Reader – Chapter 69

[Special Quest – Vigorous Body]

Complete the conditions below! Your body will be strengthened exponentially.

[Iron Scarecrows Destroyed: 50 / 50 ]

[Drink Mad Alchemist Kora’s special potions: 0 / 2 ]

[Quest Reward: Stamina Stat Upgrade]

The reason Soo Hyuk was familiar with the name Kora was because of this quest. The stat quest he got from reading a red book in the Matab Library.

‘Is it this Kora?’

Was the Kora in the ranked mission the same as the one in his stat quest? To confirm it, Soo Hyuk closed his quest window then looked up at the waiting NPC.

“There’s one more thing I want to ask you about.”

“Ah, please ask.”

“Do you know about this person, alchemist Kora?”

“No, I don’t.”

The NPC didn’t know an alchemist called Kora, whether it was the Mad Alchemist or another person. At his reply, Soo Hyuk carefully re-read the ranked mission ‘Alchemist Kora’s Ingredients’ again.

-Alchemist Kora’s Ingredients.

Prepare 50 Orc Eyeballs, 2 Ogre Hearts, 20 Rabbit Livers.

Completion Reward: 50 gold and 5 Kora’s special potions

“I’ll go with this one.”

Soo Hyuk said to the NPC after he saw the rewards. Although he wasn’t sure if the potions mentioned here were the same as the ones in his stat quest but there was a high chance that they were one and the same.

‘The ingredients…’

The materials he had to gather were 50 orc eyeballs and 2 ogre hearts, which have an extremely low drop rate. Rabbit livers were also hard to get. In other words, it was a fairly difficult mission.

‘But I have money.’

The reason Soo Hyuk chose this quest other than the rewards, despite its difficulty, was because he could just buy the materials from places like Hadrac’s Auction House. There was no need to stubbornly grind for them.

[You have selected the quest ‘Alchemist Kora’s Ingredients.]

“When you complete the missions, please go up to the second floor.”

The NPC added. Basically, the 1st floor was for receiving missions, while the 2nd floor was for when they were completed.

“I will.”

Soo Hyuk, who was looking at the message, stood up at the NPC’s words, then exited the Mercenary Agency. His destination was the Hadrac Auction House. After walking for a couple of minutes, he arrived in front of the Auction House. Standing in front of the entrance, he opened the quest window to double-check the new quest ‘Alchemist Kora’s Ingredients.’

[Alchemist Kora’s Ingredients]

Alchemist Kora is making a special potions, but he needs the items mentioned below.

[Orc Eyeballs: 0 / 50 ]

[Ogre Hearts: 0 / 2 ]

[Rabbit Livers: 0 / 20 ]

[Quest Reward: 50 gold, 5 Mad Alchemist Kora’s special potions]

Soo Hyuk froze when he read the quest description.

‘I was right!’

The Kora in the ranked mission and in the stat quest are the same person. The quest rewards confirm it.

‘If I complete this, then I can do the stat quest as well.’

If he completed this quest then he would receive 50 gold and 5 Kora’s potions and to complete the second condition of the ‘Vigorous Body’ quest, he needed to drink 2 potions. In other words, this ranked mission was the last step to getting the stamina stat upgrade.

‘How will it change?’

He felt expectant at the prospect.

“Buying items! Any quick sales?”

“I’m buying japtems! I’ll take anything! Just come, I’ll give good money!” [1]

“Selling heroic grade protective gear! For warriors! I can’t stress how much they’ll benefit warriors around level 100!”

Around the entrance of the auction house, numerous users were yelling loudly in their spots, hoping to get a bargain. Soo Hyuk passed by them casually and entered the auction house.

Soo Hyuk looked around the interior after he entered the auction house.

‘Are the auctions that way?’

He wondered. There were a lot more users on the left side of the building than the right side. The left side seemed to be where live auctions were taking place.

Of course, his aim today wasn’t in the live auctions. After briefly glancing at the heated atmosphere on his left, Soo Hyuk turned to his right and started walking.

“What can I help you with?”

“Can you open the auction window?”

Soo Hyuk answered.


A giant window appeared in front of Soo Hyuk at his words. It was the auction window. Soo Hyuk, fascinated by a new feature, started browsing through the auction window in a curious manner.


The first thing he checked was the ‘orc eyeballs’. Because they had a good drop rate, there were plenty in stock.

‘1 gold for an eyeball? It’s cheaper than I thought?”

The prices were also cheap at 1 gold per eyeball. If he bought all 50, than it would cost 50 gold, and that was practically pocket change for Soo Hyuk. Without hesitating, Soo Hyuk pressed ‘buy’.

[You have acquired 50 orc eyeballs.]

After the eyeballs, was the ogre hearts. Soo Hyuk typed ‘ogre heart’ in the search bar, but fell into thought at the prices.

‘150 gold…’

 The ogre hearts were incomparably more expensive than the orc eyeballs. 150 gold per heart, 300 gold for two. In cash, it was 30,000 won.

‘Hmm, it’s just 30,000 won.’

It was expensive, but he could handle it.

[You have acquired 2 ogre hearts.]

After buying the ogre hearts, Soo Hyuk searched for rabbit livers at last.


Soo Hyuk shook his head when he checked the prices.

‘Why are they so expensive? 3 gold for one?’

