Reader – Chapter 85


Soo Hyuk sighed in admiration as he looked at the notifications.

‘How many levels did I gain?’

How much had he leveled up? To check, Soo Hyuk went straight into his character window. Then when the character window opened, he instantly became speechless.

Class: Archmage’s Descendant

Level: 147   Experience: 33%

Health: 111600   Mana: 66300

Satiation: 59%

Strength : 40 (+10)

Agility: 35 (+16)

Stamina: 1108 [554 (+10)]

Wisdom : 3315 (+10)

Stat Points: 100

‘It rose by 20?’

His previous level 127 had risen directly to 147, or by 20 levels. Well, the number of high-leveled twin-headed ogres had exceeded 10, maybe even 20.

‘If I had a normal class…’

What if his required experience wasn’t 5 times the norm? If he had a normal class?

‘It would be no joke.’

His hunts up until now couldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as this harvest. It was truly, a massive jackpot. After investing his stat points into wisdom, Soo Hyuk closed his character window and checked the drop window.

-7 Twin-Headed Ogre Heads

-14 Twin-Headed Ogre Tendons

-9 Twin-Headed Ogre Hides

‘No equipment.’

He had killed tens of field boss-grade twin-headed ogres, so he had hoped for some equipment drops, but reality was cruel.

‘But still…’

Of course, he wasn’t disappointed, as the monster materials from twin-headed ogres were priced at an enormous value.

Soo Hyuk collected all the drops then opened his quest window. He then checked his reason he was here, his promotion mission.

[Unusual Ogres]

Ogres don’t live in groups. This is common knowledge. However, rumors have been spreading that the ogres on the Crimson Mountains have been moving in groups. One of the two pillars of Hadrac, the Drak Guild, is trying to locate the source of the rumors. Go to the Crimson Mountains and investigate the ogres there.

[Ogres: 15 / 20 ]

[Twin-Headed Ogres: 2 / 2 ]

[Quest Reward: ??? ]

“Just five more to go…”

He had just hunted tens of twin-headed ogres, so he could complete the quest after hunting five more normal ogres and get the linked quest.



While he was looking at his quest, a familiar grunt from his back caused him to turn around checking for the source.

The awaited ogres had appeared, seemingly attracted by the earlier explosion. The ogres had started to throw around rocks and dirt from around them, to extinguish the fire caused by firestorm. Meanwhile, Soo Hyuk aimed his magic at the digging ogres.

“Flame Dance.”

The small wisp of fire flew towards the ogres. The small fireball seemed evadible, yet the ogres were too preoccupied with extinguishing the fire, so the small flame was able to squarely hit one of the ogres.


As the fireball exploded, the ogre who was hit let out a scream of pain. However, the ogres around it didn’t pay it any attention. Their attention was solely on protecting their mountain from the fire.


Exactly 4 seconds later, the ogre burning from flame dance collapsed dead. Then the small fireball leapt out from the ogre’s body to the next ogre. That ogre was also 4 seconds.

‘What will I get…’

Soo Hyuk wondered as the kill count for the first condition continued to increase. The promotion quest ‘Unusual Ogres’ didn’t need to be completed at the Mercenary Agency. It would be automatically completed, and the linked quest for the real promotion would begin. He was expectant as to what kind of quest he would receive.

Less than 30 seconds later, all the ogres were killed from Flame Dance, and the moment he completed all the conditions, the quest was automatically completed as a notification appeared.

[You have completed the quest ‘Unusual Ogres’.]

[You have fulfilled the condition.]

[The quest ‘King of the Mountain Range has been created.]

Soo Hyuk immediately checked the new quest.


However, he couldn’t help but become confused at the new quest.

[King of the Mountain Range]

The reason ogres of the Crimson Mountains are moving in groups, is because a king has appeared on the mountain range. Find out who the king is and report to the agency!

[Triple Headed Ogre Orem: 0 / 1 ]

[Quest Reward: B-Rank Promotion]

[The quest will be considered complete once Orem is found.]

[The quest will be canceled on death. Note: if the cause of death is from Orem, the quest penalty will not apply.]

‘Triple-headed ogre? Was there a monster like that?’

