Reader – Chapter 35

Pavian, the Poison Spire Lord was named Pavian.

“Are you the Poison Spire Lord?”

Soo Hyuk asked Pavian. He wanted to check if he was really talking with a Spire Lord or not.

“Yes! So you do know my name!”

Pavian answered energetically while smiling. At that moment a message appeared in front of Soo Hyuk.

[The Poison Spire Lord has a good impression of you.]

[Your relationship with Pavian has risen.]


Soo Hyuk couldn’t help but panic at his situation. The person in front of him wasn’t just a random user on the street. It was the Poison Spire Lord, one of the leaders of Matab City. Soo Hyuk checked his quest tab while carefully watching Pavian.

[To the Tower of Poison]

[The NPC you need to meet is at the Tower of Poison. Take the envelope from Kerza and go to the Tower of Poison!]

[Quest Reward: ??? ]

[Cannot Reject]

[Cannot Cancel]

‘Is it because of this?’

The reason for Pavian’s sudden appearance was most likely because of this quest. No, it was certain. Nothing else could explain this situation.

“You have the envelope that Kerza gave you, right?”

Pavian asked. Soo Hyuk, who was looking at his quest tab, nodded in response to his question.


Soo Hyuk still had the envelope. It was ‘Kerza’s Recommendation’.

“Can I see it?”

Soo Hyuk opened his inventory according to Pavian’s words. But when he brought out the envelope, he thought.

‘Is it okay to give it to him? What if the quest doesn’t get completed……’

To complete the quest, he had to go to the Tower of Poison and give the envelope to an NPC. Even if Pavian was the Lord of the Tower of Poison, was it okay to give the envelope to him? What if the quest still didn’t get completed? What would he do then?

‘No, it’ll be fine.’

The conditions of a quest could change depending on the circumstances. He could complete the quest by talking to an NPC at the tower. Similarly, he could also talk to Pavian right now, who was also an NPC of the Tower.

Worst-case scenario, he could just talk to Kerza again and get another recommendation letter from him.

After finally deciding, Soo Hyuk handed the envelope to Pavian. When Pavian received the envelope, a message appeared again.

[You have completed ‘To the Tower of Poison’.]

The quest was completed as expected. Soo Hyuk turned to watch Pavian again. Pavian was currently reading the note inside the envelope. Suddenly, he smiled and shouted.


What made him so glad? While Soo Hyuk was pondering that question, Pavian had put away the note and said to Soo Hyuk.

“Okay, let’s go now.”

“……Beg your pardon?”

Soo Hyuk did a double take at his words. Let’s go? Go where?

‘The Tower of Poison?’

Soo Hyuk suddenly had an uncomfortable feeling.

“To the Tower of course. We have lots of tests to run. Come on.”

Pavian said excitedly to Soo Hyuk.


Soo Hyuk interrupted.

* * *


Kale looked at Pavian curiously.

“Why are you alone?”

Kale was confused because Pavian had come alone despite saying that he was going to bring the new talent.

“Ah, that’s……”

Pavian trail off. Then he smiled and continued.

“He’s more interesting than I thought.”

“Pardon? Interesting?”

Interesting? Kale couldn’t understand what Pavian was talking about. Pavian continued while Kale was confused.

“Yep. He said he had something to do first so he would come tomorrow.”

“……Did you at least find out who he is?”

“Of course. That why I said he was interesting.”

* * *

“Have a good day, sir!”

“Yes, have a nice day!”

After he came out of the bakery, he headed towards the library again.

‘2 hours and 30 minutes.’

He had 2 hours and 30 minutes left until his log out time. He still had to log out 2 hours and 40 minutes later even if he extended his time as much as possible. It was because the had a rare family gathering this evening.

When he arrived at the library, he reviewed the day’s events. Unlike usual, today was really hectic. From attempted PKs to a meeting with a Spire Lord and a new quest as well.

‘Tomorrow huh.’

Soo Hyuk checked the quest Pavian had given him.

[Pavian’s Respect]

[Pavian has respected your wishes. Find Pavian tomorrow!]

[Time left: 24 hours]

[Quest Reward: ??? ]

[Cannot Reject]

[Cannot Cancel]

It was a quest automatically generated from delaying another quest. If he still had more time left, he would’ve gone. However, the log out time was already set, so he couldn’t go if he didn’t know how long it would take.

If he was late,  his parents would be disappointed, and things would get complicated. But much to his relief, Pavian was nice enough to delay it to tomorrow.

‘Hmm, how should I allocate my time?’

Soo Hyuk thought with a frown.

‘I have to go to the Tower of Poison, read books, and hunt now as well.’

Soo Hyuk was going to change his schedule from now on. Originally, most of his time was spent reading, but now, Soo Hyuk was willing to invest time into levelling as well.

Soo Hyuk was going to read all the books in the Matab Library first, but that all changed due to the PK incident earlier today.

‘Let’s read in the morning, hunt in the afternoon, and then read again in the evening.’

Soo Hyuk set his schedule like this first. Just because he said he was going to hunt didn’t mean that he would automatically be able to hunt. He had to slowly learn. 