The rabbit livers were more expensive than he expected. He had thought that they would be 1 gold per liver, the same as ogre eyeballs, but it seemed he was wrong.

‘Are the drop rates that bad?’

They also had less in stock than the eyeballs. Of course, he still had to buy them, even if they were expensive.

[You have acquired 20 rabbit livers.]

After buying the livers, Soo Hyuk closed the auction window. He then exited the auction house and headed to the Mercenary Agency while opening his quest window.

[Alchemist Kora’s Ingredients]

Alchemist Kora is making special potions, but he needs the items mentioned below to complete them.

[Orc Eyeballs: 50 / 50 ]

[Ogre Hearts: 2 / 2 ]

[Rabbit Livers: 20 / 20 ]

[Quest Reward: 50 gold, 5 Mad Alchemist Kora’s special potions]

He had gathered all the materials needed to complete the quest. Now he just needed to check in in the Mercenary Agency.

After a few minutes, Soo Hyuk arrived at the Mercenary Agency. When he climbed to the 2nd floor, he noticed that it was more peaceful than the bustling 1st floor. Also, instead of counters separated by ranks, they were all integrated.

“Could you show me your mercenary token?”

As a result, Soo Hyuk could check in without lining up.


Soo Hyuk pulled out his Mercenary Token from his inventory at the NPC’s words. When the NPC received the token, she placed the magic circle-engraved token on a metal surface.


Then as a soft light appeared and disappeared around the token, a message appeared.

[You have completed the quest ‘Alcemist Kora’s Ingredients’!]

“So it was a ranked mission. From E-rank onwards, your name will be engraved on your token, so could you tell me your name?”

The NPC said as he was reading the message.

“Ah, it’s Soo Hyuk.”

“Then please wait…”

At Soo Hyuk’s answer, the NPC stood up from her stool and entered a room behind her. Then not long after, the NPC came back with two things in her hands. One was an iron Mercenary Token and the other was a little box.

“Here is your token and the mission rewards.”

The NPC said as she held the token and the box out to Soo Hyuk.

‘Now I’m like a real mercenary.’

Soo Hyuk thought as he stared at the iron Mercenary Token. The F-rank token had been made of wood and had only a single F inscribed on the surface. But the E-rank token had a rugged iron look and his name was engraved with the E as well. Staring at the token, he felt like he was a mercenary like in the books he had read.


After saying goodbye to the NPC, Soo Hyuk stood up from his seat and looked for the E-rank counters when he came down to the 1st floor.

‘They’re both long.’

For E-ranks, there were two counters that they could use, and the length of both lines were roughly the same. Soo Hyuk first lined up on the right line and opened the box that he received as the mission rewards.

[You have acquired 50 gold.]

[You have acquired 5 Mad Alchemist Kora’s special potions.]

After he read the messages, Soo Hyuk checked the information for Kora’s special potions.

[<Special>Mad Alchemist Kora’s Special Potions]

Upon use gain one of the effects below.

  1. Recover 30% health
  2. Recover 30% mana
  3. Recover 15% health then +1000 to your total health for 10 minutes
  4. +10000 total health for 20 minutes
  5. +10000 total mana for 20 minutes

‘It’s just a potion.’

Since there was ‘Mad’ attached to the name, he thought there would be some quirky effects, but it was just a ‘normal’ potion.

‘If it’s like this, then I don’t need to save them.’

There was no need to save them for later when the stamina stat upgrade was right at his doorstep. Soo Hyuk quickly drank 2 potions and opened his quest window.

The [COMPLETE] button had appeared for the ‘Vigorous Body’ special quest. Once again feeling expectant, Soo Hyuk pressed [COMPLETE].

[You have completed the special quest ‘Vigorous Body’.]

[Stat ‘Stamina’ gains an extra effect.]

[Every 1 stamina, more health will be gained.]


Soo Hyuk cocked his head as he read the messages.

‘More health will be gained?’

The upgrade was that my stamina stat got an increase in health gained. In his opinion, it was slightly regretful as he was expecting something like a defence buff.

‘Hmm, how much has it risen…’

With a regretful expression, Soo Hyuk opened his character window. Then when he checked his stats, his regretful expression was wiped off and replaced by pleasant surprise.

“Next person!”

The NPC shouted. It was Soo Hyuk’s turn now. But he didn’t walk forward. More exactly, he hadn’t heard his shout.

‘This scam…’

He was looking at his health absentmindedly.

Class: Archmage’s Descendant

Level: 102   Experience: 62%

Health: 111600   Mana: 63800

Satiation: 74%

Strength: 40 (+10)

Agility: 35 (+16)

Stamina: 1108 [554 (+10)]

Wisdom:  3190 (+10)

His health had jumped straight to 100,000.

‘How much has it risen by?’

Normally, users gained 50 health per stamina point. But from this stat upgrade, the health gain rate had grown enormously. Soo Hyuk calculated. How much had it gone from 50 per point?


Soo Hyuk couldn’t help but gulp as he finished his calculations. His health gain rate had grown to 100 per point. In other words, by 100%.

Don’t forget that he also had the passive skill ‘Troll Blood’. Normal users gained 50 health every time their stamina increased, but Soo Hyuk’s increased by 200. A X4 difference. An incomparable difference.

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