Reader – Chapter 58


The white glow faded away as Soo Hyuk closed the book. His wisdom didn’t rise this time. Soo Hyuk put aside the now dull book and checked the time.

‘It’s 2 pm. They should be ready by now.’

He was thinking about the materials Pavian had promised, as a day had already passed since he had requested for the materials.

‘Then should I get going?’

Soo Hyuk stood up from his seat and came out of the library after returning the books. He then headed towards the Tower of Poison while checking his skill quests.

[Skill Quest – Poison Blast]

Meet the following conditions!

[Gold : 15900 / 30 ]

[Quest Reward: Skill – Poison Blast]




[Skill Quest – Poison Fog]

Meet the following conditions!

[Gold : 15900 / 100 ]

[Paralysis Extract : 0 / 10 ]

[Quest Reward: Skill – Poison Fog]

All the skill quests from the Door of Poison were separated into a separate category like the fire skill quests. As he stared at the skill quests, he determined.

‘The ones I can’t complete right now are…’

Not all quests needed various materials and gold to complete. Instead, they required specific achievements like hunting a particular monster.

‘These three.’

[Skill Quest – Poison Dragon]

Meet the following conditions!

[Black Dragon : 0 / 1 ]

[Black Dragon’s Heart : 0 / 1 ]

[Poison Essence : 0 / 10 ]

Quest Reward: Skill – Poison Dragon




[Skill Quest – Encroach]

Meet the following conditions!

[Zombie : 0 / 5000 ]

[Dullahan : 0 / 200 ]

[Lich : 0 / 200 ]

Quest Reward: Skill – Encroach




[Skill Quest – Miasma Release]

Meet the following conditions!

[Hydra : 0 / 1 ]

[Hydra’s Saliva Gland : 0 / 1 ]

[Gold : 15900 / 10000 ]

Quest Reward: Skill – Miasma Blast

Soo Hyuk shook his head after he checked the three quests. The conditions were almost impossible!

‘How much do I have to level up to complete them?’

The conditions for the skill ‘Encroach’, required him to hunt numerous zombies, dullahan and liches. Although it would take a long time, it was barely doable, since he was someone who had hunted 10,000 trolls. But the story was different if it was the Black Dragon or the Hydra. It was almost impossible to raid black dragons and hydras alone, even if his level was over 200 or perhaps even more.

Soo Hyuk moved all the quests that he could complete now into the first section on his skill window. It was to clean it so that he could navigate more easily. And so, Soo Hyuk left the three hardest skill quests in the third section and eventually arrived at the Tower of Poison.

Tap. Tap.

“Soo Hyuk-nim is here.”

As usual, the women guarding the fourth floor announced his arrival and waited for Pavian’s reply. However, Pavian’s reply was different from what they expected.

“Oh? Wait a minute, I’ll go out.”

After a few seconds, the door was opened and Pavian strode out of his room.

“Now, shall we go?”

Pavian said to Soo Hyuk.


Soo Hyuk couldn’t understand his words. Go where exactly? Then, Pavian, who had read his thoughts, continued.

“We can’t test magic in my room, especially with all the materials.

“Ah, yes.”

Soo Hyuk replied to Pavian’s words. Then Pavian took the lead and started walking while Soo Hyuk hurriedly followed after him. And so, Soo Hyuk and Pavian kept climbing down stairs until Pavian stopped at the 3rd underground floor.

‘Hmm? Where is it?’

The 3rd underground floor was shaped similarly to a massive hall, and it was completely empty. Soo Hyuk couldn’t find the materials anywhere despite looking around everywhere around the hall.


At that moment.

‘’This has everything you need.”

Pavian said while holding out a pouch.

“In here?”


Soo Hyuk received the pouch from Pavian.

[You have obtained Pavian’s Pouch.]

A message then appeared and Soo Hyuk immediately checked the item information.

[<Hero>Pavian’s Pouch]

You will receive various items when the pouch is used.

‘It’s a consumable.’

He had thought that it would be a special item, but it was just a consumable. However, it wasn’t anything major, so he immediately decided to use it. As a result, numerous system messages started appearing in his vision.

[You have obtained 200 Grade 5 Mana Stones.]

[You have obtained 350 Grade 4 Mana Stones.]


Soo Hyuk stared blankly at the suuden messages, before recovering and opened his quest window. All the skill quests in the first section had their ‘COMPLETE’ buttons glowing. Staring at them with satisfaction, Soo Hyuk started completing the skills quests.

[You have completed Skill Quest – Acid Spray.]

[You have learned Skill – Acid Spray.]

[You have completed Skill Quest – Poison Fog.]

[You have obtained Skill – Poison Fog.]


“Now, try casting a poison spell.”

Pavian said while Soo Hyuk completing the quests.

“Ah, yes.”

Soo Hyuk nodded in response to his words and hurriedly completed his quest. He then spoke to Pavian,

“Um, how should I show you the magic…”

The underground hall was completely empty, so Soo Hyuk didn’t have something he could fire his spells at. How could he randomly cast poison magic in this empty space?

“Ah, wait a moment.”

In response to Soo Hyuk’s question, Pavian pulled out another pouch from his robe. He then pulled something out of the pouch and set it in dront of him.

‘…Iron Scarecrows?’

He had wondered what Pavian had taken out. It was an Iron Scarecorw. A scarecrow with ridiculously high physical defence as well as magic resistance.

‘Oh well, I needed to destroy some anyway.’

One of the conditions for the stat quest ‘Vigorous Body’, was destroying Iron Scarecrows.

