Reader – Chapter 57

“This dog fraud…”


Proficiency: –

Special Effects:

1. 100% extra magic damage

2. Magic casting time is reduced by 15 seconds.

3. There is a set chance to poison the target when attacking with magic.

Soo Hyuk thought as he read the information on ‘Archmage’.

‘Casting time reduced by 15 seconds?’

Previously, it was reduced by 10 seconds, but now, an extra 5 seconds had been reduced. Of course, this wasn’t the problem.

‘Why isn’t the fire option there?’

The fire option had disappeared when Archmage was strengthened a second time.


Originally, the option reduced the casting time of all fire magic.

‘It reduces casting time for all magic?’

However, the crazy thing was that it now reduced the casting time of all magic by 15 seconds. All magic.

‘Does a special buff occur when I unlock more magic?’

The added third option didn’t even enter his eyes. He was fixated on the fraudulent second option.

He was locked in thought as he read the information over and over again. He then closed the skill window while sighing and looked over at the remaining 8 doors.

‘What element should I unlock at level 200?’

He was able to unlock an element every 100 levels. What would he need the most then?

‘Let’s reach that stage first.’

He was currently level 100. It was going to take a long time to reach level 200, much longer than reaching level 100. Soo Hyuk decided to confront it when it comes and entered the tunnel to head to the warp circle.

‘I should ask for the materials now rather than later.’

He had originally planned to head to the library, as that was his usual schedule after hunting. But due to the sudden circumstances, he decided to tweak his schedule for today. Soo Hyuk finally stepped on the warp circle and teleported back to the Tower of Poison.

“Then lastly, 100 Grade 3 mana stones!”


Pavian couldn’t say anything. He just stared blankly at Soo Hyuk. Soo Hyuk awkwardly stared back.

“…Should I come tomorrow?”


Pavian awoke from Soo Hyuk’s question and nodded absentmindedly.

“Ah, uh, sure! We’ll prepare them by tomorrow.”

“Phew, then I’ll come again tomorrow!”

Soo Hyuk stood up from his seat and said goodbye to pavian. As he was standing up, Pavian suddenly asked,

“Can you really use poison magic?”

“Yep! See you tomorrow!”

They had become close enough that they could address each other casually long ago. Soo Hyuk said goodbye again and exited the room. Pavian was still staring blankly at the door when he suddenly came to himself and looked closely at the list of materials.

‘He needs this much materials?’

Pavian started shaking as he looked over the list of materials repeatedly. He then started laughing while yelling loudly,

“Haha! As expected of the immeasurable talent!”

Only a few hours had passed since he had passed on the books to Soo Hyuk, but it looked it he instantly grasped most of the content. He was overflowing with a ridiculous amount of talent.

‘But he won’t be able to use poison magic perfectly.’

No matter how high his talent was, he wouldn’t be able to use poison magic perfectly in such a short amount of time. After all, grasping was different from perfecting. But the important part was that he had been able to grasp poison magic in just a few hours.


Pavian also stood up not long after. Then while holding the list of materials, he headed to Kale’s room.

Tap. Tap.


Pavian shouted while knocking on Kale’s door.


After a few seconds, Kale opened the door and came out.

“What’s the mat-“


Pavian stuffed the list into Kale’s hands before he could finish speaking. Kale stared confusedly at Pavian before looking at the paper in his hands.

“…What’s this?”

“Can you prepare them by tomorrow?”


“Hmm. Is it possible?”

In response to Pavian’s words, Kale read over the list of materials again. After a moment of silence, he raised his head and replied to Pavian.

“It’s possible if I start now. But where are you using them…”

“The Tower of Poison’s new hope needs them.”


“Then I’ll leave it to you.”

“…Yes, sir.”

* * *


Soo Hyuk gave the librarian his token while smiling widely. He then entered the library and thought while walking.

‘Hedlin of Raman Kingdom, is it?’

His family trip was only 3 days away. Unlike usual, his parents had decided to go to somewhere in Pangea instead of reality.

The destination was Raman Kingdom’s coastal city of Hedlin. It was a famous tourist city in Pangea as well as reality.

‘How much will be the warp cost?’

Matab was situated in the middle of the continent, while Raman Kingdom was located in the south, occupying the coast. There was considerable distance between Matab and Raman Kingdom.

‘I’ll have to warp at least 4 times. Fortunately, I can use Archmage’s subspace on the way back.’

Although he had to warp at least 4 times, that was just for reaching Hedlin. As long as he didn’t visit the subspace on Hedlin, he be able to teleport to the subspace then to Matab. As he was deep in thought.

His steps suddenly halted.


Soo Hyuk’s expression was full of confusion and surprise as he stared at a spot.


The cause of his confusion and shock was a book on a bookshelf. It was glowing purple.

‘Special classes shouldn’t be able to change to other classes?’

This was the reason for his confusion in seeing a purple book. Changing classes should be normally impossible for a special class.

‘Don’t tell me it’s not a class change?’

Because of his previous experience, he thought that purple books signified class changed. But thinking about it now, this didn’t seem to be the case. To see exactly what was going on, Soo Hyuk approached the purple book.

‘But, there wasn’t really anything I did.’

