Reader – Chapter 19


Konten was truly stupefied at Kerza’s comment.

“The Spire Lords?”

The Spire Lords were the leaders of Matab and one would think they were the lords of the Matab Spire, but it was just a title as Matab originally only had the Spire before more were built. The Spire Lords wouldn’t all gather except for situations which could change Matab’s future, because they actually resided in their own towers or they would be adventuring elsewhere.

As Matab’s representatives, which was acknowledged as the City of Magicians, the Spire Lords often had more than Kings of nearby Kingdoms. This was because they were considered the face of Magicians and every Magician strove to be as powerful as them. Those venerated Spire Lords were actually gathering?

“Just because of one man?”

It was hard enough to get a glimpse of just one of the lords. Did a man with immeasurable potential have such power? Konten couldn’t help but feel doubtful of Kerza’s words but didn’t voice them.

“For now…”

Konten was pulled out of his thoughts with Kerza’s words and listened carefully.

“Bring him here. We can’t just make him wait.”


Konten quickly dashed back to his station at Kerza’s words.



Soo Hyuk stared at the man in front of him. His name was Kerza. Soo Hyuk thought as he faced Kerza,

“What kind of situation is this?”

The atmosphere was very awkward. Soo Hyuk looked away from Kerza and stared at the quest in front of him.

[Immeasurable talent]

[The talent for magic that you possess is immeasurably great. You, who possesses unlimited potential! Your talent is so outstanding that Kerza cannot answer the questions you might have. Kerza wants to meet you again in two weeks.]

[Days left: 14 days]

[Quest Reward: ???]

[The quest starts as soon as you accept.]

[In case of rejection, your relationship with Kerza will fall.]

“Meet again in two weeks?”

Soo Hyuk was here to become a Magician. But they said to come again later. Because he had immeasurable talent.

“So it becomes like this when you’re overwhelmingly wiser than other people.”

The reason for his immeasurable talent was because of his wisdom stat. If he wasn’t so wise, he would’ve become a Magician already.

“And it’s not just waiting one or two days.”

Soo Hyuk’s face contorted slightly as he read the quest. After all, he had to wait an entire 14 days to read in the library!

“No, this can’t be right.”

Soo Hyuk just wanted to get to the library as soon as possible!

“I have to reduce the time.”

Just like how rewards could be discussed further, the content of the quest could also be altered. So Soo Hyuk spoke out to Kerza, hoping to change to date.

“Does this mean that I can only be a Magician after two weeks? Or does it normally take this long?


Kerza opened his mouth in response to Soo Hyuk’s question. And while inspecting Soo Hyuk’s expression, he replied,

“No, it’s not like that.”


Soo Hyuk made a confused face at Kerza’s reply.

“The registration for becoming a Magician will be handled by me. But you have to come again after two weeks.”

As Kerza was replying, he thought,

“I should still definitely register him.”

Soo Hyuk possessed overwhelming talent and the only city of Magicians wasn’t just Matab. There were other Magician cities and nations as well.

There was a high possibility that they would discover him as well. So Kerza definitely had to register him before others got their hands on him.


Soo Hyuk said to Kerza as he slightly panicked.

“I’m not getting the promotion quest after 2 weeks?!”

Soo Hyuk thought that he would get his promotion quest when he met Kerza again. But it seemed like this was not the case.

“Perhaps they’re gonna promote me without a quest?”

After looking over the things the man called Kerza said, it seemed like this was the case.


Maybe this quest was unrelated to him becoming a Magician, so he didn’t see any need to change the date anymore. So Soo Hyuk accepted the quest.

[Quest ‘Immeasurable Talent’ was accepted.]

“I will register you right away.”

Kerza said as he broke into a smile. As soon as he said that, a message appeared again in front of Soo Hyuk.

[You have been promoted into a Magician.]

[As a promotion reward, 10 points of wisdom have been added.]

[You have gained the special ability for the stat ‘Wisdom’.]

[Your magic resistance will increase along with your wisdom.]

[Skill quest ‘Magic Missile’ has been created.]

“Here you go.”

Kerza held out his hand towards Soo Hyuk. In his hand was a ‘Magician’s Token’, which proved that you were a Magician.

