Reader – Chapter 11

“Who are…… Oh! It’s you.”

Shortly, Leah arrived at the library. She smiled as she opened her inventory when the librarian, Kejan realized who she was.

“It was 50 gold, right?”


She listened to Kejan’s response as she handed over 50 gold.

“You said your name was Leah, correct?”

This time Kejan asked as Leah shook her head.

“Yes, my name’s Leah.”

“Ms. Leah….here you go!”

It did not take much time to make the library pass and Leah was able to receive it right away.

“Will you be using it right away?”

Kejan asked.


“I will hold onto the pass and keep it in storage. When you’re done utilizing the library, you can receive it on your way out.”


Leah replied as she handed her pass to Kejan once more. She accepted the pass and Leah headed inside.


She stopped her footsteps as she awed in admiration.

‘It’s beautiful.’

She marveled in the library because of the books that were sparkling inside. When she saw the twinkling books, she felt confident.

‘I’m certain there’s something here!’

There was something at the library. She felt assured.

It was at that moment.



The sound of footsteps made her turn around. She was able to see the person who was making the footsteps. It was a man that looked too old to be called a boy, but looked too young to look like a youth.

‘Who is he?’

She was a little taken back because she didn’t think anyone would be at the library.

‘Is it an NPC?’

Is it an NPC, by any chance?

‘It doesn’t seem like he would be a user…..’

The likelihood of him being a user was remarkably small. In order to enter this place, one would need a pass. And to purchase a pass, they would need 50 gold. If they were a user, generally they would not pay 50 gold to go to the library. However, because she didn’t know for sure, she approached the man.

“Umm, excuse me….”

She opened her mouth as she stood in front of the man.


He looked at her strangely as he heard her voice. She then asked.

“Are you a user?”

There was no reason to drag the time. She was direct with him when she asked.



The man replied and began reading a book. She wanted to ask more questions but closed her mouth and thought to herself.

‘He was a user.’

The man’s identity wasn’t NPC but a user.

‘I wasn’t the only person to think about the library.’

Indeed, there were an immensely large amount of users whom started ‘Pangaea.’ It would be weird if there were no users who questioned the library when it needed 50 gold to access.


She turned her sights from the man and looked at the bookcases. She was delighted to see the numerous twinkling books placed in the bookcases and began walking.


She tilted her head in wonderment.

‘What is that?’

She thought all of the books were sparkling but that wasn’t the case. There was one book that wasn’t twinkling.

‘There’s no way…..’

There was solely one book that wasn’t sparkling. By chance, wouldn’t it be the something hidden inside the library? She quickly headed towards the bookcase with the un-sparkling book and took it out.


She frowned.


She thought it might be a hidden piece but found that it was a guidebook instead.

‘Hey, what is this.’

She was disappointed as she placed the guidebook back inside the bookcase. Then she looked at the sparkling books next to it and thought to herself.

‘What kind of book is it?’

She anticipated what kind of book it would be.

‘It’s not a dictionary, is it?’

She couldn’t exclude the probability of it being a dictionary. She erased the disappointment from the guidebook and took out the sparkling book with much anticipation.


The name of the book was ‘Rodin.’ She was certain it was someone’s name. She returned to the desk and began reading.

‘It’s a travel journal.’

The journal was about a person who left for an adventure and suffered treachery, then met Satan and got revenge and after listened to Satan’s request.

The moment she finished reading the entire book and closed it.


The sparkle disappeared.


She was confused. Why would the twinkled suddenly disappear?


Soon, a message appeared and she was shocked.

[Wisdom has increased by 1.]

It was because of the message that stated wisdom increased.

‘The stats increased?’

She only read a book. There was nothing else she did besides that. But, wisdom increased.

‘Is this a place where you can receive stats?’

Clearly, it was because she read a book that her wisdom increased. She was sure that this place, the library, was a place where you could increase your stats.

Without a word, she brought back the next book. Then, she began roughly, but quickly speed-reading through the book.


However, this time, a message did not appear. It was not only the message that was different.