The reason behind his confusion was because of a monster he had never heard of before. From his knowledge, the boss of the Crimson Mountains was a twin-headed ogre. Of course, the boss wasn’t a normal twin-headed ogre. Naimd, the twin-headed ogre with a name, a named monster, was the boss of the mountain range. The posts on the homepage had said so.

But looking at the quest, it seemed like the information on those posts were wrong. From how the twin-headed ogres were many times stronger than normal ogres, a triple-headed ogre was bound to be stronger than a twin-headed ogre as well.

Of course, a lower-grade monster could be stronger than a higher-grade monster in some cases. For example, having a higher level or a named monster. But the triple-headed ogre was named, which meant that the triple-headed ogre was stronger than other monsters of similar grade.


There were many notes attached below the rewards. While reading through the notes again, he thought,

‘So I just have to see the ogre?’

The quest was too easy. He just had to find the triple-headed ogre, and not kill it.

‘Just how strong is it…’

To just find it, and not defeat the ogre, just how strong was it?

Soo Hyuk closed the quest tab as he thought about his new quest. Then after collecting his drops, Soo Hyuk looked around at his surroundings.

The firestorm had long since faded, and the poison gas was slowly disappearing. He couldn’t see any more ogres either.

‘Now let’s find it.’

* * *

The clearing was full of corpses. They weren’t human.

‘The ogres…’

Countless corpses of ogre were sown everywhere.

‘Twin-headed ogres…’

Among them were some twin-headed ogres as well.

‘Crazy, how many are there?’

There weren’t just one or two, there were tens, too many to count in a short time. Carefully looking at his surroundings, Aldon cautiously approached one of the bodies. When he arrived at the body, Aldon proceeded to carefully check the body, trying to figure out its cause of death.


Soon, Aldon managed to find a trace of poison on the ogre’s body.

‘Poison magic!’

And it wasn’t ordinary poison, as there was mana laced into the poison.

‘Huh, Soo Hyuk, did that person do this?’

After receiving a job, he had hunted furiously for clues on Soo Hyuk. Then after some investigating and asking around, Aldon realized one fact.

‘He also knows fire magic.’

Also, he appeared to be quite advanced in both fields.

‘Following more is…’

There were still tracks left behind on the scene, so it was possible to follow Soo Hyuk using them. But he was in a dilemma. Was it right to follow him? Could he handle t?

‘Not possible.’

Aldon shook his head. The first thing he learned upon joining an information guide was to know his limits, and Aldon knew himself well. Tracking was dangerous.

‘This much is still valuable information.’

Having made his decision, Aldon looked around him. His eyes reflected the trees amidst the torn-up ground, and the countless corpses of ogres. This much was enough. Aldon turned around and began to head back to his guild.

* * *


Sitting alone in the office, Jang Yool checked one of the monitors while typing furiously on the keyboard. But his fingers halted to a stop when he noticed the information appeared on the monitor.


Question marks appeared above him as he stared at the monitor.

‘Am I just too tired?’

Was he seeing things because he was too tired? Jang Yool rubbed his eyes and checked the monitor again. But he hadn’t been seeing things.

“This crazy…”

Jang Yool muttered as he scrunched his temples.

“Just what did he do?”

Frowning slightly, Jang Yool started to type on his keyboard again.

‘Why did his level suddenly explode?’

The reason Jang Yool’s action just now, was all because of a user named Soo Hyuk. Soo Hyuk’s level had suddenly exploded, so he was curious as to what caused it.


He hemmed as his fingers finished typing.

“So he did that…”

He muttered. At that moment.


Yang Joo Hyuk entered the office.

“Did something happen?”

Yang Joo Hyuk asked as he made his way to his seat.


Jang Yool hesitated to answer. At his reaction, Yang Joo Hyuk stopped in place and turned to look at Jang Yool with one eyebrow raised.

“What? Something actually happened? In that amount of time?”

He had merely gone to the toilet. It hadn’t taken him long, not even 5 minutes. Yet, something major happened in that short time?

“Well, it’s not particularly major, but it’s a variable.”


“Soo Hyuk’s level just exploded.”

Jang Yool replied to the surprised Yang Joo Hyuk.

“By how much?”

Yang Joo Hyuk asked in response. Just how much had he leveled for Jang Yool to show this kind of reaction?

‘It’s got to be more than 1 or 2.’

As he was trying to guess the number, Jang Yool finally replied,

“Level 167.”

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