Reader – Chapter 43

– 1 Wolf King’s Pelt

– 1 Wolf King’s Fang

– 1 Wolf King’s Gauntlets

– 1 Karu’s Necklace


Fortunately, the Wolf King had dropped Karu’s Necklace. Soo Hyuk collected the drops and opened his quest tab.

When he scrolled down to the Karu’s Heirloom quest, he could see the ‘Complete’ button.

“I wish the other inheritance quests were this easy.”

Soo Hyuk currently had many other specials quests in his quest tab, but they were too difficult for him to complete at this point in time. While wishing that they were easier, Soo Hyuk completed the quest.

[You have completed the Special Quest – Karu’s Heirloom]

[Rewards Received.]

Soo Hyuk opened his inventory after he checked the message window. He wanted to know what the rewards were.


Soo Hyuk made a puzzled expression when he opened his inventory.

“What? A map?”

The reason for his puzzlement was because the reward was a map. Soo Hyuk checked the map description.

[<Heroic>Karu’s Treasure Map]

Soo Hyuk was filled with anxiety when he checked the description. It was too vague.


Moreover, the rarity of the map was heroic. Not normal or rare, it was heroic. It was the next best rarity after God and Legend!

‘No, a map is still a map.’

Soo Hyuk pulled the map out, while trying to suppress his nervousness.


When he opened the map, again his nervous expression was completely replaced with puzzlement.

‘Matab Library?’

The reason Soo Hyuk was puzzled, was because the words ‘Matab Library’ were written on the top of the map. Karu’s Treasure Map showed the interior of the Matab Library.

‘Huh, is there a treasure hidden in the library?’

A library? It was too unexpected, even for Soo Hyuk. He then spotted a red dot which marked the location of the treasure. 

‘This is a bookshelf……’

The red dot was indicating a specific bookshelf. Why was it pointing at a bookshelf, which had nothing but books?


Soo Hyuk tilted his head as he thought,

‘It probably won’t be another quest.’

It wouldn’t be another quest. There might be something hidden within.

‘What should I do?’

Soo Hyuk thought as he put away the map.

‘Should I go to the library now? Or should I keep hunting?’

According to his schedule, it was still time to hunt.

‘Well, I’ll go there anyway. Let’s keep hunting for now.’

Soo Hyuk decided. He was planning to go to the library after hunting anyway, but he met his next problem after deciding to keep hunting.

‘What should I hunt next?’

His problem was that he couldn’t decide what to hunt next. He had no reason to hunt wolves anymore, as he had already completed the quest related to them.

‘Let’s skip the bears.’

Normally, players at Soo Hyuk’s level would hunt bears, but from looking at the number of players crowding the entrance, he could already tell that it would be a waste of time.

‘Goblins? Treants?’

He had two options.The Goblin Fields in the Northern Hunting Grounds, or the Bloodless Forest west of the wolf territory. The Goblin Fields had monsters around level 20~40 and the Bloodless Forest had monsters around level 30~50.

‘Let’s just go to the Bloodless Forest, since it’s closer and the trees are weak to fire.’

After making up his mind, Soo Hyuk made his way out of the wolf forest. His destination was the home of the Treants, the ‘Bloodless Forest’.

Treant Habitat, The Bloodless Forest.

Monsters around level 30~50 inhabited the Bloodless Forest. They were…

– Graaahhh…….Raauuuggghhhh~

The Screaming Ironbarks, a zombie tree with screaming leaves and…

Clang! Clang!

The Bloodless Treants. Using their numerous whiplike branches and enormous mouths with deadly precision, they bullied players into submission. . Those were the two species of monster in the Bloodless Forest.

“Flame Dance.”

Soo Hyuk cast Flame Dance at the steadily advancing trees and a small ball of fire flew towards a Screaming Ironwood.

The Ironwood was instantly reduced to ashes and disappeared. The little fireball then reappeared and shot towards the Bloodless Treant. Like the Screaming Ironwood, the Bloodless Treant was incinerated in less than 3 seconds.

[Level Up!]

After the Bloodless Treant was killed a message window appeared. It was a level up notice. Soo Hyuk collected the drop items and opened his status window.

Occupation: Archmage’s Descendant

Level: 31     Experience: 1%

Health : 8600     Mana: 36780

Satiation: 51%

Strength: 20     Agility: 25(+6)

Stamina: 164     Wisdom: 1840

Bonus Stat Points: 5

When Soo Hyuk had just completed ‘Karu’s Heirloom’ and first entered the Bloodless Forest, he had only reached level 18.

‘It’s really fast.’

