Reader – Chapter 54

Soo Hyuk felt the ground shake along with a loud boom. Then a system message appeared.


[Twin Headed Troll, Arger has appeared.]

It was the appearance of a boss monster.

‘Ah, the boss has already respawned.’

Soo Hyuk thought of the conversation between two men 10 days ago as he read the messages.

‘The boss respawns today.’

The two men had said that the respawn time for Arger, the Twin Headed Troll, was 10 days. It seemed like Soo Hyuk managed to meet Arger again on the day of its revival.

‘What should I do? They could already be chasing this boss.’

The two men knew about the respawn time of Arger, so they could be approaching this place right now. No, they could already be here. What if he attracted unnecessary resentment because he hunted the boss?


Soo Hyuk frowned as he thought.

‘The boss monster doesn’t belong to them in the first place, so why am I mulling over this?’

Soo Hyuk realised that he didn’t need to brood over this issue anymore. Twin Headed Troll Argor was a boss in Pangea. It didn’t belong to them in any way, so they couldn’t say anything about it.

‘I’m sure there aren’t that many stoneheads.’

Of course, there was the possibility of the two men not showing the ‘proper’ manners inside Pangea, but it couldn’t be as bad as Adilo.

After finalising his thoughts,Soo Hyuk headed in the direction of the boom earlier. Not long after, he could see Arger advancing in his direction through the thick tree branches.


Soo Hyuk cast Firestorm while staring at the nearing Arger. 5 seconds after, a tornado of flames appeared around Arger.



Arger’s two heads roared in pain with a painful expression.

“Inferno, Magic Missile, Firebolt, Fireball.”

Soo Hyuk quickly cast his spells one after another before Arger could recover. He wanted to defeat Arger quickly.

“Flame Dance.”

When he cast Flame Dance, the left head slackened while closing its eyes. The right head followed not long after.

[Twin Headed Troll, Arger, has been defeated.]

‘It’s a lot faster than before. My stats aren’t that much higher either.’

The stats of Soo Hyuk 10 days ago and the current Soo Hyuk didn’t have a huge difference. His wisdom had only risen by a little bit, but the boss hunt had become shorter compared to 10 days ago.

‘Maybe it’s because of the skill proficiency?’

Although his stats weren’t that different, most of his spells had risen to the intermediate proficiency from beginner. That meant his skills were stronger than before.

Soo Hyuk checked the drop window.

-Twin Headed Troll’s Hide

-Twin Headed Troll’s Head

-Twin Headed Troll’s Tendon

-Twin Headed Troll’s Blood

‘Huh, it dropped again?’

Soo Hyuk tilted his head after he checked the drop window.

‘Does the drop rate increase for boss monsters?’

The rare troll’s blood appeared again. Of course, he wasn’t complaining. Soo Hyuk pressed OK and collected the drops from Arger.

“Ah, fuck!”

“What! How?!”

At that moment, Soo Hyuk heard two people’s voices nearing him. Soo Hyuk first hid behind a thick tree and checked the source of the voice.

“Shit, it was hunted again!”

“This, how…”

“This bastard moves so fast.”

They were the two men from 10 days ago.

“Hah, what guild did this? It’s obvious that it’s one of those top guilds.”

“Top guilds don’t grow from trees you know.”

“Shut up.”


Soo Hyuk cast Archmage’s Subspace like before. He had no need to keep hiding.

[Warping to ‘Archmage’s Subspace’.]

The distorted space was repaired. After arriving at the subspace, Soo Hyuk stared at the nine doors. He then checked his inventory while walking towards the tunnel on the right.

‘I only have to buy 80 more.’

There were 420 troll’s blood in his inventory. If he collected 80 more, then he would be able to complete the skill quest.

‘I’ll just buy the rest.’

Soo Hyuk decided to buy the rest of the blood and closed his inventory.

‘Ah, I forgot.’

Soo Hyuk then opened his friends window.

‘Good, he’s online.’

After checking Doran’s status, Soo Hyuk sent a message to him.

– Doran: Wow, thank you for the information!

– Soo Hyuk: You’re welcome~

After thanking Soo Hyuk, Doran faced Pavi, who was resting next to him and said,

“Hey, jackpot.”

“What’s a jackpot?”

“A title that gives 100 stamina!”


Pavi almost doubted his ears.

“100 stamina?”

A title that gives 100 stamina? Pavi couldn’t believe it. It was plausible if it was an item, but since it was a title, he couldn’t believe it.

“Bullshit…is it true?”

Of course, Doran had already expected Pavi’s reaction.

“What kind of title gives 100 stamina.”

“It’s true! Someone told me just now.”

Pavi stared at Doran with suspicion in response to his words.

“…From who?”

“Yeon Jung-nim’s friend!”

“Ah, the person you met hunting orcs?”

