I got a Cheat Ability in a Different World, and became Extraordinary even in the Real World – Volume 1 Chapter 5 – Ousei Gakuen

Chapter 5 – Ousei Gakuen

Part 1

While I was trying to wrap my head around the rapid development of the situation so far, I noticed that we had arrived at the front gate of “Ousei Gakuen”. A splendid thing, that seems to be in a western castle that you can never think of as a school gate, jumped into my eyes. Not only that but on the other side of the gate, there were school buildings and vast grounds that were so large that they could only be seen as a palace.

No, well, um… It’s big.

“Welcome to the “Ousei Gakuen”!”

Houjou-san told that to the dumbfounded me, with a smile. And as I was in a somewhat dreamy state of mind, she led me through the school gate. It seems we arrived when homeroom is about to start since I can’t see any students walking in the corridor except us.

“U-um… Are you alright?” I said.

“What is it?”

“Well… There doesn’t seem to be any students around, it seems the homeroom has already started…”

As a coward, I was too afraid to be late, so I wondered if it would be okay if she was late. But rather, on the contrary, Houjou-san laughed elegantly.

“Fufufu. It’s okay. As I said before coming here, the board chairman of this school is my father. And also I’ve notified the school beforehand that I would be late today, so it will be fine.”

“I see…”

It seems like it was only my needless anxiety. It was good then. If she gets scolded because of me, I’d be truly sorry.

Nevertheless, the board chairman of such a big school, huh… I thought that Houjou-san’s behavior was elegant, but as I thought, she’s really a rich person. Elegance? I guess that was indeed something she had. As for me, I’m overflowing with the poor man’s aura. Oh, come to think of it… I have to stop by the supermarket on my way home since there’s an egg special sale today.

When I was following Houjou-san while thinking about such a commoners thought, we arrived in front of the door written as the Chairman’s Office before I knew it. Houjou-san knocked on the door, then I heard an elegant man’s voice from the inside.

“Come in.”

“Excuse me.”

“E-excuse me!”

I answered with all of the strength in my body and entered the room following Houjou-san.

Inside, there was a leather sofa, a suited light-brown table, a desk to do the duty, which everyone could see them as good quality, and then a cool middle-aged man sitting in the back of the desk. That man must be Houjou-san’s father. When I look at him closely, I can feel they look alike somehow. The man looked surprised for a moment when he saw me as I entered the room, but he immediately greeted me with a gentle look.

“I’m glad you came. I’m Tsukasa Houjou the chairman of this “Ousei Gakuen”. Tenjou Yuuya-kun… I’ve heard about you from my daughter, Kaori. Thank you for saving my daughter.”

After the polite greeting, he bowed his head, I was flustered and quickly told him to raise it.

“P-please raise your head! I wasn’t that big of a help…”

“No, no matter what you think, you had certainly taken action at the time. That’s something to be proud of.”

“That’s right, Yuuya-san. Once again, thank you very much.”

When they told me that, it left me a shameful impression.

“I-I understand.”

“… Thank you.”

They raised their head since I’ve accepted their gratitude. And I asked them something that was bothering me.

“Come to think of it, why was Houjou-san alone at that time? Don’t she have an escort or…”

“Yuuya-san, you don’t need to be so formal to call me Houjou-san like that, please just call me Kaori, honorific or title of honor is unnecessary, you know?”

“Eh!? But…”

“My daughter says she’s good with it, and since you’re in the same age, you don’t need to be so respectful, do you?”

“Well, I guess you’re right…”

I answered so while thinking that it was awesome, Houjou-san… No, Kaori smiled.

“Now Yuuya-kun, about your question earlier, I want Kaori to live a normal life, and she hasn’t had an escort since she was young.”

“That’s what I wanted personally. I won’t be able to be independent if there is always an escort with me, and I don’t need them to find a job too, right? But because of that one case before, I need to bring her with me now.” Kaori said while looking at the woman in butler’s appearance.

“I was feeling sorry too, but she’s still my daughter. She’s important to me.”

“I see…”

Rich people have their own troubles too. Especially, a poor man like me is unlikely to be kidnapped because there won’t be a ransom or shit, but if you’re rich, you’re at risk. No, I think kidnapping is really dangerous. It was a seducer at that time, but still, they’re also in the same bad team as Araki and others belong to, and the security around there can’t be said as good, too.

After talking like that, we finally entered the main subject.

“Well now, I’ve had Yuuya-kun to come this way, but you’ve heard the reason, haven’t you?”

“Y-yes, I was asked to transfer to this “Ousei Gakuen”.”

The chairman nodded when I answered that.

“That’s right. For me, I’d like you to enroll in this “Ousei Gakuen”… How about it? Of course, this is also my expression of gratitude for saving my daughter, so you don’t have to worry about the tuition.”

“That’s! Even so, you didn’t have to go that far…”

“I already told you, didn’t I? She’s my important daughter. This much is cheap.”

The chairman says that while laughing, Kaori’s cheeks turned red shyly hearing that. They’re a good father and daughter. It’s really a big difference from my house.

“So… what would you do?”

“I… is it okay for me to go to the same school as the geniuses?”

“Ousei Gakuen” is a school that’s so famous that no one doesn’t know about this school in Japan. That’s why most of the people who play an active part in Japan and the world are from this school. In other words, a small part of the chosen existence… A school where the only genius can attend. But, I don’t have any special skills to be in such a school.

The chairman spoke in a gentle tone, asked me who looks down.

“Yuuya-kun. What kind of person do you think ‘genius’ refers to?”

“Eh? …Someone that can do anything?”

“That’s right. And I think genius is someone who works on things and finds the right answer and the right effort in a shorter time than others. ─ On the other hand, you are with other people. If you make an effort, you’re going to get closer to the truth.”


