Reader – Chapter 47

While looking at the orc, Soo Hyuk saw the man who called out from the entrance.

‘Is that a user?’

A guild mark was faintly glowing above the man’s head, so he was definitely a user. 

‘Is he an archer?’

In addition, the user was holding a bow, not a staff, and had a dagger at his waist. He was obviously not a wizard.

‘Is it over?’

There were only wizards in the Tower. There were no other jobs. Being an archer, the user looked like he was from another area. 


Soo Hyuk wondered ‘There were many other good hunting grounds. Why did he come here?’


The user greeted Soo Hyuk while he was thinking.

“My name is Doran.”

“Oh, yes. Hello.”

Soo Hyuk also greeted Doran who introduced himself, lapsing into an awkward silence. 

“That…Sorry. I didn’t know you were hunting.”

Doran broke the silence, apologizing.

“Oh, no.”

Soo Hyuk, who never thought he would apologize, shook his head to Doran’s sudden apology.

“I wasn’t hunting.”

Again, they lapsed into silence…


It was neither Soo Hyuk nor Doran that broke the silence. Fire Storm’s duration was over and the orcs that had not yet died began to run.

“Fire Dance.”

With five orcs coming in, Hyuk cast Fire Dance. Within seconds, all five Orcs died and the drop window was updated.

Hyuk pressed {OK} to acquire all the items in the Drop Window.

Then he looked back at Doran. Doran opened his mouth.

“I want to ask a question.”

 “…What is it? ”

“Did you hunt down the village yesterday?”

Doran’s words were surprising.

‘How did he know?’

Soo Hyuk hunted down the village the day before as Doran said. But how did Doran know that?

“Yes, but how did you…”

“Ah, so you doing it as well!”

Doran exclaimed, with much excitement.

“I’m hunting them for fun because I have the equipment for it. I found a village yesterday and it was empty. So I asked. Haha.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Are you going to keep hunting Orcs?”

Soo Hyuk thought at Doran’s question.

‘If you hunt an orc, you don’t get shit?’

‘Doran said he was doing this for fun. In other words, he wasn’t hunting with experience points in mind. What if I answered that I would keep hunting orcs? Am I not doing that right now? Or would it not bite me in the ass later? 

Did Doran notice Soo Hyuk’s apprehension? Or was it because Soo Hyuk said nothing? Doran continued.

“If you’re hunting orcs, I’m going to hunt trolls!”

At Doran’s words, Soo Hyuk gave up.

‘Is it because of Adilo?’

It seemed that Soo Hyuk was worried after being influenced by Adilo’s PK attempt. Wasn’t there a condition for that? PTSD or something?

“For the time being I’m going to be hunting orcs.” Soo Hyuk replied.

“All right.”

Doran nodded and looked at Soo Hyuk’s answer. Then he smiled and said “I am going to go, then. Have fun!”

“Yes, goodbye.”

Doran turned back when Soo Hyuk said goodbye and immediately left the village.

After Doran went out of sight, Soo Hyuk also exited the village.

It was a fact that he had already destroyed the village, so Soo Hyuk had no reason to be in the village. Soo Hyuk opened the character window as he left: 

Job: Archmage

Level: 85

Exp: 4%

Health: 21,800 Mana: 38,200 Satiation: 51%

Strength: 30 (+10) 40

Agility: 35 (+16) 51

Stamina: 424 (+10) 434

Wisdom: 1910 (+10) 1920

Bonus Stats: 25

‘85, huh?’

Clearing the villages only once had granted him tremendous experience.

My leveling is going to slow down now.’

It was a lot of experience, but it’s slower compared to his leveling yesterday, and it was going to slow down even more.

He closed the character window after investing all of the bonus stats in Wisdom and opened his inventory to check Boss Monster Taran’s drops.

<Hard Plate Armor Top [Special]> 

 Class: Warrior 

Physical Defense: 200 

Movement Speed -20%

<Hard Plate Gloves [Special]>

Class: Warrior 

Physical Defense: 200

Movement Speed -10%

〈Sharp Two-Handed Axe>

 Restrictions: Strength 200

 Physical Attack: 150 

Attack Speed -20%

Taten dropped three pieces of equipment.

‘I’ll sell these later.’

The options weren’t bad, but they weren’t what Soo Hyuk could use. Tatan only dropped equipment for warriors. There was no one to buy them, after all. Sell to NPCs? The loss was too big for users to tolerate. There was no shortage of inventory and there was no reason to sell to NPCs.

‘Why is there no auction house in Matab?’

