Reader – Chapter 48

-Human…human…It’s strong… Thud!

The huge orc fell down. 

[The Chieftain of the Red Orc Tribe Caussus, has been defeated.]

[The Red Orcs will fall into ‘Chaos’ state for 10 minutes.]

[The Red Orcs’ attack will be increased by 50% due to their ’Chaos’ state.]

[The Red Orcs’ defence will be decreased by 50% due to their ‘Chaos’ state.]

When the orc fell a message window appeared, while looking at the window Soo Hyuk thought.

‘Good thing.’




When he left the Sun Tribe Orcs village, there was an hour and 30 minutes left. Soo Hyuk was unsure if he would be able to find an orc village, but he was lucky to find one in only an hour.

He had 30 minutes to attack the village. 30 minutes was enough to destroy the village, no the entire 30 minutes was not needed as Soo Hyuk killed the Boss and wiped out the village in less than 30 minutes.

Someone who could destroy the village at such speed was rare. 

Soo Hyuk checked the drop item window. 

-197 orc skins

-111 orc teeth

-21 orc eyeballs

-Cowboy’s Paddle

Unfortunately, only one item dropped.

‘It’s got a name.’

Soo Hyuk checked the named item’s information after opening his inventory. Nevertheless, the named item wouldn’t sell in Matab. 

Soo Hyuk closed his inventory.

‘Wouldn’t it be better to log out in this place? I’ll be hunting here in the Bulam Mountains anyway, so there is no need to increase travel time back and forth to Matab.’

 Soo Hyuk looked around the empty village and logged out.

Soo Hyuk took off his helmet, exited the capsule, and immediately checked his phone.

‘Oh, I’ve finally got the date.’

There was a message from his mother and father. It was about a family trip in Pangea. 

‘It’s the perfect timing, 4 weeks from now.’

The trip was scheduled to be in 4 weeks and the Tower of Poison quest also ends in 4 weeks. The timing was just right.

Soo-hyuk replied and dropped his phone as he sat down at the computer. He checked what happened while he was connected.

 As soon as the computer booted up, Soo Hyuk went to the official Pangea homepage and checked the posts in the popular forum.

“Huh …”

While reading the top posts, Soo Hyuk sighed.

“Only stories about rankers come up.”

He was sighing because all the top posts were about rankers or named users. 

Soo Hyuk looked through the popular forums posts and the other forums posts.

The other forums posts were no different from popular forum posts. Most of the stories were related to the posts name.




Title: May I have a Pancam payment…




Pangea Cam, or Pancam for short, was a site that collected a variety of information. It was a paid site that bought and sold various information.

“Ah, I don’t have the quest information, but I don’t need it right now.”

Soo Hyuk had no need for information at the moment. He had several legacy quests, but didn’t need the information right away. 

Soo Hyuk closed the homepage and checked the time.

“I only have an hour to read before I need to sleep.”

Soo Hyuk confirmed the time and headed to the bookshelf.





Doran cast the skill ‘Arrow of Death’. Arrow of Death had a 30 minute cooldown time. 

When the skill was cast an arrow with black smoke flowing out of it materialised.

Doran then fired the arrow.

– Pch!

The arrow was aimed at the chest of an orc running at Doran. When the arrow hit the orc’s chest the black smoke soaked into its body. The orc’s skin began to turn black, spreading out from where the ‘Arrow of Death’ hit. 

In less than 5 seconds the orc’s entire skin turned black, and in that moment it suddenly exploded out in an enormous radius killing all the nearby orcs caught up in the explosion.

Doran, who had killed a group of orcs in just one attack, murmured while looking at the drop message.

“Obviously you were hunting an orc. You said you were going to hunt orcs. Where are you?”

Doran had already been looking for the user for two hours, but there was no trace to be found.

“Where are you hunting? Did you log out?”

Doran nodded in thought.

“That could have happened.”

It made sense. It was nearing dusk and it was a time when many users logged out. It was also possible that the user had logged out.

“He said ‘for the time being’.”

The user said he would hunt orcs for the time being.

“I’ll see him around.”

‘If I keep hunting orcs, I will find you.’

‘I have to work on a title, because of this guy I didn’t hunt trolls.’

Doran also had to hunt the orcs. He hadn’t got all their titles yet. 

Doran confirmed the dropped items and moved on.





-It’s in 4 weeks! That’s 27 days from now. Don’t forget!

“Yes, I know.”

-I’ll be in touch!

“Yes, good bye.”

Soo Hyuk dropped his phone after finishing his call with his father and focused on the book again.

[Ring ring ring!]

After 30 minutes of focusing on the book, the alarm Soo Hyuk set started to ring.

“Is it time already?”

Soo Hyuk closed the book, turned off the alarm, and got up. 

He rose from his seat and stretched to relax his body before connecting to Pangea. Soo-Hyuk entered the capsule and connected to Pangea.

Soo Hyuk logged back into the Red Orc Tribe village. 

‘Did monsters respawn while you were logged out?’

 A lot orcs were roaming around the previously empty village.


Soo Hyuk met eyes with a snorting orc in the distance.


