Reader – Chapter 27

“How many is this?”

Most of the messages were for skill quests. There was so many that he couldn’t see the first message anymore. Soo Hyuk scrolled up the message logs to see what the first message was.


When he saw the first message, Soo Hyuk couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Archmage strengthened?!”

It was because of this.

“What the……”

Soo Hyuk hurriedly opened his skill tab. The ‘Archmage’ skill originally gave him 100% extra damage with magic attacks. And that broken passive was strengthened? He was bursting with curiosity as he pressed on the ‘Archmage’ skill.

[<Passive> Archmage]

Proficiency: –

Special Effects:

1. 100% extra damage upon attacking with magic.

2.Fire attribute skill casting time reduced by 10 seconds.

Soo Hyuk could only sigh in admiration as he read the effects of his new upgraded skill.

“Casting time reduced by 10 seconds?”

The extra special effect was a reduce in fire skill cooldowns. Although it was only for fire magic, the effect of a 10 second cooldown reduction was life-savingly massive.


Soo Hyuk was still sighing with admiration and amazement when he closed the skill tab. Now, it was time to see his new skill quests.

[Immeasurable Talent]

[The talent for magic that you possess is immeasurably great. You, who possesses unlimited potential! Your talent is so outstanding that Kerza cannot answer the questions you might have. Kerza wants to meet you again in two weeks.]

[Time left: 7 days ]

[Quest Reward: ???]

[In case of rejection, your relationship with Kerza will fall.]




[Special Quest – Pavel’s Inheritance]

 [Pavel, who climbed to the top of the world, was regretting his past actions even as he died. Find the place of Pavel’s regret!]

[Quest Reward: ??? ]




[Special Quest – Vigorous Body]

[Complete the conditions below! Your body will be exponentially strengthened!]

[Iron Scarecrows Destroyed: 0 / 50 ]

[Drink the Mad Alchemist Kora’s potions: 0 / 2 ]

[Quest Reward: Stamina Stat Upgrade]




[Special Quest – Celta’s Inheritance]

[The Phantom Celta, the thief without bloodstains, hid his lifetime wealth on a secret location. Find his hidden wealth!]

[Quest Reward: ??? ]




When he opened his quest tab, the first quests on the list were the quest from Kerza, and the two blue books and a red book. But Soo Hyuk was here for the new skill quests, so he kept scrolling down.

[Skill Quest – Fire Ball]

Complete the conditions below!

[Gold : 185 / 20 ]

[Quest Reward: Skill – Fire Ball]




[Skill Quest – Fire Bolt]

[Complete the conditions below!]

[Grade 5 Mana Stones : 0 / 10 ]

[Flame Stone : 0 / 1 ]

[Gold : 185 / 50 ]




Soo Hyuk had only one thought after looking through all the quests,


It was crazy.

“This many skills for a level 10?”

He didn’t know the door would give this many quests, and Soo Hyuk was only a pitiful level 10.

“Hey, isn’t ‘Hellfire’ an advanced skill meant for level 200?”

There were skills that normal Magicians could only learn after being level 200. Of course, the conditions were crazy hard as well.

“But if Yeon Jung helps me……”

Soo Hyuk had Yeon Jung, a Midranker. If he agreed to help, then most of the conditions would be a piece of cake.


Soo Hyuk smiled widely as he read the skill quests. After all, Soo Hyuk was the sort of person who took joy from reading the wall of texts from advertisements.

* * *

Matab Central Spire, Level 9 Meeting Room.

In the massive meeting room, there were 5 men and 4 women seated around a massive table. They were the leaders of Matab City, the Spire Lords.

“When’s that bastard Pavian coming?”

The Illusion Lord Orek muttered. They were here for the gathering, but it didn’t start yet. It was because a person was missing.

“Even if he delayed it for a week, he shouldn’t be late. Right, Berenice?”

Orek said to the Flame Lord Berenice, who was sitting next to him. But before she could reply, the door opened and Poison Lord Pavian strode in.

“Sorry I’m late!”

Pavian greeted the other Lords cheerfully.

“Heh, you’re finally here, you bastard.”

Ignoring Orek, Pavian had a wide smile on his face as he sat down at his spot.

“Kachu-nim, let’s begin.”

Not the most powerful, but the oldest Spire Lord, the Lord of Healing, Kachu.

“Pavian, you always come so late.”

Kachu said as he stood up from his seat.

“Now, it’s been a long time everyone. But since it’s not a situation where I can just treat you all to a drink, let’s cut straight to the point.”