“Yep, he hunted 10,000 trolls just now and gained the title.”

Pavi frowned frowned as he listened to Doran.


“Yeah! Isn’t it unbelievable? I’m going to hunt trolls whenever I’m free from now on. If it’s 100 stamina…”

Doran chuckled brightly after trailing off.

“Oh, that’s right.”

Doran once again became serious and asked Pavi.

“What’s the situation with the Desolate guild?”

“About Yeon Jung-nim?”

“Mmm, I think it turned out well since he hasn’t contacted us …”

Yeon Jung had promised them that he would contact them if he needed help. Doran too didn’t have a good relationship with the Desolate guild, but since he hadn’t contacted them, it seemed like it was resolved without significant losses.

“It ended with that Kefan leaving.”

“Huh? What about that bastard Commander? It all started with that guy PKing.”

“Commander is the right-hand man of the Nebula faction. Would Nebula let go of him so easily? He drew the line at Kefan.”

The cause of the situation was a user called Commander. But Commander was the right-hand man of one of the five factions in Desolate, the Nebula faction. Instead of Commander, Kefan was the one who took the blame.

“What about Kefan? That guy’s personality is so rotten. Did he really leave quietly?”

Doran asked. Kefan was famous for his irritable personality and Doran knew that it wasn’t just rumours. Did Kefan, who could be called the symbol of contentiousness, really leave without a fight?

“I don’t know. Something must’ve happened behind the scenes.”

Pavi replied to Doran’s question. Although he wasn’t certain, there was a high chance that something had happened behind the scenes.

“Anyway, apparently there’s going to be a new guild in Hedlin.”

“The coastal city?”


* * *

“Have a good day, sir!”

“Thank you! I’ll come again.”

Soo Hyuk bid farewell to Karl and left the Tower of Earth. Then he opened his quest window as he headed towards the library.

[Special Quest – Troll’s Regeneration]

Hunt trolls and drain their blood!

[Trolls : 4000 / 4000 ]

[Troll’s Blood : 500 / 500 ]

[Quest Reward: Skill – Troll Blood]

After selling the drops Soo Hyuk had bought the last 80 troll’s blood. As a result, he had fulfilled all the conditions to complete the quest.

‘What kind of skill will it be?’

The quest reward was skill – Troll Blood.

‘Is it a healing skill?’

He was looking forward to the new skill. Soo Hyuk press ‘COMPLETE’ with an excited expression.

[Special Quest – Troll’s Regeneration has been completed.]

[Skill – Troll Blood has been obtained.]

The usual system message appeared as Soo Hyuk quickly opened his skill window. Then he checked the ‘Troll Blood’ skill.


Soo Hyuk suddenly stopped his steps when he checked the new skill. His face was full of disbelief as he stared at his skill window.

‘Did I see wrong?’

Soo Hyuk rubbed his eyes and double-checked the skill again.

‘No, I didn’t…’

[<Passive>Troll Blood]

Special Effects:

1. Health recovery rate 200%

2. Increases total amount of health by 100%

‘100% extra health…’

Soo Hyuk was in disbelief because of the second effect of the skill. Increase by 100%? Instead of increasing his health by hundreds, his health had doubled.

‘It’s also a passive.’

What made it truly fraudulent was the fact that it was a passive skill. In Pangea, there were lots of buffs that increased your total health for a fixed duration. But most of them were actives, not passives.

His skill ‘Troll Blood’ was a passive though, and one that doubled his health at that.

‘What is this cheat skill…’

It even increased his recovery rate by 200%!

Soo Hyuk felt similar to when he had first checked his Archmage passive. A scam. Soo Hyuk closed his fraudulent skill description and opened his character window. He had to check if it was real or not.

Occupation: Archmage’s Descendant

Level: 102   Experience: 62%

Health: 56200   Mana: 40800

Satiation: 58%

Strength: 40 (+10)

Agility: 35 (+16)

Stamina: 1108 [554 (+10)]

Wisdom: 2040 (+10)


After checking his new stats, Soo Hyuk automatically exclaimed with admiration. The difference before and after ‘Troll Blood’ was huge.

‘It went over 50,000?’

His original twenty-thousand health had risen to over fifty thousand.

‘I have more health than mana now…’

Soo Hyuk’s mana was extremely high due to his unbelievable wisdom, but his healthpool had surpassed the amount of mana he had.

‘With this much…’

He thought as he stared at his enormous health.

‘Shouldn’t I be able to open the door?’

The Door of Wind that he had put off for later. Wouldn’t it be possible now with his health?

‘No. This problem can’t be solved with just more health.’

But after remembering his fight with the Wind Golem, Soo Hyuk realised that more health wouldn’t be enough to beat its speed. Rather than health, he needed more defence and evasion.

After settling his thought, Soo Hyuk closed his character window and continued heading to the library again.

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