Reader – Chapter 87

As he was heading towards the bookshelf,


At the little ping from his behind, Soo Hyuk shifted directions and checked his phone. There was a new message.

-Yeon Jung: Hey, can I call you?

Yeon Jung was the sender.

‘Did something happen?’

Calling this late at night? What did he want at this hour? Soo Hyuk called Yeon Jung to find out.


Then before even 5 seconds passed, Soo Hyuk heard Yeon Jung’s voice on the other end of the phone. After Yeon Jung answered, Soo Hyuk cut straight to the point.

“What? Did something happen?”

-Ah, no, nothing major.

Yeon Jung replied in response to his question.

-I’m just really curious about something.

The reason Yeon Jung sent a message wasn’t that something had happened, he was just curious.


-Yeah, what are you doing right now?

Yeon Jung asked.

“Me? I was just reading some books before going to bed.”

Soo Hyuk replied to his question.

-No, in Pangea.

Then when Yeon Jung continued, Soo Hyuk made an O in realization.

“I’m doing a quest on the Crimson Mountains right now.”

-Crimson Mountains? Is it near Hadrac?

“Yeah, but why?”

Soo Hyuk asked back.

-No, just that your level’s suddenly 180 now.


At Yeon Jung’s words, Soo Hyuk realized why he had sent a message in the middle of the night. After all, who could suddenly climb levels so fast?

“The monsters over there are really high leveled. My level just went up while doing my quest.”

-Wah, level 200~250 ogres? It’s quite high.

“Did you search it up?

Soo Hyuk asked in surprise at Yeon Jung’s unexpected knowledge. From his speech, it looked like he had just searched it up on the web.

-Yeah, it says they travel in groups. Are you doing okay?

“I am. It’s more convenient since they move in groups since I have a lot of AOE spells. I can wipe them out all at once.”

-Heh, stats over level, right?

“Of course, but Yeon Jung-ah.”

Soo Hyuk called out.

-Yeah? What?

“What’s the real reason you called me.”

He felt it during their conversation. The reason Yeon Jung called was not because of his level. Only people that spent a lot of time with him could notice.

-…Did I give it away?

“Yeah, you did. What’s going on?”

-Well, you see…the thing is…hmm…

Yeon Jung couldn’t reply to Soo Hyuk immediately. For whatever reason, he sounded like he as in thought as he dragged his sentences to buy time.

-You’re level 200 soon.

Yeon Jung finally started, seemingly having decided on his thoughts.


He could achieve level 200 in the next 2 or 3 days.

-What element are you going to unlock?


At Yeon Jung’s question, Soo Hyuk couldn’t help but be taken aback.

“Well, I didn’t decide yet. Why?”

-A few days ago, my guide discovered a dungeon. It hasn’t been touched before, so we were the first discoverers so, aiming for the first loot, we raided the dungeon.

Yeon Jung continued.

-There were several deadly traps and the monsters were powerful as well. Although we did pretty well, we realized that it was impossible with our current team after two tries. We need a healer, a good one at that too.

Soo Hyuk now finally realized the real reason Yeon Jung called.

And that moment, Yeo Jung spoke again.

-Is there a possibility that you might choose healing? I’m not forcing you or anything like that!

“Are there no healers in your guild?

-Yep, good healers are very rare as they’re not exactly fun to play.

Yeon Jung replied to Soo Hyuk. He then asked again.

-So what do you want to do?

* * *


Rhino smiled as he inhaled the scent of the bitter tea.

“It’s good.”

The tea’s scent, as well as his current situation, was going well. Of course, it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. There was still that one thing that he didn’t agree with. More exactly, rather than disagreeing, it was hung on his mind as if a nasty neighbor was about to visit.

“Anything other than the sewers would’ve been better.”

He had dismissed it at first. His thought was that the guilds that managed Hadrac, the Lime and Drak Guilds, would take care of it. However, the situation had been more severe than he thought, so the masters of the Lime and Drak Guilds had come to the Tower of Poison. The reason was, of course, to ask for help.

They could’ve refused, but they were the Lime and Drak Guild. The dual suns of Hadrac. If they wanted to keep their friendly relationship, they couldn’t refuse. In the end, Rhino had taken on the request and went down to the sewers with a few of his magicians. Then he saw what was down there.

Chimeras that caused your eyes to burst from just looking at their hideous form. Chimeras were strong. No, instead of strong, they were more… difficult.

It was because of their poison. The main reason the Lime and Drak Guilds had come to the Tower of Poison was mainly because of this. The problem was the toxicity of the poison. They were so strong that even Rhino struggled to handle them.

And to add to that, the chimeras got stronger the further ventured inside the sewers. In the end, their party had to retreat. Anymore, and even Rhino would be in danger.

‘When will the reply come from Matab…’

After the expedition, Rhino had reported about the situation to Matab. Even Rhino couldn’t handle the poison. That was something to be reported immediately to Matab.

It was at that moment.

Tock. Tock.