And so, the gathering began.

* * *

[You have completed the special quest ‘Larkan’s First Inheritance’]

Walter stared at the message for a long time.

“I actually did it……”

When he had first got the quest, he didn’t think that he could do it, but after trying for so long, he finally beaten the quest.

“So, this is the reward?”

Walter said to himself as he looked down at a little chest.

“It’s got to be amazing after I tried so hard.”

Walter muttered as he reached towards the little chest. The quest was difficult. Even when he was a level 150 magician with triple attributes, the quest was the hardest that he had ever done in Pangea.

[You have obtained ‘Larkan’s treasure chest<Relic>’]

A message appeared the moment his hand touched the chest. Then the chest disappeared from his hands and appeared in his inventory. Brimming with excitement, Walter hurriedly opened his inventory and checked the reward.

[<Relic> Larkan’s treasure chest]

[This chest is the first inheritance of the Hero of the Pantane War, Larkan. It contains one of Larkan’s relics inside.]

Walter burst out laughing when he finished checking the description. Forcibly calming himself, he took out the chest from his inventory and opened it carefully.

The chest was replaced with another item and a message when he opened it.

[<Relic> Larkan’s Staff]

[Conditions: ]

1. Magician

2. Level 160

[Physical attack: 200 ]

[Magic Attack: 300 ]

[Special Effects: ]

+10 wisdom


Walter signed in admiration at his new staff.

“Magic attack is 300? And with +10 wisdom? This is amazing.”

The staff was unbelievably powerful.

“If I didn’t go to the library……”

Walter shivered at the thought. If he didn’t go to the Matab Library, he wouldn’t be able to obtain this quest.

“I would’ve missed this honeypot.”

He wouldn’t have been able to obtain this powerful staff.

“I just have to raise my level by 10.”

Walter was currently level 150, but he had to be 160 to wield this staff. He was going to grind levels when he got back. But even before that, he wanted to visit the library one more time.

“I have to check the library one more time.”

Walter had got this quest from the Matab Library, but the library was huge. He had only explored a portion of it when he found a book glowing blue.

Will there be more of those books? No, there has to be. He had gotten Larkan’s inheritance quest by reading that blue book, and there could be more of those books in the library. Stopping his thoughts, Walter took out a scroll from his inventory and ripped it.


There was a burst of light, and Walter disappeared from his spot. He had teleported outside the Flame Pagoda of Matab City.

“Hmm, it’s a decent location.”

The Flame Pagoda was close to Walter’s destination, the Matab Library. It was certainly better than Southern Entrance or the Tower of Poison. ]

As he was walking towards the library, he thought,

“Next to the book was the second and the third book.”

The book that gave ‘Larkan’s First Inheritance’ was called ‘the Legend of Larkan’. Next to the book were the sequels to the book. The reasons Walter had ignored them was because unlike the first book, they were glowing white.

“But you never know.”

Walter had completed the first inheritance, so then the second book might be unlocked now. When he thought this, he subconsciously quickened his pace and arrived at the library a few minutes later.

When he arrived at the entrance, he shoved his ‘Magician’s Token’ towards the NPC and went inside.

“It’s totally empty.”

The library had some people when he had first got the quest, but now, it was totally empty. He couldn’t see a single person around.

“Well, gaining wisdom through levelling is more efficient than reading books.”

After some thought, Walter could understand why libraries were unpopular. Levelling did give more wisdom stats, but it might be different in the future, as the true charm of the libraries were the special quests it gave.

Walter looked around the library briefly from his spot and started walking to a bookcase. His destination, was of course, “The Legend of Larkan“.

When the bookcase came within his line of sight, he suddenly stopped. Then tilted his head in confusion and wondered.

“Huh? There wasn’t a blue book here before though?”

When he received the quest, the only blue book was the first volume of ‘the Legend of Larkan’ and the blue glow disappeared when he finished the book. Then what was the blue glow he could see now?

“Did the books switch positions?”

Had the library switched some books around? Did some other book replace ‘The Legend of Larkan’?

“Maybe repeats?”

While thinking such thoughts, he neared the bookcase. When he arrived in front of the bookcase, he couldn’t help but be startled. It wasn’t a switch or a repeat.

“The second volume?”

The blue book was the second volume of ‘The Legend of Larkan’.

“It was definitely white though.”

It was definitely white the last time he was here. But it suddenly turned blue? It was too weird.

“Don’t tell me it was actually because I completed the first quest?”

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