“Of course, apart from genius, there will be different talents. But it’s not something you can decide from a young age like you. Try a lot of things, have fun… it’s still not too late to try. And this school was built because I want those young people to have a lot of experience. So you don’t have to despise yourself. From now on, you just need to face yourself slowly.”

The chairman’s words have soaked into my heart. Nobody ever told me like that except grandfather. No matter what I did, I was compared to Youta and Sora, and whatever I did, I was labeled incompetent, and after my grandfather died, I could only accept it. That’s why I was shaken because there’s still someone who told me like that…

The chairman suggested one thing when various feelings swirled up in me and made me confused.

“Well, you must be troubled when being told various things so suddenly. So how about experiencing it, attending this school for just one day today?”


Suddenly a dumb voice came out of me, but the chairman kept smiling without concern.

“If you want to experience this school today and decided to enter the school, I’ll officially welcome you again at the time.”

I was dumbfounded by such a proposal and suddenly heard a knock on the door.

“It looks like she’s here… Comes in.”


It was a woman to have appeared while saying so. She was a woman wearing a lab coat with a languid impression, and she was wearing a worn-out shirt under the coat.

Moreover, since the shirt is plain and it was slipping to her shoulder, the chest is… Is she properly wearing something under that!? I can’t see the straps of her bra!? No, it would trouble me if I can see the strap!

The chairman smiled bitterly when I was surprised to see the overall lax impression of the woman.

“You’re just the same as ever… Yuuya-kun, I want you to have experience classes in this woman’s class.”

“I see. Well, don’t be so nervous. Sensei will teach you properly.”


I-I wonder if it’s okay. I couldn’t say anything, but when I clogged with the words, the chairman spoke up in an amazing state.

“… Well, you may have a lot to say, but even though she looks like this and she has the mindset of a scientist. Her classes are also easy to understand and are popular with students. That’s why take it easy, don’t be nervous.”

“That’s right. Sensei is amazing.”

“… It’s good if you can feel at ease.”

This makes me even worried, you know!

Despite all the worries about the atmosphere of the chairman and the woman in the lab coat, I was going to experience studying in “Ousei Gakuen” today for a day.

Part 2

“Okay, take a seat. We just finished homeroom some time ago, but I have one more message to add.”

One of the students asks at the words of the female teacher.

“Yes yes yes! What message is that?”

“I was just about to say it now.”

“Ah, you’re right. Please continue!”

“What a fast switchover.”

The class was wrapped in a gentle laugh hearing the teacher’s remark. And then, the teacher floated a meaningful smile.

“Listen well. Today, I’m in charge of someone who will try to get personal experience in this school, the person will be in this class.”

The moment the teacher said so, the class started to get buzzing.

As one would expect, transfer students and special admittance students are unusual in any school. Then, the student who asked a question before asks once again.

“Yes yes yes! Is it a man or a woman?!”

“It’s a man.”

The reaction was clearly divided hearing the teacher’s words just now. The boys look blatantly discouraged, the girls are the opposite, they look in high spirits, and the students start talking to each other about what kind of student is coming. However, since the boys weren’t that discouraged, they also started to get excited about the same topic as the girls.

“It’s good to get excited, but I don’t have much time. You’ll have a normal class after this. Well then, you can come in now.”

After saying that, the teacher looked at the students with a smile.

“Don’t be surprised, okay?”

The students were puzzled by the teacher’s words as if they had a question mark floating on their heads. Understanding the meaning of the teacher’s words, Yuuya finally came into the classroom while the students were tilting their heads.


I ─ Tenjou Yuuya, decided to enter the “Ousei Gakuen” for one day today after being recommended by the board chairman, and then I was taken by the teacher who would take care of me and went to the front of a classroom. By the way, I was walking with Kaori, but because her class is different, we parted on the way.

…I’m really nervous. However, thanks to that teacher, I was more relaxed than at the beginning. Anyway, because it’s a super-elite high school, I thought that the teacher was all strict, but that teacher is super relaxed.

The chairman said she was very good and trusted by her students. I don’t know if I can endure mentally if the teacher was too strict, though. Whatever the case, let’s think the teacher that’s in charge of me is a good person.

Aside from that, I need to do greeting from the time I entered the classroom, right? I was a part-timer worker, so there’s nothing that I can call a hobby… Huh? This is fatal to introduce oneself, isn’t it?

T-this is bad… What should I do…

I thought that I was starting to relax, but with this, I started to get nervous again.

“Hey, you can come in.”

The teacher called me to come in when I was desperately working my head to think about what I should do.

… Eeii, the future me… will do it somehow!

I didn’t understand what it meant to be someone else’s duty and ended up doing all the things myself, but I never went to the classroom for something like this.

Encouraging myself, I enter the classroom.


The first thing I felt when I entered was the students’ gaze. This is not particularly strange because I have to introduce myself as a trial student. However, I wasn’t sure what the big surprise that followed after. I stand in front of the blackboard, wondering why everyone in the class was dumbfounded with round eyes.

“Ok, then, lightly introduce yourself.”

“Y-yes. My name is Tenjou Yuuya. This time, I’ll participate in this class as a trial student. Nice to meet you.”

I said that and bowed my head, and the moment I raised my head, no reaction is returned with everyone still being dumbfounded. Eh, can I cry now? I was about to cry involuntarily, but the teacher who laughed strangely for some reason sent out a rescue boat.

“Kukuku… Hey, do you want to be like that forever? Tenjou is troubled. …Alright, Tenjou. You sit at the very back of that window.”


Under the teacher’s direction, I sat down at the designated seat and greeted the student next to me.

“Um… Nice to meet you.”

“Eh? Ah… yeah. …Nice to meet you too.”

The student next to my seat was a female student who somehow got a cool impression with a short-cut hairstyle. She had a choker around her neck, but… Isn’t this kind of accessory there prohibited?