Soo Hyuk immediately cast Firestorm.

Firestorms cast time was 15 seconds. Of course, Soo Hyuk had the skill ‘Archmage’ which reduced cast time by 10 seconds, so Firestorm could be used within 5 seconds of casting.

But that 5 seconds was a problem.

‘Can I make it?’

Soo Hyuk looked at the casting bar progressing in front of his eyes. 

‘Can I hold on for 5 seconds without being attacked?’

-Human! Human! Die! 

The orc tilted its head and began to run towards Soo Hyuk with a club in its hands. It was right in front of him since it was running quickly.

-Human! Kill it! Die!

Soo Hyuk cast Magic Missile and eagerly watched his spell blow up the orcs club.

-Suaak! Stick!


It made a big difference. The orcs could easily cancel magic casting if they didn’t spend time screaming.

-Swoo Heok!

Soo Hyuk watched the huge tornado of fire. While watching Firestorm, he cast Firebolt on another orc trying to attack him with a club. Soo Hyuk turned back to see the orc falling to the firebolt. Firestorm swept away the orcs in its radius.

-Human! Human!

-Intruder! Kill it!

-Kill it! Kill it!

Was it because of the firestorm or the screams of so many orcs dying in the firestorm? Orcs ran out of the buildings behind him and rushed at Soo Hyuk alongside the orcs who were already outside. 

“Firebolt, Magic Missile, Flame Dance, Firebolt.”

Soo Hyuk fired his magic at the coming orcs.


[The Chieftain of the Red Orc Tribe Kauso, has appeared.]

-Human! How dare you attack our village!

Soo-Hyuk, who was casting magic and slaughtering orcs looked at the massive orc screaming from the buildings entrance. 

Kauso started running at him with a club in each hand.


He didn’t know a boss would appear now. Soo Hyuk quickly ran away after casting Inferno on Kauso, he had to buy time for his skills cool downs. 

“Magic Missile!”

Soo Hyuk quickly cast magic missile. Of course, he didn’t have to wait long. Magic Missile’s cooldown was short. 

-One human… 

Kauso, who lost much of his life to Inferno during his charge, fell to a magic missile.

[The Chieftain of the Red Orc Tribe Kauso, has been defeated.]

[The Red Orcs will fall into ‘Chaos’ state for 10 minutes.]

[The Red Orcs’ attack will be increased by 50% due to their ’Chaos’ state.]

[The Red Orcs’ defence will be decreased by 50% due to their ‘Chaos’ state.]

A message appeared and Soo Hyuk started cleaning up the rest of the orcs in the village.


It was then.

After Soo Hyuk had finished cleaning up the remaining orcs, he heard a voice behind him and quickly turned back.


Soo Hyuk confirmed it was Doran’s voice. 

‘Didn’t he say he was going to hunt trolls?’

Why did Doran, who was going to hunt trolls, come here? Doran shouted at Soo Hyuk who was puzzled.

“I was looking for you!”


Soo Hyuk responded to Doran.

‘No way PK? How did he find me?’ 

Soo Hyuk wondered as Doran asked.

 “Yes, do you want to join our guild?”

“… Your guild? ”

“Yes, I want you to join my guild.”


Soo Hyuk told Doran, who was waiting for his answer.

“I have already decided to join a friend’s guild…”

Soo Hyuk already had a guild waiting for him. A top ranked guild, at that. 

“Oh, so be it.”

In response to Soo Hyuk’s answer, Doran murmured with a sad expression. Then he said to Soo Hyuk.

“Then can you add me as a friend?”

Soo Hyuk stared at Doran.

‘What? It’s weird to just ask that suddenly. We didn’t hunt together, and have only met once. Should I add someone who doesn’t know my name?’

Doran didn’t know Soo Hyuk’s character’s name and unlike Doran, Soo Hyuk didn’t reveal his character name. 

Sending a friend request to someone you don’t know…

‘Why does he want me to add him?’

Soo Hyuk thought about it. 

Meanwhile, Doran was thinking.

‘Honestly, Pangea’s networking is important, so I want to be friends with him. There may be some benefits in being humble.’


‘It’s a network.’

Soo Hyuk thought again.

‘Yes, Pangea is a network.’ 

In Pangea, personal strength is important, but networking is also important. Doran is not weak and is strong enough to kill an Elite monster in one shot. 

Soo Hyuk wasn’t forced to accept so he didn’t reject Doran’s request.

‘It’s not difficult to remove a friend if you don’t want to be friends anymore.’

After thinking, Soo Hyuk responded to Doran.


“Thank you! What’s your character name? ”

“Soo Hyuk.”

“Just wait a bit!”

Doran responded with a smile. Soon after, a friend request window appeared. Soo Hyuk accepted. 

Soo Hyuk then opened the friend window and checked Doran’s level.

‘… Huh?’

Soo Hyuk did not panic and confirmed Doran’s level.


321… Doran’s level in the friends status window was clearly 321. The only thing you can see through the friends status window is the level and 321 was his level.

Soo Hyuk looked embarrassed and looked at Doran. Doran was too embarrassed to look at Soo Hyuk.

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