Reader – Chapter 25

[<Passive> Archmage]

Proficiency: –

Special Effect: 100% extra damage upon attacking with magic.

The effect skill ‘Archmage’ was enormous! 100% extra damage with magic attacks! It was like attacking twice with one skill.

“So it’s a passive skill?”

But this was what truly sealed the deal. It was because he didn’t have to cast this skill before attacking. After all, it was basically on at all times!

Most supportive skills like ‘Archmage’ only applied buffs within a short time frame so you had to cast it again once time ran out, which would in turn, deplete your mana further. And to make it worse, there were only a few spells that buffed attack this much.

“Isn’t this kind of broken?”

‘Archmage’ was not a buff, it was a passive. That meant that it would keep going indefinitely. Soo Hyuk couldn’t help but think that this was too powerful.

 “The conditions for a job change aren’t hard at all as well.”

The reason Soo Hyuk thought all these things was because he had hardly spent any effort.

If he took numerous days, or even weeks working to become ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant’, then it was understandable that the skill was this good. But he only had to read a book, then read a letter. Quest done. The end.

That meant that you only had to read a book to be the ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant’.

“Then something else must have triggered. Like reading a specific book or something.”

Soo Hyuk thought that there was definitely something else to it. After all, it was logical that the more powerful something was, the harder you had to work to get it.

“What if it’s like the Infinity Cleaner……”

Soo Hyuk suddenly thought of the infamous ‘Infinity Cleaner’. The special job with a cheesy name where you could only raise your level by picking up trash, instead of hunting monsters.

You were mistaken if you thought that it was powerful because you could only gain experience through ‘charitable’ methods. The user who became the ‘Infinity Cleaner’ had to restart his character from the beginning. What if ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant’ was a job like that, just with a cool name?


Soo Hyuk shivered at the thought.

“No, that can’t be it, with such a powerful passive.”

Soo Hyuk shook his head to clear up his thoughts and closed the skill tab. Then he walked up to the book on a stand and checked the title.

“Is it a guidebook?”

Although it didn’t sparkle, when he checked the title, this wasn’t the case. The title was ‘Descendant of Lapis the Arch Mage: What is it?’.

It was a book that he had never read before, but it didn’t sparkle. While wondering why, Soo Hyuk opened the book.

“……It’s a guidebook.”

Soo Hyuk thought as soon as he opened the book. It was because of the table of contents, and the formatting looked similar to a job guidebook. Soo Hyuk began reading through ‘Descendent of Lapis the Arch Mage: What is it?’ right from the title page.




The Descendent of Arch Mage Lapis cannot learn skills from skill books.




There are 10 doors in this chamber. The 10 doors signify fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, darkness, light, healing, poison and illusion. You can receive skill quests according to which door you go through.




On the occasion where you have conquered all the doors, a quest to become a proper ‘Archmage’ will appear.




The tunnel on the right leads to a magic circle for warping and the Astral Library. The first time you choose to warp through the magic circle, you will obtain the “Lapis Subspace’ skill.


Soo Hyuk, who was slowly reading through the guide, suddenly jumped at this section. His expression was filled with pleasant surprise.

“The Astral Library?”

The reason for his surprise, was of course, the Astral Library. Soo Hyuk hurriedly flipped to the section about the Astral Library and read at breakneck speed.

The Astral Library contained all the book in Pangea. Only, there were 5 conditions to using the Astral Library.

“All the books?!”

Soo Hyuk was shaking from excitement after reading about the library.

“If I could go to the Astral Library……”

If Soo Hyuk went to the Astral Library? Then he didn’t need the other libraries, as the Astral Library contained all the books in Pangea. Soo Hyuk quickly checked the five conditions.

The first condition was becoming a proper ‘Archmage’. The other four conditions were only possible after becoming a proper ‘Archmage’, so he couldn’t leave it for last.


Soo Hyuk was speechless when he finished reading the conditions. While frowning heavily, Soo Hyuk thought.

“So I have to reach level 900.”

Soo Hyuk knew how to become an Archmage as the guidebook clearly stated the method. Although he thought about just visiting all the libraries, he quickly rejected the thought. Who said that libraries contained all the books in Pangea?

He had to conquer the 10 doors behind the bookstand. Then he could become an Archmage. The problem was actually conquering 10 doors.

The first door, he could enter without any conditions. But from the second door, there was a requirement.

It was his level.

To go through the second door, he had to reach level 100. The third was level 200, the fourth, level 300. And the requirement increased like that. To conquer the final room, he had to reach a staggering level 900!

“Maybe for the normal jobs, but this is a special job.”

