Reader – Chapter 52

‘A wind golem?’

Soo Hyuk thought while looking at the message.

‘Do I just have to kill this golem?’

The system message only said to defeat the wind golem. Was this the only condition?

‘I’ll know when I’ve actually defeated it.’

Soo Hyuk looked around to determine where the wind golem was spawning.

‘It’s spawning in the middle of the room.’

The magic circle appeared in the center of the room and slowly formed the golem from the head down.

‘Do I have to wait until it is completely summoned?’

Soo Hyuk thought while looking at the golem. It was not completely summoned yet.

“Magic Missile.”

Soo Hyuk cast a magic missile at the wind golem being summoned. The Magic Missile disappeared as it struck the golem. 

[Wind Golem is being summoned.]

[Attacking is impossible until summoning ends]

‘It doesn’t work.’

Soo Hyuk waited patiently after reading the message.

‘……How big is it? ‘

Soo Hyuk tensed up as he waited for the golem’s summoning to complete. The ceiling of the chamber was really high, yet it seemed as if the golem’s head could almost touch the ceiling.

-Test Start

The golem announced the start of the trial. 

“It knows how to talk?”

Soo Hyuk said to himself as the golem spoke.

“Magic Missile.”

Is it because the summoning was over? The Magic Missile did not disappear this time like it did before. The Magic Missile flew at the golem at high speed, but the golem’s next actions was completely unexpected.



The Magic Missile suddenly disappeared.


Soo Hyuk was stunned at this sight.

‘It used Dispel?’

Soo Hyuk never thought the golem would use Dispel. Before he could recover from his shock, the golem moved towards him. The golem was not too fast, but its body was so large that it quickly closed the distance between them. Soo Hyuk hurriedly recovered from his shock as the golem advanced towards him and yelled.


This time, he cast Fireball.

The golem didn’t react to the Fireball speeding towards him and let the Fireball explode on it. Looking at the wind golem that had stiffen due to the Fireball, Soo Hyuk thought.

‘It has cooldowns!’

Fortunately, the golem’s Dispel seemed to have a cooldown.

* * *


The voice of Jang Yool echoed through the office.

Yang Joo Hyuk turned his head to look at Jang Yool.

“He somehow managed to reach level 100.”

Level 100. Pangea wasn’t in it’s beginning stages anymore, yet Jang Yool was only reporting about a level 100? However, he soon realised who he was talking about from Jang Yool’s nervous attitude and opened his mouth to ask.

“The doors?”

“He’s doing the quests right now.”

Yang Joo Hyuk rose from his seat and moved behind Jang Yoo. 

“Which element did he choose?”


“Wind? Not poison? ”

“Yes, I think he chose wind because of its synergy with fire. He probably also thinks that Pavian could teach him poison magic. Maybe he doesn’t know that he can’t learn other skills except through skill quests.”

Yang Joo Hyuk thought after listening to Jang Yool’s reply.

‘Wouldn’t it be hard if it was the wind door?’

Fire and wind had good synergy. Of course, wind also had a resistance to fire. It was never easy to set wind on fire.

Fire and wind had no distinctive weaknesses against each other. In other words, the difficulty of the opening quests was relatively high, especially if he had only just reached level 100.

‘At his current state, he’ll only be able to unlock Poison.’

Yang Joo Hyuk, who thought Soo Hyuk would open the door of Poison, asked again as soon as he returned to his seat.

“What is the situation?”

The opening quests are really hard, but Soo Hyuk’s stats were nothing to scoff at. Yang Joo Hyuk was curious about how things were going.

“Because of his high vitality, he’s holding up well… ”

“The golem?”

“No. Soo Hyuk. ”

Yang Joo Hyuk nodded and muttered to himself.

“He’s doing better than I thought. I wonder if he’ll be able to open any door other than poison…”

* * *

[Movement speed is reduced by 30%.] 

Soo Hyuk couldn’t pay attention to the message. He already guessed its contents as he felt his movements slow down drastically. The reason he couldn’t turn to look at the message:


The golem was repeatedly battering at Soo Hyuk as he desperately retreated.


Soo Hyuk threw himself out of the golem’s range and cast Fireball at the golem.


The fireball, however, disappeared as soon as it appeared. Soo Hyuk bitterly thought to himself while dodging.

‘Dispel’s cooldown is already over?’

If he had known that Dispel’s cooldown was already over, he would have used a Magic Missile to offset it instead.