He had already read this book. Since the colour had changed, it meant Soo Hyuk had fulfilled some sort of condition. But he hadn’t done anything special since the last time he came here. Soo Hyuk approached the purple book with suspicion now on his face and checked the title.


Soo Hyuk instantly understood the situation when he read the title. It was called ‘Poison Magic’. But that wasn’t it, as there was a tiny word on the corner on the bottom right of the book.


The word ‘Lapis’ was written on the cover. He had failed to notice it last time since it was so faded.

‘Archmage Lapis? Is it that Lapis?’

How could he fail to recognise the name? Lapis was the original Archmage that founded Matab and Soo Hyuk’s class was Archmage’s descenaent. There was no way he wouldn’t recognise it.

‘Was opening the Door of Poison the condition?’

Soo Hyuk believed this was the most likely scenario.


Soo Hyuk suddenly had a thought and looked around at the books around him. It was to check for books about other elements.

‘Not here.’

Since there was a book about poison magic, there was bound to be a book about fire magic. He had opened the door of Fire first. If it existed, then he simply hadn’t found it yet.

‘Is it even in the Matab Library?’,

He couldn’t help but think. But there was a section that he hadn’t looked at yet. It was the bookshelves on the opposite end of the library.

‘Let’s check.’

Soo Hyuk tightly held the purple ‘Poison Magic’ in his hands and started walking. He passed shelf after shelf until he stopped at a purple shine.

“It’s here!”

The purple book was in one of the farthest bookshelves. Soo Hyuk quickly walked up to the book and pulled it out from the bookshelf.

‘As expected!’

The title of the book was ‘Fire Magic’. The word ‘Lapis’ was faintly written on the cover as well. Soo Hyuk held both ‘Poison Magic’ and ‘Fire Magic’ and returned to his usual reading spot.

‘What sort of quests will they give?’

He felt excited at the new discoveries and wondered what quests he would get. Soo Hyuk first opened ‘Fire Magic’ and started reading the book.




Primordial Flame is…




Soo Hyuk cocked his head as he read the book.

‘Primordial Flame? Was there such a skill?’

The reason for his confusion was because of a spell that appeared in the book. ‘Fire Magic’ explained about the properties of fire and the various kinds of spells. But Soo Hyuk had never heard of ‘Primordial Flame’ before.

‘Do I have a quest about it?’

Soo Hyuk couldn’t stand his curiosity and tore his eyes from the words on the book to the words on the skill window. He had gathered all the fire skill quests to a separate section. As numerous skill quests appeared, he patiently read through them all.

‘No, I don’t.’

He had even double-checked, but he still couldn’t find the quest.

‘The Door didn’t give me all the skills?’

When he had gotten advanced spells like Hellfire, he had assumed that he had received quests for all the spells. But it seemed this wasn’t the case.

‘Maybe the book will give me the quests?’

There was the possibility that this book would supply him with the missing skill quests. With this thought in mind, he started to read again. A while later, Soo Hyuk finished reading and closed the book.


The purple shine disappeared, and a message appeared.

[Wisdom has risen greatly.]


Soo Hyuk was flustered at its unexpected contents.

‘Wisdom has risen greatly?’

He had expected it to give a skill quest for Primordial Flame or something similar, but this didn’t turn out to be the case. Soo Hyuk then hurriedly opened his character window, expecting the worst. But the reality was…

‘A troll…’

It was at this moment that Soo Hyuk’s brain stopped functioning.

Class: Archmage’s Descendant

Level: 102   Experience: 62%

Health: 56200   Mana: 51200

Satiation: 54%

Strength: 40 (+10)

Agility: 35 (+16)

Staina: 1108 [554 (+10)]

Wisdom: 2560 (+10)


After a long time, Soo Hyuk was able to come back to himself.

‘It rose by 500?’

His 2060 wisdom rose to 2560. The book had given him 500 wisdom. Then with a stiff expression, he turned to the book next to him, ‘Poison Magic’.


‘This as well?’

Feeling apprehension as well as anticipation, Soo Hyuk dived straight away into ‘Poison Magic.’

‘This has missing spells as well.’

There were numerous spells which weren’t in his quests in ‘Poison Magic’, like Primordial Flame.

‘I’m certain that Archmage Lapis knew how to cast them.’

Lapis had known how to cast these spells. Then how would Soo Hyuk be able to acquire them? Soo Hyuk shook his head to clear his thoughts and eventually finished the book.

[Wisdom has risen greatly.]

The same message as ‘Fire Magic’ appeared as the book lost its purple shine. Soo Hyuk, who hadn’t closed his character window from before, moved his eyes and looked at his new stats.


500 wisdom had risen as expected. While staring at his wisdom, which had instantly risen from 2000 to 3000, Soo Hyuk thought.

‘There are eight more books like this.’

He had read two books: ‘Fire Magic’ and ‘Poison Magic’. There were still eight more such books left, and they would most likely raise his wisdom by 500 as well.

‘My wisdom can rise by 4000 through these books alone.’

Of course, he still had to open the corresponding doors.

‘Level 900…’

It wouldn’t be easy in any way.


With a sigh, Soo Hyuk rose up from his seat while closing his character window.

“Let’s just read more books.”

He then started heading towards the bookshelves.

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