Reader – Chapter 46

[Your satiation has dropped below 50%]

“Ah, that surprised me.”

Was it because of the PK incidents with Adilo? Soo Hyuk almost thought that he was being attacked when an unexpected message popped up.

After checking the message window, Soo Hyuk opened his inventory and took out a piece of honey bread. Although it was quite expensive at 2 gold per piece, Soo Hyuk had collected quite an amount of gold through hunting. Plus, he thought that it was worth the price.

After finishing the honey bread, Soo Hyuk checked his rising satiation. Not long after eating the bread, he arrived at the Northern Gates of Matab city.

“Who wants to hunt goblins!”

“Looking for people to go orc hunting!”

Like the Eastern and Western Gates, the Northern Gates also had a lot of players looking for parties.

‘There are less people than yesterday?’

If there was one difference that he had to point out, it would be the number of players the Northern Gates had compared to other gates. The Northern Gates had fewer players than the other gates. The other day, Soo Hyuk had figured out the reason behind this.

It was because there were other better hunting areas for players around level 100, so there was no reason to hunt here. That meant the players would just move to the better areas in other regions.

There was also the fact that Matab was a horrible environment for partying. There were only Magicians here, but in other regions, there were other classes such as warriors and thieves. Players would be able to find better-balanced parties in other regions, that’s why many players were leaving Matab each day.

‘Looks like I can hunt comfortably today.’

Of course, it was the best situation for Soo Hyuk who didn’t want to be in a party. He could also avoid conflict with other players if he had less chance of running into them. Soo Hyuk entered the Bulam Mountains while listening to the echoing shouts of the other players.

“Lightning Spear!”

“Ice Fog!”

“Quickly heal me!”

“Heal please!”

The first place Soo Hyuk arrived at was a place called the Goblin Fields. Goblin archers and warriors around level 20~40 resided here.

Due to the fact that goblins had a high item drop rate and were relatively easy to hunt, there were a lot of players hunting here.

Soo Hyuk didn’t even have to use any magic, because as soon as a goblin respawned, they would be instantly locked on and hunted down by a nearby party. That meant that Soo Hyuk didn’t have to waste any mana killing level 20~40 goblins.

‘Me skipping this area was divine will.’

Soo Hyuk thought as he looked at two parties fighting over a goblin. He had previously skipped this area and instead hunted the Bloodless Forest. Watching the intense competition, he knew he had made the right choice.

After crossing the Goblins Fields, Soo Hyuk finally arrived at the entrance to the Bulam Mountains. Looking at the tall mountains stretching into the distance, he thought.

‘What should I hunt?’

To the East was the orc territory, to the West was ogres, and in between them was the trolls. Orcs gave less experience than trolls or ogres, but there were many of them. Trolls gave a decent amount of experience and he could also find them relatively easily. Finally, ogres gave lots of experience, but only if he managed to find one.

‘With my skills, orcs would be the best.’

Soo Hyuk decided after looking over his skills, as they were suited to fights against many enemies.

‘I can wipe out a group with Firestorm. If there’s a boss, I can cast Inferno.’

Of course, he had also learned Firestorm and Inferno with his gold.


Proficiency: Beginner Level 1 (10%)

Special Effects:

100% chance to burn the target.

Mana: 200

Cooldown: 1 minute

Activation Time: 3 seconds

Effect Duration: 20 seconds





Proficiency: Beginner Level 1 (22%)

Special Effects:

50% chance to burn targets

Reduce targets speed by 20%

Mana: 500

Cooldown: 1 minute 30 seconds

Activation Time: 15 seconds

Effect Duration: 1 minute

The spell that dealt the most damage, Inferno, and the spell with the biggest effect range, Firestorm.

Before he had learned these skills, he had been hunting fairly easily, but now hunting was as easy as walking. After checking the skills, he turned towards the east and entered the mountain range.

– Eeek! A human!

Soo Hyuk met an orc the moment he stepped inside a forest.

‘It’s a scout.’

The orc was wearing a helmet with one feather attached to it. One feather meant that it was a scout.

– Intruder! Eeek!

The orc rushed towards Soo Hyuk while yelling.

“Magic Missile.”

Soo Hyuk muttered, and a blue ball of energy flew out of his hands and crashed into the orc.


The orc was blasted away after only taking a few steps. Soo Hyuk collected the item drops from the orc and continued walking further inside the forest.

‘Where could it be?’

Soo Hyuk thought as he looked around at his surroundings. Ever since he ran into the orc scout, he had been searching for something.

‘What village was it this time?’

Soo Hyuk was searching for an orc village. Orc scouts always patrolled around an orc village, so that meant a village was near him right now.

– Hee?

– A human. Hoo.

– Intruder!

Soo Hyuk suddenly ran into three orcs.

“Flame Dance.”

He quickly cast Flame Dance before the orcs could attack him. The small ball of fire flew towards the orcs and reduced them to ash instantly. Was he getting closer to a village? He was encountering more and more orcs as time passed.

The orcs weren’t a danger to him since they weren’t high leveled or a boss. Soo Hyuk, who was hunting orcs as he searched for a village, came to a sudden stop.

He was currently standing on top of a cliff. When he looked down the cliff, Soo Hyuk said to himself while smiling.

“Found it.”

* * *

– Huh, what’s that?