Either way, it’s a scene that I can’t see in my school except for the delinquents. Accessories are forbidden, and of course, you can’t dye your hair either. However, a lot of students have dyed their hair in this class, and they also wear fashionable accessories.

When I was thinking about such a thing, the teacher clapped her hands.

“Hey, everyone, come back now. The class is about to start.”

She said so, but it was only a minute after, everyone started to move in earnest.


After that, I mixed with other students to experience the class. I thought that I wouldn’t able to follow the class speed, but it was nothing like that, the class speed was no different from my school.

However, the content was quite amazing. I was supposed to be taking classes with the same content that I learned in my school, but the clarity is different. I thought it would be boring, but I enjoyed it normally. They devised various ideas for teaching such as using manga and games as figures of speech.

And what I felt after taking the class was the sense of distance between the teacher and the students. The sense of distance is exquisite at this school. Even though they were on good terms, they had a clear line drawn between the teacher and the student, and I was surprised by them who could do it well.

After such a morning lesson, I am now in the middle of my lunch break.

“Oh, Hyoudou-san. Thank you for the textbook.”

“…Hmm, don’t worry about it.”

Even though I was going to take classes, I had no textbooks, and the cool impression girl ─ Yukine Hyoudou-san who’s sitting next to me helped me by showing her textbook.

Hyoudou-san has a short-cut hairstyle with a light blue mesh which was given a cool impression on her, and her long eyes always look half-open and sleepy. She wore her school uniform fashionably just like a casual fashion combined with a choker, she looks like a member of a musical band somehow.

At first glance, Hyoudou-san has a difficult atmosphere to talk to, but she was very kind when I tried to talk with courage. When I thanked Hyoudou-san, the other students called out to me.

“Hey hey, there’s something I want to ask!”

“Which high school did you attend?”

“Are you learning something?”

“Ah, what about club activities?”

“Hey, hey! Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Could it be that you’re an entertainer?”

“Ah, eh, um…”

The question from pure curiosity was something I had never experienced before, and I was at a loss of how to respond.

… After all, transfer students and special admittance students are the subjects of concern. Though I’m actually a trial student. I don’t detest it, but I was confused because I didn’t know what to do, and then a boy student calmed everyone up.

“Hey, hey, you’re troubling Tenjou, you know? It’s still lunchtime, so let’s calm down for now, okay?”

The boy student was a handsome man with a rather short dyed brown hair and a friendly smile. He’s much more handsome than my little brother or the male model who came in at the photoshoot the other day.

Although he had his hair dyed, I didn’t get the impression that he’s a delinquent, and on the contrary, I got the impression that he was a refreshing sportsman.

As he spoke up, everyone who asked me a question apologized.

“Ah, I’m sorry!”

“I didn’t intent to do bad things.”

“I’ll ask about you again after school!”

“Ah, yes.”

Everyone apologized and each of them started to move for lunch. Looking at them, the boy student called me.

“I’m sorry. They’re just interested in you, including me.”

“Eh? Ah, yes. Thank you! Uh…”

“I’m Ryo Igarashi. Ryo is fine. Is it okay if I call you Yuuya, too? Best regards.”

The boy student ─ Ryo said so with a refreshing smile. Whoa… his smile is dazzling. I was squinted my eyes unintentionally, Ryo tilted his head curiously.

“Hmm. What’s wrong?”

“No… It’s just dazzling…”

“Eh? What’s that, saying something strange.”

Ryo smiled even more dazzlingly. Yep, my eyes are going to collapse.

“Ah, yeah. You don’t know where’s the cafeteria of this school is, do you? Want to go with me?”

“Oh, is that okay?”

“Yeah, you’re not going to say no, are you? Let’s go then!”

What’s with this ikemen. I feel like I’m about to fall in love, but I can’t fall in love with a guy.

“I’ll take your word then.”

“Yes, can I call another friend?”

“It’s okay.”

I answered so and Ryo called his friend.

“I-I’m Shingo Kurata. N-nice to meet you, Yu-Yuuya-kun.”

It was a boy student who wore glasses and looked timid somehow. …Yep, I feel a sense of intimacy with him. However, it’s kind of an interesting combination… I thought that Ryo’s friend would be a sportsman, but Shingo-kun has an indoor impression. I had such a question, but the mystery was solved immediately.

“Hey, Shingo! Did you see “Super Heavy Machinery God Robo” yesterday?”

“I-I saw it.”

“Is that so!? It was the hottest thing right now! Hey, let me know if there are any other interesting anime or tokusatsu!”

“Y-yes. Of course…!”

Apparently, Ryo had been taught the recommended anime from Shingo-kun. I mean… He’s an ikemen and a person who has a fondness of sub-culture… Geez. But I think it’s good.

When I was looking away, Ryo spoke to me.

“Oh, do you watch anime Yuuya? I started watching it recently, but it’s really interesting!”

…Ryo is a good boy. I was able to realize it in this short time.

Part 3

“This is the cafeteria of the Ousei Gakuen.”

I was speechless. Ryo brought me to a very large space with a style that was completely different from the cafeteria I knew. Many round tables and simple chairs arranged like the terrace of a coffee shop. Students enjoy eating and chatting at each table.

...My school also has a cafeteria, but it’s a common cafeteria that you can find everywhere, and it wasn’t this clean either. I was stunned by the sight in front of me, and then Ryo called out with a laugh.

“Hahahaha! Everyone will be surprised at first! But that’s not all, you know? Here, look at this.”


The next thing Ryo showed me was the menu table. And when I read it, I was dumbfounded once again.

First of all, the variety was overwhelming. Japanese, Chinese and Western foods are commonplace, in addition to that, there were Spain and Russian cuisine, too… there was international cuisine from all over the world that you can’t usually eat unless you go to the specialty restaurant. Moreover, dishes for each religion were prepared as well.

“I-it seems that the dishes here are made by the chefs who worked at a three-star restaurant.”

“Three stars!?”

