Reader – Chapter 30

“Just what am I doing?”

Jang Yool sighed while frowning.

“That’s not it.”

He had ignored it at first, but now he just couldn’t understand. Jang Yool turned to stare at Yang Joo Hyuk, who was leaning on his chair on his break.

“Team leader.”

Jang Yool called Yang Joo Hyuk.


Yang Joo Hyuk answered back without moving. He was still leaning while closing his eyes.

“This user, Soo Hyuk. He just keeps reading books.”

It was already 7 days since he changed jobs to ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant’, and six since he chose his first element. But after that, he just kept reading books. Apart from reading, he only bought bread from the local bakery. He wasn’t even attempting any quests.

Jang Yool could understand not doing the inheritance and the stat quests as they were currently too hard for Soo Hyuk. But why wasn’t he even attempting the skill quests?

Does he not want any skills? Jang Yool couldn’t understand Soo Hyuk, who was still reading books. Is he not the ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant’? It was so good that they were monitoring his activity at the Tier 0 level along with other top rankers. If he has this kind of job, why was he still reading?

“Do we need to keep monitoring him at Tier 0?”

Soo Hyuk hadn’t even fired ‘Magic Missile’ once. No matter how powerful his job was, all he was doing was reading.

“I think he’s playing Pangea just to read book, so we don’t need to constantly monitor him.”

All the Tier 0 players were players that could massively affect the game. But reading wasn’t going to do anything, right?

“Can’t we just lower him to Tier 1? There are lots of Tier 0s popping up recently so it’s more tiring to even monitor all of them.”

Soo Hyuk himself wasn’t the only reason as well. The other users on Tier 0 were acting like Tier 0s, with the forums exploding every day with stories of them.


Yang Joo Hyuk thought about Jang Yool’s words.

“Well you’re not wrong.”

Jang Yool wasn’t wrong. They had made the job with the expectation that it wouldn’t be discovered for a while. That’s why when Soo Hyuk was made ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant’, they put him in Tier 0 straight away. But unlike their worry, he was just cooped up in the Matab Library, reading books every day.

“But the thing is……”

Just because it wasn’t wrong didn’t mean that it was a good idea. Yang Joo Hyuk wasn’t going to remove Soo Hyuk from Tier 0.

“If you think about it……”

Yang Joo Hyuk slowly said to Jang Yool.

“Soo Hyuk is basically like a nuke right now.”


Jang Yool nodded to his words as if he had just realised something.

“Even if could be never used, are you just going to not care about it?”

The destructive potential of ‘Arch Mage’s Descendant’ was like a nuke right now. Just because he’s reading now didn’t mean that he would read forever.

“You definitely wouldn’t.”

Yang Joo Hyuk was sure that he would erupt someday.

“Maybe if the books were infinite……”

Soo Hyuk was only reading books until now. Maybe if the books were infinite, he would keep reading, as he seemed like that sort of person. But the books at Matab weren’t infinite.


Jang Yool sighed deeply.

* * *

Matab Central Spire 7th Floor.

Unlike other towers in Matab, the Central Spire didn’t have a lord. It wasn’t that there wasn’t a spot. The person who founded Matab, Arch Mage Lapis. Lapis was the lord of the Central Spire, but there was no one else after that.

For another to appear, there has to be a unanimous decision between the 10 Spire Lords, but who would gain the approval of all the Spire Lords? It was impossible unless they were an Arch Mage.

And so, the Lord of Matab Spire was left empty after Lapis. But that didn’t mean there couldn’t be a Vice Lord in the Central Spire.

Unlike the Lord, the Vice Lord didn’t need the approval of the Spire Lords, so there was a Vice Lord of the Central Spire. He was Vice Lord Koel.

Vice Lord Koel was currently staring at a crystal ball. The crystal ball was spewing light. This crystal was like a Wisdom Ball, except Kako hadn’t made this. It was made from far more rarer materials and had a different purpose from the Wisdom Balls. Of course, since it was so expensive, there was only one, and it had been passed down from the previous Vice Lord.

It was passed down from the first Vice Lord of Central Spire.


Koel thought as he stared at the crystal ball.

“A successor has appeared.”

Arch Mage Lapis, also the Lord of Matab Spire, and Matab City. The crystal ball’s purpose was to detect when the successor of Lapis had appeared.

“Although I don’t know where the successor is.”

The crystal ball couldn’t locate the successor, only detect when they appeared.

“I will wait for you……”

When Matab was founded, Lapis was the Lord of the Spire and City itself. And in that era, the Central Spire held absolute authority.

