Reader – Chapter 32

“Here’s my token.”

Soo Hyuk walked up to the librarian and opened his inventory. Then he gave the NPC his token and entered the Matab Library.

‘As expected.’

The library was empty again. Feeling the cosiness of the library, Soo Hyuk leisurely walked to a bookcase full of shining books.

‘How many months is this going to take?’

Soo Hyuk wondered as he pulled out a book. How much time was he going to take to finish all the books in the library?

‘1 year?’

The Matab Library truly had thousands of books in its shelves. Of course, there were many books that he had originally read in Oren, but that was a small majority of the books stored here.

‘I don’t really think I’ll need one year.’

Soo Hyuk shook his head at the thought. He believed that he should be able to finish all the books under one year.

Soo Hyuk returned to a desk, while carrying all the books that he had picked. When he arrived at a desk, he quickly sat down and opened a book.

[Wisdom has increased by 1.]

After he finished the fifth and final book, Soo Hyuk checked the time.

‘1 hour and 40 minutes. So, 20 minutes for an average size book.’

It didn’t take long to finish all five books.

‘Looks like I can read 6 books at once if it’s only this thick.’

Most of the books in the library weren’t particularly thick or thin. He felt that he could read six at once as long as he didn’t pick a thick book. And so, Soo Hyuk decided to read six books at once if they weren’t too thick.


When Soo Hyuk stood up from his seat, he noticed the notifications in his friends chat.

‘Yeon Jung sent me some messages.’

Yeon Jung had sent Soo Hyuk some messages while he was reading.

– Yeon Jung: What’s up?

– Yeon Jung: Why aren’t you answering?

– Yeon Jung: Are you reading books?

Soo Hyuk didn’t know if Yeon Jung was still online since the chat didn’t show the time they were sent. So, Soo Hyuk checked Yeon Jung’s friend profile. Thankfully, Yeon Jung was still in Pangea, and he hadn’t blocked his friend messages.

– Soo Hyuk: What is it?

Soo Hyuk sent Yeon Jung a message and waited for his reply. He didn’t wait long as the message came straight after.

– Yeon Jung: You book addict! You only reply back after 30 minutes?!”

Soo Hyuk found out the time Yeon Jung had sent his messages. It was around 30 minutes ago.

– Yeon Jung: I made a guild.

And from his next message, Soo Hyuk found out the reason behind his messages.

– Soo Hyuk: Already?

Soo Hyuk couldn’t help but be surprised. Around one month ago, they once talked about guilds in Pangea.

In Pangea, guilds weren’t easy to form, as there were multiple conditions that you had to fulfil. It was harsh to the point where even Yeon Jung, a mid ranker, had to carefully consider them.

Yeon Jung had said that he was planning to form one soon. That conversation was one month ago, but he formed one so suddenly?

– Yeon Jung: Heh, I had good luck. But something really troublesome came up, so I can’t let you join right now.

– Soo Hyuk: Something troublesome? What is it?

– Yeon Jung: Do you know ‘Desolate’?

– Soo Hyuk: Of course. Isn’t it the top guild currently?

Desolate was the current top guild in Pangea. Rankers that were 1st, 3rd, and 10th all belonged to this guild.

– Yeon Jung: We got into a bit of conflict with them.

– Soo Hyuk: What? Why?

– Yeon Jung: Because of hunting and relationship problems among the members. It’s not to the point of a guild war, but we still swear and insult each other whenever we meet. So I can’t really let you join right now because you could get PKed.

Although Soo Hyuk possessed a unique job and had overwhelming wisdom, he was still very vulnerable to player kills.

Not to mention that most of the members in Desolate also had unique jobs. And Soo Hyuk’s wisdom still couldn’t compensate for his low level against the rankers. Basically, if Desolate really tried, then they could kill Soo Hyuk easily.

– Soo Hyuk: OK

Soo Hyuk sent a message in affirmation. He didn’t need to be in a guild. He could just join later.

‘Well, that’s too bad.’

Although Soo Hyuk was somewhat disappointed at the situation of the guild, he was mainly disappointed in another matter.

‘I have to get his help with the skill quests.’

Soo hyuk currently possessed many skill quests, and he couldn’t complete a majority of them on his own.

But listening to Yeon Jung, it seemed as he couldn’t help him right now. Of course, skill quests also weren’t very urgent. They had no time limit, so he could complete them slowly.

‘I’m only going to read books anyway.’

He was planning to finish all the books in Matab Library before grinding levels.

– Yeon Jung: Sorry.

-Soo Hyuk: No worries, but what’s the guild name?

Soo Hyuk asked Yeon Jung. Although he wasn’t going to join now, he wanted to know the name since it was Yeon Jung’s guild. Yeon Jung’s reply soon came.

– Yeon Jung: Reader

* * *

“You couldn’t even find out about that?”