“Kain Guild’s master has arrived.”


Rhino couldn’t help but be confused at the voice outside his room. The Kain Guild, it was an information guild. Why was an information guild looking for him?

“Tell him to come in.”

Rhino replied as he set down his teacup.


Then after a few moments, the door opened, and with it came in the master of the Kain Guild.

“It’s an honor to meet you again.”

Kain politely greeted Rhino as he sat down opposite him. Meanwhile, Rhino thought as he stared at Kain,

‘What did he come here for?’

‘Since he came personally, it wouldn’t be normal.’

The Kain Guild’s master didn’t move around easily. In other words, the fact that he had personally come meant that something major had happened.

‘Is it also about the sewers?’

Rhino wondered.

At that moment.

“I have something to ask you.”

Kain finally opened his mouth.

“…Ask away.”

Rhino replied, snapped out of his thoughts at Kain’s words. At his consent, Kain continued,

“Do you know a person called Soo Hyuk?”

The moment he heard Kain’s question, Rhino couldn’t help but flinch slightly. A completely unexpected name had jumped out from Kain’s mouth.

“So you do know!”

Kain exclaimed with confidence when he saw Rhino’s reaction. Hurriedly fixing his mistake, Rhino put on a smile and asked again,

“What did you come here for?”

How did he know about Soo Hyuk!?

‘Don’t tell me he got in trouble with the Kain Guild!?’

Perhaps the Kain Guild had butted heads with Soo Hyuk like the previous Demon Guild?

“Did someone put forward a job for you?”

Rhino asked.

“Yes, although we can’t really disclose the exact details, it’s definitely not about a bad thing. You could even say that it’s for a good thing. So, could we get some information on him?”

Kain took out something from his pocket while he spoke. It was a pouch packed full of gold.


But when he looked up at Rhino’s face again, he couldn’t help but panic.


His expression was not good.

“I’m sorry but,”

Rhino replied while Kain panicked inside.

“I can’t give you his information.”

Sell information on Soo Hyuk? It was like a joke. No matter how much he liked money, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to sell out the future Spire Lord.

Meanwhile, Kain was shocked at Rhino’s response.

‘What is this…’

He hadn’t even considered the possibility that Rhino would reject his money. But he wasn’t the master of an information guild for nothing. Kain quickly realized his situation.

‘If Rhino can’t even be bribed, then Soo Hyuk’s definitely not a normal person.’

It was likely that Soo Hyuk occupied a high position in the Tower of Poison. After all, he had managed to massacre twin-headed ogres with just poison magic.

“I promise I won’t use it for evil purposes.

“I’m sorry. This isn’t something I can give out.”

“Can you at least tell me the reason why you aren’t willing to?”

Rhino didn’t answer immediately. At such a Rhino, Kain fell in thought.

‘What do I do?’

It looked like he would have to go back empty-handed.

‘Do I really have to use the Drak Guild’s name?’

Should he use the Drak Guild’s name? He was trying to acquire information for good purposes shouldn’t it be okay?

While Kain was deep in thought, Rhino was in the same state.

‘What is he going to use it for?’

‘He did say that it wasn’t for evil purposes.’

However, the good and evil were purely from Kain’s perspective. Even if Kain believed that it wasn’t evil, it could be different from Rhino’s perspective. Both fell silent as they thought about their next choices. Of course, the silence didn’t last long. The one who broke it was Kain.

“We received a job from the Drak Guild.”

In the end, Kain had decided to use the Drak Guild’s name.

“…The Drak Guild?”

Rhino couldn’t help but ask back in surprise. Another unexpected name had just come out from Kain’s mouth again.

“You received a job from the Drak Guild?”


Kain nodded.


Rhino pondered as he stared at Kain’s nod. Just why did the Drak Guild want information about Soo Hyuk?

“Do you know the reason?”

Just what was the future Spire Lord doing to attract the Drak Guild? The curious Rhino asked Kain.

“It’s for recruitment.”


Rhino O-ed in realization.

“Is it still impossible now?”

Kain asked when he saw Rhino’s reaction. At Kain’s question, Rhino contemplated,

‘If it’s recruitment…’

He had been overly cautious because of the Demon Guild incident. But recruitment was another story. Plus, it was the Drak Guild.

‘It’s better to tell him.’

It would be better to spill, in regard to their relationship. And if the future Spire Lord got close with the Drak Guild? It would definitely be a good thing. Finally deciding on his words, Rhino faced Kain and opened his mouth.

* * *

-Yeon Jung: Then you can join the guild on the day!

-Soo Hyuk: Got it.

-Yeon Jung: Stay well! And thank you. Just for me, you…

-Soo Hyuk: What are you saying, it’s good for me as well.

-Yeon Jung: Have fun in Pangea!

-Soo Hyuk: You too.

Ending his call with Yeon Jung, Soo Hyuk looked around.

“Can I find him today?”

Today was already the 3rd day. Will he finally find Orem today? Soo Hyuk picked up his pace as wandered around the mountains.

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