Reader – Chapter 50

‘The rewards…”

It was because of the reward.

〈Special Quest: Troll’s Regeneration〉

Kill trolls and collect their blood!

[Trolls Killed: 0/4000]

[Troll’s Blood: 0/500]

Quest Reward: Skill – Troll’s Regeneration

The reward for completing the quest “Troll’s Regeneration” was a skill.

‘ Yellow was a skill?’

Red quests gave a stat enhancement and Soo Hyuk had not yet been rewarded for a blue quest, but it should be an item reward. Now he discovered that yellow quests gave skills. The reward changed based on the color of the quest book. Soo Hyuk confirmed the quest conditions.

After confirming the conditions, Soo Hyuk’s face crumpled.


The completion condition was absurd. He had to hunt 4000 trolls. Of course, this was not a problem. Soo Hyuk was originally planning on hunting up to 5000 trolls.

“500 troll blood ?,

Suh’s face was crumpled because of the second condition.

‘I have 30 and need 500?’

The troll’s blood has the worst drop rate. He had already collected about 30, but it had a low drop rate. 

Of course, you could also buy Troll’s blood, but it was expensive. Troll’s blood had a low drop rate; supply could not keep up with the demand. Troll’s blood was currently priced at 90 gold. To buy 500, you would need 45,000 gold.


Soo Hyuk was getting worried as he thought about it.

‘I have to catch 5000 trolls anyway, and there’s no time limit too.’

Even if Soo Hyuk hunted slowly, the quest wouldn’t disappear. After thinking about it, Soo Hyuk closed the quest window and started reading books.

“When’s your vacation?” asked Seong il. Soo Hyuk answered the question gulping his coffee.

“In 23 days.”

‘Why are you so curious about it?’ Soo Hyuk smiled tiredly. 

“Where are you going to go?”

Seong Il asked again. It was Soo Hyuk that was going on a vacation. This time he wondered where Soo Hyuk was going. 

“This time?”


“Where you recommended.”

“… Me?”

Seong Il leaned his head back. Until now, he had never suggested a travel destination to Soo Hyuk. Where did he recommend Soo Hyuk to go?


Soo Hyuk said to Seongil, looking up.

And Seong Il exclaimed “Is this trip to Pangea?”

“Yes, I’m not joking.”

Seong Il nodded. Herdin, the seaside city of Pangea. Herdin’s beach was truly beautiful.

“It’s not expensive to go there.”


In his mind, Seong Il nodded. Since it was inside a game, it was relatively inexpensive.

“But do you have a character?” 

Asked Seong Il, who stopped nodding.

“Of course! I started playing over the break. I’m in Herdin now.”

“Wait, really? You play Pangea? Huh, that’s surprising. ”

Ring ring ring!

Soo Hyuk’s alarm went off while they were talking, signaling the end of his break. Soo Hyuk turned off the alarm and logged into Pangea. 

“Is everything already ready?” Pavian asked with a surprised look.

“Yes.” Kale answered and Pavian asked again.

“Even the Kara’s poison?”

Kara’s poison was the hardest to get among the supplies. It was Kara’s poison that he thought would take two months to collect.

“Yes, I have obtained 20 bottles.”

They only needed 5 bottles of Kara’s poison, but Kale had prepared 20 bottles, four times that. Pavian murmured at Kale’s answer.

“Mmm, we still have 20 days. It’s not time for Kara’s poison yet. We must strengthen Soo Hyuk’s poison immunity first. Good work.”

Of course, it wasn’t bad to finish preparing quickly.

“No! If you need anything more, please tell me. ”


“Then I’m off.”

Kale said goodbye to Pavian and left the room. Kale left the room and Pavian thought to himself.

‘Everything is now prepared… I have all the materials I need to teach Soo Hyuk magic. The only thing left is Suh Hyuk’s poison immunity. What about his talent in poison magic?’ 

The immeasurable talent is not superior in all magic. In particular, poison magic was a very tricky magic. Pavian was excited to see Soo hyuk learn how to use it.

“Soo Hyuk is here.”

“Send him in.”

[Pavian is infusing his mana into you.]

[You are paralyzed for 15 minutes.]

[Pavian is infusing his mana into you.]

[You are paralyzed for 10 minutes.]

Soo Hyuk thought while looking at the messages.

‘Can I get to level 100 today? It’s been five days since I started hunting trolls, but I haven’t reached level 100 yet.’

