Reader – Chapter 14

‘Wasn’t it a waste of time?’

What he didn’t understand was the time. Just flipping through the pages didn’t mean that the book was read. If you flipped through, you wouldn’t be able to receive even 1 stat experience.

You had to read meticulously. That was the only way you would be able to attain stat experience. Soo Hyuk’s wisdom was over 1300 at the moment.

No matter how easy it was to increase your stats because your level’s low, in order to reach over 1300, you would have to read a lot of books. In other words, an immense amount of time was needed.

‘Was the game boring?’

Even if his stats increased, to invest all that time solely on reading? It didn’t make any sense. By any chance, was hunting boring? Or was there a different reason?

‘Was it because 50 gold would’ve been a waste?’

There could be a sufficient amount of different reasons. It was the conditions needed to utilize the library. In order to access the library, a special condition needed to be fulfilled.

Each library’s qualifications were different. To use Oren’s library, 50 gold was needed. The problem was, the tutorial area of Oren was an area where once someone left; there was no way they could return back.

‘Okay, 50 gold went into it.’

That is, in order to utilize Oren’s library, he needed to earn 50 gold there.

‘It could be because it would be a waste.’

50 gold was not a sum of money that was easy to make. It would be different if he had become a high level, but at that level, 50 gold was a fortune.

Especially if it’s in the tutorial area of Oren, you could say it’s an even more enormous amount of money. He could be reading books because it would be a waste after he put in that large sum of money.

‘Even so, wasn’t it harder to invest in the time to carefully read?’

It was difficult to earn gold, but it was even more strenuous to read all of those books meticulously. No, it was close to nearly impossible.

No matter how much of a waste the money would’ve been, to read the books carefully? It would be different if it was the first one or two books, but over 1,000 books? Even if stats were given, for all of that time? Therefore, he thought that although a title was created, no user would acquire it.

“Wow, he’s seriously crazy.”

Jang Yool spoke with admiration.

“Since the second day, he only read books in the library? Without missing a day.”

Joo Hyuk Yang was deep in thought when he heard Jang Yool speak. He finished his thoughts and opened his mouth.

“Since the second day?”

His face was filled with dismay.

“Was he playing the game to read books?”

It was as if he started Pangaea in order to read books.

“But this user, this level, with this stats…..”

Jang Yool watched his monitor as he slurred his words.

“What about his stats?”

Joo Hyuk Yang cross-questioned him as he spoke.

“Didn’t he achieve that condition?”


Joo Hyuk Yang counter-questioned once more. What does he mean by condition?

“What condition?”

Presently, with his stats, there were so many qualifications that were accomplished. He was curious as to which one Jang Yool was talking about, out of those many qualifications.

“The provisional occupation that was made in case a user who conquered Oren’s library came out.”


He was shocked at what Jang Yool said. And as soon as he was finished speaking, he opened his mouth widely and froze.

“Descendants of Medusa’s Shrine.”

Descendants of Medusa’s Shrine, was a first class occupation. Even amongst the first class occupations, it fought for first place. It was the best, and you could say that it was the strongest occupation.

The problem was that if you compared Descendants of Medusa’s Shrine with other first class occupations, promoting was not hard. The reason was naturally because changing occupations was difficult.

The condition to change careers was unheard of. He was certain that if this information was released to the public, complaints would come in asking why this occupation was made and if it was ornamental.

Nevertheless, the reason why this occupation was created was solely for when a user would conquer Oren’s library. It was in preparation in case, that is, not only to have conquered it but also to have effectively conquered it. You could say that it was a present given to the user for achieving a qualification that didn’t make any sense.


He thought that there would be no way the present would be given, so he had buried that side of his memory and forgotten about it. Joo Hyuk Yang did not say a word. No, it wasn’t that he didn’t say anything; he couldn’t say anything.

“His wisdom’s over 1,000 so the first condition’s been accomplished.”

His silence made Jang Yool speak. In order to change into Descendants of Medusa’s Shrine, several qualifications were needed. Within them, the first qualification was to have wisdom stats reach over 1000. Soo Hyuk had already achieved the first condition.


He tilted his head in confusion as Jang Yool spoke and opened his mouth.

“He may decide not to become a Magician?”

The second qualification was the Magician occupation. It was only possible to change into Descendants of Medusa’s Shrine from a Magician. That is, it was possible only from a General Magician. It was impossible to change from a Special Affiliated Wizard occupation. Exclusively General Wizards could change occupations.


Jang Yool spoke.

“With these stats, if he doesn’t change into a Wizard, what would he change into?”


“Anyone could see that the stats hit the jackpot to become a Magician.”

Overwhelming wisdom, you could say it was the optimum stats for a Magician. Anyone who saw would recommend changing into a Wizard with his stats.

“Buh, but! He may not go to Matab and could go somewhere else.”

The third condition was the transfer place. The area you could change into the Descendants of Medusa’s Shrine was the Magicians’ alliance of Matab.