Kim Hyuk rebuked while frowning.

“……I’m sorry.”

As expected, Adilo couldn’t do anything but apologise.

“I even waited for you. I invested a lot of time into waiting for you, but you only managed to find his destination?”

He had already predicted this outcome. Adilo had also got reprimanded by his superiors many times, so he was able to tolerate the insults.

“Hey, look at that.”

“Yeah, what kind of crap show is that? Kekeke.”

But the ridicule of other users made it more difficult to control his temper.


Adilo cursed internally while he clenched his fists.

‘Keep calm. Breathe.’

He couldn’t erupt. He had to endure it. Maybe if he was alone, but he was with Kim Hyuk, the CEO’s son right now.

‘So, we have to go to the library now?’

Kim Hyuk thought. All the ridicule was going in one ear and going out the other. He knew where the young man was.

Kim Hyuk was going to log out when he finished rebuking. Adilo could go to that library in his place.

‘But what if he moves to another place?’

Kim Hyuk was worried because there was no guarantee that the young man would stay in the library.

“Park Dae-Ri.”


Adilo replied while waiting for the admonishment to end. Was it finally going to end?

“It was just finding out about what he was doing. Is that so hard? How did you even ask, for you to not even find out about that?”

“……I’m sorry.”

It hadn’t ended yet.

“If he didn’t talk, then you should’ve just given him some gold for the information. Is gold that precious to you?”

The users were still laughing and ridiculing them. Listening to all the laughers and insults, Adilo’s anger just kept rising and rising.

“Make sure that it doesn’t happen next time.”

“Yes, I was wrong this time.”

And the admonishment finally ended.


Adilo breathed out deeply to expel all his anger. Kim Hyuk had already logged out.

‘Will he still be there?’

Adilo started heading towards the library.

‘Please be there……”

He had to find out what the young man had talked about with Kerza.

‘What if it’s actually some big stuff……’

The corners of his mouth tilted up at this thought.

* * *

“Did they meet?”

Yang Joo Hyuk asked.

“Well, that’s……”

Jang Yool faltered when he tried to answer.


Yang Joo Hyuk started to become suspicious after seeing Jang Yool’s behaviour.

“Just what is it? For you to be like that.”

Yang Joo Hyuk stood up from his seat and walked towards Jang Yool.


But when he saw the monitor next to Jang Yool, he couldn’t help but tilt his head.

“Why is he at the library?”

Yang Joo Hyuk turned to look at Jang Yool.

“Why? What happened? Wasn’t he supposed to go to the Tower of Poison? Why is Soo Hyuk at the library?!”

Yang Joo Hyuk and Jang Yool already knew about how the gathering had ended. They thought he would head to the Tower of Poison. But their expectation was wrong. Soo Hyuk still headed to the same place.

“I don’t know either. I also thought that he would go to the Tower of Poison after receiving the quest.”

Jang Yool couldn’t answer Yang Joo Hyuk’s question. After all, he couldn’t know what Soo Hyuk was thinking.

Yang Joo Hyuk didn’t say anything to his reply. He just looked at the monitor again with a lost expression.

* * *

“Here you go.”

Adilo handed his ‘Magician’s Token’ to the NPC librarian and enter the library. Adilo looked around the interior at the desks and bookshelves. It was to find the young man from before.

“……He’s here!”

Adilo finally found his target.

“Books? Does it have to do with books?”

The young man was reading a book. Did the envelope say something about books?

Adilo approached the young man. While making his footsteps loud, Adilo waited in front of the young man, thinking that he would look up.


But the young man didn’t notice him at all. So he tapped the desk while frowning.

Tap! Tap!

The sound echoed loudly.

But the young man still didn’t look at him.

‘What is this?’

So Adilo had to cover up the book with hand. At that moment, the young man suddenly looked up with a heavy frown.

The young man glared at Adilo and asked.

“What is it?”

“I have something to ask.”

“I already answered.”

“I think it’s a good idea to change your mind.”

Adilo said with a cold smile.


The young man still didn’t change his mind. He pushed aside Adil’s hand and started reading again. Looking at the young man, Adilo suddenly turned around.

“Tch, I would’ve let him live if he told me nicely.”

Now that he had been rejected again, he would have to resort to death threats now. He would have just let him live if he’d cooperated, but the young man was stubborn to the end.

‘If only the Library wasn’t a No-PK zone.”

This person was disgustingly lucky, to head to one of the few PK-restricted zones. He would’ve killed him if that wasn’t the case.

‘He’ll come out soon.’

The young man had two books around him. If Adilo just patiently waited for a while, he would definitely come out. Since outside the Library, wasn’t PK restricted, he would kill him as soon as he came out.

‘His envelope has to drop though……”

And so Adilo quietly waited outside the library while praying that the envelope would drop.

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