Reader – Chapter 84

The ogres watching the fight didn’t act like normal ogres either. They were crossing their arms or sitting on rocks while watching the fight.

‘Wow. I actually saw it myself.’

Of course, Soo Hyuk already knew that the ogres here acted differently from other areas. It was just that now he had a chance to see it with his own eyes.





‘One, two…’

Soo Hyuk started counting again as the fight went on.

’10 ogres.’

There was a total of 10 ogres.

‘How should I hunt them?’

Soo Hyuk pondered after counting. The Crimson Mountains ogres were around level 200~250.

‘One shot seems unlikely.’

Currently, his wisdom was over 3000 however even with his overwhelming stats, he didn’t expect to kill the ogres in one hit.

‘Actually, this is good.’

Soo Hyuk smiled as he thought of something.

‘I can finally try that.’

Until now, the monsters he hunted were mostly oneshot. Even if it wasn’t they would still die quickly from the poison. As a result, he couldn’t try his combo magic, but now, it seemed possible.

“Poison Fog.”

Ending his thoughts, Soo Hyuk first cast Poison Fog.


Then after a few seconds, a fog of green revealed itself between the two brawling ogres.



The first ones to react was, of course, the two fighting ogres. With a panicked grunt, the ogres began flailing around, trying to escape the expanding fog of poison.



Then as if it was staged, the two ogres burst out from the fog at the same time. However, the fog was still expanding, and the two ogres were swallowed up again. They didn’t appear again, seemingly paralyzed by the poison.

‘They don’t die as fast as expected.’

Although the ogres didn’t escape again, Soo Hyuk knew that they were still alive, because the drop window didn’t appear.



Soon, the ogres on the rocks also noticed the potency of the fog and started backing away with flustered grunts.


Soo Hyuk fired a Firebolt at the expanding fog as the ogres tried to escape. The Firebolt flew at high speeds towards the fog, and the moment that touched.


A massive explosion.

He felt the shockwave from the explosion, even though he was quite a distance away. His jaws dropped as he stumbled from the impact.

‘This powerful?’

He had known that an explosion was going to happen, but he didn’t expect that it would be this big.

‘Although it’s a shame that the Poison Fog disappears after.’

Although they could create an explosion this big, fire and poison didn’t have the best synergy, as the poison would evaporate after.

‘This will be good for when I need an instant AOE attack.’

The overall damage was lower than the Poison Fog, but on the other hand, its range and casting time was shortened. The synergy between Poison Fog and Firebolt could be said to be excellent.

Soo Hyuk decided on its future use, then turned to stare again at the ogres. They were all dead.

‘Well, it can be counted as two hits.’

Soo Hyuk then turned from the bodies to the new notification.

[Level Up!]

‘I also leveled up.’

After hunting 10 level 200 ogres, he had managed to level up. Since they a huge level difference, it was obvious that he leveled up. Soo Hyuk then checked the drop window.

-7 Ogre Tendons

-2 Ogre Eyes


Soo Hyuk frowned as he looked at the drop window.

‘What kind of drops…’

He could see even now, that he had hunted 10 ogres exactly however, they had only dropped 9 items. Meaning that one of the ogres hadn’t dropped anything.

Cheering himself up, Soo Hyuk checked his character window next.

Class: Archmage’s Descendant

Level: 127   Experience: 3%

Health: 111600   Mana: 66200

Satiation: 64%               

Strength : 40 (+10)

Agility : 35 (+16)

Stamina : 1108 [554 (+10)]

Wisdom: 3310 (+10)

Stat Points: 5


Soo Hyuk sighed in admiration at his character.


Even after leveling up, he still had 3% experience. He had previously been level 126, so 10 level 200 ogres could be said to be only equal to 1 level and 3%.

“It was getting frustrating because I needed 5 times more experience…”

However, don’t forget that Soo Hyuk needed 5 times more experience than other normal users. In other words, he had gotten 5 normal levels worth of experience.

“Should I level here for a bit?”

Soo Hyuk thought as he stared at his new level.

“The experience is quite good.”

Ogres gave more experience than other monsters around the same level, as the ogre species was strong.

“They also move in groups.”

The ogres in the Crimson Mountain range moved around in groups. In other words, he could hunt many of them at once.

“And they’re not hard to hunt. It’s a decent idea.”

The more he thought, the more he liked the Crimson Mountains as a hunting area.

“Let’s first complete my quest.”

Soo Hyuk quickly assigned his stat points and closed the character window. He then started wandering around, searching for more ogres.



Boom! Boom! Boom!

A few minutes after he began, Soo Hyuk could hear the roars and stomps from ogres. They were gradually getting louder. In other words, getting closer.

‘Is it because of the earlier explosion?’

The ogres probably noticed the explosion caused by Poison Fog and Firebolt and got curious.

