Reader – Chapter 13

“How many books do you have left to read?”

“I don’t know the exact amount but it’s going to take about 2 to 3 weeks to finish reading all of them.”

Soo Hyuk and Yeon Joong continued on with their conversation.

“Wow, minimum 2 weeks?”


“I’m super jealous.”

“What’re you jealous about?”

“You’re wisdom increases when you read a book.”

Yeon Joong said he was jealous because of the stats. In the case of reading a book, it was already a well-known fact that it would increase your wisdom.

“On second thought, I’m suddenly very curious?”

He continued talking as his face was filled with curiosity as he asked.

“What number is your wisdom?”

He was curious as to how much wisdom Soo Hyuk had because he continued reading since the game opened.


Soo Hyuk murmured to himself as he pondered.

‘The most recent time I checked……’

He did not know exactly how much wisdom he had. It was because every time the message stating that wisdom increased popped up, he didn’t open his character window.

‘Was it 925?’

He recalled the latest wisdom checked and told Yeon Joong.



Yeon Joong heard his response and was speechless. However it was only for a brief moment, he then opened his mouth as his face was filled with disbelief.


The first thing he did was ask a question.

“925? Your wisdom is 925?”

He continued to ask questions.

“Yeap, when I checked, the most recent wisdom was 925. It’s likely that it may be a little higher than that. Because after that, wisdom increased a little more.”


Yeon Joong became silent once again.


He was flustered.

‘Wisdom’s 925? It’s even higher than that?’

He said his wisdom was 925? No, that it may be a little higher than that?

“What level are you?”

He was deep in thought but asked Soo Hyuk once again.


He thought to himself.

‘Level 8, wisdom’s over 925?’

He asked because he thought his level would be high. However, his level was not high. Soo Hyuk’s level was only 8. But 925? That number was unfathomable.

“How many books did you read?”

He asked after he finished his thoughts. How many books did he read? How many did he read that he was able to attain 925? He was unable to fathom it. No, to be exact, 925 were unattainable just by reading books.

“The more you read, doesn’t wisdom stop increasing?”

In order to raise wisdom by 1, the number of books that needed to be read was different with every user. A user may need to read 2 books to increase by 1, another may need to read 3 to increase, while a different user may need to read 10 to go up.

However, there was a commonality amongst all. It was that, the more you read, wisdom did not increase. In the beginning, if you read 3 books for your wisdom to increase by 1, after, it would take 5, 7, 10 books to raise wisdom by 1.


Soo Hyuk was confused.

“What do you mean? The more you read, it doesn’t increase?”

He could not understand.

“Generally, if you read 1 book, your wisdom increases by 1, right?”

It did not increase every time. Though, on average, if you read 1 book, it increased by 1. It was very rare when it did not increase.


Yeon Joong asked.

“You’re telling me that every time you read a book it increased?”

He was astonished.

“Yeah. Practically.”

Soo Hyuk shook his head.


Yeon Joong did not say a word. He just thought to himself.

‘Was Oren’s library special?’

Many users experimented with reading books in order to raise their wisdom. Especially those whom wanted to become Magicians went to Matab’s library and read books innumerably and researched a formula to increase wisdom.

However, the number of books that needed to be read to increase wisdom by 1 was all different. Ultimately, they were unable to find the exact formula.

It was only speculated that there were a lot of things that were in correlation with one another. But, in Soo Hyuk’s case, every time he read a book, his wisdom rose by 1. That is, it wasn’t once or twice, but continued to increase. By any chance, was Oren’s library special?

‘Or was it his level?’

Oren’s library may not be special. The problem may be his level. His level was 8; it could be that the lower your level, the number of books needed to raise your stats was small.

‘The possibility was quite high.’

The possibility that it was because of his level was quite high. Although other users have said they read books, they did not continue reading books like Soo Hyuk. They hunted, completed quests, and read books in situations to grow their characters.

“You can’t tell anyone about your stats.”

He said to Soo Hyuk.