Special jobs required more experience to level up than the regular jobs. But to reach level 900 which even common warriors found hard?

“And if the first condition is level 900……”

The first condition was this difficult. But the Astral Library required him to fulfil five of them. Although he didn’t know exactly how hard the final four were, he could guess that it was at least on par with the first condition.

“Yes, let’s just first read more about the Astral Library.”

Reaching level 900 was not a normal request. Soo Hyuk tried to temporarily forget about the conditions and started reading more about the Astral Library.


Not long after, Soo Hyuk finished the whole book and closed it. The last part was about compatibility with the different elements and attributes.

Although it was already on the Pangea homepage, Soo Hyuk read the section again just in case.

Soo Hyuk rose from the floor and looked around the chamber. Staring past the 10 doors, he got up from the floor and stared at the tunnel.

“Let’s just get a feel for now.”

In the right tunnel, there was the magic circle meant for warping and the Astral Library.

“There could be something interesting.”

The things Soo Hyuk could do right now, was to choose one door for now. The first door didn’t have any requirements, so he just had to choose.

The next thing was to go to the warp magic circle. But since there could be something there, Soo Hyuk planned to go to the tunnel first.

Staring at the tunnel, he started to walk towards the end. And not long after, Soo Hyuk arrived at the end.

“So that’s……”

The first thing Soo Hyuk saw after coming through the tunnel, was a giant door. A giant door locked with five giant chains.

“That should be the Astral Library.”

It was definitely the Astral Library.

“So, every time you fulfil a requirement, a chain disappears.”

The amount of chains matched the number of requirements. After admiring the giant door for a while, he turned towards the left.

“And that’s the magic circle.”

Towards the left, was a complicated magic circle. It was the warp portal that the guidebook explained about.

“The book said that it gives a skill, right?”

The guidebook had said that the first time he used the magic circle, it would give him a skill. So, to obtain the skill, he stepped towards the magic circle.


[You have obtained the ‘Archmage’s Subspace’ skill.]

A message appeared as soon as he stepped on the magic circle so, Soo Hyuk first checked the message. It was the message about the ‘‘Archmage’s Subspace’. After he checked the message, he then examined the tab that appeared in front of him.

“Can I only go to places that I’ve been before.”

The tab had two options. The first was the Hall No.3 that Soo Hyuk warped to from Oren. The other one was Matab Library. Satisfied with the magic circle, Soo Hyuk stepped out for now.

As soon as he stepped out, the tab disappeared. Soo Hyuk then proceeded to open his skill tab and check his ‘Lapis Subspace’ skill.

[‘Archmage’s Subspace]

Proficiency: –

Special Effect: Warps the user to the ‘Archmage’s Subspace.

Mana: 1

Cooldown: 30 minutes

“As expected.”

He had suspected its effect the moment he heard the name. The ‘Lapis Subspace’ skill allowed him to warp to this subspace.

“These allow me to come and go.”

Soo Hyuk said as he looked at the magic circle.

“And I can only use this skill every 30 minutes.”

It seemed like a useful skill.


Soo Hyuk turned around from the magic circle and stared at the tunnel he had just come through. He was going to choose his attribute now.

Soo Hyuk returned through the tunnel and entered the chamber again. He walked to the centre of the chamber, between the door for lightning and the door for darkness.

When he stopped at the centre, he looked carefully at each of the 10 doors. From the left most door of fire, it went to the door of water, wind, earth, lightning, darkness, light, healing, poison and finally illusion. After he finished double-checking all the options, Soo Hyuk had to consider what was the best choice.

“I can only choose one.”

One from ten doors.

“It has to sustain me until level 100.”

It has to sustain Soo Hyuk. He couldn’t get any skill books. That meant that one attribute had to sustain him until level 100.

“What do I choose?”

He was really thinking hard.

“Healing? Should I choose healing?”

The first thing he thought of was healing.


But he had to reject healing. Sure, healing was definitely useful in a lot of situations, but unless there were any offensive skills, he could only heal himself while the enemy battered him.

“If there are no offensive skills, then I’m screwed.”

The guidebook didn’t include the skills that he could learn. He could only find out after going through a door.

“If I only knew what skills there were……”

If Soo Hyuk knew what skills he could learn, then choosing a door would be so much easier.

“Should I go with fire?”

The second thing he thought of was fire. Although he didn’t know what skills it had, wasn’t fire generally offensive in nature? And a lot of monsters generally feared fire.

“Lightning seems okay……”

The only offensive element wasn’t just limited to fire. Lightning was offensive as well.


He really didn’t know what to choose!

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