Reader – Chapter 86


Yang Joo Hyuk couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise at Jang Yool’s reply.

“Wasn’t he just level 120?”

Although he couldn’t remember exactly, he recalled hearing that Soo Hyuk’s level was around 120 this morning. But now it was 167?

“Did he go to a high-level hunting area?”

This wasn’t impossible. Yang Joo Hyuk knew Soo Hyuk’s abilities very well. With his stats, he could manage high-level monsters well. In other words, Soo Hyuk could get experience unthinkable for those around his level easily.

“Yes, he’s hunting level 200~250 ogres on the Crimson Mountains. The Twin-Headed ogres as well.”

“Why did he go there?”

“He has a quest where he has to find a named Triple-Headed ogre. He looks like he’s hunting on the way.”

* * *

Soo Hyuk was silent.


His log out time had come.


Soo Hyuk frowned as he stared at the system time.

‘Where is it?’

He had roamed around the mountain range in search of the Triple-Headed ogre, Orem. However, he couldn’t find him in the end. All he found were normal ogres and Twin-Headed ogres.

Of course, he hadn’t searched the entire mountain range yet. The Crimson Mountains were wide, so he had only managed to search a portion of it.

‘A promotion quest is a promotion quest.’

He had thought that he would breeze through this quest, but it was a B-Rank promotion quest after all. Soo Hyuk opened his quest window.

[King of the Mountain Range]

The reason ogres of the Crimson Mountains are moving in groups, is because a king has appeared on the mountain range. Find out who the king is and report to the agency!

[Triple Head Ogre Orem: 0 / 1 ]

[Quest Reward: B-Rank Promotion]

[The quest will be considered complete once Orem is found.]

[The quest will be canceled on death. Note: if the cause of death is from Orem, the quest penalty will not apply.]

Soo Hyuk looked at the quest and thought,

‘He didn’t get killed already, right?’

He wondered if the boss was killed by others already. Soo Hyuk had seen people that only hunted boss monsters before. It was definitely a possibility.

‘If it was…’

What if Orem was already dead?


It was difficult.

‘I can’t just cancel the quest.’

The penalty caught his mind. And also, even if he did get another promotion quest, it didn’t guarantee that he would save more time. Soo Hyuk scrolled down further and checked Romian’s quest, ‘Preparation Time’.

[Preparation Time]

Romian hadn’t expected that you would bring back the key so quickly. He thought that you would’ve taken at least one week. Also, Romian himself needs one week, as his body is still injured and he needs to prepare for the exploration. Find Romian again after one week!

[Key to Phantom Thief Celta’s Secret Cave: 1 / 1 ]

[Time Left: 7 days ]

[Quest Reward: Quest – Cave Exploration]

‘Can I find Orem before then?’

7 days later, Soo Hyuk had to go to Romian. Would he be able to complete this quest before then?

‘Yes, 7 days should be enough.’

7 days was enough to scour through the mountain range. He would be able to find out if somebody was hunting Orem, or if he was just searching in the wrong place.

Soo Hyuk closed his quest window and opened his character window. Although he couldn’t find Orem, he hadn’t just wasted his time. There was some gain.

Class: Archmage’s Descendant  

Level: 167   Experience: 23%

Health: 111600   Mana: 70300

Satiation: 62%

Strength: 40 (+10)

Agility: 35 (+16)

Stamina: 1108 [554 (+10)]

Wisdom: 3515 (+10)

‘It rose a lot.’

Soo Hyuk’s level was approaching 170 now.

“Well, I don’t even know how much I’ve hunted now.”

While searching for Orem, Soo Hyuk had killed every ogre on sight, whether they were normal or Twin-Headed. It would be weird if he didn’t level up after all that.

After checking his character, Soo Hyuk closed his character window then with a deep breath, logged out of Pangea. Exiting the capsule, he sat in front of his computer and started browsing through the Pangea official homepage. His searches were things like ‘Crimson Mountains’, ‘Tripled Headed Ogre’, ‘Orem’, etc. However, nothing came up. More precisely, there some articles, but none of them were what he was looking for.

Failing to find the information he wanted, Soo Hyuk turned off the computer and stood up from his seat. He then walked towards a bookshelf and while pulling out a book, he thought,

‘I want to go there quickly.’

He wanted to enter the Hadrac Library even one second faster.

‘How much longer will it to become A-rank?’

He wasn’t even sure how long the B-Rank promotion quest would take. Then how long would the A-Rank quests take? Soo Hyuk, who had arrived at his desk, stopped thinking about his quest and hungrily dived into the book.

* * *


The guild master of the Kain information guild, Kain, exclaimed in surprise.

“Is that true?”