The experience needed increased significantly, and the experience from trolls was low compared to level 95 monsters, slowing Soo Hyuk’s leveling speed. 

I’m still at 40%. I’m already level 99. Four hours shouldn’t be enough. ‘ 

[Favian’s infuses his mana into you.]

While paralyzed, the paralysis time was reduced by one minute, and within one minute, Soo Hyuk was released from paralysis.

“See you tommorow!”

Suh Hyuk quickly rose from his seat. He greeted Pavian and left the room and opened his quest window.

〈30 Day Journey〉

You lack immunity to poison. Pavian is going to boost your immunity. Take Pavian’s poison once a day!

[Special poison taking of Pavian: 10 / 30]

Quest reward: Title: Poison Master 

‘It’s already been ten days.’

From the Tower of Poison, Soo Hyuk strolled towards the north entrance.

〈Special Quest-Replay of Trolls〉 Kill the trolls and save the blood!

[Troll : 3527/4000]

[Troll’s Blood: 139/500]

Quest Reward: Skill – Troll’s Regeneration

Soo Hyuk sighed inside as he looked at the quest “Blood of Trolls”.

‘I’ll finish hunting the trolls today easily.’

The first completion condition could be achieved by hunting today.

The problem was that the blood didn’t drop all that much. After the quest was created, Hyuk hunted 3527 trolls. But while many trolls were killed, troll’s blood dropped only 139 times.

‘I have to catch more anyway, but…’

The completion requirement is 4,000, but to earn the title, Soo Hyuk must catch more trolls.

‘But it’s still not enough… Even hunting another 10,000 trolls might not give me enough…’

‘Did I sell too much gold?’

Soo Hyuk had been cashing gold for four days and currently only had 6,000 gold. What if he hadn’t sold his gold? What if he had bought troll’s blood with it?

‘No, I couldn’t have bought all of the troll’s blood anyways.’

Soo Hyuk shook his head. He hadn’t cashed out that much gold. . Even without cashing out, it was impossible to buy enough blood to complete the quest.

‘Can’t I just catch 10,000 of them anyways?’

When Doran gave him information about the title, there was an additional statement. 10,000 would also give you a title.

Of course it wasn’t certain. Even Doran had not hunted 10,000 yet.

‘I have a lot of free time anyway’

Soo Hyuk, who had no intention of getting out of the Pagoda for a while, had a lot of time.

Is there no better hunting ground?’

In addition, the highest level hunting ground around Matab was the Boulem Mountains.

‘Okay, let’s do it.’

Hyuk made the decision to hunt 10,000 trolls.

“Hunting Goblins!”

“Orc hunting party. Waiting for healers!! ”

Soo Hyuk arrived at the north entrance and moved while listening to the users call out. Shortly after arriving at the Boulem Mountains, Soo Hyuk stopped for a while, then started moving again. The center of the Boulem Mountains was where the trolls spawned.  Soo Hyuk quickly found three trolls, only one being immediately visible. 

Soo Hyuk cast Fire Dance, killing the three trolls, and confirmed the dropped items.

-2 troll hides

-Blood of a troll

-2 troll tendons


Soo Hyuk smiled. A Troll’s Blood dropped on the first try. It was a good start. Soo Hyuk closed the drop window and started looking for trolls again.

“Fire Bolt!”

“Magic Missile!”

“Flame Spear!”

“Fire Dance!”

Suh Hyuk quickly killed all of the trolls he found.

“Fire Storm!”

Of course, he did not forget to raise the proficiency of the intermediate Fire Storm. Soo Hyuk, who was rapidly slaughtering the trolls stopped.


It was due to the sound of an earthquake.

‘What was that?’

The few days he had hunted trolls, Soo Hyuk had never felt the mountain range quake. Maybe someone else is hunting? Then an alert window appeared. 

[Warning! The Twin Headed Troll, Arger appears.]

‘There was a boss monster?’

Seeing the warning message, the appearance of a boss monster was clear.

‘I thought there wasn’t.’

Soo Hyuk hunted many trolls and never saw a boss monster, so he thought there was no boss monster. He was wrong- he’d just never encountered it before. 


Once again Soo Hyuk’s ears were ringing. The noise was louder than before. Soo Hyuk turned his head away from the message to see where the noise was coming from and only to see four eyes staring at him from the trees. 

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