‘Oh, can I bait them this way?’

Happily realizing that he had gained an effective method to lure, Soo Hyuk hid himself among the undergrowth watching his surroundings.

Not long after, the ogres appeared. The group this time was a smaller group of 5.

“Poison Frog.”

Soo Hyuk cast Poison Frog at the approaching ogres. The moment he did, a 2m wide and 1m tall green frog appeared in front of the ogres.



The ogres grunted in surprise as they stared at the giant frog that blocked their way. But a few seconds later, the ogre at the front uprooted a tree next to him and swung it towards the frog.


Whether it couldn’t dodge or didn’t dodge, the frog didn’t even react to the tree as it squarely struck its belly.

But at that moment.


The frog’s body expanded rapidly, before exploding in a brilliant rain of green liquid.


When the liquid touched the ground, it sizzled and evaporated into poisonous gas.


The first ogre to touch the gas screamed in confusion, at the ogre’s sudden scream, the rest of the ogres backed away uncertainly.


However, Soo Hyuk’s attack was faster. The Firebolt flew towards the rising poison gas, then when they touched.


Same as before, there was a giant explosion. As the dust from the explosion subsided, Soo Hyuk rose from his hiding spot and approached the ogres.


There were exactly five dead ogres. After checking the bodies, Soo Hyuk then checked the drop window.

-2 Ogre Tendons

-Ogre Eye

Soo Hyuk frowned heavily. The dropped items were only a pitiful three. Previously when the drop window appeared in his hiding place, he had wondered if a few ogres had managed to survive, but this wasn’t the case. Sulking, Soo Hyuk collected the drops and looked back at the ogre corpses.

‘Will more come if I wait?’

Would other ogres be attracted by the explosion? Having this train of thought, Soo Hyuk pondered whether he should wait here or search actively.


Soo Hyuk finally decided.

‘Let’s wait.’

For the ogres to come to him.

‘Hmm, since I’m going to wait, should I go all out with the bait?’

Soo Hyuk couldn’t help but think as he waited for the ogres. He had already decided to wait, so why couldn’t he try to lure with all his might?

‘Firestorm should be visible from afar.’

Soo Hyuk thought as he recalled his previous Firestorms.


Soo Hyuk muttered, putting his thoughts into action.


A massive fire tornado appeared in the middle of the mountain.


The fiery tornado raged across the mountainside. Unfortunately, as if the trees here had soaked up a lot of water, the fire from the tornado didn’t spread widely and only burned directly around it.

It was at that moment.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!



Roars and loud booms of footsteps sounded from his back. They weren’t like the sounds of ogres he had heard up until now.

‘Don’t tell me.’

Hiding in a bush again, Soo Hyuk waited for the main characters. Then after a few seconds, the owners of the footsteps finally appeared.

‘Twin-headed ogre!’

He confirmed his guess, as three twin-headed ogres entered his sight

‘Eiahh, I didn’t know twin-headed ogres also traveled in groups’

Being almost field boss-grade, twin-headed ogres normally didn’t travel in groups. But since three had appeared at the same time, it seemed he had successfully attracted the entire mountain’s attention to himself. (TL: For people confused, field bosses are like pseudo-bosses.)

Boom! Boom!


Then a few seconds later, Soo Hyuk couldn’t help but panic at the unfolding situation.




Behind the initial three twin-headed ogres, more and more came pouring into the burning clearing.

‘This crazy…’

Soo Hyuk muttered as he stared at the increasing ogres in front of him.

It seemed he had overdone his bait.

‘How many are there?’

Soo Hyuk started to count the twin-headed ogres, but he couldn’t finish the job.


He accidentally met eyes with the right head of a twin-headed ogre. At his gaze, the ogre grunted at his companions, then the other ogres all turned around to stare at Soo Hyuk.

“… Poison Storm.”

Soo Hyuk cast Poison Storm under the gaze of the ogres.


The poison gas erupted around him and swallowed the ogre nearest him.



The ogres started to scream in pain this time as the Poison Storm expanded to cover the area. Meanwhile, his ears in pain from the endless screams of their twin heads.

“Poison Chains, Poison Sphere.”

Of course, he didn’t stay still after that. He continuously fired poison spells one after another. He didn’t use fire magic yet, as he was too close to the poison. Even if he wasn’t poisoned, the explosion would still hurt him.

“Poison Frog, Pool of Poison.”

So after a few seconds of nonstop spellcasting, Soo Hyuk finally stopped.


It was because the poison in front of him had thickened to the point where it was impossible to even see the ogres’ silhouettes, and that wasn’t all.

‘Are they dead?’

The screams had stopped.

‘No, but the drop window hasn’t appeared yet…’

The drop window hadn’t appeared yet. As Soo Hyuk was fearfully considering that the ogres hadn’t dropped a single item.

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

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