Reader – Chapter 24

Blue, red and now a new colour appeared. Purple. Soo Hyuk put back the book that he was about to pull out and walked towards the bookshelf in the middle of the line.

When he arrived in front the bookshelf, Soo Hyuk pulled out the purple book.

“Archmage Lapis?”

The title of the purple book was ‘Archmage Lapis’. Holding the three white books and the new purple book, Soo Hyuk returned to his desk.

 As soon as he sat down, he opened a book to the first page. It was of course, ‘Archmage Lapis’.

“Does this book also give a quest?”

The blue and red books before all gave special quests of different kinds. What will this new book sparkling in purple give? Suppressing his excitement, Soo Hyuk dived into the book with a smile.




I raised ten towers. The towers of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Darkness, Light, Healing, Poison and Illusion. I couldn’t manage them all on my own, so I appointed 10 Spire Lords to manage these new towers.




I have to choose a successor soon. But no one catches my eye.




I couldn’t decide in the end. Oh well, it’s not like I have to have one anyway. The city is currently flourishing as well.




I’m sure my successor will appear someday.

The book ended with that sentence. Soo Hyuk closed the book silently.

A message appeared as the purple sparkle disappeared.

[Promotion Quest ‘Successor of Lapis’ has been created.]

[You have obtained ‘Archmage Lapis’ Letter’]

The purple book also gave a quest. But it was slightly different from the blue and the red books. Because the purple books gave out promotion quests and didn’t give any wisdom.

“……Successor of Lapis?”

Soo Hyuk was startled after reading the message.

“Lapis the Archmage……”

It was because of who Lapis was.

“It’s going to be really hard, right?”

It was the successor of the Archmage. How hard was the quest going to be? But it couldn’t be helped that Soo Hyuk was excited over this. After all, it was bound to give a special job. So, Soo Hyuk opened the quest tab and opened the ‘Successor of Lapis’ quest.

[Promotion Test – Successor of Lapis]

[It is your destiny and fortune to become Archmage Lapis’ Successor! Prove your worth by reading ‘Archmage Lapis’ Letter’!]

[Quest Reward: Special Job – Arch Mage’s Descendant ]


Soo Hyuk was left speechless after reading the quest description.

“So I just have to read the letter?”

The quest was way too easy, right?

“Isn’t there anything else?”

Soo Hyuk thought that it was too easy. He just had to read the letter he got along with the quest.

“Don’t tell me that there’s a catch to reading the letter?”

Soo Hyuk wondered if there was a special condition or a catch to reading the reader, so to check, he opened his inventory and pulled out the letter.

[<Legend> Archmage Lapis’ Letter]

[You will be teleported to another subspace when you rip the letter.]

It was the letter from the Arch Mage, but that was all it contained.


Soo Hyuk became suspicious as he stared at the letter.

“So, there’s no condition to opening the letter?”

He had opened the letter easily.

“But it says I’ll be teleported the moment I rip the letter.”

Nothing had happened when he opened the letter, but it seemed as if he had to rip the letter to be promoted.

“Where’s the subspace?”

The problem was the contents of the letter.

“I don’t know what could happen if I rip it.”

But he thought that it couldn’t be a big problem as the quest stated that he would get the special job if he followed the letter.

Soo Hyuk first looked at the three remaining books on his desk. He was considering whether to read the books first as he didn’t know what could happen.

“Well, the books won’t run away or anything.”

In the end, Soo Hyuk decided to rip the letter first. Of course, the quest wasn’t going to run away as well, but he was more curious about the quest.

Soo Hyuk held the letter with both hands. And pulled it apart.


The ripped letter disappeared in his hands and a message appeared.

[Warping to ‘Lapis’ Subspace’.]

The message appeared according to the letter. Of course, it wasn’t the only one.

[You have completed the Promotion Quest ‘Successor of Lapis’.]

[Promoting to ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant ’……]

[You have been promoted into the special job, ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant ’.]

[Obtained the skill ‘Archmage’.]

