Reader – Chapter 64

A green fog suddenly appeared at the Demon guild’s entrance, and with it came countless messages.

[You have attacked user ‘Rakol’.]

[You have entered an ‘enemy’ state with user Rakol.]

[User Rakol has a high infamy score.]

[Your infamy score will not rise.]

[You have attacked user ‘White’.]

[You have entered an ‘enemy’ state with user White.]

[User White has a high infamy score.]

[Your infamy score will not rise.]


Soo Hyuk was staring into the silent fog, preparing for any Demon guild members that might charge out. From their silhouettes, he could tell that some were trying to escape disorderly, while some weren’t moving at all.

‘Is it paralysis?’

The users that weren’t moving inside the fog must’ve fallen into a paralysis state.

“Soo Hyuk? Isn’t this bastard the one we were searching for? The one with a kill order?”

“This fucker doesn’t know any fear! Where does he think this is!?”

“What, he’s here?”

“He’s crazy.”

“Is he that Soo Hyuk?”

“I think so? Didn’t they say he wasn’t in a guild? This bastard’s not in one either.”

Soo Hyuk checked inside the fog just in case, but they were all Demon guild members.

 The users that could still move were haphazardly trying to escape while cursing loudly. It was a pandemonium in there. Meanwhile, there were a few people that the fog couldn’t cover or those that managed to escape the fog.

“Flame Dance.”

Soo Hyuk first aimed Flame Dance at the Demon guild members that the poison fog couldn’t affect.


The small wisp of fire flew from his hands and wreaked havoc amongst the Demon guild members. After that, he continuously cast magic after magic at the escaping guild members.

“Firebolt, Poison Sphere, Poison Blast, Poison Chains, Firestorm.”

[You have attacked user ‘Raiden’.]

[You have entered an ‘enemy’ state with user Raiden.]

[User Raiden has a high infamy score.]

[Your infamy score will not rise.]

[You have attacked user ‘Kyakya’.]

[You have entered an ‘enemy’ state with user Kyakya.]

[User Kyakya has a high infamy score.]

[Your infamy score will not rise.]

Numerous messages appeared every time he cast a spell. As Soo Hyuk glanced at the messages, he thought,

‘Fortunately, they’re all criminals.’

All the Demon guild members had a high infamy score without exception, which meant that his own infamy score wouldn’t rise even if he killed them. If some of them had a low infamy score? He himself could be branded as a criminal after this. As he leisurely fired one spell after another, the Demon guild members were falling around him like flies.

At that moment.

“Hey! Look at that fucker!”

“This crazy bastard!

Soo Hyuk heard faint cries from behind his back. The other Demon guild members were returning after getting a message.

“Magic Missile, Inferno.”

He first cast his available magic at the returning Demon guild members. As they collapsed without any resistance, he thought,

‘I think this is enough for them to divert their attention for a while.’

He had killed Demon guild members right in their turf. If nothing unexpected happened, the members in Hedlin would be called back to investigate around Hadrac.

‘I’ll see you again after my holiday.’

After swearing in his mind, Soo Hyuk then ran to a corner. Making sure he was out of sight, he then teleported to the Archmage’s Subspace.

“Archmage’s Subspace.”

[Warping to the Archmage’s Subspace.]

Soo Hyuk took his mask off when he arrived at the subspace. Then he started walking towards the tunnel to head back to Hedlin.

‘They were a lot weaker than I expected.’

He had expected that they wouldn’t be very difficult. The three men that he had killed first: Loken, Mandara and Haiden, were treated as being on the strong side of the Demon guild. But it turned out to be not only ‘not hard’, but ‘very easy’.

‘Maybe I should’ve cleaned them out completely?’

While reflecting, he arrived at Hedlin.

“Please wait!”

“We’ll be using it first!”

Soo Hyuk, who had arrived at Hedlin, saw the Demon guild members rushing to the warp gates. They were trying to cut the line so that they could use the warp gates faster. It was likely because of the turmoil in Hadrac.

‘It worked out as I expected.’

Soo Hyuk sighed in relief while looking around. He would’ve been in a tough spot if they hadn’t reacted to his actions, but it had turned out well.

‘I can finally relax with my parents in peace.’

He had successfully diverted their attention from Hedlin, so his plan was a resounding success. After glancing at the panicking Demon guild, he headed for a bakery. He had promised his parents after all.



Soo Hyuk looked around the bakery after receiving the baker’s greeting. The stock ranged from the basic hard bread to the crazy high-end bread that cost over 30 gold.

‘Should I buy some of everything?’

His situation was different from when he first started Pangea. Breads costing 30 gold were in his range of ‘acceptable’. So, he bought 3 of each kind except the hard bread. Walking out of the bakery, he sent a message to his dad, Ji Song.

-Soo Hyuk: Dad, where are you?

-Ji Song: Oh, is this how you do it?

-Ji Song: Ah, I did it!

-Ji Song: Come to the third gate! I’ll be waiting there!

-Soo Hyuk: I’ll be right there.

Soo Hyuk smiled after sending the message. He could enjoy his holiday now.

* * *

Baal asked in disbelief.

