Reader – Chapter 72

Soo Hyuk stared at his quest with a satisfied expression.

[Orc Village Extermination]

Near the Kamian Mountains is a town called Toria. Recently, orcs have been invading Toria and the town has been suffering serious damage. Investigations showed that they were Havik Orcs. Exterminate the Havik Orc Village and reduce the number of orcs!

[Havik Orcs: 1 / 500 ]

[Havik Orc Chief Karashi: 0 / 1 ]

[Time Left: 7 days]

[Quest Reward: 1000 gold]

He had finally arrived at his destination. Soo Hyuk stared at the count which had turned from 0 to 1. A short distance away from him, was the Havik village. It was very clean and orderly, unlike the messy, crowded Sun village. Of course, the difficulty didn’t matter to him, what mattered was that the entrance was right in front of him.

Staring at the village, Soo Hyuk marched right into the village and muttered,


He cast Firestorm as soon as he walked past the gates. A massive flaming tornado appeared as Soo Hyuk checked his quest. The original 1 was rapidly climbing higher.



While staring at the burning corpses of orcs, he wondered,

‘When is the boss coming out?’

Apart from killing 500 Havik orcs, the quest also required him to defeat the chieftain, Karashi.

-Kueek! Intruder!

At that moment.

There was a loud roar from his back.


[Chieftain of the Havik Tribe, Karashi has appeared.]

It was the appearance of the boss monster Karashi. The moment he read the notification, Soo Hyuk turned around quickly and faced the entrance, where Karashi was passing right now. Staring at the Havik Chieftain, he opened his mouth.

“Poison Storm.”

[You have attacked user ‘Roa’.]

[You have entered an ‘enemy’ state with user ‘Roa’.]

[Your infamy score rises.]

An unexpected notification appeared when he cast Poison Storm.


When he read the notifications, a frown emerged on his face.

‘What is this…’

Unlike Firestorm, the effect range of Poison Storm wasn’t very big. His proficiency was a factor, but it was also designed like that. Because of that, he could be sure. Sure the only ‘person’ inside the Poison Storm was Karashi.

‘It’s not a bug.’

Receiving a notification meant that he had definitely attacked them.

‘Did they log in at that exact moment?’

That was the first thing he thought of.

‘No, there weren’t any visual spawn effects inside.’

When people logged on, there would be a brief sparkle around them, and Soo Hyuk hadn’t seen any in his Poison Storm.

‘Rather, why would anyone log out here?’

There weren’t any safe zones around the village, which was crawling with monsters. Who in their right mind would want to log in and be surrounded by monsters?

‘Then is he hidden?’

The second thing he thought of was that Roa was hiding near where Karashi was. Unlike the log-in theory, this was quite plausible.

[Chieftain of the Havik Tribe, Karashi has been defeated.]

[Havik Orcs will be frightened for 10 minutes.]

[Havik Orcs’ defense will increase by 200% for 10 minutes.]

[Havik Orcs will not attack for 10 minutes.]

And so, while Soo Hyuk was locked in thought, the struggling Karashi was killed by the poisonous gas. Then when the drop window appeared in front of him, he pushed Roa to the back of his mind. There was a new piece of equipment shown in the window.

-Wind Orc’s Cloak


The new equipment was a cloak, which were one of the rarest equipment drops. Soo Hyuk collected all the drops in the drop window then checked the cloak’s information.

[<Relic>Wind Orc’s Cloak]

Restrictions: None

Defense: 100

Special Effects: 10% chance to increase all speeds by 20% after an attack.

Soo Hyuk was surprised when he read the item information. He had only wanted to finish a mission, yet he had gotten a cloak, and one with excellent options at that. Well, he had killed a boss monster over level 100 alone, so it couldn’t have been bad. Soo Hyuk equipped the cloak and checked his quest.

’73 orcs left…’

He had completed the second condition by killing Karashi, but not the first. Of course, the count was still steadily climbing, so he didn’t have to worry about that. After glancing at the Firestorm still wreaking havoc, Soo Hyuk turned around and started walking to the lingering Poison Storm.

‘Are they dead?’

It was to check for Roa’s body. He couldn’t easily tell if Roa had died or not, since the system only showed when you attacked someone, and his sight was hindered by the green gas.

‘They would’ve already ran if they survived.’

There wouldn’t be a corpse inside the storm if they survived.

‘This is Karashi.’

Karashi’s corpse entered his eyes as Soo Hyuk moved through the poison storm. But that wasn’t the only thing he found. When Soo Hyuk looked around from Karashi’s corpse, there was another body. On the corpse’s head was an unfamiliar face.

‘He’s not in the Demon Guild.’