I opened my eyes hearing Shingo-kun’s words. No, no, no. even if I can pay for it now, I can’t just eat such high-class dishes all the time! I thought that then Ryo smiled broadly as if he could read what I thought.

“Shall I surprise you more? The food here ── all of them is only for 500 yen!”


I really had no choice but to be speechless. Eh, is this heaven? You can eat three-star dishes with just one coin? I don’t know what it means anymore.

“Well, even though it’s only 500 yen, there are certainly students who live alone and are financially hard up, and so there is a thing called “Student’s Daily Lunch” prepared for such students.

“Daily lunch?”

“Yeah, you can’t choose the contents since it was changed daily, but the price is… It’s free.”


I already knew it from the level of classes, but it’s become very clear here. This school is too different from the others. While listening to Ryo and Shingo-kun’s words, I decided on a menu and when we received our meal, we sat down at a nearby seat.

Ryo’s meal is crab tomato cream pasta, and Shingo-kun is a pork cutlet. Since I heard it was 500 yen, so I decided to try something that seems to be as expensive as possible, I decided to have a set meal of Japanese black beef hamburger. Well, no, actually I just want to eat something a little luxurious.

“Alright, let’s eat!”


After the pre-meal greetings, we concentrated on each meal.

I put the hamburger in my mouth and was frozen by the excessive delicacy. Hey, what on earth is this? The juices are splashing inside my mouth! It feels so soft! D-delicious! (T/N: He said “nikujū ga dobā-tte! kuchi no naka de fuwa-tte! u,umai!)

The hamburger was delicious enough to deprive me of my vocabulary. Ryo and Shingo-kun were laughing while eating their own foods as they watched me eating innocently.

“Hey, hey… Take a look!”

“Who is that man…?”

“A transfer student?”

“So cool…”

When I was eating, I suddenly noticed that my surroundings were noisy.

“What happened? It seems to be noisy.”

“Hmm? It was because you’re here, you know?”

“Because I’m here? Oh, it’s because my uniform was different. Looks like I became too conspicuous…”


“Hmm? What is it?”

“…No, it’s nothing.”

Why, I wonder? I feel that Ryo looked at me as if to say, “Hey, seriously?” but it seems just to have been my imagination. As we proceed to eat while having a friendly conversation, Ryo suddenly asked me as if he was just noticed it.

“Speaking of which, Yuuya, are you taking part in club activity?”


“This school is very strong in every club, but they’re focusing more on sports.”

“Oh, I see…”

“So, if you’re doing club activities at the school you’re currently attending, I wonder if you’ll also take part in here.”

Obviously, I didn’t do any club activities. It would be difficult if I have to pay for the club’s expense too, and in the first place, I wasn’t permitted to have such an adolescent life…

I responded to Ryo with a wry smile.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not doing club activities.”

“He~e? Seriously? It’s unexpected.”

“Then, what about Ryo and Shingo-kun?”

“Me? I’m also in the “going home” club.”

“Eh? I see. I thought you were a member of a sports club…”

Even though it’s just my prejudice, I was surprised because Ryo’s appearance made me feel like he’s a refreshing sportsman.

Then Shingo-kun told me while laughing.

“R-Ryo-kun is good at various sports, he was invited by the various club at the beginning of his entry, he was really in great demand at the time.”

“Really!? Then why?”

I asked while thinking that there may be other things he likes, such as manga, but he answered without hesitation.

“Hmm… it because I wanted to do a lot of things… maybe?”

“A lot of things?”

“Yeah.. I used to play soccer in junior high school, and went to a fairly good line… but after I entered this school, I thought playing soccer was good, however, I wanted to experience various things, and so I just ended up in a going home club.”

“A-as Ryo-kun’s assistant, I know that he had truly participated in a lot of different clubs, and I had to follow him as well, and each time he left, he was leaving with great results.”

“Haha, stop, that’s embarrassing.”

Ryo laughed shyly as he looked really embarrassed. He’s really like a character in a manga. It’s not a bad thing, he’s a really good guy anyway, he’s a popular person, too.

“I see… Is that allowed?”

“Yeah. If you join this school, you can have various experiences without having to do club activities. In that sense, Shingo’s club activities have also changed.”

“He~e? What club does Shingo-kun belong to?”

I asked him and he told me while smiling.

“I-I belong to the Game Club.”

“Game Club!? The game, you mean? Video games?”

“That’s right.”

Seriously? …Can you bring a game to this school so openly? I thought that you can do as you please wearing accessories and hair color, but I wonder if they’re really allowed to do that…

I was surprised by the unusual freedom in this Ousei Gakuen, but Shingo-kun told me the reason.

“O-of course, I can’t do it during class, but you can play games and smartphones during the break. It would be strictly prohibited in ordinary high schools. No students are playing around with their smartphones or games during class, and that’s why even in school, the game club is allowed.”


I could only breathe a sigh of admiration. In other words, this school trusts students and allows both smartphones and games. But the best part is that the students are also trying not to betray their trust. Something like that, I was able to have a very fulfilling lunch by listening to many other surprising stories.

After lunch, I talked a lot with people other than Ryo and Shingo-kun and all of them looked straight at me. Until now, everyone has looked down on me, though the students at this school treat me as a human being on an equal footing. I may look different than I used to, but I was very happy because I found out that everyone recognized me and looked from inside me.


After school, I visited the chairman’s office and talked with Tsukasa Houjou-san.

“So, how was this school?”

“…It was amazing. The classes are easy to understand and the facilities are well-equipped… But what impressed me the most was that the students seemed to have a lot of fun.” I told the chairman what I honestly thought with a smile.

Yes, the students at this school were all bright. In my current school, everyone was just bored every day. The students who joined club activities often said “it was dull” or “just want to go home” during classes and breaks during the day.

But I haven’t heard that word since I came to this school today. No, I’m not saying that it won’t happen, but I still haven’t heard of it. Everyone seems to have fun and enjoys this school from the bottom of their heart.