But when Lapis passed away, the Spire’s authority began to decline. Although it was still the biggest and most popular tower, the other Spire Lords held all the authority over the city. But if the Lord of the Spire came back? Then they would turn the situation around.

“May you grow quickly.”

* * *

“Then the new talent will go to the Tower of Poison.”

The long gathering had finally ended.


Pavian screamed internally while smiling.


Pavian turned his head to stare at the Flame Spire Lord Berenice.

“Why did she help me?”

The Earth Pagoda had helped like promised. But it wasn’t only the Earth Pagoda that had helped. The Flame Pagoda had also helped for some reason.

But Berenice hadn’t helped in the beginning. Only after Kako showed her support did Berenice also help.

Pavian had barely managed to seize the new immeasurable talent because of their help. But why did Berenice help him?

“Don’t tell me……”

Pavian always had a nagging suspicion at the back of his mind during the gathering.

“Is it that nasty habit of hers again?”

Pavian knew Berenice well. And not only Pavian. All the other Lords also knew about her strange tendency.

“A 20-year-old male……”

If it was Berenice, then it was expected that she would pay interest to any young males that stood out. And the balance was tilted due the Kako’s support of Pavian.

Even if Berenice hadn’t helped, Pavian thought that Kachu would help the Tower of Poison anyway as the Earth Pagoda had showed support. Berenice probably wanted a chance to meet this new talent by also showing her support. Of course, he couldn’t be absolutely sure.

“Let’s just ask.”

Pavian decided to ask Berenice about it later.

“What if she is interested in him?”

What would Pavian do then?

“Let’s just help her.”

Always pay enmity and kindness back. That was Pavian’s long-standing rule. He was going help get Berenice what she wants in return for her support.


At that moment, the Light Spire Lord Konan opened his mouth.

“……What are you going to do?”

“What do you mean?”

Pavian asked as he snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Konan.

“Poison magic is special. Not everybody can use it. No matter how talented he is, if he has weak affinity with poison, then he could poison himself.”

Konan continued,

“What are you going to do if he has weak affinity?”

Poison magic required a particular talent more than any other magic. That talent was poison resistance. No matter how talented you were at poison magic, if you weren’t resistant, then you could poison yourself. What if the new talent has weak poison resistance?

“If that happens.”

Pavian replied.

“We will go along with your suggestions.”

“Can I take that as you are willing to hand him over to other towers if this is the case?”


Pavian nodded.

‘If it’s poison resistance, then I can just strengthen it.’

Such things as weak poison resistance won’t happen. Pavian too had weak poison resistance at the beginning. Weak to the point that he almost couldn’t use his superior talent at poison magic at all. But the previous Poison Spire Lord had forcibly strengthened his resistance.

If the immeasurable has weak poison resistance? Then he could just strengthen it.

“Then I’ll go first.”

Pavian rose from his seat. The other Spire Lords also stood up while smiling and headed to their warp magic formations.

* * *

[Wisdom has increased by 1.]

A message appeared the moment he closed the book. Soo Hyuk rose up from his seat to return the book.

When he returned all the books, Soo Hyuk opened his skill tab.

[Immeasurable Talent]

[The talent for magic that you possess is immeasurably great. You, who possesses unlimited potential! Your talent is so outstanding that Kerza cannot answer the questions you might have. Kerza wants to meet you again in two weeks.]

[Days Left: 0 days ]

[Quest Reward: ??? ]

[In case of rejection, your relationship with Kerza will fall.]

“Let’s get going now.”

2 weeks had passed. The promised time was approaching.

“Here is your token.”

“Have a nice day.”

Soo Hyuk received his token and said goodbye to the librarian. Then he started to head towards the Central Spire.

“I don’t need a special job now.”

Soo Hyuk thought as he walked. The reason for this quest was to meet an NPC. But now, he already possessed a special job, so he couldn’t change jobs anymore.

Before he had a special job, he would’ve been excited, as there was a real possibility of gaining ‘a special job’. But now, he didn’t need it anymore.

“I can’t use a skill book as well.”

The NPC might had also given Soo Hyuk a skill book. But now that he couldn’t use skill books anymore, Soo Hyuk just wanted to get this over and done with.

“I would’ve just cancelled if it weren’t for Kerza being the one that made me a magician.”

The reason he was going anyway, instead of just cancelling, was because he couldn’t do it. More precisely, he could do it, but then his relationship would fall, and his token would get taken away. And if his token got taken away? Then Soo Hyuk wouldn’t be able to enter the library anymore. There were still many more books to read in the Matab Library, so Soo Hyuk had to read them all.


Soo Hyuk sighed deeply while he closed his skill tab.

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