“Thank you.”,

Said Soo Hyuk as he received the token.

“Then see you in 2 weeks.”

Soo Hyuk got up from his seat after saying goodbye to Kerza.

“Yes! I’ll see you then”

Kerza also got up after saying goodbye. And so Soo Hyuk headed towards the first floor while checking the message again.

“Wisdom’s increased by 10, so my stats are now…”

While reading the message, Soo Hyuk also opened his character profile to look at his stats.

Job: Magician

Level: 10

Experience: 0%

Vitality: 3040

Mana: 26620

Satiation: 65%

Strength: 14

Agility: 15

Stamina: 58

Wisdom: 1331

“Oh, I can see my job now.”

Was it because he was promoted? There wasn’t a job section before. Looking at his job as a Magician, Soo Hyuk broke into a satisfied smile.

“Although it rose, it doesn’t seem like it.”

His wisdom rose by 10. But was it because it was already so high? The Conqueror of Oren’s Library Soo Hyuk didn’t really feel anything. Soo Hyuk kept reading through the message.

“I finally have magic resistance.”

10 wisdom wasn’t all he gained through the promotion. His wisdom stat itself was also strengthened. Before, it only affected his mana and his magic attack but now, it also strengthened his magic resistance.

“Now, skill quests…”

The last message was about the skill quest ‘Magic Missile’. Soo Hyuk opened his quest tab after checking the message. It was to check for the skill quest.

[Skill Quest – Magic Missile]

Complete the requirements!

[Gold: 190 / 5 ]

[Quest Reward: Skill – Magic Missile]

The requirements for the quest wasn’t hard.

“5 gold.”

He could complete the quest by just paying 5 gold coins. Since he already had his pouch from Yeon Jeong, he had 190 gold after spending it on soft bread. Soo Hyuk immediately pressed the ‘Complete Quest’ button.

[You have completed the skill quest ‘Magic Missile’.]

[‘Magic Missile’ obtained!]

After completing the quest, Soo Hyuk closed the quest tab and opened the skill tab and checked for the ‘Magic Missile’ skill.

<Magic Missile>

Proficiency: Level 1 (0%)

Special effects: 10% chance to stun the target.

Mana: 100

Cooldown: 10 seconds

“The damage is not shown.”

The description did not show the damage. The only things shown were proficiency, special effects, the mana needed, and the cooldown time.

You could think that it could be a joke. Why is the damage not shown? Doesn’t this not make sense? But it wasn’t a joke. He would have to figure out the system slowly. Soo Hyuk closed his character tab and his skill tab and thought,


Soo Hyuk opened his inventory. Grabbing his ‘Magician’s Token’, Soo Hyuk let out a smile.

“Shall I go to the library?”

The Matab library required users to be a Magician to enter. Now Soo Hyuk was a Magician and he had his proof of identity. He was thinking of immediately going there.

“It was located in the north, right?”

Soo Hyuk knew about its location even before he came to Matab. After exiting the Matab Spire, he started to head north.

* * *

The Flame Pagoda.

“Is that true?”

Vice Spire Lord Cordell made a surprised expression. His assistant Kaplan nodded to his question.

“Yes, someone with immeasurable talent has appeared.”


Cordell made a disbelieving face. Immeasurable talent? What was immeasurable talent? Just like it says, it described an individual with talent so great that it couldn’t be measured.

“Has it been 30 years?”

It wasn’t the first time someone with immeasurable talent had appeared. There had been one 30 years ago. That person had risen to become a Spire Lord in just a few years. A person with immeasurable talent was just that great.

“Wait……Was it measure with the new system?”,

Cordell asked Kaplan. The new grading system had been made 20 years ago. The old records were no longer known to the public after the new grading system was confirmed to be better than the old grading system at efficiency and also capacity. Did their talent make it through the new Wisdom Balls?

“……Yes, sir.”

Kaplan nodded his head once again. Cordell’s jaw dropped in response to Kaplan’s reply.

“Was the information sent to the other towers?”

“Yes, the information came from the Spire. It seems that there’s going to be a gathering at the Spire.”

“A gathering, huh……”,

Cordell mumbled.

“It seems I have to hurry.”

He had to send the news to the Flame Spire Lord as soon as possible.

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