I was able to feel it strongly by today’s experience… And everyone recognized and accepted this me who was always being bullied. That’s what I was really happy about. Not only is everyone enjoying themselves, but they also acknowledge me and see me properly as a person…

To be honest, I really want to be here, at this school. But…

When he heard my words, the chairman nodded in satisfaction.

“Is that so? I’m glad if you said that. …So, how’s it? Why don’t you go to this school?”

“…Is it really okay for me to be here?”

Am I really worth attending this school? I haven’t found anything I’m good at or proud of. There’s a better child than me who doesn’t know anything.

Thinking so, the chairman gently said as if he had read what was in my mind.

“Yuuya-kun. Your value is what you decide, and you can also decide for others.”


“And now you know that it’s worth it to go to this school, don’t you? …That’s what you think, right?

I put a little time thinking of it, and answer, “Yes.”

“But I think you’re worthy to attend this school.”


Hearing his words, I looked straight at the chairman.

“It’s okay. If you haven’t found your value yet and want to find it… Find it at this school. You have time anyway.”

I can only be silent, the chairman’s words came straight into my chest.

And then ─

“Err… I’m just like this, but if you don’t mind, please let me attend this school”

“Of course! We welcome you.”

I was officially attending this Ousei Gakuen.

Part 4

“I’ll excuse myself.”

“Thank you for your hard work today.”


After received my uniform, I left the chairman’s office. Apparently, Kaori was waiting in front of it holding her bag.

“It looks like you decided to attend this school.”

“…I’m not confident in myself yet, but I still wanted to go to this school.”

“My father and I are delighted if you think like that.”

I was feeling kind of embarrassed by Kaori’s gentle smile so I forced myself to change the subject.

“C-come to think of it, why are you here? Ah, do you have any business with the chairman?”

“No, I actually wanted to do something for Yuuya-san.”

“Oh, me?”

I was surprised by her unexpected reply. She wanted to do something for me… What is that actually?

“This “Ousei Gakuen” is in the opposite direction from the high school where Yuuya-san attended before, isn’t it?”

“Eh? Well…”

“If so, you weren’t familiar with the surrounding area of this school yet, were you?”

…Sure, I didn’t often go out because of my appearance. I basically just buy the things I need on my way home from school. Therefore, I rarely went in the opposite direction from the school I attended.

“S-since we have this chance, I was wondering if I could show you around, Yuuya-san. A-and, besides! I want to thank you again, personally.”

“T-that’s! You’ve already done it, didn’t you? And most of all, It’s already more than enough to get me to go to this school.”

Really, I got more than I should have. If I have to receive anything more…

While I think that, Kaori opened her mouth again after she feels a little about something.

“…I mean, It’s because I do want to hang out with Yuuya-san… Do you not want to?”


“It’s embarrassing, but I didn’t have a chance to hang out with guys…”

“Eeh!? Why?”

“It’s unavoidable, but I think everyone is a little restrained because of my household and also because of my father’s work… However, I thought Yuuya-san could be my first one to get close with.”

Kaori said so with lonely expression. I see… I thought it was nice to be rich, but it looks like there are still some problems that I don’t understand.

Kaori looked at me, anxiously. Seeing her figure like that, the feeling I unilaterally decided that we’re from a different dimension is suddenly crumbled. We’re all human, after all.

I also confided to Kaori while being embarrassed.

“Um… I was also embarassed since I’ve never hung out with a girl either.”


“So, if you don’t mind me like this… Can you show me around?”

“…Yes! There are a lot of delicious things around the school, so let’s go!”

It was a good feeling to see Kaori’s sparkling eyes.


“I hear that after school, students hang out together at the coffee shops and restaurants around here, is that true?”


There were many shops lined up along this straight wide road. Vehicles are prohibited here, and not only students from “Ousei Gakuen” but also students of other schools can be seen as well. In the middle of the road, street trees and street lights were standing at equal intervals.

“It was such a stylish place…”

“Yes, There are also some shops that sometimes get interviews on TV.”

I see, there are many famous shops for young women. While looking at the surrounding shops, I suddenly asked her what I was curious about.

“Now that I think about it… How did Kaori know it was me at that time?”


“Even if I say it myself, but I think I look really different from the time I was badly beaten by those delinquents, however…”

“Is that so? But you have the same eyes as when you helped me, so I immediately knew that it was you, you know?”

“Eh, eyes?”


I’m surprised at Kaori, who declared so with a smile.

“Yuuya-san’s appearance may have changed, but his straight, gentle eyes haven’t changed. That’s why I immediately realized that it was you, Yuuya-san.”

Straight and gentle eyes… I don’t know if I have such eyes, but Kaori seemed to think me like that. Even though my outward appearance has changed surprisingly, it appears that rather than on my transformation, Kaori looked more into my unchanging eyes. From Kaori’s speech, she seemed to be looking at me; personally, I was pleased.

As we went on with the conversation, Kaori found something.

“Yuuya-san, why don’t we go there?”


In the direction Kaori points out, high school girls are eating crepes deliciously.

“Crepe shop?”

“Yes! The crepes there are popular, so I wanted to try it once! Let’s go!”

“Eh? Uwaa!”

Kaori, who seemed to be very happy after coming to this place, suddenly pulled my hand and went to the crepe shop. Perhaps because it has a reputation for being delicious, there are quite a few people in line.

“Ne, ne! Look at that.”

“Eh? Whoa! He’s so handsome! Is he alone?”

“Apparently not. Look, there’s a lovely girl next to him.”

“Ah, you’re right. A couple of a handsome man and a beautiful girl, huh? …I’m so jealous!”

“Yeah. The girl is neat and clean, and the boy is cool…”

“Oh no… it’s so enviable, but more than that, it feels like a feast for my eyes.”