‘Since I have to go to the tower tomorrow, I’ll have to see how it goes.’

Soo Hyuk couldn’t just adapt to the new schedule straight away. There was also the fact that he had a promise with the Poison Spire Lord tomorrow.

“Here you go.”

Soo Hyuk passed his token to the librarian and went inside.

‘I can read around 7 books today.’

Soo Hyuk headed straight to a bookshelf. He had around 2 hours and 30 minutes left. This was enough to finish 7 books with a couple of minutes to spare. 

* * *


The alarm rang inside the room.

Soo Hyuk woke to the sound of his alarm and struggled to get up. He still had a hangover from last night. 


After he got up, Soo Hyuk left his room to quench his thirst. After he left the room, he glanced towards the porch.

‘So they left already.’

Soo Hyuk could only see his shoes on the shoe shelf near the entrance.

‘Will they be okay? They drank a lot more than me.’

Soo Hyuk was worried about his parents who had drank more than him last night. Soo Hyuk then climbed to the 3rd floor and started stretching to prepare for a workout.

‘Let’s go to Matab now.’

He didn’t have to wait until the exact time he had promised. After all, the quest only said to come the next day.

‘Although the ‘tests’ worry me slightly.’

Test, Pavian had used the word test.

‘I hope it’s nothing weird.’

He hoped that the ‘tests’ that Pavian was going to make him do were nothing weird. Banishing those thoughts, Soo Hyuk finished exercising and took a shower.

When he returned to his room, Soo Hyuk checked his phone. There were multiple new messages. After replying to the messages, he climbed into his capsule and logged onto Pangea.

When his vision cleared, he found himself in the familiar surroundings of the Matab Library. His eyes wandered over to the bookshelves near him, but in the end he headed outside. After receiving his token, he opened his quest tab.

’10 hours.’

He had 10 hours left to complete the quest. However, his aim in opening his quest tab wasn’t to check the time, as it wasn’t important right now. What he wanted to do, was to complete the skill quests from the Door of Fire.

The only skill he had right now was ‘Magic Missile’.

‘If I’m hunting……’

The cooldown for magic missile was 10 seconds. He wouldn’t bother unlocking the other skills if it had no cooldown, but since it did, he had to have other skills in his arsenal.

It wasn’t that hunting was impossible with only magic missile. In fact, it would be extremely easy. With his overwhelming wisdom and the ‘Archmage’ passive, he could easily crush any beginner monster with ease.

But what if it missed? Then he wouldn’t be able to do anything, even with his stats. His physical stats were low, so he could only desperately try to fend off the monster while his skill recharged.

He currently had many skill quests that he could attempt, but he could only complete one right now.

‘It’s the fire ball.’

Soo Hyuk could only complete the ‘Fire Ball’ quest now, since all the other quests required different conditions like rare items or monsters.

‘Let’s just do the fireball quest now.’

The Fireball quest that he didn’t complete because he never felt the need was finally completed at this moment.


Proficiency: Level 1 (0%)

Special Effects: 20% chance to burn your target.

Mana: 150

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Soo Hyuk didn’t bother with the proficiency, effects or mana, since he was going to one-shot the monsters anyway, besides, his wisdom allowed him to possess a massive amount of mana in reserve as well.

‘15 seconds……’

That meant that Soo Hyuk only cared about the cooldown time.

‘10 seconds, 15 seconds.’

The magic missile was 10 seconds and the fireball was 15 seconds. In 30 seconds, Soo Hyuk could fire magic missile 3 times and the fire ball 2 times.

‘That means that on a one-shot basis, I can hunt 5 monsters.’

He could hunt 5 monsters in 30 seconds.

‘That’s not bad……’

5 monsters in 30 seconds wasn’t slow. Plus, the monsters were going to be around mid-level so his rate of growth would be fast.

‘If only the experience was the same as the regular jobs……’

Unlike normal jobs, special jobs required more experience to level up, but this wasn’t always the case, as all special jobs were unique in their own way. However, usually the stronger the class was, the more experience they needed to level up.

In Soo Hyuk’s mind, the Archmage’s Descendant was an awesome, unique job, even among other special jobs, so it made sense for it to require a greater amount of experience to level up.

While he was lost in thought, Soo Hyuk finally arrived at his destination.

‘So I have to go to the fourth floor and show this token?’

Pavian told Soo Hyuk to come up to the 4th floor and show them the token that he had given him. So Soo Hyuk followed Pavian’s instructions and headed up to the 4th floor.

When he arrived at the 4th floor, he saw a man and a woman guarding the entrance. When they saw Soo Hyuk, the man showed a suspicious expression while the woman showed a surprised one.


The man opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. It was because the woman had covered his mouth with her hand before he could say anything.


At the woman’s actions, the man turned to stare suspiciously at her, but the woman didn’t show any reaction.

No, the woman didn’t even notice that the man was staring at her. She was still watching Soo Hyuk intensely. After a few seconds, the woman opened her mouth to speak.

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