“The possibility that something troublesome may occur is quite high. Especially if the guild finds out, they’re going to lust heavily for you.”

It was difficult even for someone over level 100 to reach beyond 900 for wisdom, but only a level 8 surpassed 900. If that fact became known, Soo Hyuk would be dragged into a troublesome situation.

Specifically, it was the guilds that were the problem. The strength of the guild members became the guilds’ strength. There would be an enormous amount of guilds that would desire Soo Hyuk. There was a chance that if they weren’t able to have him, they would make it so that no one else would be able to have him.

“Of course I know that too.”

He replied to Yeon Joong. He also knew about this.

“I told you because it’s you.”

He only answered because it was Yeon Joong. If it wasn’t him, he wouldn’t have said anything.

“Okay, I’m glad you know about it.”

He felt relieved when he heard his response. Soo Hyuk opened his mouth.

“But, didn’t you say you were going to create a guild?”

“Yeah, but it’s not something that you can create easily. I’m only planning on it.”

* * *

“3rd class ranking occupation has been undone!”


Joo Hyuk Yang responded calmly.

“Why are you so calm?”

Jang Yool turned around and asked.

“Because it’s not the first or second time it’s been undone. Eh, it’s only 3rd class ranking.”

It wasn’t the first time a 3rd class ranking occupation was solved. It was already two months since the game opened and five days have passed. During that time, quite a lot of special occupations were undone. 3rd ranking special occupations were not considered shocking anymore.

It was at that moment.


Jang Yool turned to look at his monitor again and shouted. It was filled with panic.


Joo Hyuk Yang asked with his ever-calm voice. What type of occupation was undone this time? Or was there a different hidden condition?

“That, that is……”

Jang Yool stuttered as he spoke.

“A user that has acquired the title of Conqueror at O, Oren’s library has appeared.”


Joo Hyuk Yang stood up from his seat. His composed self was no longer seen. He was shocked.

“Conqueror of Oren’s library? Really?”

Title ‘Conqueror of Oren’s library’, was created but it was a title that he thought would never be acquired by a user. However, a user that’s obtained that title had appeared.


Jang Yool shook his head.

“Who is it?”

Who in the world would have obtained this nonsense title?

“Hold on one moment.”

Jang Yool began typing away on his keyboard. And a short while after, a window popped up on one of his many monitors.

“It’s a user named Soo Hyuk.”

He looked at his window and responded.

“Soo Hyuk?”

Joo Hyuk Yang mumbled as he approached Jang Yool.

“Let’s look at his information.”


Jang Yool looked up Soo Hyuk’s information on his monitor.

Level: 8

Experience: 51%

Vitality: 2540

Mana: 26420

Satiety: 40%

Strength: 14

Agility: 15

Stamina: 48

Wisdom: 1321



Both Joo Hyuk Yang and Jang Yool looked at the monitor and became silent. They were both astonished as they looked at the information regarding Soo Hyuk on the monitor

‘This is crazy.’

Joo Hyuk Yang thought to himself as he saw Soo Hyuk’s info.

‘He’s level 8 but how is his stats.’

His stats were unheard of. The stats were not of a level 8. Though, Joo Hyuk Yang quickly changed his thoughts.

‘No, the stats may be possible because he’s a level 8.’

On the contrary, his stats were possible because he was level 8. In the case of reading a book that hasn’t been read, users would be able to raise their stats.

Stats did not blindly increase. If you read a book that hasn’t been read yet, you would receive special experience called stats experience.

In order to increase your stats, you would need to raise that stats experience to its limit. The problem was that the limit to the stats experience was different according to the level of each user.

Of course, if your level was low, the experience needed to raise your stats was small and if it were high, even more experience would be needed.

In other words, in order to increase your stats easily, you would need to read a lot of books but more importantly your level needed to be low.


Joo Hyuk Yang was caught in his thoughts as he tilted his head in confusion. There was something he couldn’t understand. It wasn’t the level. On the contrary, he understood the level. What he didn’t understand was…….

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