There are only sweets shops here, and there are many women lined up. Oh, it’s not strange for a man to line up here, right? I’m anxious about this. When I was lined up worriedly, Kaori just realized that I was here.

“Ah… aah!? I-I-I’m sorry. I just pulled your hand in reflex…”

“Eh? Ah…aah! I’m also sorry!”

As our face turned bright red, we released our hands vigorously. Kaori and I were utterly unconscious of it, so we suddenly got embarrassed. The surroundings were also watching us in such a state.

“… Hey.”

“….What is it?”

“Aren’t those two too cute?”

“… I know, right?”

“”I was honored to see that.””

H-holding a girl’s hand… Uuh… It’s so embarrassing. Was it okay? She wouldn’t hate me, would she?

Up to this moment, if my hand touching a girl even for a bit, they will be so disgusted, and also the things I touched would be treated as filth. Oh, it makes me want to cry when I remembered that.

I timidly looked at Kaori, she was staring at her hand with a blushing face.

“I-I… This is the first time I’ve held hands with a man other than my father.”


Gaaaaaahhhhhh! It’s embarrassiiiiiiiinnnng!

I fixed my facial expression with all I could and kept a poker face. Otherwise, I’ll die in shame! My inner thought was growing awfully wild, but apparently, she didn’t hate me, I was relieved from the bottom of my heart… As I always thought, Kaori is really kind. But still, I’m sorry that the person who held her hand for the first time was someone like me.

Meanwhile, it was our turn to see the menu.

“Oh, there’s a lot of things…”

“Everythings looks really delicious! I don’t know what to choose…”

Kaori seemed to be quite troubled, but she eventually chose strawberry creme crepe, whereas I decided blueberry creme crepe. There were several benches on the road for people to take a rest, and one of them was empty, so we sat there.

Speaking of which… This might the first time for me to eat a crepe. I knew what it looked like and what it was, but I didn’t have a chance to eat it. I couldn’t buy it because I had no money. Without further ado, we grab a bite to it, and then we reflexively looked at each other.

“Delicious!” we say in unison.

The sourness of blueberries and sweet fresh cream match exquisitely, and the moist dough gently wraps… Yes, I now knew why women love sweets. I’ve come to like it, too. But if I keep eating it, I might get fat again like before, so I have to be careful.

“It’s happiness… As I thought, I really liked sweets.”

“Yes. If it’s so delicious like this one, I feel like I want to try and complete all the flavors.”

If I have a chance to come here again, I’ll try for another taste. I decided to do so in my mind, then Kaori smiled, offered her strawberry crepe to me.

“Would you like to take a bite?”


T-to takes a bite… Wouldn’t it actually be an indirect kiss!? In contrast to the panicking me, Kaori gently brought the crepe to my mouth while looking curiously.

“Here, it’s delicious, you know!”


I ate it for reflexively…

“How’s it?”

“…It’s delicious.”

My face was heated up that I couldn’t help it, and I honestly can’t feel the taste properly because it was in such a situation. As I nervously chewing the crepe, Kaori seemed to notice that it was an indirect kiss.

She looked at her crepe in silence, and at the next moment, she screamed with a blushing face.

I wonder if she’ll actually hate me this time?

I looked at her thinking that way, she noticed my gaze and tried to hide her face, shielding it with her crepe.

“I-I’m sorry… I’m so embarrassed now that I can’t see Yuuya-san…”

“Err… I should be the one to… I’m sorry. You didn’t like it, did you?”

“N-no! I don’t hate it, but… That… I-i-indirect kiss… Um… uhh…”

Phew, that’s really a relief. I’m sorry to make you feel embarrassed, but I’m glad you didn’t hate it. Once again, I was relieved from the bottom of my heart, but it seems I was still being puzzled and said something ridiculous.

“Umm… Ah, right! Does Kaori want to eat mine, too? ….Ah.”


What did I just say? She had just felt so embarrassed and what the heck am I doing…! H-however, I had Kaori shared hers to me, and I really want to return her the favor…! Dumbfounded by what I said, her face was redder than before and answered with a tiny voice while looking downward.

“…I…I’ll take it…”


── I don’t really remember the rest after this.

Both me and Kaori were nervous from beginning to end, and after eating the crepes, I feel dizzy. In the end, she offered to drive me home in her car. Even in the car, we couldn’t have a conversation and be face to face directly. The woman in the butler’s clothes who was with Kaori when inviting me to “Ousei Gakuen” looked at our state with a warm and gentle gaze.

Even until we left, the people around us were actually looking at us with friendly eyes.



“It’s nice to be young, huh?”

“Yeah, it’s amusing to be young.”

“They were so cute, right?”

“Yeah, they were so cute.”

Sigh… That was priceless,” everyone says simultaneously.

We didn’t realize that such a conversation was taking place.

Part 5

I hung out with Kaori yesterday after having experienced the trial day at “Ousei Gakuen.” However, I still can’t enter right away today since there’s still some necessary process for it. On the other hand, I got a day off because of the transfer procedure from my previous school has done.

Recently, I couldn’t go to the different world, so I decided to go there after a long time.

“It doesn’t look any different…”

Although it’s been a while, there was no particular change in the house or garden in the other world. By the way, to work in the different world, I wear a set of blood war demon armor over my shirt and trousers made of royal silk. My plan for today was to explore the hinterland of the forest, which I haven’t explored much of yet. So, I need to prepare recovery medicine for it as well.

“I have learned the skill [Map] now, so I don’t need to be afraid of getting lost.”

I went out to the fence of the house cautiously and began to explore the forest. I have been exploring the direction straight out of the fence until now. So today, I’m planning to explore the other side of this house. Come to think of it; it seems that the path I’ve been exploring until now was leading to the outside of this forest since I met that girl and those soldiers from that direction.

Yeah, it seems that way since the forest Is getting denser in the direction I am going now.