The Orc Chieftain Talon of the Sun Tribe, exclaimed while snorting.

– It looks like a fire. Hurr.

Vice Chieftain Ados replied in response to Talon’s words.

– Hmph, I know that already.

Talon said as his expression crumbled.

– What I want to know is, why is the fire spinning in circles? 

Talon asked again while he stared at the tornado of fire in the distance.

-Don’t know. Grunt.

Ados also didn’t know the reason.

-But. Isn’t that our village?

Ados said while squinting his eyes to look closer, but at his words, Talon’s expression gradually turned into that of panic.

-Heeek! Really?!

Talon sped towards the fire tornado after realising that his village was in danger. Unlike normal orcs, Talon was 4 metres tall and just as heavy. The ground was trembling as he rushed through the mountain. Ados also sped after his Chief, trying his best not to fall behind.

– Heeaaak!

Talon finally arrived at where the fire tornado was raging on. It was his village. He couldn’t do anything but dumbly stare at the fire consuming village.

– Why……Heek……

He couldn’t understand why this was happening.

“Oh, it came!”

Talon suddenly heard a voice coming from another direction.


There was a lone human standing there. Why was a human here?

‘Wha, wait did he do it?!’

The moment Talon realised, his eyes reddened with rage while he howled.

– Roaarrr!

Talon took out a battleaxe from his belt while howling. But, the moment he lifted his battleaxe, the human spoke.


* * *

[Level Up!]

The message window appeared. But he didn’t even look at the message once. It was already the third time leveling up, and he was checking his character real time through the status window.

‘Hmm, it’s rising quickly.’

Soo Hyuk thought. His experience was still climbing higher.

‘The Firestorm……’

The cause of his rapid rise was his Firestorm. His Firestorm was currently raging inside a village, killing everything in its path.

‘It should’ve appeared by now.’

Soo Hyuk looked around the village as the orcs died left and right.

‘Is this village different?’

Soo Hyuk was waiting for someone. Suddenly.


[The Chieftain of the Sun Tribe, Talon has appeared.]

“Oh, it’s finally here!”

Soo Hyuk exclaimed excitedly when the message window appeared. He had been precisely waiting for the boss of the village, Talon. Soo Hyuk turned towards the entrance of the village as he shouted. There was a massive orc there, the Chief of the village, Talon.


He cast Inferno on the orc boss straight away. At the same time, the orc Chief was lifting his battleaxe to charge at him.

Small flames started to appear on the orc’s body, but the flames gradually grew bigger over time, burning away at his body.

– Heeek!

When the flames appeared, Talon tried to extinguish them with his free hand, but there were just too many flames and he only had one hand. Realising that he couldn’t smother the flames, Talon chose to kill Soo Hyuk first.

“Magic Missile.”

But Soo Hyuk’s attacks hadn’t ended yet. 


Soo Hyuk rapidly fired spells one after another. The magic missile and firebolt flew towards Talon, who was still charging crazily towards Soo Hyuk. But as the spells were hurtling towards Talon, he completely ignored the red and blue streaks and charged into them with a berserk expression.

Bang! Bang!

Was it because of the flames burning him? Or his state of madness? When the spells crashed into Talon, he still didn’t make any movements to dodge. 

– You……Graa…… 

When he was hit by Soo Hyuk’s spells, Talon wasn’t reduced to ash or blasted away. While groaning, Talon shakily walked step by step in Soo Hyuk’s direction with battleaxe still in his hand. But after only a few steps, he collapsed to his knees with a sigh and and his eyes lost their luster.

– My tribe…why…… 

[The Chieftain of the Sun Tribe, Talon has been defeated.]

[The Sun Orcs will fall into ‘chaos’ state for 10 minutes.]

[The Sun Orcs’ attack will be increased by 50% due to their ‘chaos’ state.]

[The Sun Orcs’ defence will be decreased by 50% due to their ‘chaos’ state.]

With the appearance of the message windows, Soo Hyuk cluelessly checked the drop window and collected the items drops from Talon. The drop window contained all the drops from the orcs killed by his Firestorm, but there was one item that caught his eye.

‘Rare gear!’

It was a piece of equipment of the Chieftain.

[Level Up!]

Another message appeared while he was cheerfully checking the item drops. It was a level up notice.

‘As expected from a boss monster.’

A boss monster was a boss monster. He had just leveled up, but he leveled up again from the boss’ experience alone. Boss’ truly had a lot of experience.

– Heek!

Soo Hyuk suddenly heard the loud breath of an orc. 

‘Hmm? Is it a returning scout?’

Had a scout returned to the village? Soo Hyuk turned around to face the new orc, but he couldn’t help but be surprised.


There was an orc at the village entrance, but it wasn’t a normal orc.

‘Why is it so big?’

The orc was massive. Although not as big as Talon, it was a lot bigger than regular orcs.

‘It can’t be another boss……’

He was sure that it wasn’t a boss, since the boss message hadn’t appeared.

‘It’s an Elite monster!’

If it was stronger than regular monsters but wasn’t a boss, there was only one other possibility. An Elite monster!



Soo Hyuk was readying his magic when his expression changed into that of bewilderment as the twang of a bow sounded.

‘An arrow?’

The orc was suddenly pierced in the forehead by an arrow.

– Kek…… 

The orc collapsed face first and a voice sounded from behind it’s body.

“Hmm? What’s this?””

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