In order to transfer into Descendants of Medusa’s Shrine, you had to go to Matab. To be exact, you had to go to a specific building in Matab.

However, to become a Wizard, you didn’t necessarily have to go to Matab to do it. It was possible to go to another country to change into a Magician.

“These days users gathered suggestions stating that it was better to raise their characters in kingdoms.”

On top of that, recently there have been a lot of users whom started as Wizards from countries aside from Matab. It was because it was far easier to promote.

“But what if he started at Matab? And what if he goes to the library?”

Though ‘what if’ was an existing law. If by any chance, he went to Matab and received the quest to change into Descendants of Medusa’s Shrine inside Matab’s library?

“It’s okay.”

Joo Hyuk Yang responded. His expression was different than before. He was calm and composed.

“I’ve thought about it.”

The reason he was calm was because he had finished organizing his thoughts.

“With those stats, if he changed into a Magician, then Matab’s NPCs are going to send him a love call to try to give him second, third rate occupations.”

Soo Hyuk’s stats were colossal. He’s going to transfer into a Wizard at Matab? At the same time he transfers, numerous Matab NPCs are going to lust for him. In the eyes of the NPC, he’s going to look like a prodigy to them.

“He would have the opportunity to gain a special occupation, but to decline all of that and go to the library? It wouldn’t make any sense.”

If you’re a user, you couldn’t help but be taken by a special occupation. To disregard that and go to the library you could become the Descendants of Medusa’s Shrine at? No way.

“If he changes into a special occupation, then that’s it for him.”

In the case of transferring into a special occupation, he would not be able to change into Descendants of Medusa’s Shrine. In other words, Joo Hyuk Yang could relax.

“But because you never know.”

Although he thought that he could relax, in the bottom of his heart there was still uneasiness.

“Keep an eye on him.”

He told Jang Yool.

“Got it.”

He heard Jang Yool’s response and went back to his own seat and sat down.


He thought to himself.

‘Even if he attains second, third rate occupations, wouldn’t it still be a problem?’

If you compared them to Descendants of Medusa’s Shrine, there was a huge difference in occupations, but second, third rate occupations were not jobs to be ignored.

‘Firstly, his stats are out of this world.’

On top of that, wasn’t he a user that had stats that were unheard of?

‘Even as a General Wizard, his stats could destroy a special occupation.’

Not a special occupation, but as a General Magician, he could crush any other occupations.


At any rate, he was at a loss.

‘Why did he only read books at the library?’

He couldn’t understand. Why did he only read books inside the library? No, even if he did read, it would’ve been good if he hunted and raised his level.

‘He’s not a user that’s playing the game to really read books, right?’

He thought it didn’t make any sense and smiled as he began his work.

* * *

[Wisdom has increased by 1.]


Soo Hyuk let out a deep sigh as he got up from his seat and walked towards the bookcase.

“There’s not much left now.”

He arrived at the bookcase and took out the sparkling books as he mumbled. For over two months, he constantly read books. The result was that he was able to read almost all of the books inside the library.

“There are 5 books.”

The books that he wasn’t able to read yet and still had their sparkles, were only 5 books. Moving forward, if he read only 5 more books, he would’ve read the entire books in the library.

“The time’s just right.”

He took out a book and checked the time. He had plenty of time to read. He came back to his desk and began reading.

[Wisdom has increased by 1.]

When he read the first book, his wisdom increased.

[Wisdom has increased by 1.]

When he read the second book, his wisdom rose again.

[Wisdom has increased by 1.]

When he read the third book, as expected, his wisdom increased as well.

‘It’s increasing well.’

He opened the fourth book and thought to himself. Two times before he brought the book and this third time included in succession, wisdom increased five times.

Although wisdom rose well, the whole time he read over 1,000 books, there was not a time his wisdom increased five times in a row.

That is, he broke a new record.


He finished reading the entire fourth book and closed it. Unfortunately, the record-breaking ended on the fifth book.

‘Finally the last one.’

Now there was only one book left. He opened the last book. And then, just like he had been doing this whole time, he meticulously read each word; word by word.


Shortly, he read the last line and closed the book.

[Wisdom has increased by 1.]

A message appeared as soon as he closed his book. It was a message that stated his wisdom went up. But, it was not the only message that popped up.

[You have read the entire books inside Oren’s library.]

[Title: Conqueror of Oren’s library acquired.]

Two messages appeared.


He saw the messages and became confused.


In the two messages, the terms of acquisition and what the obtained title was were written.

“The acquisition’s possible if you read all of the books…..”

He smiled. The condition of acquirement to the title ‘Conqueror of Oren’s library’ that he secured this time was because he read the entire books inside the library. You could say that it was a very hard condition. Namely, the effectiveness of the title was not going to be ordinary.

He opened his character window in order to check the effects of his title. He went directly into his title window and checked its effectiveness.

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