Reader – Chapter 26

“What’s the time?”

Soo Hyuk suddenly wondered as he snapped out of his thoughts. It was well past his usual log out time.


Soo Hyuk realised as he looked at the time.

“I don’t have to decide now. Let’s decide tomorrow.”

There was no time limit, so he didn’t have to decide now. After deciding to choose tomorrow, he logged out of Pangea.

“Should I ask Yeon Jung?”

Soo Hyuk muttered as he climbed out of his capsule. Should he call him and get advice from the Midranker, Yeon Jung?

“Right, there’s also blogs on the internet.”

Yeon Jung was a Midranker, but he was also a warrior who didn’t deal with much magic. Soo Hyuk felt that it was good to listen to some suggestions from people on the internet.

“Which attribute will be popular?”

Sitting in front of his computer, Soo Hyuk searched up the official Pangea homepage. Then, in the search bar he searched ‘Single attribute’.

Title: I want to go for a single attribute but what should I choose? – 37 replies

Title: Going all in for the illusion faction. Is it worth it? – 48 replies

Title: I’m a single element fire user. Now I’m lvl 200. – 97 replies

Title: Lightning is the best for a single atr run? – 27 replies

Title: Single? Double? Triple? – 68 replies

Countless amounts of posts appeared when he searched. Soo Hyuk looked at the top posts and clicked the one with 37 replies.




Title: I want to go for a single attribute but what should I choose?

Posted by: BuyTheLaw

Hello, I’m BuyTheLaw. I want to go for a single attribute run and was wondering what to choose. I heard that doubling or tripling blocks your progress at the beginning, so I want to stick with one attribute.

What attributes are the best? I’m thinking Healing or Fire. What do you think?


– IAmTheThief123: Healing’s good! There are too few good healers! When partying, having at least one healer is the way to go!

– MagicalFairy2: @IAmTheThief123 you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re not even a magician, right? No, you’re a thief. BuyTheLaw-nim, don’t choose healing. You’ll regret it. When your doing double quests, you’ll never beat them with a healer.

-BuyTheLaw: @MagicalFairy2 Then what should I choose? Fire?

-MagicalFairy2: Fire’s ok, but I personally recommend lightning. The petrify and stuns are really useful all throughout the game. But you have to go double before lvl 100, because the difficulty spikes around then, so you can’t beat the good quests with just fire or lightning. But before lvl 100, fire and lightning are a good choice. I have to repeat that levelling and raiding isn’t easy once you reach lvl 100. If you’re thinking triple, then do it before lvl 50 even it it slows your progress a bit.




“So, do I either go fire or lightning?”

Many people were recommending fire and lightning. After checking all the replies, he went back to the search results and slowly went through the top posts.




Title: Going all in for the illusion faction. Is it worth?

Posted by: Illusion Magic

I’m considering illusion because of my name. Is this a crazy choice?


– MagicFairy2: Yes. Although it becomes useful once you’re doubling or tripling, it’s just a really bad beginner element. Basically, it’s a crazy choice.

– Illusionisbad23: Don’t do illusion. You will regret. I went illusion but soloing is a nightmare, and no one wants me on their team. I wanted to triple, but I couldn’t even double. And it’s not because levelling is difficult. I’m lvl 89. It’s just bad.




Title: I’m a single element fire user. Now I’m lvl 200.

Posted by: PlayingWithFire

I went wind or illusion to raise my stats.

But why is doubling so damn hard?!

Is there a trick to it?


– MagicalFairy2: If your lvl 200, then I would stay with fire. The difficulty at that level is…… You can probably make it with a lvl 400 helper.




Lightning is the best for a single atr run?

Posted by: LetsGoTriplers333

I was fire then I doubled to lightning.

Wow. It’s just a completely new experience.

Those stun procs are carrying me every time.

It would’ve been easier to double with lightning as the first element.


– ORA ORA ORA: It’s because Triple-nim is doubling. Stuns don’t proc like that on the first day.

– TapingHero: What? How did you do it? Going to lightning from fire was really hard for me. What lvl did you try doubling? Pls give me a tip!

– LetsGoTriplers333: @ORAORAORA really? @TapingHero I did it in lvl 50. I think skills are more important than levels. You have to learn the ‘Inferno’ skill. If you cast inferno and retreat, then it works eventually.

– TapingHero: Thank you for your tip.

– LetsGoTriplers333: Best of luck!




Title: Single? Double? Triple?

Posted by: WizRadG

I was a warrior at first but magic seemed so cool so I changed my class to a Magician, but unlike NPCs, users can only use 3 elements. And you also have to beat quests to use the said elements. How does it work exactly? And what elements are the best?

– MagicFairy2: Welcome to world of magic! I’ll explain carefully. So, users can only use 3 elements. 1 element is called single, 2 is double and 3 is triple.

Now that you’re a Magician, you have to go to a tower in a magic city. Out of 10 towers, if you pass a test in 1 tower, then you’re a single. After that, if you pass in another tower, then you’re a double, and so on. Which means you just have to pass a test in a tower.

