Reader – Chapter 66

‘This bastard is here again…!’

Haggis had faintly suspected when Baal suddenly screamed and ran out, but his suspicions turned out to be true.

“What are you sh*ts doing! Hurry up and move!”

Baal shouted at the guild members around him. At his shout, the uneasy guild members entered the guild house one by one and waited for the poison fog to wear out.

Sigh, this is all we can do…’

Haggis lamented as he waited inside the building, watching the magic circle slowly trying to counteract the poison. When the magic circle had finally gotten rid of the poison fog, the sullen guild members came out one by one.

Was it because Haggis and Baal were with them? When the Demon guild members caught sight of Soo Hyuk’s back running away, they yelled with bloodshot eyes and started chasing after him.

“This bastard? Where do you think you’re going!!!”

Haggis shouted the loudest as they chased Soo Hyuk down the street. But Soo Hyuk didn’t respond to their provocations and disappeared behind a corner. When Soo Hyuk disappeared from their eyes, Baal and the Demon guild increased their speed even more until they also arrived at the corner.

And when they did…


“This XXX!!!”

“Again, and again!”

“Heuk…heuk…this is bullying…”

Baal’s entire group broke down cursing and screaming with agony as they glared at a desolate spot on the road.

* * *

[Warping to the Archmage’s Subspace.]

Soo Hyuk had just teleported to his subspace and was walking to the warp circle.

‘They’re adapting quickly.’

It was 8 days since he started attacking the Demon guild’s guild house, and 10 days since he had first encountered them.

‘They’ve even installed a magic circle.’

His poison fog had disappeared much quicker than last time, the cause was the newly installed magic circle.

‘Hmm, I’ll have to change it up a bit. First, the magic circle’s diameter isn’t that big…’

The magic circle that had appeared today didn’t have a large diameter, so he could work around that. And so, when Soo Hyuk was planning his next attack…

-Yeon Jung: “Soo Hyuk-ah.”

A message came from Yeon Jung. At his sudden message, Soo Hyuk stopped what he was doing and replied to his message.

-Soo Hyuk: “Mmm.”

Soo Hyuk stepped on the warp circle and warped to Matab as he sent the message.

-Yeon Jung: “Oh? You replied immediately? Where are you right now?”

-Soo Hyuk: “I’m heading to the library. Why?”

-Yeon Jung: “Yes, I thought so.”

-Yeon Jung: “So, when are you going to join our guild?”

Soo Hyuk figured out the reason for Yeon Jung’s message as he read Yeon Jung’s message.

-Soo Hyuk: “Please wait a bit more.”

He replied. Soo Hyuk still had business with the Demon guild. He couldn’t expose Yeon Jung’s guild right now.

-Yeon Jung: “Is it because of the Demon guild?”

Yeon Jung obviously knew about what he had been doing over the past couple of days. It was one of the hot issues on the Pangea forums, so there was no way the well-informed Yeon Jung wouldn’t know.

-Soo Hyuk: “Yes.”

-Yeon Jung: “How much longer are you going to keep this up?”

Yeon Jung asked at Soo Hyuk’s answer. He was curious. The Demon guild was being beaten, no, punished by Soo Hyuk. So much so, that Yeon Jung couldn’t overcome his curiosity and ended up asking Soo Hyuk.

-Soo Hyuk: “Well, I originally wanted to go for a month…”

-Yeon Jung: “A month?”

-Soo Hyuk: “Yeah, but I’m considering changing it.”

-Soo Hyuk: “I think it’s going to end in under a month.”

His pain was slowly disappearing every time he woke up.

-Yeon Jung: “Then tell me when it ends.”

-Soo Hyuk: “Alright.”

-Yeon Jung: “Oh, how much more books do you have to go through?”

He was talking about the books in Matab Library.

-Soo Hyuk: “I think I’m going to be done in a week.”

-Yeon Jung: “You really are crazy. Crazy fast. How did you even…”

-Yeon Jung: “Anyway, what are you going to do after that? Will you go to another library?”

-Soo Hyuk: “I probably will.”

-Yeon Jung: “Do you have any idea where you’ll go?”

Soo Hyuk fell into thought at Yeon Jung’s question.


Where should he go?

‘Hadrac looked okay when I checked it out…’

Was it because he had visited Hadrac frequently over the last few days? Whatever the reason, Soo Hyuk had gotten curious about the library at Hadrac. Hadrac’s library wasn’t as big as the Matab Library, but it wasn’t small either.

‘The entry conditions seem okay as well.’

The size of the library was important, to Soo Hyuk, the entry conditions for libraries were more important. After all, what use were the libraries, if he could only admire the architecture and not the books?  The conditions for Hadrac’s library was a little more difficult than Matab’s library. No, to be more precise, rather than more difficult, it required him to put in more effort than the Matab Library.

Hadrac was a city-state and a mercenary state at the same time. To access Hadrac’s library, he only needed to fulfil either one of two conditions.

‘To be an A-rank mercenary.’

The first condition was to be an A-rank mercenary. Like Matab’s Central Spire, Hadrac also had its Mercenary’s Agency.

In the Mercenary’s Agency, you could rise up the ranks through completing the quests commissioned there. In other words, if he completed quests fast enough, then he would be able to enter the Hadrac Library.

‘It would’ve been perfect if Yeon Jung’s guild was based in Hadrac.’