Not only with the [Presence Detection] skill, but I also proceeded while being wary with everything, and then I noticed the reaction of one living being. I activated my [Assimilation] skill, and when I approached the reaction while holding my breath, a huge bear killing its prey and eating it comes to my sight.

The bear has three atrocious horns growing on its forehead and deep crimson fur. In addition to jaws and fangs that easily crush the flesh and bones of the creatures it killed. In terms of size, it’s two times larger than me.

I activated the [Appraisal] skill to look at its status.

[Devil Bear]

Level: 450

Magic: 4500
Attack: 10500
Defense: 6000
Agility: 2000
Intelligence: 3500
Luck: 500

Finally, I met an enemy that has stats more than 10,000. I’m more balanced if comparing the stats between us, but despite that, its attack power that has over 10,000 is still troublesome.

…Can I kill it?

I can’t think of that in peaceful Japan, but since I came to this world, I’ve had that dangerous thought circuit in me. However, I didn’t think that that thought circuit was scary because I felt it was necessary in order to live in this world. When I spend time on earth, I don’t have that kind of thing anyway, so I reckon that that feeling is only limited in this different world.

In the end, I decided to attack the Devil Bear.

I’ll eventually fight with it anyway, and I don’t know how strong the monsters in this hinterland is, nor I know where this Devil Bear’s caste is, so I want to measure a standard of the strength of the monsters here.

I immediately took out [Formless Bow] from the [Item box]. This [Formless Bow] is a bow without a shape. In other words, it’s invisible to the eye. However, I could recognize it since I got a feeling I firmly held the bow. Furthermore, I could also generate an invisible arrow, depending on my will.

I attached an invisible arrow to the bow and aimed it quietly at the Devil Bear while holding my breath.

And then ──


It was a bull’s eye, the invisible arrow pierced in the Devil Bear’s left eye. The Devil Bear screamed in agony by the sudden attack. However, as one would expect from the monsters in the hinterland of the forest, it immediately noticed me, who was supposed to hiding from the direction where the arrow flew and stared daggers at me.

“It seems the bow is could only go this far… Well then, the next will be this!”

I took out the [Absolute Spear], which I had been using the most, I approached the Devil Bear straightaway to give it a sharp blow.



However, the Devil Bear uses its sharp claws to meet my [Absolute Spear] right from the front. As a result, I was blown away by its attack power.


I managed to regain my posture in the air, and as soon as I landed, I took distance. Sure enough, The Devil Bear seems to have planned to chase me but turned vigilant due to our range.

The two of us have remained vigilant to each other, but the Devil Bear seems to lose its patience and is the first one to move.

“Gurururu… Gaaaaaaaaaaahh!”


The Devil Bear is spouting a scorching flame from its mouth. I quickly rolled over from the spot, trying to avoid it.

…No matter how I think about it now, it was magic, wasn’t it?

The monsters that I’ve fought until now had never used magic, so I was more than surprised to see the Devil Bear’s flames.

You see, I also want to use magic like this Devil Bear and that soldier. I guess that’s that, huh? Do I have to wait until I’m thirty? I think I have the qualities to be a great wizard(One of Japanese internet slang which stating that a person can be endowed with magical powers and become a “wizard” if they reach the age of 30 without engaging in sexual intercourse.)… Oh my? My eyes are sweating now(A retarded way to say you are crying.)

Thinking about such nonsense, I thought again about how to deal with the Devil Bear’s magic. I feel I’d be just its magic’s prey if I just approach it carelessly. When I was thinking about my plan, the Devil Bear spouted another flame, but this time, it made it in a spherical shape and shot it.

I twisted my body and kept avoiding them, but if it stays like this, I’ll just keep on slowly losing out. Whether it will be the Devil Bear’s magic, or will it be my stamina which will be exhausted first. To be honest, this guy is a superior opponent, so I feel that it will be the later.

So when it comes to this, I had no choice but to be careful to feint it and defeat it in an instant after all, right? I’m not good with tactics yet, so I can only think of such a simple thing.

…Eeii, it’s no use to think about it! Let’s try it anyway!

I decided to do so and then ran toward the Devil Bear.


Hereupon, the Devil Bear was spreading the flame like a flamethrower as if it was saying that it wouldn’t let me approach. Hey, what if there is a fire, huh? Fortunately, the Devil Bear’s flame doesn’t seem to burn down the trees so it might be a unique flame. It’s not worth worrying about, and I also understood that I couldn’t get close to the fire, so I took a back-step just barely at the scope of the flame’s range.


The Devil Bear made a startling voice at my sudden movement. Ignoring it, I stepped backward and threw [Absolute Spear] at the same time toward the Devil Bear.


At first, it seemed that this fellow was going to shoot the [Absolute Spear] down with its flames but then decided that it was impossible because of the characteristics of the spear, and instead tried to counter it with its heinous claws.


Since that fellow decided to oppose it with its claws, that meant that it wouldn’t use its flames, right? I didn’t miss that opportunity and closed the distance.


The Devil Bear raised its voice in surprise as I approached it at a tremendous speed but quickly tried to cut me with its sharp claws.


I thought I wouldn’t be able to get close anymore if I take a distance here, so I throw a kick with all my might aimed at the Devil Bear’s arm.



I stepped on the ground with all my strength and used my whole body to kick it while remembering the contents of the book I had bought at the secondhand bookstore.

As a result, the Devil Bear’s arm was knocked away by my kick and destroyed its posture. I quickly slipped into the bosom of the Devil Bear, who became defenseless as it loses its stance. And then I equipped the [Infinity Gauntlet] on my arm.


While using the kick’s momentum, I throw an attack loaded with my full power at the Devil Bear’s abdomen.


It’s just one blow. However, it’s combined with the effect of [Infinity Gauntlet]. The effect is when you hit something, the same powerful attack will repeatedly occur in the same place.