In the capital of an empire or kingdom, there was usually an auction house, making  it easy to trade. Strangely, Matab did not have an one.

The Spires, which had more influence than some countries, strangely had no auction houses.

It made no sense that there was no auction house, so Soo-hyuk closed his inventory.

He began to look around and move on.

[You have killed 5000 trolls.] [Title: Bane of Trolls]


Doran saw the message and opened the title window to see the title’s effect.

‘Will it boost my health again, like the title from when I hunted 1000 trolls?’

The title [Troll Slayer] increased his stamina by 10. This title, which needs 5000 trolls, would also boosthis stamina.

-[Bane of Trolls] (+20 Stamina)


Doran, after confirming the effect of the title, nodded. The effect was as expected. Doran closed the title window and checked the character window.

Class: Archer of Death 

Level: 321 

Experience: 2%

Health: 53990 Mana: 2700 Satiation: 21%

Strength: 922 (+150)

Agility : 1821 (+250)

Stamina:  711 (+190)

Wisdom : 135 (+20)

Bonus Points: 10

‘It’s enough, I won’t die in Alterion anymore.’

Very often, he died by a narrow margin, but now he wouldn’t. The slightly lacking health is now compensated for with his recently acquired titles. Doran closed the character window and  started moving.

‘I think 10,000 will give you a title, too’. But that would be another 5,000. I can’t play too much anymore because of the competition. No matter how important titles are, leveling was also important.

‘Should I start hunting Ogres?’

The only thing you could get from trolls were items. But Ogres granted titles as well. In addition, there wasn’t much difference in the hunting speed either.

‘Yes, let’s move to ogres.’

Doran decided to hunt some ogres and turned around.

It was then.

-Fabi: Don’t talk.

A Whisper came from the favorite of the guild “Hwarang” that Doran belonged to

‘I sent you a whisper earlier and it seemed like you just confirmed.’

 Doran stopped and checked the surroundings and whispered to Fabi.

Doran: Really?

-Fabi: At least a double, level 300, and seems to have no guild?

-Doran: Absolutely not!

-Fabi: That’s enough for guilds already.

I guess. Where are you hunting?

-Doran: Hey, Ruin and Hoyte. They don’t have a guild.

-Fabi: So far, except for the psychos. One has a crazy title, and the other one is crazy about PK. Can you compare them? Is that user a psycho?

-Doran: No, he isn’t. But he’s real! Oh, why is it that the deputy guild leader is not authorized to send guild join requests? I’m feeling salty.

Fabi’s reaction was so frustrating.

‘It’s natural not to believe it.’

Of course it was frustrating, but Fabi’s reaction was not incomprehensible.

When he first saw the user they were whispering about, Doran also thought he was an NPC.

It was because the guild mark was not visible. But after talking to him, Doran realized it was not NPC, but a user.

‘You still need to believe.’

Wearing the Poison Tower’s robes and has fire magic. He was at least a double. Additionally, he immediately killed the orcs with a low-level spell, Fire Dance. Usually, it was not that strong. He was estimated to be a ranker near level 300 from the damage output.

Guild power in the current Pangea is determined by the power of the users belonging to the guild. The stronger the users, the stronger the guild. In other words, Doran thought that they must embrace the user without a guild and sent a whisper to Fabi.

-Fabi: Bullshit.

But it was frustrating because Fabi didn’t believe it.

‘If I could, I’d do it myself.’

If he knew how Fabi would have responded, he would have added the user as a friend.

‘Should I go to him now?’

Doran thought. The man said he was going to hunt Orcs for now. 

Okay. Let’s go.’

Doran worried for a while, then he made a decision. He turned to the orcs instead of the ogres, and began to move.

-Doran: Wait, I’m looking for him now.

Doran sent a whisper to Fabi while walking.

-Fabi: Yeah, he’s not level 300. If he’s over level 250 and is not part of a guild, I will give you 5000 gold. When he joins the guild, you get an additional 5000 gold.

-Doran: I’ll get him.

-Fabi: Yeah, and I’m going to go hunting.

They ended their conversation and Doran laughed.

‘That’s and easy 5000 gold in the bag.’

Wearing the Poison Tower Robe and using fire magic, him being a double was certain. The level was a problem, but if his damage was that high, 300 was guaranteed. That 5000 gold was his.

‘Getting him to join the guild was a problem. I don’t know whether or not he has joined a Guild. Maybe there was a special reason he hasn’t entered a guild. Even if he doesn’t join the guild, I will still add him as a friend.’ Networking was also a strength.

Doran skipped along happily worrying about what items to buy with the gold he wass going to get from Fabi.

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