training engineer. If it weren’t for the library, she wouldn’t have been able to learn about the training engineer.

“I don’t think anything special’s going to be there but….”

Gia thought differently than Leah. Although she didn’t think there wouldn’t be anything at the library, she just didn’t think there would be anything special there.

50 gold? It wasn’t a practical sum of money. Even after completing the entire training engineer quests, there was 37 gold inside the inventory.

Since 50 gold was needed, just like Leah said, there had to be something there. Nevertheless, that something didn’t seem like it was going to be anything special.

“Here, 20 gold.”

Gia took out 20 gold from her inventory and handed it to Leah.


“No problem, but can I really go down first?”

“Yeah, head down first and venture around! I’ll head down shortly.”


They paused at the forked road and conversed. As soon as they finished, Gia headed towards the central plaza and Leah towards the North.

‘I wonder if something’s going to be there?’

Leah thought to herself as she began walking North towards the library. What’s going to be at the library?

‘Am I not going to be able to change into a training engineer?’

Inside her inventory, she had the token needed in order to change into a training engineer. If she utilized the token she would be able to change into an engineer right away.

However, there may be a reason she may not be able to utilize the token. It’s because the library may have an even more special occupation inside.


She was filled with much anticipation as she walked vigorously.

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