Reader – Chapter 51

Soo Hyuk’s first thought was that Argor was massive. The trees weren’t small but Argor’s head towered over even the tallest branch.



Argor’s two heads grunted and Soo Hyuk saw the massive club flying towards him. It tore through the tree branches as the troll smashed its club down on Soo Hyuk.

Soo Hyuk quickly threw himself out of the way after seeing the club crashing through the tree.


Argor’s club then shattered the earth and shook the ground.

‘So this is the cause.’

Soo Hyuk learned the identity of the earthquakes.

‘Won’t I die if I’m hit by that?’

Soo Hyuk had a lot of health, but not a lot of defense. He would almost certainly die if he misstepped and was hit. 



Is it because of his dodging? Arger’s two heads grunted at each other, almost as if they were conversing. The reason for their action wasn’t important. What mattered was the opening that was created. Soo Hyuk took this delay to take the initiative and cast a Firestorm.


-Uh huh!

A tornado of fire arose and the two heads of Arger roared in pain. 


Soo Hyuk saw Arger charging at him after the roar, so he retreated and cast Inferno.

All over, Arger’s skin began to burn.

“Magic Missiles, Firebolt, Fireball.”

Suh Hyuk’s attack did not end with Inferno. Inferno was merely the beginning. 

Arger stopped moving under the onslaught of spells and Soo Hyuk stopped retreating at this sight. 


Arger wasn’t dead. The message did not appear and the right head was screaming.

‘Is one head dead?’

Unlike the grunting right head, the left head was silent. Its eyes were closed and its head drooped down.

‘So the heads die one by one. I thought they’d die at the same time.’ 

Soo Hyuk smiled as he learned something new.

“Magic Missile!”

Learning was learning and hunting was hunting. Under Soo Hyuk’s renewed round of spells, the left was killed as well and a system message appeared.

[Argor, the Twin Headed Troll, had been killed]

[Level up!]

Soo Hyuk was pleasantly surprised when he checked the message. He didn’t think he would level up from this. Even if Argor was a boss monster, he had thought that he wouldn’t gain much experience, but he was proven wrong.

“Looks like I gained a lot of experience.’

Soo Hyuk opened his status window.

Class: Archmage’s Descendent

Level : 100 Experience: 0%

Health: 22500 Mana : 40240 

Satiation: 62%

Strength: 40 (+10)

Agility : 35 (+16)

Stamina: 434 (+10)

Wisdom : 2012 (+10)

Stat points: 5

The target level 100.

‘I’m finally level 100.’

Level 100 was a significant level for Soo Hyuk.

‘Can I open the second door now?’

The minimum level to open the second door was 100. Soo Hyuk closed his character window after investing the bonus stats in wisdom and opened the drop window. 


Soo Hyuk, after checked the drop window, exclaimed. It wasn’t because of gear. No pieces of equipment had dropped. 

-Twin Headed Troll’s Leather 

-Twin Headed Troll’s Head 

-Twin Headed Troll’s Tendon 

-Twin Headed Troll’s Blood

‘Troll’s Blood?’

Soo Hyuk rejoiced because of the Twin Head Troll’s Blood. After all, the twin head troll was also a troll, and like general trolls, the drop rate of blood was extremely low.

The problem was that Twin Headed trolls were few in number. The first twin headed troll that he encountered even turned out to be a boss!

The blood of twin head trolls, which were small in number and had a low drop rate, was priced at a high amount.

‘1000 gold!’

1000 gold. In cash, the current price of the Twin Headed Troll’s Blood was 100,000 won.

Of course, that wasn’t the only drop he got. He had also obtained leather, hair and tendons from Argor.

‘How much is this worth?’

Soo Hyuk pondered with a smile. 

It was then.

“Hey, there it is!”

“Why isn’t it moving?”

Soo Hyuk heard voices approaching in his direction.


Soo Hyuk looked towards the source of the voice with a puzzled look. He could see two people coming through the trees toward him. No, to be exact, they were approaching Argor’s body.

“Fuck, it’s dead!”

“Heuk! Why?!”

Seeing the two’s reactions, Soo Hyuk hid himself in the undergrowth and listened to the conversation between the two.

“I told you to come early. Once every 10 days, are you stupid?”

“No, I thought I would never be users high enough level enough to hunt here even if they managed to find it by chance…”

“Oi, you were late.”


“Shut up. I’m getting annoyed. ”


Soo Hyuk thought while listening to the two’s conversations,

‘I don’t think I should stay here.’

