Reader – Chapter 17


The sword cleaved through the air.


The dog suddenly exploded with speed as it retreated with a scream. Soo Hyuk stared blankly at the dog who suddenly increased the distance between them before he could hit it. The dog who retreated also looked warily at Soo Hyuk.


The dog suddenly started to dash towards him with a bark. Looking at the dog running towards him, Soo Hyuk lifted his sword to swing it again.

But it was as if the dog had read his mind. As it was nearing him, it suddenly jumped up.


Soo Hyuk was startled as the dog suddenly tried to jump over him. But then he suddenly saw a glittering spot on its leg.

“A weak spot?”

It was the weak spot that caused critical hits when hit!

Soo Hyuk struck out with his sword at the weak spot and the dog couldn’t dodge it as its body was in mid-air.


[Critical Hit!]



Jang Yoo was typing on his keyboard while looking at his monitor, when he made a surprised face. He then stood up from his seat and shouted to Yang Joo Hyuk.



Replied Yang Joo Hyuk as he stopped his work and looked at Jang Yoo with a suspicious face.

“You know that user from yesterday?!”

“Soo Hyuk?”

“Yes! He went to Matab!”


Yang Joo Hyuk was struck speechless from his subordinate’s reply. Then he stood up from his seat and approached Jang Yoo.


Yang Joo Hyuk was still silent as he arrived next to Jang Yoo. He just stared at the screen.


After staring at the screen for a long time, he finally spoke up.

“Keep a close eye on him from now on.”

Matab was the one place Yang Joo Hyuk didn’t want Soo Hyuk to go.

“Now the NPCs at Matab will move.”

Soo Hyuk’s wisdom stat was mind-boggling. If he took a quest for Magicians, then the NPCs will know of his existence and move to him. And moving to him didn’t simply mean to approach him.


The NPCs at Matab will likely see Soo Hyuk as a genius from the heavens. Disciple, no, even if he was not their disciple, they would still want him to join Matab.

“What about the jobs I’m doing right now?”

Jang Yoo was not joking as he asked his team leader. The amount of monitors he had right now was probably not even enough for the number of projects he was overlooking currently.

If he took on even a small task now, with his current workload, there was a possibility of him collapsing mentally.

“Send a few down to downstairs.”,

Yang Joo Hyuk told Jang Yoo. Although him and Jang Yoo were the only ones working together, there were many other people on the floor below. The tasks they had were just too important before.

“Yes, sir!”

Hearing Yang Joo Hyuk’s reply, a big smile bloomed on his face.

“Ah sir, but……”


“Can we really not worry about the ‘Descendent of Odin’?”

“I think it’s fine. The NPCs will take care of it. Plus, do you think he’ll actually go to the library?”


Level: 9

Experience: 98%

Vitality: 2790

Mana: 26420

Satiation: 67%

Strength: 14

Agility: 15

Stamina: 53

Wisdom: 1321

Soo Hyuk closed his character tab.

“One more.”

He had to hunt one more hound and he would level up. After he closed his character tab, he began sneaking up on a wild dog that he found.

The dog was unaware of Soo Hyuk sneaking up on it yet. He jumped at the dog and waved his sword.


The dog let out a scream as it retreated. Soo Hyuk missed again, but stayed calm from experience and quietly waited and watched the dog.


The awaited situation came. After waiting, it was more waiting. Soo Hyuk waited for the wild dog to jump.

The waiting came to an end as the dog jumped again and Soo Hyuk struck at the shining spot on its belly.


[Critical Hit!]

Soo Hyuk saw the message as he heard the familiar sound of the blade sinking into flesh. Of course, just because he performed a critical hit didn’t mean that it was dead yet. He only had to hit it once more as the dog was injured and didn’t have anymore fighting strength left.



Soo Hyuk leveled up as expected. But that wasn’t the only message.

[You have reached level 10.]

[Weak spots will not be displayed from now on.]


Soo Hyuk couldn’t understand the message.

“The weak spots won’t be displayed?”

The weak spots won’t be displayed. What does this mean?

“But displaying the weak spots will also be a problem for the game. It’s not a skill or anything.”

When he thought about it, showing weak spots was the weird thing. He didn’t even have a special but it’s showing the weak spots like that? Everyone would be waiting until a weak spot showed up on each other before fighting if they kept showing.

“Was it to let you know initially that there are weak spots and it will be a critical hit if you hit them?”

He thought that it made sense that it was to let people know that ‘If you hit a weak spot, it will be a critical hit!’

After Soo hyuk had this thought, he went to his character tab. Since he was finally level 10, it was time to change into a Magician.

Soo Hyuk walked back to Matab while assigning his leftover stat points to his character.

“I’ll finally be a Magician.”

Soo Hyuk closed his character tab with a smile.

“How many books will there be?”

Soo Hyuk was extremely excited about going to the Matab library since he assumed it was bigger than Oren’s. While thinking about the books he could read, Soo Hyuk arrived at the Matab Spire, which was his meeting place with Yeon Jeong.

Just like its reputation, Matab was full of many different magic towers and pagodas, which were scattered everywhere. However, there was only one tower that allowed you to change jobs, which was located in the centre of the city. Shaped like giant spire, Matab Spire was the tallest tower in the city and the tip of the tower could just be seen among the clouds.

Going through the entrance of the steeple, Soo Hyuk started to climb the stairs inside the tower. Soo Hyuk arrived at the second floor of the tower which was a marketplace just like the first floor. However, not everybody could use the second floor as there was a condition to enter. Soo Hyuk didn’t try to enter as he didn’t fulfil the requirement yet, but that was not where he going anyway.

Soo Hyuk kept climbing as he reached the third floor. The third floor was the same, as in that it was also a marketplace but it was only for VIPs. While staring at the Magicians guarding the third floor, he kept climbing.

When he arrived at the fourth floor, he didn’t climb any further as this was his destination. 

The fourth floor was the place where people could be promoted to a Magician, more exactly, people could get a promotion quest. Of course, it wasn’t the only thing you could get.

The fourth floor also had many normal quests, and you could also make requests for a quest. For this reason, the fourth floor was also called ‘Questacon’ as it looked somewhat like a convention of quests.

“What quest did you choose?”

“It says to meet an NPC called Amil.”

“What, really?!”

“Huh, why?”

“You don’t know? Quests where you meet an NPC have a chance to give a clue about a special job!”

Soo Hyuk approached the line as he listened to the conversations around him.

“There are 12 stations, but the lines are all long.”

There were actually 15 stations but No.1, 2, 3 were reserved for VIPs.

That meant Soo Hyuk and other ordinary users had to go to the other stations. So he chose the station with the shortest line and waited for his turn. Thankfully, there was a reason why this station had the shortest line. Soo Hyuk could see the Magician at the desk working quickly without having idle chatter.

It was soon Soo Hyuk’s turn so he went up to the short, bearded Magician at the station. There was a nameplate on the desk that read:

[Konten] (Note: pronounced Kon-ten)

“How can I help you?”

Konten asked Soo Hyuk.

“I want to change my job to a Magician.”

“Oh, so you want to be a Magician.”

Konten nodded in understanding.


Konten pulled out a crystal ball from his drawers. Holding the ball out to Soo Hyuk, he said,

“Put your hand on the ball please.”

Soo Hyuk looked at the crystal ball and stuck his hand out.

“Don’t pull away until I say so.”


When Soo Hyuk placed his hand, the crystal ball erupted with light.

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