He thought as he moved his eyes up to his forehead. On his forehead, was also another unfamiliar guild. As he moved his eyes to inspect other features, he frowned.

‘Why was he here?’

There was no way of knowing why Roa was here. Everything was just deduction at this point.

‘How annoying.’

To be honest, he wasn’t interested in why Roa was here. There was no point, however that didn’t change the fact that his infamy score had risen. Of course, the amount gained from killing one user wasn’t enough to affect him, unlike NPCs.

‘Now, what did he drop?’

 Soo Hyuk wondered as stretched his hand to search the body.

‘Is it going to be japtem again?’

When he was massacring the Demon Guild, the amount of equipment that had dropped could be counted with one’s fingers. It was because a majority of them were japtems. Therefore, the probability of Roa dropping a japtem was very high. So when he flipped Roa’s body over…


He found a scroll lying on the ground.

‘Well, it’s better than a japtem.’

He had yet to see what kind of scroll it was, but it would definitely be better than some japtem. And so, Soo Hyuk grabbed the scroll and stored it in his inventory.

[You have acquired Secret Map of Hadrac’s Underground.]

A notification appeared.


When Soo Hyuk learned the name of the scroll, he cocked his head in confusion.

‘A secret underground?’

The scroll turned out to be a map. And to add to that, the map had the word ‘secret’ in it and it showed the underground of the area he was staying in, Hadrac. He immediately checked its information.

[<Heroic>Secret Map of Hadrac’s Underground.]

A secret map of Hadrac’s Underground. Countless mercenaries lost their lives mapping the underground.

The information was short, but concise. When he opened the map, there was the words ‘Hadrac Underground Sewers’ with numerous red dots scattered around the map.

‘This doesn’t seem to be a normal place…’

The secret map’s rarity was heroic, and the information said that countless mercenaries lost their lives in there. It was bound to be a dangerous place.

‘Should I go?’

Soo Hyuk couldn’t help but be tempted at the prospect, but soon shook his head.

‘No, first,’

He thought as he nodded.

‘The library.’

Although he was curious, reading was more important. Soo Hyuk closed the map and opened his quest, which had filled to 500 in the meantime.

Soo Hyuk closed his quest window and stared at the now desolate village. All the orcs had been exterminated. He then pressed [COLLECT] in the drop window and muttered,

“Archmage’s Subspace.”

* * *

Kim Young Chun was silent as he climbed out of his capsule. There were no orcs around him now. Looking around his room, he couldn’t help but think of the name of the person who killed him.

‘Soo Hyuk…’

The notification said that his name was Soo Hyuk.

‘That Soo Hyuk?’

Kim Young Chun knew about him. More precisely, there was no one in Hadrac that didn’t know of him.

‘The Demon Hunter Soo Hyuk?’

After he climbed out of his capsule, Kim Young Chun sat down in front of his computer while shivering. He then went to the official homepage and started searching about Soo Hyuk.

Title: Crazy, Soo Hyuk is beating up the Demon Guild! [27]

Title: Soo Hyuk is a fire and poison magician? [3]

Title: What level is Soo Hyuk? His poison magic is so strong! [5]

Countless posts appeared at the search.

‘He was definitely a fire and poison magician.’

Kim Young Chun confirmed as he read through the posts.

‘Crazy. He was the Demon Hunter!’

He was now positive that the young man had been the Demon Hunter Soo Hyuk.

‘Then I’ve gotten an unbelievable piece of information!’

The Demon Hunter was also famous for his face being unknown, but now Kim Young Chun knew his face. Just this could be counted as an enormous harvest.

‘Should I approach him naturally?’

He was now thinking of ways to approach him.

‘No, he should also know my ID as well.’

He shook his head.

‘He would’ve also seen my body.’

Since his corpse was still visible, he should assume that Soo Hyuk knows his face.

‘First, I have to tell the guild master.’

Koma Guild’s master Kaian also had immense interest in Soo Hyuk. He wondered what sort of reaction Kaian would show when he told him about this incident.

‘How much should I ask for?’

He was excited at the gold he would receive as well.


After browsing through a few more posts, Kim Young Chun got up from his seat, and thought as he stared at the capsule.

‘How should I pass the 24 hours?’

The Next Day.

The alarm rang as Kim Young Chun hurriedly got ready and logged on to Pangea.

‘First the stats…’

The first thing he did was to check his stats.

‘Phew, it was wisdom.’

The most useless wisdom had fallen. After checking his stat, Roa then opened his inventor, He had to check which item had dropped next.


He froze up as he looked at his inventory. With a panicked light, he double, triple-checked the inventory, however…


There was a gaping hole in one slot.

“No, why this…”

The item that had more value than any of his items.

“F*ck, ahhhhh!’

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