While sporting an annoyed expression, Soo Hyuk hurriedly cast Magic Missile.

“Magic Missile!”

The Magic missile flew to the golem at high speed. However, despite being hit by the Magic Missile, the golem only paused slightly as if nothing had happened, the golem reached out again. Soo Hyuk jumped sideways to dodge the golem’s fist.

‘How much health does it have?!’

Soo Hyuk was in a situation where his skills were all on cooldown, but the golem showed no signs of collapse. Rather, it was Soo Hyuk who showed signs of falling.

‘I already used up all my potions…’

Without potions, Soo Hyuk had no way to heal and he would eventually be defeated by the golem.

‘Is running away the only option?’

If he continued like this, he really might die. Soo Hyuk continued fighting, but with the intention of running away.


Soo Hyuk cast Firebolt and the Firebolt flew towards the golem at high speed. But when the Firebolt hit the golem, the golem stopped moving.


Then the patterns hidden within its body starting shining intensely.

‘What? Why is it shining? Is it finished?’

As Soo Hyuk was confused over the golem’s suddenly change, a system message appeared.

[The Golem of the Wind has dropped below 50% health.]

After seeing the message, Soo Hyuk was speechless.

‘I attacked it so much, but only did 50%?’ 

Soo Hyuk frowned at the following message. He had struck the golem numerous times with all of his spells, yet the golem only lost 50% of its health.

[The Wind Golem begins its first awakening.]

‘And what is this awakening?’

Soo Hyuk thought while frowning heavily at the message.

Awakening in a situation where he was half-dead? In addition, the message stated that it was its first awakening. That meant there could be a second awakening or even a third one. Soo Hyuk then turned to the look at the shining golem.


Soo Hyuk fired a Fireball at the golem.


The golem showed no response, possibly because it was awakening. 

‘Did it take damage or not?’

It was a problem. What if the golem was invincible in this state? The skill would be wasted. While Soo Hyuk worried, another message appeared.

[The First Awakening is complete.]


The golem’s voice was heard again alongside the message.


The golem was counting down.


Soo Hyuk wondered as the golem counted down.


‘What’ll happen when it reaches one?’’


When the countdown reached one, the golem suddenly vanished. Soo Hyuk looked around in surprise, trying to find the golem.

‘Huh, where did it…’


Soo Hyuk heard the voice of the golem above him and reflexively lifted his head to see the golem falling from the sky. Around the golem was a semi-transparent barrier of wind circling around its body.

Soo Hyuk instinctively had a strong feeling that he would die if the golem hit him and tried to throw himself out of the way.


Unfortunately, Soo Hyuk could not completely avoid the golem’s strike. The glancing blow sent Soo Hyuk flying into the air. 

‘I’m not dead.’

Fortunately, although he was caught in a blast, he survived. If Soo Hyuk hadn’t avoided a direct blow, he would’ve died. 

Soo Hyuk checked his remaining health and froze in astonishment.


It was because he only had 200 health remaining.


Soo Hyuk’s face crumpled. Even though he still had health left, it wasn’t enough to even endure a single blow from the golem. He was also flying through the air from the blast at the moment. That meant that he had a high chance of dying from fall damage.

‘Damn it, am I going to die like this?’

Soo Hyuk turned his head to check where he was flying towards. It was a wall.


[You were defeated by the Wind Golem.]

[You have failed the Trial of Wind.]

[Only the access penalty will be applied.]

[The Door of Wind is closed.]


After seeing the message, Soo Hyuk was dumbfounded.

‘Only the access penalty?’

There are a total of four death penalties for death. A decrease in levels and stats, dropping items, and an access penalty. But only one of these four penalties was applied.

‘Is it a special situation?’

It was likely that this was a special situation.

‘The door of the wind closed. I can probably choose another door, but the test is no joke.’

After logging out from Pangea, Soo Hyuk exited the capsule. The conditions for opening the door were too difficult.

‘If only I stocked up on potions…’

Even if Soo Hyuk had more potions, it would still be hard. One attack from the awakened wind golem had depleted a majority of his health.

‘It was that strong after only the first awakening, too…’

The problem was the primary awakening. What is the second awakening going to be like if this was only the first awakening? The secondary awakening would not be weaker than the primary awakening.

‘Elements also have strengths and weaknesses. Just as fire and wind are synergistic, there are properties that are weak to fire. Perhaps I should use that? 

Weak to fire… …’

Soo Hyuk remembered what element was weak to fire and frowned. 

‘There’s only poison?’

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