According to Rumors, He Seems to be Trash – Volume 01 – Chapter 11

Liechtenstein told me that after the engagement was broken, His Highness, became a puppet under the orders of Baron Rodelloi.

While being selfish, the lonely baron maiden, who obtained the most power in the country, and because of that there were many noblemen and ladies who were damaged by this, and it seems that the head of the family was fiercely opposed to the royal family.

The royal family is busy dealing with her, but the His Highness  will not part with her.

However, she does not plan or make any efforts to become his fiance, but she escalates even further when she is frustrated at her position where she does not make progress in the situation where only criticism occurs.

The school and the castle plunge into a negative spiral, in which the Highness seems to be enjoying a free and carefree romance while involving the nobles.

“I can’t …”

The only thing I know about Her Majesty, Elleine, is that he is recognized by the whole country as being the second prince, and because of the complexity of their birth, it is not unreasonable to be chosen as the next king. .

The character is serious, gentle and gentle.

It may be so calm and a little lacking in flexibility that it is said to be frosty from its appearance, but it is something that can be compensated for in the future.

Anyway, it was hard to believe the story of Liechtenstein as a fiancée candidate who knew his Highness from an early age.

“Yes, I understand.

However, when the rumors spread so far …

In fact, there is a movement under the water to deprive Herrain’s right to succeed the throne. ”

“Well … that …”

At the age of three, he went up to the castle as a fiancé candidate and first met his Highness in the same year the following year.

Jet-black hair with clear amethyst eyes.

The highness of the Highness, who always smiled as if pasted with caution, was beautiful.

It was so much that Flora accidentally fell in love with it, and at the first glance it fell into love.

We weren’t aware of adults’ thoughts, but we grew up as just childhood friends.

While studying, play in the castle greenhouses, line up in the library to read books, or go to the theater.

The Highness, who was very good and had high expectations, was therefore busy with all his efforts, but now he thinks he was spending time with us as a potential fiancee.

Flora said it was too serious and boring, but I just respected it.

I think my Highness was kind to me when I was little.

I wonder if it was around seven times when Flora was chilled by a glance at one glance (by the way Aisha was already obsessed with another love) when I realized that I had been shunned by His Highness.

One day, I happened to hear a conversation between my Highness and the son of the Prime Minister, Mr. Stephen Cyrus, who was close to me, and I realized that I was still hated.

“Your fiance can be anyone other than Miss Altostella.”

At that time, there was almost no conversation between me and His Highness, and my eyes were very cold to see me.

I was worried that I had done something at the beginning, but after that I decided to keep my distance as much as possible so that my Highness would not feel uncomfortable.

It was years later that I knew what he hated rather than hated me.

When I and my Highness turned 13, my fiancé was officially decided to be my fiance.

At the announcement party held at the ballroom in response to the social debut of Flora and Elena, I could see one of my lord’s hateful expressions and be crushed by apologies.

I felt sympathy for the person I hate the most, the person I never accept as a fiancee, and my Highness, who must live with him.

“Stella, you don’t know anything.

In the first place, this fiancee candidate is a good race.

From the beginning, you were a fiancee’s daughter, and you were supposed to be a fiancee. ”

Flora sighs as if she was amazed when she fell into Flora.

“Whatever you think of it, the level of the Duke’s and I’m the Marquis are not the same.

We were just prepared for the appearance of Her Majesty. ”

Flora sighs another, saying she thought she was aware.

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