“Rhino said he didn’t know?”

He was suspicious. Rhino should’ve been able to dig up information about some poison magician, but he suddenly couldn’t? Haggis replied to Baal’s question.

“Yes, he doesn’t know. He said there isn’t a poison magician like that.”

Rhino definitely said that he didn’t know. That there was no such poison magician. Then, Baal remarked at Haggis’ answer.

“Hmm, it’s weird. They clearly said that it was a poison tower robe.

He was also a user, not an NPC. And for users to be able to wear the Tower of Poison’s robe, they had to pass their test first. There was no other way to get a poison tower robe. One couldn’t exchange, drop or buy it as well.

“Did Loken make a mistake somehow?”

There was a possibility that this Soo Hyuk was wearing something similar to the poison tower’s robe.

“But Haiden couldn’t have mistaken it as well…”

Baal considered the possibility that Loken could’ve mistaken it, but immediately rejected the thought. Two people couldn’t make the same mistake. There was a possibility, but it would be pitifully low.

“But the thing is…”

Haggis opened his mouth while Baal was muttering to himself.

“I don’t think Rhino’s telling the truth.”


Baal cocked his head at Haggis’ words.

“What do mean, he’s not telling the truth? How could you tell?”

“His eyes.”

During the conversation, Haggis had always had an uncomfortable feeling.

“How should I put it, it was like he was pretending not to know.”


Baal exclaimed in surprise.

“Of course, I’m not 100% sure.”

Haggis quickly continued at Baal’s reaction. He wasn’t certain, it was merely a gut feeling.


Baal murmured.

“If it’s as you said…”

Baal trailed off but then quickly continued.

“Then he must be at a tricky location, or he’s someone out of our league…”

At that moment, Baal suddenly froze with a confused frown.


Haggis made a suspicious expression at Baal’s sudden change. Why had he stopped talking? Did something big happen?

“Haa… Unbelievable.”

Baal muttered quietly.

“What happened?”

Asked Haggis.


Baal then trailed off again. Then he looked at the message again.

-Rako: Soo Hyuk suddenly appeared at the guild house! He’s attacking the guild members.

‘This crazy bastard.’

He couldn’t put it any other way. Baal turned his eyes away from the message to Haggis, who was waiting for his answer.

“This Soo Hyuk is apparently just outside the door?”


Haggis frowned at the unexpected answer.

“Is he insane?”

Did he even know where this was?

“I’ll take care of it.”

Haggis sighed as he stood up from his seat. He hadn’t planned to be actively involved with the hunt, but it couldn’t be helped now since Soo Hyuk was at the front door. After exiting the room, he kept walking to the gates of the guild house. When he came out of the building, Haggis could see a thick green gas covering the gates.

‘…Poison fog?’

Haggis thought as he stared at the green gas. The reason other members couldn’t get in was likely because of the poison fog.

“Is that a poison fog?”

He asked a nearby guild member.

“It is.”

The guild member replied while nodding.

“Isn’t there anyone who can use wind or fire magic?”

Haggis then asked the guild members in his surroundings. They could blow away the poison gas with wind or fire magic, but no one answered his call. Haggis stared at the silent guild members gripping various weapons like swords and spears and sighed deeply.

‘Do I have to break through with force?’

It seemed like the only way they could get past the poison fog was to break through forcibly. After steeling himself, Haggis plunged himself into the thick green fog.

[You have been poison by the Blood Troll’s Poison.]

[You will bleed for 1 minute.]

[You have been poisoned by Snake Venom.]

[You will be frozen for 1 minute.]

[All movement speed will be reduced by 10%]

[You have entered an ‘enemy’ state with user ‘Soo Hyuk’.]

Numerous messages appeared when he entered the poison fog. Then when he looked at the status ailments, Haggis quickly checked his health while running.

“This fucking scam.”

Haggis hurriedly opened his inventory and took out a health potion after he looked at his current health. His health was depleting at an outrageous rate. Then after taking the potion and successfully breaking through the fog, Haggis couldn’t help but curse again.

“Fuck! What the heck is this!”

A massive fire tornado was coming towards him. Haggis hesitated for a moment, then jumped into the green gas again. Then while taking a health potion again, he ran towards the guild house.

“Eh, vice guild master?”

The guild members who were waiting outside the fog made a surprised expression when Haggis appeared again in a ragged state. They were confused about why Haggis had come back so quickly, but Haggis wasn’t in a situation to explain.

Haggis quickly took a purifying potion to get rid of his bleeding and frozen state, then sent Baal, who was still in the room, a message.

-Haggis: Outside’s a complete mess.

-Baal: What do you mean?

-Haggis: There’s poison fog, fire tornados and shit at the gates!

-Baal: What? Firestorm?

-Haggis: Yes! First call back the guys in Hedlin. No one here can resolve the situation!

-Baal: Alright.


The poison fog disappeared when he ended his talk with Baal. It looked like the effect duration had run out. When Haggis looked outside, he couldn’t see the Firestorm either, but he frowned when he looked at what was there.


There were numerous corpses everywhere. And the mark of the Demon guild was still glowing faintly on the corpses.

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