Reader – Chapter 29

“There are special requirements.”

Soo Hyuk was sure of it. If a user fulfilled the requirements for receiving a quest, then the book would change colour.

“The reason I asked this. I already completed this quest. But can other users also complete it after me? I was curious.”


Soo Hyuk exclaimed in realisation at the young man’s words. He had figured out why this person had asked about the colour of the book.

“That being said.”

Soo Hyuk had also thought about this as well.

“If you see white, then I think that you can’t clear quests that other people have already cleared.”

Said the young man.

“Yes, but……”

Soo Hyuk tilted his head at his words. He thought that there was an important detail missing.

“It could be because I haven’t fulfilled the requirements, right?”

It could also be because Soo Hyuk hadn’t fulfilled the requirements yet, so there was still a possibility of the book turning blue.

“Can’t it be because I haven’t fulfilled the requirements?”

Soo Hyuk asked the young man.

“No. You should’ve cleared the requirements. When I got the quest, I had just become a Magician at level 10.”


Soo Hyuk trailed off. According to his words, Soo Hyuk should’ve fulfilled the requirements to receive this quest. But it was white instead of blue.

“Yes. That means that if a quest is cleared, it returns to being white. Of course, some quests could be cleared multiple times.”

Soo Hyuk nodded to his words.

Silence descended again after the discussion. Before the silence could turn too awkward, the young man stood up from his seat.

“Then I’ll get going now.”

The young man said to Soo Hyuk as he stood up.

“Ah, yes. It was nice meeting you.”

Soo Hyuk said back as he bowed slightly. The young man smiled at the gesture and then headed towards the library entrance. After young man left, Soo Hyuk started cleaning up his desk.

“If you complete a quest then other people cannot complete it again.”

According to the young man’s words, special quests can only be received once. No, more precisely, it can only be completed once. Because you can’t get the reward if it has already been completed.

“So, it’s a race.”

A race to see who would find and complete it first.


The inheritance and the stat quests that he got weren’t completed yet. But the promotion quest ‘Successor of Lapis’ was. Doesn’t that mean the ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant’ is unique to Soo Hyuk?

But it wasn’t confirmed. There could be other routes to change into the ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant’. Just because it was a special job didn’t mean only one person could get it.


Soo Hyuk breathed out deeply. He cleared his mind and opened another book. Within seconds, Soo Hyuk was in his own world.

* * *

“Here’s your token.”

“Thank you for work!”

Greeting the NPC, Walter exited the library and received his token. Then, he thought while walking down to the street outside the library.

“I think he’s going to be big.”

He felt that they would meet again. And that the young man will bring a storm to Pangea soon.

“That concentration. Plus, he knows about the blue books as well.”

He had other reasons other than his gut feeling. First, that young man had an unimaginable amount of concentration. But that wasn’t all. He was reading a white book with that amount of concentration, and it didn’t seem to be blue to him either. If that man had been reading like that until now, Walter couldn’t imagine how much wisdom he had.

Second, he also knew about the blue books. Most users didn’t know about the white books, much less the blue books. This was because an overwhelming majority of users had never even visited a library before, and there weren’t any articles about them on the Pangea homepage.

Of course, friends could tell each other, but no one had uploaded any articles on the homepage. Which meant that most people didn’t know about them since there was no information about them.

Walter was the same. He never told anyone about them or uploaded any article except for Soo Hyuk just now.

The reason he revealed it to Soo Hyuk, who already knew about it anyway, was to figure out the system and to make a friend. Maybe he knew more than Walter did. If he did, then maybe he should ask the next time they meet.

Walter stopped at a bench and opened his quest tab to see his new quest.

[Special Quest – Larkan’s Second Inheritance]

[Where is the actual grave of Larkan? There is a clue near the Alerian Mountain Range. Find the clue and grave!]

[Quest Reward: ??? ]

“The Alerian Mountain Range……”

Walter had to go to the Alerian Mountains for the quest.

“This is going to be hard.”

Pangea had a massive world, but Walter knew too well about the Alerian Mountains. No, there was no way he couldn’t know. It was where the top rankers were hunting currently. Those monsters are at level 300.