Kain asked Aldon.

“Yes, it’s true.”

Aldon replied with a nod.

“Crazy, then that means he’s already around high A-Rank, not B-Rank.”

Kain muttered in response to Aldon’s answer. If Aldon’s words were true, then he would be not B-Rank, but an A-Rank and in the higher class as well.

“I personally think that he’s over A-Rank. Because the monsters were all killed in an incredibly short amount of time.”

Aldon commented when he heard Kain’s muttering. The ogres on the Crimson Mountains were particularly strong, and they moved in groups.

But they had all been annihilated, normal and Twin-Headed ogres alike. If it had happened over a long period of time, then he would agree with Kain that he was an A-Rank. However, he knew that a slow hunt wasn’t what had taken place. He had seen the corpses himself after all.

The massacre had happened quickly, explosively. Knowing this, Aldon believed that So Hyuk should be beyond an A-Rank.

“He used poison magic?”

“Yes, although I didn’t see it myself, he had definitely used fire and poison magic. Those two.”

He hadn’t seen the actual massacre, but he could figure out this much from the remains of the slaughter.

“If it was poison magic…”

Kain mumbled at Aldon’s reply.

“Rhino could know about him.”

They didn’t know how proficient he was with fire magic, but he did with poison magic. If it could kill even Twin-Headed ogres, then he wouldn’t have been normal, so there was a high chance that Rhino, deputy head of the Hadrac Branch of Tower of Poison, would know him.

“Should we check?”

Thinking that Kain’s murmuring had some sense, Aldon asked Kain.

“Although we’ll have to spend a bit of gold, he’ll definitely tell us.”

Normal people didn’t know this, but his close acquaintances certainly did. Just how greedy Rhino was. And of course, an information guild like them knew this as well.


Kain fell in thought at Aldon’s words. But it didn’t last long.

“Okay, no.”


Aldon couldn’t help but doubt Kain’s words. Kain had just agreed then disagreed after all. However, his confusion was clear by Kain’s next words.

“I’ll find out myself.”

Rhino valued ‘money’, but ‘rank’ was also important. He wouldn’t ignore Aldon, but from Rhino’s perspective, Aldon was just one of their many guild members. So, there was a possibility that he wouldn’t hand the information to Aldon.

“Good work.”

Kain said to Aldon before rising from his seat.

* * *


Soo Hyuk breathed out deeply. Around him, were countless ogre bodies all sown on the messy ground. After staring at the bodies, Soo Hyuk checked the time.


It was time to log out.

‘I didn’t find Orem today either.’

He had scoured the crimson mountain range for the Triple-Headed ogre, but he couldn’t find him in the end.

‘What if I really don’t find him in 7 days?’

Soo Hyuk had originally thought 7 days would be enough. No, truthfully speaking, he had thought 3 days would be all that was needed, but after today, his thinking had changed. He now felt that 7 days was too tight.

‘Level ups also feel slower.’

Soo Hyuk opened his character window.

Class: Archmage’s Descendant  

Level: 180   Experience: 21%

Health: 111600   Mana: 72900

Satiation: 60%

Strength: 40 (+10)

Agility : 35 (+16)

Stamina : 1108 [554 (+10)]

Wisdom : 3645 (+10)

His level was approaching the ogres’ levels and as a result, his leveling speed was dropping. He had hunted all day, yet his level had only risen by 13.

‘Well, it’s still faster than normal class users.’

Even if his leveling speed had dropped, his speed was by no means slow. Soo Hyuk knew that fact very well.

‘2, 3 days then level 200?’

Although his leveling speed was continuously dropping, he still felt that reaching level 200 in 2 or 3 days was possible.

‘Then what door should I open this time?’

Level 200 meant the 3rd Door. His first had been fire, then poison as his second. So what should be his third?

Soo Hyuk closed his character window while in thought, then looked around him before logging out. After exiting the capsule, Soo Hyuk didn’t go on his computer.

He had nothing to research. So, instead of going on his computer, Soo Hyuk pulled out a book and began to read at his desk.

The moment he saw the tiny letter in the book, Soo Hyuk’s face burst into a bright smile. He had been spending more and more time in Pangea recently, but he couldn’t read many books there. So what was this? Now, whenever he read a book, he felt more joy than ever before.


With a smile still on his face, Soo Hyuk finally finished the last page and closed the book, satisfied. He then checked the time.


Soo Hyuk raised his eyebrow at the clock on the wall.

‘Was it because the book was shorter than before?’

There was still time left before his bedtime.

‘Looks like I can read one more book.’

He usually only read one book at night because any more would mess up his schedule on the next day. Pleasantly surprised, Soo Hyuk walked towards his bookshelf again.

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