* * *


Jang Yool stared at the monitor blankly. But his expression was slowly hardening. Then suddenly, as if a dam had been broken, various emotions flooded him at once.


Jang Yool sighed deeply as he calmed his rampant emotions. Then his expression returned to normal, he turned his head and looked at Yang Joo Hyuk.

“I have to tell him, right?”

It was futile to hold this off. He would know about it soon anyway. Jang Yool opened his mouth after steeling himself.

“Team Leader.”


Yang Joo Hyuk didn’t reply to his call. When Jang Yool looked at him, it looked like Yang Joo Hyuk was so absorbed in his work that he hadn’t heard his call. So, Jang Yool said again with a louder voice.

“Team Leader!”

“Hmm, what?”

Yang Joo Hyuk replied this time.

“He was promoted.”

Jang Yool continued.

“What do you mean?”

“Arch Mage’s Descendant.”


Yang Joo Hyuk stood up at his words. His expression was of surprise and resignation.

Yang Joo Hyuk asked again as he walked up to Jang Yool.

“To what?”

The Arch Mage’s Descendant was a Tier 1 special job, but it was special even among other Tier 1’s.

“Do you mean what attribute?”

Jang Yool asked back. It was too determined what he had asked about. Yang Joo Hyuk nodded at his words.

“Please wait a moment.”,

Jang Yool said as he began typing on his keyboard.

“He was only just promoted.”


“I suspect that he’s thinking about it now.”


Yang Joo Hyuk then asked Jang Yool.

“He should’ve read the book, right?”

Apart from the ‘Arch mage Lapis’, there was another book inside the subspace. The book explained what kind of job ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant‘ exactly was.

“Yes, he has read it.”

“As expected. So, he should be pondering about the attribute change as we speak.”,

Yang Joo Hyuk mumbled while slowly nodding his head to Jang Yool’s reply. He then continued.

“He should be logging out around this time.”

“Yes, his usual log out time should’ve been around 30 minutes ago.”

After all, it wasn’t as if he had a time restriction. He could choose to log out and in whenever he wants.

“Looks like he’s logging out later than usual.”

This was understandable, given that he was in a situation many other users would kill to get.

“So he is.”

Yang Joo Hyuk said absentmindedly as he nodded his head. Breaking out of his thoughts, Yang Joo Hyuk said to Jang Yool,

“Tell me his choice as soon as he picks.”

“Yes, sir!”

Jang Yool replied loudly as Yang Joo Hyuk went back to his seat.

* * *

The distorted space around Soo Hyuk soon stabilised as the message disappeared. When he could see clearly again, he slowly looked around him cautiously. He discovered that he was in a bright, small chamber with polished marble floors, a modest chandelier on the ceiling with a few other things.

“A book?”

In front of Soo Hyuk was a book on a stand.

And behind that, were ten doors with symbols on them.

“And where does that lead to?”

 To the right was a tunnel that lead elsewhere.

“This is the Archmage’s subspace……”

A book, ten doors and a tunnel to the right. This was the Archmage’s subspace. After he looked around the chamber, Soo Hyuk then checked his message log.

[Warping to ‘Archmage’s Subspace’.]

[You have completed the promotion Quest ‘Successor of Lapis’.]

[You have been promoted into the special job, ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant’.]

[You have obtained the skill ‘Archmage’.]

After he finished going through the messages, he then opened his character profile.

[User – Soo Hyuk]

Job: Arch Mage’s Descendant

Level: 10

Experience: 0%

Vitality: 3040

Mana: 30420

Satiation: 62%

Strength: 14

Agility: 15

Stamina: 58

Wisdom: 1521

His job was changed to ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant’, but he couldn’t find any changes other than his job. Of course, it was to be expected since he didn’t receive any promotion rewards in the messages.

“Well, I just had to be sure.”

Soo Hyuk had checked hoping that it was a bug, but it didn’t seem to be the case. Soo Hyuk closed his character profile with a dejected expression. However, he still had one more thing to check. Soo Hyuk opened the skill tab and checked for the ‘Archmage’ skill. But his expression soon changed drastically as he exclaimed.

“What the……”

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