The two guys were in a bad mood. If he was found, things would quickly get out of control.

‘Should I finish hunting?’

Soo Hyuk still had some time left for hunting, but it wasn’t necessary to stick to the schedule so strictly.

‘No, they could be weird people.’

He could get in an unpleasant situation if he got involved with them. One example was Adilo.

‘I’ll have to open the door anyway.’

In addition, since he was level 100, Soo Hyuk needed to open the door. Soo Hyuk decided to finish his hunting session and cast the skill ‘Lapis Subspace’.

[Warping to the Archmage’s Subspace.]

The message appeared and the surrounding space distorted under the effect of the spell.. After a while, the distorted space was repaired and Soo Hyuk arrived at the Archmage’s Subspace. After arriving, Soo Hyuk looked to his front.

There were 10 doors. The door of fire was open and the rest of the doors were tightly closed. 

Soo Hyuk thought while staring at the nine closed doors.

‘Which door do I open? I can only open one door.’

Soo Hyuk’s first glance went to the door of poison.

‘No, Pavian will teach me poison magic.’

Looking at the door of poison, Soo Hyuk shook his head. When the quest ’30 -Day Endeavour’ was completed, Pavian would teach him poison magic in person.

‘Since I have a skill quest, I don’t have to open the door of poison.’

Opening the door of poison would create numerous skill quests. 

What if Fabian’s reward shows up as a skill quest?

Opening the door of poison will result in duplicated skill quests. It was better to exclude the door of poison from the choices.

Suh Hyuk looked away from the door of poison and thought about the remaining eight doors. The next one he looked at was the door of water.

‘Water’s pretty good.’

It was not a bad element, but it was not a good match for Soo Hyuk’s fire magic as water and fire weren’t compatible.

‘There is a good point, though.’

Of course, there were certain advantages. It was that the weaknesses of each element were compensated to some extent by the other. There are monsters that are hard to catch with fire property magic. For example, the Phoenix. The Phoenix even regained health from fire attacks. If he tried to hunt it now, Soo Hyuk would only be able to use magic missile.

On the other hand it was weak to water. In other words, by opening the door of the water, Soo Hyuk would be able to easily catch the Phoenix-like monsters that are difficult to hunt with fire.

‘Earth is not bad… …

The next door was the door of earth. Earth was not bad either. Moreover, unlike water, it wasn’t conflicting with fire

‘But it’s not a good choice.’

But that was it. It wasn’t good or bad.

For Soo Hyuk, it was ‘just earth’.

Soo Hyuk then looked at the door of the wind. Fire and wind had good compatibility. It was because they strengthened each other. If Soo Hyuk wanted the best synergy with fire, he needed to open the door of wind.

Suhye suddenly frowned.

‘You need to fulfil a condition to open the door.’

When the door of fire was opened, it was opened without any conditions. But that was only for the first time. From the second time onwards, there were conditions to opening the door.

‘The condition is not listed.’

Soo Hyuk looked through the book on the podium. The book did not say what the conditions for opening the doors were.

‘Are the conditions all different?’

Soo Hyuk stared at the book then looked back at the doors. Each door symbolised a different element. Were there different conditions for each element?


Soo Hyuk sighed.

‘Let’s check.’

It was something to check. Soo Hyuk approached the door of the wind first and placed his hand on it like when he opened the door of fire.

[Do you want to open the door of the wind?]

A window appeared when I touched the door of the wind.

‘Do I have to accept?’

The conditions did not appear. They seemed to appear only after opening the door. Soo Hyuk closed the window. It was impossible to check the conditions.

‘What do I do.’

Closing the window, Soo Hyuk thought.

‘I have to think carefully.’

If he opens the door this time, he has to wait until level 200 for another door. Another 100 levels. 

It wouldn’t be easy to be able to raise his level to 200.

Didn’t Soo Hyuk need five times more experience than a normal job? His levelling speed now was extremely fast, but as his level goes up, his speed would slow down. 


After thinking, Soo Hyuk made his decision.

‘Considering the synergy, it has to be wind.’

After making his decision, Soo Hyuk reached out to the door of the wind.

[Do you want to open the door of the wind?] 

The window appeared and Soo Hyuk pressed OK. Then a message appeared. 

[Opening the door of wind.]

[Number of currently open doors: 1]

[The Wind Golem is summoned.] 

[Defeat the Wind Golem.]

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