The second condition was to be in a S-rank guild. In that situation, one could freely use the library without being an A-rank mercenary. But the second condition had a catch. Soo Hyuk had already planned to join ‘Reader’, but the second condition only applied to guilds based in Hadrac. This meant that the second condition was as good as non-existent for Soo Hyuk.

-Soo Hyuk: “I’m considering Hadrac.”

-Yeon Jung: “What? Hadrac?”

-Yeon Jung: “What about the Demon guild? Won’t they bother you?”

The current atmosphere in Hadrac was akin to a war zone. It was because of Soo Hyuk and the Demon guild. Although not big in terms of the entire continent, the Demon guild was a colossal giant in Hadrac, and from the Demon guild’s perspective, they couldn’t let Soo Hyuk go peacefully.

-Soo Hyuk: “I’m not going to move there right now.”

He hadn’t yet conquered the Matab Library, plus Hadrac was still one of many candidates. If he found a better library, he would move there instead.

-Soo Hyuk: “And if I do, I’ll just have to make sure they learn their lesson before I move.”

He had no need to maintain this current situation with the Demon guild. He would let the situation settle down a bit, before dealing a finishing move towards them.

-Soo Hyuk: “Then I’m going to read now.”

-Yeon Jung: “Sure. Make sure to contact me if something happens!”

Soo Hyuk no longer replied to Yeon Jung’s messages, as he walked towards the bookshelf to pull out a book.

* * *


Yang Joo Hyuk breathed out deeply while stretching his stiff back.

“I’m finally done.”

He had finished all of the day’s work at last. A satisfied smile emerged from his face as he continued to stretch his neck next.

‘Now that I think about it…’

While bending back from stretching his back, Yang Joo Hyuk turned his neck to stare at Jang Yool’s back. Jang Yool was still typing on his keyboard with his eyes glued to the monitor.


Yang Joo Hyuk called out to him.


Jang Yool replied while still staring at the monitor.

“Tell me the situation of the special grade users.”

Because he had concentrated on his work the entire day, he hadn’t yet checked out the situation on the various special grade users.

“All of them?”

“Are there any users that did anything big?”

“Well yes.”

The special grade users were all users who could heavily influence the situation of the game. Correspondingly, they usually attracted a lot of attention from the public. But none of the recent news drew Yang Joo Hyuk’s attention.

“Well, there’s only the Hunting King and Soo Hyuk.”

Jang Yool said as he replied to Yang Joo Hyuk. The special grade users weren’t all in one grade either. They were separated into separate grades within the special grade itself.

Yang Joo Hyuk was staring at the names on the top of the list. Hunting King and Soo Hyuk. However, unlike most special grade users, these two preferred playing quietly. Hunting King usually only hunted various monsters or progressed on quests, while Soo Hyuk usually only read books at the Matab Library. But if they were to suddenly erupt one day, the entire continent could experience a big change.

“Please wait.”

Jang Yool started typing on his keyboard, then opened his mouth after a few seconds.

“The Hunting King is currently hunting.”

The Hunting King’s name was mentioned first.

‘As expected.’

After all, the Hunting King was hunting most of the time.

“What about the quest?”

Yang Joo Hyuk asked.

“He has almost completed the condition, and he’s probably going to turn into a Celestial soon.”


Yang Joo Hyuk nodded knowingly in response to Jang Yool’s words.

“What about Soo Hyuk?”

“He’s reading.”

“Does he still look for the Demon guild nowadays?”

The first time Soo Hyuk had attacked the Demon guild, Yang Joo Hyuk had been extremely surprised, as this was the first time he had acted like that.

“I think he’s very angry.”

“Well, seeing as two people close to him died right in front of him.”

He could understand the situation. Soo Hyuk had gone on a trip with two people, then they had suddenly died to the Demon guild.

“Looking at it now, it seems like they were his parents.”

“Yes, I think so too. Over 10 days and he’s still going at it after all.”

It was already the tenth day since Soo Hyuk started to tussle with the Demon guild. From this, they could assume that those two people weren’t simple friends.

“Ah! Right!”

As they were mulling over Soo Hyuk’s revenge, Jang Yool suddenly exclaimed.

“It looks like he’s going to conquer the Matab Library soon.”


Yang Joo Hyuk was surprised again by Jang Yool’s words.

‘Wow, time passes fast.’

It seemed like yesterday when he had just conquered the Oren Library, but it was the Matab Library soon? He then opened his mouth and wondered,

“Will he look for another library again?”

“Well looking at his actions…”

Jang Yool’s words trailed off until he was silent. His past actions seemed to suggest that he would indeed go to another library and conquer it as well.


Yang Joo Hyuk was silent as he thought the same as Jang Yool. Then he opened his mouth again as a thought popped up.

“Tell me when he moves to another library.”


At Jang Yool’s reply, Yang Joo Hyuk stood up from his seat and went over to the next room. As he opened the door to the resting room, he thought,

‘I wonder what Teacher would think.’

He had already told his teacher about the Archmage’s Descendant and his situation; however, the teacher had told him to stop worrying. He still couldn’t understand why his teacher, who had put his everything into Pangea, would react like that.

‘If I could only access all the information…’

There were things even Yang Joo Hyuk couldn’t check. If he just had that information, he could deduce the various users’ thought processes. It was truly a pity.

‘Ehew, I’ll be able to someday.’

There was a reason for everything. He believed that it was the same for this as well. Ridding himself of his whimsical thoughts, Yang Joo Hyuk lay down on his bed in the resting room, and a few seconds later, soft snores could be heard in the room.

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