A day hadn’t even passed since then and Soo Hyuk was already level 31. Besides, wasn’t his job the Archmage’s Descendant, which required five times more experience to level up? This speed couldn’t be compared to his leveling speed while he was hunting wolves.

‘Isn’t it obvious though?’

The difference between treants and the wolves was like heaven and earth. This included their levels and the amount of experience they gave. Soo Hyuk assigned all his stat points into stamina and closed his status window.

‘If only I knew that it was this easy earlier……’

Players didn’t usually hunt wolves because they were difficult to hunt, but also because their drops were bad. This meant that there was no competition.

Was it because they were weak to fire? Hunting Ironwoods and Bloodless Treants was similar to hunting wolves. Rather, it was easier since treants didn’t usually team up like wolves did. If he had known this earlier, he would’ve entirely skipped wolves.

‘Yeah, my wisdom was high enough anyway.’

Soo Hyuk’s wisdom didn’t belong to someone at level 31. To get to Soo Hyu’s level of wisdom, one had to invest all their bonus stat points on wisdom, until level 360.

‘I also have lots of health.’

Since he didn’t need to invest any stat points into wisdom, he had assigned all of them into stamina. As a result, he had way more health than other Magicians.

‘I need to have more confidence.’

He needed to have more confidence in himself.

‘If my progress slows down, let’s immediately go to a higher-level area.’

His progress would slow sooner than later. He was going to head straight for higher-level areas when it did.

Of course, he would carefully choose what area he would go to. After all, he had to be able to hunt the monsters there.

His attack power was high enough, but the monsters’ attack power would rise as well. No matter how high his health was, it was still to the standard of a level 30. He could die from one mistake.

– Raaauuurrrghhh

A Screaming Ironbark appeared next to him and opened its mouth to swallow him.


Soo Hyuk continued hunting.

‘2 hours left. How many levels can I gain?’

He thought while burning down more treants.

* * *

Yang Joo Hyuk and Jang Yool conversed while staring at a monitor.

“The Archmage’s Descendant deserves to be a top tier job. It needs five times more experience and yet……”


The subject of the conversation was Soo Hyuk.

“Why did he suddenly start hunting?”

Jang Yool couldn’t understand. Why did Soo Hyuk suddenly start hunting?

“He was cooped up in the library until now.”

Soo Hyuk hadn’t bothered to learn any of his new skills previously.

“He was reading like his life depended on it.”

For months he only read books. What had suddenly driven him to start hunting?

“He didn’t finish all the books either.”

They could understand if he left after finishing all the books in the Matab Library, but there were still a lot of books he hadn’t read yet.

“Although we don’t know the exact reason.”

Yang Joo Hyuk started. The reason Soo Hyuk, who looked like he started Pangea to read books, started hunting.

“It probably has something to do with Pavian.”

They didn’t know the exact reason why Soo Hyuk suddenly started hunting, but Jang Yoo Hyuk was sure that it had something to do with Pavian.

“Since he’s started hunting after he met him.”

Soo Hyuk had started hunting after he first met Pavian.

“Pavian didn’t give him a hunting quest though.”

Pavian had given Soo Hyuk a quest, but it was completely unrelated to hunting. All it required was for him to visit the Tower of Poison everyday for 30 days.

“It should have something to do with Pavian.”

Jang Yool nodded at Yang Joo Hyuk’s assumption.


Jang Yool suddenly exclaimed in surprise when he looked at the monitor again.

“He leveled up again……”

The reason for his surprise was because Soo Hyuk had leveled up again.

“Level 40 already……”

Yang Joo Hyuk mumbled.

“Even the Hunting King isn’t this fast……”

The Hunting King. A tester who used his prior in game experience to dominate other players.

Of course, he wasn’t Rank 1. But if he had registered for the rankings when the game was first released, he would’ve got Rank 1 without exception. But even the Hunting King didn’t level as fast as Soo Hyuk.

“At this rate, he’ll reach level 100 soon.”

Jang Yool asked Yang Joo Hyuk.

“He probably would.”

“Then he would unlock the second door, right?”

Jang Yool continued asking, after Yang Joo Hyuk nodded.


Yang Joo Hyuk tilted his head, unlike his last reaction.

“Unlocking doors becomes more difficult after the first one. Even if he’s the Archmage’s Descendant, he shouldn’t be able to unlock it straight away.”

The first door had no requirements, but from the second door onwards, there were special quest which had to be completed to unlock more doors. They were also immensely difficult, even for the Archmage’s Descendant.

* * *

Soo Hyuk silently looked down at the map once more. In front of him was the bookshelf marked on the map.


He sighed deeply.

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