‘Why is it still sparkling?’

The twinkling was the same as before.

‘If I read a book, then doesn’t the sparkling disappear and I’m given stats?’

That was the situation just a moment ago. She read a book, then the sparkle disappeared and her stats increased. But why is the sparkle not disappearing this time?

‘Is it…….’

Suddenly, a thought occurred as she opened up the book again. This time, there was a difference between what happened just a moment ago and now.

‘Do I need to meticulously read it one character at a time?’

The first book she read, she read carefully thinking there may be something in the book. And the second time she roughly read the book quickly. That was the only difference between the two. She began reading the book meticulously.

And the moment she closed her book.


[Wisdom has increased by 1.]

The sparkle disappeared and a message appeared.

‘As I thought.’

She was assured.

‘I have to read carefully?’

The conditions of having the twinkle disappear were being meticulous.


She thought to herself as she read the message.

‘Is this it?’

By any chance, at this place, does the hidden piece at the library end with increasing stats?

‘Can you not change your occupation here?’

Her face was filled with regret as she anticipated a special occupation. Of course, it wasn’t only because of the occupation itself.

‘It’s so inefficient.’

Increasing stats is extremely important. However, the problem was the time it took to read all of the books.

‘Preferably, if I went hunting with the time it takes to read a book.’

The only stats you could earn from reading a book were wisdom. That’s not increasing by 3 or 4 but only 1. It would be better to go hunting with the time it took to read because you could increase more of your stats.

‘If it was strength, agility, or stamina, then it would be different.’

On top of that, wisdom was not a very important stat to her. It wasn’t that she didn’t need wisdom at all, but in order for her to change into a close combat occupation, important stats to her were strength, agility, and stamina.

‘What should I do.’

She contemplated whether she should stay at this place and read to increase wisdom or if she should throw it away and head down to meet up with Gia instead.

It was at that moment.

-Gia: Hey Leah!

Gia spoke over the headphone.

-Leah: Yeah.

She responded to Gia as she opened the next book. Though, she was unable to read the book as Gia continued speaking.

-Gia: Big news!

-Leah: Big news? What is it?

-Gia: You arrived at the library, right?

-Leah: Yeah, I arrived at the library.

-Gia: The books there, they sparkle right?


She was flustered with Gia’s question.

‘How did she?’

How did she know that the books sparkled?

‘No way, was there information posted on it?’

By any chance, was there information posted on the Internet about this place? But, even if it was posted on the Internet, there was no way that Gia would be able to find out as she was connected onto the game.

-Leah: How’d you know?

She asked Gia. She was really curious as to how Gia found this information about the library.

-Gia: When I came down and was walking around, I met an NPC that was advertising the library and passing out sparkling books. So I read the book and the twinkle disappeared as my stats increased! So I thought maybe, all of the books inside the library were like this!


Leah was unable to say anything to what Gia just said.

‘The books in this place were not the only ones that could increase your stats?’

She thought that only the books at this place would be able to increase her stats. That’s why she contemplated to herself. If she should stay at this place and read the books to increase her wisdom or if she should meet up with Gia instead.

‘There’s no reason for me to stay here.’

However, there was no reason for her to question herself. It only had to be a book. It didn’t have to necessarily be a book at this place for the stats to increase.

‘I should go.’

She stood up from her seat as she decided to go down and hunt as she slowly read a book to increase her stats.

It was at that moment when she finished her thoughts and got up from her seat.

-Gia: But the conditions to go to the library are crazy.

Gia continued speaking.

-Gia: The term to utilize the library is 50,000 fame.


Leah thought to herself for a moment as she heard what Gia just said.

‘No, still.’

Of course the thought did not last very long. No matter how difficult it would be to utilize the library at a different area, it would be a waste to use her time at this place right now. And if she was to work hard, she should be able to meet the standards to utilize the library and then read books to increase her stats. The books will not run away.

-Leah: I’ll be going down.

She whispered to Gia. She then looked at the man reading a book in front of her. She was not the only person in this place.

‘Should I tell him?’

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