But the problem is the quests. The difficulty varies according to each city, but the main thing is that the difficulty spikes for double at lvl 100 and for triple, the difficulty spikes at lvl 50.

This means if you’re going double or triple, it’s best to pass before reaching those levels. And reducing levels by death penalties doesn’t work as it records your highest level. Is there anything more you’re curious about?

– WizRadG: Thank you for your explanation. Are there any recommendations for what elements to choose?

– MagicFairy2: Are you going single?

– WizRadG: I’m thinking triple! Although I hear that it’s hard, I’m going to try!

– MagicFairy2: If you’re going triple then you have to pass double first, but I recommend fire or lightning.

– WiaRadG: And after that??




* * *


Jang Yool was deep in thought as he stared at the monitor.

“As expected. Team Leader!”

Jang Yool raised his head and called Yang Joo Hyuk.

“Did he choose?”

Yang Joo Hyuk asked as soon as Jang Yool called.


Jang Yool shook his head.

“He just logged out.”

Soo Hyuk didn’t choose anything. Although he couldn’t be sure, Jang Yool suspected that he was still thinking about it. Hearing his assistant’s reply, Yang Joo Hyuk nodded his head and asked Jang Yool.

“How many Tier 0 users are logged in right now?”

To Yang Joo Hyuk’s question, Jang Yool checked the 1st monitor. It showed the logs of the Tier 0 users real time.

“There’s 2 right now.”

There were 2 Tier 0s logged on right now.


“Scion of the Sword Saint and the Evernight Emperor.”

“Really? If it’s those two then nothing big will happen. Go and get some sleep.”

“Thank you, sir! I’ll return soon!”

* * *

– The Magician in my party said fire, water and lightning is pretty good. The other ones are tiring. Illusion and poison especially will drive you crazy if you pick those for a single.

Soo Hyuk was calling Yeon Jung. It was to listen to his ideas.

“Then do I choose between fire, water or lightning?

– Yep. People go with them in most cases……”

Yeon Jung continued with difficulty.

-But you don’t know the skills that come with them.

“Yeah, I don’t.”

– That’s the problem. What would happen if you chose fire, water or lightning but the skills are weird? You said you can’t use skill books.


Soo Hyuk agreed with Yeon Jung’s analysis. The attribute was an attribute, but the skills were the problem. The reason fire, water and lightning were so popular was because some of the skills were so beginner friendly. What if he got weird or useless skills?

“I thought listening to Yeon Jung would help finalise my decision.”

Soo Hyuk had thought consulting Yeon Jung would help with his dilemma, but it only got even bigger.

“Anyway, you said you were going log in, right. I’ll just choose right now. See you in Pangea.”

– Okay. Just choose.

Soo Hyuk ended his call with Yeon Jung. Then he climbed in the capsule and thought while logging in.

“What do I do?”

Which door was he going to enter?

“I don’t want to waste time like this.”

When he opened his eyes, he could see ten doors in front of him. He wasn’t going to waste time like this. He wanted to go back to the library and read more books.


Soo Hyuk breathed out as he paced back and forth.

“Arch Mage is ultimately just a magician. So, fire, water and lightning. One of the three.”

Soo Hyuk narrowed his choices down to three. It was the choices that Yeon Jung’s party member had recommended. Fire, water and lightning.

“Water is easier to get into a party, but it lacks offensive power compared to fire and lightning.”

Water was weaker in terms of offense. But it was easier to get into a party than fire or lightning.

“The thing is, I’m not going to party.”

Soo Hyuk’s primary aim was not developing his character. It was books. He was going to spend a lot more time reading than hunting.

“Let’s leave out water.”

He didn’t want to spend his time hunting, but getting a party? It would be too irritating if his party was hunting while he was reading books. So, Soo Hyuk crossed water off.

“Fire or lightning.”

He just had to choose between fire or lightning. The elements recommended most by Pangea forums. Soo Hyuk sat between the two doors and kept thinking.


Soo Hyuk had decided. He was at an impasse from comparing the two elements. But that was also why he could decide easily.

“Aesthetics. Let’s go with fire.”

The door near the middle, lightning, and the leftmost door, fire. He thought that progressing from the left would look better, so he approached the door of fire.

[Enter the Door of Fire?]

A system message appeared when Soo Hyuk put his hand on the door. Since he had already decided, he pressed ‘Yes’ without hesitation. Numerous more messages appeared the moment he pressed

[Unsealing the Door of Fire.]

[As the first door unsealed, it does not require any conditions.]

[Door of Fire unsealed.]

[Skill ‘Archmage’ has strengthened.]

[Skill quest ‘Fireball’ has been generated.]

[Skill quest ‘Fire Bolt’ has been generated.]

[Skill quest ‘Inferno’ has been generated.]

[Skill quest ‘Flame World’ has been generated.]

[Skill quest ‘Hellfire’ has been generated.]

[Skill quest ‘Firestorm’ has been generated.]

[Skill quest ‘Fire Wall’ has been generated.]

[Skill quest ‘Raging Flames’ has been generated.]

[Skill quest ‘Flame Dance’ has been generated.]


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