The Alerian Mountains was a place where even rankers could die if they were careless. Even if he was a triple element Magician, exploring the Alerian Mountains was a mere pipe dream for Walter at his level.

“Let’s grind levels for now.”

Walter closed the quest. It wasn’t a quest that he could complete currently. After he closed the quest, he started walking towards the Hunting Grounds.

* * *

“Haa……There wasn’t a decision made today either.”

The Lord of Healing Kachu muttered softly while sighing. It was currently the fourth day since the gathering began.

“We have to come to a decision by tomorrow.”

The immeasurable talent was going to a Central Spire two days from now. They had to choose which tower he was going to go to before then.

“How did it even leak?”

They had to choose tomorrow. The reason was because the information had already spread to other factions in Pangea.

“That Perin already knows.”

The Imperial Head Mage of the Pade Empire, who has magic power and influence equal to the 10 Spire Lords of Matab. Originally, he was visiting Kachu as an old friend, but now the circumstances had changed because he had heard about the new immeasurable talent.

“At this rate, the Empire will snatch the new talent.”

If the Empire really did snatch the new talent, it would be worse than other Spire Lords taking the talent.

“We have to decide one soon.”

Kachu looked at each of the Spire Lords.

“I have to go for the push.”

Like the other Spire Lords, Kachu also desired the immeasurable talent. But he also didn’t want his greed to cause the worst situation. If they didn’t come to a decision, Kachu was going to push the talent into a random tower irrespective of the others’ opinions.

“You all look tired.”

Kachu began.

“Why don’t we start again tomorrow after getting a good rest.”


“Let’s do that.”

“A good idea.”

The other Spire Lords agreed to Kachu straight away as if they’d waited for his words. Then, the seats started emptying one after another.

Kachu also got up from his seat and headed to a magic circle to warp to the Tower of Healing.

Kachu had set his destination and the magic circle started to light up.


Kachu looked back at that moment.


It was Pavian, who had arrived late to the gathering. He had stood up.

However, Pavian didn’t head to his magic circle. Kachu kept looking at Pavian to see where he was going.


* * *

Pavian was heading towards the Earth Spire Lord, Kako.

“As expected.”

Kako thought when she noticed Pavian heading towards her.

“Leto was right.”

He had told her that someone was likely to approach her.

“If it’s the Tower of Poison……”

Pavian hadn’t reached Kako yet, but she already guessed his reason for approaching.

“Black Dragon’s Essence!”

Thinking of the treasure that she wanted, Kako stared at the approaching Pavian with an expectant smile.


Pavian called as he pulled out the seat next to Kako and sat down.

“Can we talk for a bit?”


“You already know.”


Kako smiled even wider to Pavian’s words.

“What do you want?”

Pavian asked Kako.

“The Black Dragon’s Essence.”

Kako replied bluntly.


Did Pavian not expect her answer? Or was he considering the worth of the Black Dragon’s Essence?

Pavian was locked in thought at Kako’s answer. Of course, he was only pretending.


Pavian said to Kako after some thought.

“If the SSS grade comes to us, we’ll give you 200g of the essence.”


“……Why? Is it not enough?”

Pavian made a flustered expression at Kako’s reaction.

“No, it was more than I thought. I expected around 100g.”

Kako replied to Pavian. At her unexpected words, Pavian smiled slightly and continued,

“Then you’ll help us?”


But before Pavian could react, Kako hurriedly added.


She hadn’t ended yet.

“Change the terms.”

Pavian’s terms were only applied if the Tower of Poison got the talent. What if Kako helped but they still couldn’t snatch the talent?

Then they would get nothing after helping the Tower of Poison and giving up their chance.

That meant that the deal was heavily favouring the Tower of Poison, and Kako wanted to juice all the benefits.


Actually, Pavian was already considering changing the terms. After all, Kako was no fool. How would she accept the deal without some guarantee?

“Give the Essence first. Then I’ll help.”


Pavian sighed in relief.

“Yeah, I already expected this, didn’t I?”

Kako’s change was one of the things Pavian had already considered, so Pavian couldn’t help but sigh in relief when he heard it.


Pavian said as he raised his hand.

“We’ll send it to you by today.”

Pavian smiled as he held out his hand.

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