The only way to prevent it is to defend against that attack or repel it. And the devil bear had no way to prevent my attack.

The overwhelming series of attacks were repeated indefinitely on the Devil Bear’s abdomen. Finally, the Devil Bear was blown off vomiting blood from its mouth, fell, and died behind me. I somehow won in a posture like a boxing champion with my fist pumped up to the sky.


“Now, let’s look at the item drops…”

These are the sort of materials dropped by the Devil Bear;

[Red Hair of The Evil Bear] :: The Devil Bear’s fur. Resistant to fire and very warm, but also has a soft texture.

[Meat of The Evil Bear] :: The Devil Bear’s meat. The meat will be hard when baked, but very soft when cooked.

[Blood of The Evil Bear] :: The Devil Bear’s blood. Sometimes it is used as an item for magic tools, but you can also drink it accordingly. It has a refreshing taste, and it doesn’t smell like iron. This blood also can be used for dashi soup. You can acquire resistance to flames by drinking it.

“Hey, this blood…”

The drop items I got were a large solid red fur, a large amount of meat wrapped in mysterious grasses, and a large amount of blood stuffed in a large bottle.

“I’m not sure about this resistance to the flames, but… If I can eat it, I’ll use it for cooking next time.”

Normally, I may be reluctant to use blood for cooking, but I would gladly eat it if I knew it was edible. There’s nothing wrong with being frugal anyway.

After checking the effect and throwing it into the item box, I turned my eyes to the rest.

[Magic Stone: Rank A] :: A special ore that can be obtained from magical beasts.

[Flame Guitar] Rare drop items that can be obtained from Devil Bear. Playing with this guitar will make you feel uplifted and passionate. If you can master it, you’ll be able to manipulate the flames.

“Eh, aside from the magic stone, what the heck is this guitar…”

No, I was a little surprised that the rank of the magic stone was A. The Devil Bear’s level was high, and it can use magic as well, so I thought it would be an S-rank monster. However, it’s just an A-rank monster. It has the same rank as Goblin General.

Thinking it again, I can’t even imagine what kind of monsters the S-rank one is.

“I guess that’d be okay. Now I don’t know whether this guitar is better than the magic stone…”

And this guitar also seemed to be a rare drop item, but why a guitar? It would be better to get accessories like the [Black Moon Necklace], the rare drop item that I got from the Hell Slime, however…

Besides, I… I’ve only used recorders and keyboard harmonica as musical instruments. I couldn’t afford to touch other instruments for entertainment or hobbies, after all. A-and it’s also written that I would be able to manipulate flames if I can master it… It seems that it’s something different from using magic, what is it actually?

“…Well, now I have a little extra room… I wonder if I should buy a guitar textbook for beginners at a bookstore and practice it?”

I’ve never had a hobby before, but it might be a good idea to start something with this opportunity. When I thought so, a familiar message suddenly appeared in front of me.


“Oh, my level went up.”

Yep, the level will be easy to rise if you defeat enemies who have a status above you. And then I immediately checked my status;

[Tenjou Yuuya]

Occupation: None
Level: 235

Magic: 5900
Attack: 7900
Defense: 7900
Agility: 7900
Intelligence: 5400
Luck: 8400


Skills: [Appraisal] [Endurance] [Item Box] [Language Comprehension] [True Martial Art: 7] [Presence Detection] [Fast Reading] [Cooking: 5] [Map] [Dodge] [Weakness Detection] [Assimilation]

Title: [Master of The Door] [Master of The House] [Otherworlder] [Person Who Visited A Different World For The First Time]

“I went up two levels.”

Not only my own level, but the level of [True Martial Arts] also went up. This is a good sign then. For now, there’s not much BP that I got, so I just swung it all to my luck stats, and it’s become 8600 now.

“Yosh, then, should I go a little further?”

After checking various things, I stepped back into the forest again.


At the time when Yuuya was exploring the forest, there’s been a significant occurrence in the entertainment world on earth.

“Hey, did you see that photo?”

“I saw it! That one who’s in the photo with Miwa-chan, right?”

“Who’s that boy? From which agency is he?”

“I really have no idea about that.”

The time when Miwa did a photoshoot together with Yuuya in the shopping mall became a hot topic in the agency where she belongs. The information network of the entertainment world cannot be underestimated anyway, and the man who did a photoshoot with Miwa hasn’t only become a topic in the agency where Miwa belongs to, but also in the others agencies… In other words, there was a lot of talk about Yuuya right now, in spite of only a short amount of time passing since the photoshoot.

And on that matter, not only did the model on the photo, Miwa, become even more popular but also the photographer, Hikari, who took the photo, has become a super famous person in the entertainment world.

“Hey, investigate the things about that boy!”

“What is the boy’s name!?”

“What the hell are the scouts doing now!?”

“We’ll definitely find him!”

The various fashion-related agencies were starting to make a move to scout Yuuya. And yet even the agency where Miwa belongs to has also asked her about Yuuya’s name. Still, since it was Yuuya’s personal information, Miwa decided not to tell them about it. The photographer’s Hikari is also one of the rare people who wasn’t interested in the agency idea, and he also didn’t tell Yuuya’s name for the same reason as Miwa.

Therefore, Yuuya’s name was never known by the agency.

Miwa and Hikari, or even Yuuya himself, did not know whether this decision was good or bad. But, both Miwa and Hikari have conducted it for Yuuya’s sake, and it wasn’t so relevant because Yuuya himself hadn’t even dreamed the topic about him had become a hot issue now.

Besides, the current Yuuya is a hikikomori. He only goes out when he’s run out of his daily necessities or when he goes to the school, and his daily needs have just been replenished the other day, so it would be even more difficult to meet him. It’s more fun to spend time in a different world for the current Yuuya, and unless there’s something happening, he won’t stop exploring in a different world.

── However, it was only a matter of time before Yuuya was known to society.

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