‘But how many is he taking out?’

Pavian didn’t show any signs of stopping. He was still setting up Iron Scarecrows at a set distance from each other. Then after 20 scarecrows were installed, Pavian came back to Soo Hyuk and said.

“You don’t need to worry about them breaking. They’re my specially-made Iron Scarecrows. Since their magic resistance is higher than the normal ones in the market, you can go all out with the magic.”

Soo Hyuk nodded at Pavian’s reminder, and focused on the scarecrows, while Pavian moved out of the way.

“Poison Fog.”

As soon as Pavian was out of range, Soo Hyuk cast Poison Fog. It’s original casting time was 15 seconds, but it was cast instantly because of the Archmage passive.


The poison fog was cast around a scarecrow and then rapidly expanded towards the other scarecrows. At that moment, Pavian’s expression stiffened.


Pavian stared incredulously at the expanding poison fog.

‘How did he cast it so fast?’

Soo Hyuk had instantly cast the Poison Fog spell, while seasoned magicians could only do it in around 2-3 seconds. Pavian was greatly surprised at this situation.

‘It’s m-melting?’

The scarecrow at the very centre had started melting from the poison. His specially-requested Iron Scarecrows were being destroyed by a beginner magician! It had greatly increased magic resistance, so how was it melting?

At that moment.

“Poison Sphere.”

Soo Hyuk cast his second spell, ‘Poison Sphere’. His target was the scarecrow on the far left, which was unaffected by the fog. A green sphere the size of a small soccer ball instantly appeared in his hand and flew towards the scarecrow.


The Poison Sphere crashed into the scarecrow and scattered poison in the explosion. Pavian could then see it. His Iron Scarecrow which had half of its body dissolved.


Soo Hyuk was about to cast another spell but stopped at Pavian’s instructions.

“Then I’ll see you next time.”

“Yes! Make sure to visit once every three months! Don’t forget!”

“Of course.”

Soo Hyuk left Pavian with a goodbye and climbed up the stairs to the 1st floor.

Pavian stared at Soo Hyuk starting to climb the stairs then looked back at his scarecrows. They were in perfect condition before but now, they were unrecognisable.

‘I was planning to give him advise…’

Unfortunately, Soo Hyuk had completely demolished the scarecrows with his magic.

‘It was perfect, no it was even beyond that.’

Unlike his expectations, Soo Hyuk’s magic turned out to be flawless, not flawed.

‘It was strong. Especially his casting speed.’

Instant casting. In that scene, Soo Hyuk had looked like an experienced magician, rather than an inexperienced one.

‘Is it an ability of the immeasurable talent?’

That was a plausible theory, although he had no evidence.

‘Well, I was worried for nothing in the end.’

He had been worried about Soo Hyuk’s affinity with poison magic. Even if he was the immeasurable talent, there was no guarantee that he would be talented in every field. But now, it seemed as though he had been worried for nothing.


Pavian smiled widely. He then faintly waved his hand and the destroyed scarecrows were returned to his pouch. After retrieving the scarecrows, Pavian climbed up the stairs to head back to his room.

* * *

Outside the Tower of Poison, Soo Hyuk started walking back to the library.

‘Which library should I go to next?’

It was worrisome.

‘I’ll have read all the books in the library by next month.’

His family trip was just 2 days away. Judging from his speed and the books left, he would be able to finish the books in Matab Library in a month. The problem was, where would he go next?

‘Also, why are their conditions so difficult?’

The conditions for Matab were easy to fulfil. You just had to be a magician to enter. But the other libraries were different, as they all had difficult conditions. Be a noble, be an official etc. They were quite diverse.

‘Let’s worry about it when the time comes.’

Soo Hyuk decided as he sighed. It wasn’t urgent so he had no need to worry about it now. Soo Hyuk shook his head to clear his thoughts and continued walking with a more relaxed expression.

* * *

“This is all I can do for you. Sorry.”

“Haha, no problem. This is enough for me. If you do any more, the others will start complaining and make a mess.”

Kefan replied to Commander as they walked down the beach. They had just met with Hedlin’s mayor and Raman Kingdom’s marquis, Cavell.

“What about the plan? Do you even have one? As you might’ve seen, Cavell won’t easily give us the representative guild position.”

“Of course.”

Commander replied to Kefan’s question.

“Tourist City Hedlin!”

Hedlin was regarded as a tourist city for its beautiful beaches. People even considered Hedlin as a vacation spot even though it was in a virtual reality. It was that beautiful. Every street in Hedlin was bustling with users and NPCs, busily going about their lives.

“What would happen if the merry atmosphere was ruined by an unfortunate incident?”

If an unfortunate incident such as murders happened, from Hedlin’s perspective, it would be a very big hit. It would damage their reputation as one of the best tourist sites.

“They would search for people who can restore the public’s sense of safety. Hehe.”

Kefan burst into a wide smile as he concluded.

“…As expected.”

After listening to Kefan’s conjecture, Commander smiled faintly and replied.

“You have great foresight. You’re a very promising person.”

“Is that a compliment?”

 “I wonder.”

Commander smiled and cocked his head at Kefan’s words.

“Anyway, try your best. Contact me if a problem suddenly pops up. I will try my best to help you then.”


“Then I’ll be on my way. See you next time.”

“I’ll report soon!”

Commander walked away from Kefan after saying goodbye. Meanwhile, Kefan opened his friend window after Commander left.

“Who should I use…”

His friend tab was filled with various users. Kefan scrolled down, trying decide who to choose for this job.

“Hmm, how about this guy?”

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