Reader – Chapter 22

Soo Hyuk looked around his desk. On the bookshelves nearest to him, he could only see the regular white glows.

But the bookshelves around him were only a small portion of the books stored in the Matab Library. Soo Hyuk couldn’t be sure that other special books weren’t stored deeper in the library. He thought that it was almost guaranteed for there to be another special book.

Soo Hyuk stood up and closed the book that he just opened.

“Let’s look around first.”

Soo Hyuk was going to read all the books in the library anyway, so it didn’t really matter whether he read other books first or not. But he was too curious. After putting down the book, he started wandering around the library.

“Oh?! Found one already!”

Not long after he started, Soo Hyuk found a blue sparkle among a sea of white colour. Soo Hyuk quickened his pace towards the book.


But as he was approaching the book, Soo Hyuk’s body froze. After he quickly came to himself, a smile crept onto his face.

“I knew it.”

Soo Hyuk stared at another bookshelf not far away from him. There was another colour there.


The book was glowing red. Soo Hyuk turned towards the red book and pulled it out.

“Now that I know there are other kinds of books.”

Soo Hyuk had wondered if there were other colours apart from blue and white. Now he knew that there were other kinds of books.

Now that he knew, the other colours and their effects didn’t really matter now. So Soo Hyuk went back to his spot and opened up the red book. Of course, as he was going back, he also picked up the blue book from the other shelf.

“What would be different this time?”

The books that glowed blue like ‘Pavel’s Diary’ gave out special quests. What about the red books? Would they also give special quests? If not, what would it give?

Soo Hyuk couldn’t know now. He had to read it first. And so, Soo Hyuk flipped to the first page started to read the book sparkling in red.

* * *


Jang Yool was speechless.

“T-team leader!”

Jang Yool shouted as he turned towards Yang Joo Hyuk from his monitor.


Yang Joo Hyuk, who was reviewing other projects, turned to look at Jang Yool with a suspicious face. But it changed to a nervous expression after seeing Yang Jool’s worried look.

“You have to take a look at this!”

Yang Joo Hyuk’s nervousness increased several times at his assistant’s words.

“……What? What’s got you so worked up?”,

Yang Joo Hyuk asked with an apprehensive tone. What was so serious?

“I was finishing up but then……”

Jang Yool paused, then exclaimed,

“That Soo Hyuk user went to the Matab Library!”


Yang Joo Hyuk leapt up from his seat as bewilderment was added to his already nervous expression. His face flushed red, then turned green as nervousness and surprise alternated in his expression.

“Look at the third monitor first.”,

Jang Yool said to Yang Joo Hyuk when he arrived next to him. Following his words, Yang Joo Hyuk stared hard at the third monitor.


Yang Joo Hyuk’s face finally turned pale as he was struck speechless when he looked at the monitor. When he calmed down, suspicion began to surface again his mind.

“Why on earth would he do that?”

Yang Joo Hyuk could not understand.

“Did he evade the NPCs somehow?”

Yang Joo Hyuk was certain that the NPCs would grab hold of him. He didn’t anticipate Soo Hyuk going to the library.

“Did he reject them? Or did he already have a special job?”

Just what had happened in Matab?

“Did he already obtain the special job?”,

Yang Joo Hyuk broke out of his thoughts and asked Jang Yool.

“Not yet. He’s a normal Magician for now.”

“Without the NPCs noticing?”

“It looks like it, but I can’t say for sure.”

As he replied to Yang Joo Hyuk, Jang Yool was already furiously typing on his keyboard. When he finished, Jang Yool looked up at Yang Joo Hyuk and said,

“The second monitor.”

At his words, Yang Joo Hyuk looked at the second monitor.


The duo was struck speechless once again as they stared at the second monitor. Especially Yang Joo Hyuk, whose expression just purely contained bafflement.

“S-Spire Lords?!”

Yang Joo Hyuk mumbled,

“The Spire Lords will move?”

And it wasn’t just one. All of them were moving.

“His wisdom was enough to mobilise even Spire Lords?”

Yang Joo Hyuk was the Head Developer for Pangea. He knew a lot of things about the game. But he didn’t know everything there was to know. For example, he hadn’t expect that Soo Hyuk’s wisdom would be enough to cause such a commotion.

“If they really moved, I thought it would at most be the Spire Cabinet.”

Even if the higher people moved, he had thought only the Spire Cabinet would, at most. But the Spire Lords?

“So that’s how……”

Yang Joo Hyuk finally understood how Soo Hyuk was able to go to the library. If all the Spire Lords were moving, then of course it would take some time. Soo Hyuk had sneaked away to the Matab Library in that time frame.


Suddenly, Jang Yool let out an awkward sound.


Yang Joo Hyuk turned to look at Jang Yool and found that he was staring at the fourth monitor with an embarrassed expression.

“What’s the matter?”,

Yang Joo Hyuk also turned to stare at the fourth monitor as he was asking.

“……A legacy quest?”,

Yang Joo Hyuk muttered.

“Satisfied the conditions?”

Information on Soo Hyuk was shown the fourth monitor.

“……But there’s more.”

Jang Yool added with a frustrated voice as he began typing on the keyboard once more. Then Soo Hyuk’s character information was replaced with a new screen.

“Even the stat quests?”

Soo Hyuk had also gained a stat quest other than the legacy quests.

“How many special quests does the Matab Library contain?”

“Do you want the ones available to him? Or do you want all of them?”

“Show the available ones for now.”

“Yes, sir.”

Jang Yool started typing on the keyboard again and new information was shown on the fifth monitor.

“The quests he can get right now are 5 in total.”

“Including the quests he already has?”


“Does is include the quest for ‘Odin’s Descendent’?”,

Yang Joo Hyuk finally asked Jang Yool.


Jang Yool could only reply with a ‘yes’.


Hearing Jang Yool’s reply, Yang Joo hyuk let out a deep sigh.

“I thought I already knew all the troublesome rankers.”

Yang Joo Hyuk had thought that he knew all the users that could affect Pangea greatly. But he was wrong.

“Another one appeared. A big one.”

Another one had appeared. Odin’s Descendent was that troublesome. Looking at the mumbling team leader, Jang Yool said cautiously,

“At this rate, he’s going to get the Odin’s Descendent, right?”

One of the best jobs in Pangea, Odin’s Descendent. Like ‘Pavel’s Inheritance’, it could be obtained through a book in Matab Library.

“For sure, now that he knows what the special books are.”

Soo Hyuk already knew about the special books since he had already obtained two special quests. Why wouldn’t he go after more if he knew about them?

That meant that he was almost guaranteed to get the quest for ‘Odin’s Descendent’.

“Keep watching him.”

Yang Joo Hyuk said to Jang Yool.

“And raise him to Tier 0.”

Soo Hyuk was originally in Tier 1, but it wasn’t enough. Now that he was going get the ‘Odin’s Descendent’ job, they could only put him in Tier 0, meant for only the best irregulars.

* * *


Soo Hyuk closed the red book and waited for the system message to appear. The red sparkle on the book had also disappeared.

[Special Quest ‘Vigorous Physique’ has been created.]

[Wisdom has increased by 1.]

[Wisdom has increased by 1.]


Soo Hyuk let out a sound filled with admiration.

“So, the red books also give quests. What kind of quest is it?”,

Soo Hyuk wondered as he opened his quest tab to check the ‘Vigorous Body’ quest.


Soo Hyuk’s face changed into that of surprise and confusion.

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