Reader – Chapter 92

Soo Hyuk was startled at what Rhino said.


That was so out of the blue. Soo Hyuk eyed Rhino’s expression and saw that the old man was serious. For him, it wasn’t a joke at all. In other words, Rhino must have come to earnestly aid him.


The problem was that this was his first meeting with Rhino. Soo Hyuk didn’t know him, but for the latter, it seems like he knew Soo Hyuk. 

‘Why on earth would you want to help me?’

Is it?

‘Are you thinking of me as the next leader?’

Is it because he knows that Ian and Alex believe I am the next poison tower’s master?

“Yes, if you are going. We, the Tower of Poison would like to help you.”

At Soo Hyuk’s reaction, Rhino waited with anticipation and was filled with solemnity as he awaited Soo Hyuk’s answer.

“Oh, but it’s okay.”

Looking at Rhino’s grim expression, he would have been fine without all the help. No, to be honest, he didn’t want the help, it was annoying.

Though they could be helpful, they also came with a lot of inconveniences as they were just some NPCs. In the first place, if he intended to get some help, he would have prefered Alex’s help instead of Rhino’s. 

“No, please give us a chance to help…!”

However, despite Soo Hyuk’s refusal, Rhino didn’t back down.

“But, we’re really fine.”

Of course, Soo Hyuk didn’t back down either, and before Rhino could speak again, he quickly changed the subject.

“But I have a question.”

Rhino, who opened his mouth to reply, was surprised at Soo Hyuk’s sudden change in topic.

“How do you know me?”


Rhino exclaimed at Soo Hyuk’s words. Then he put a smile on his face and proceeded to answer.

“I went to the tower a few days ago and accidentally happened to hear a few things about you.”

Frankly, it wasn’t an accident. In the first place, the reason why Rhino went to the tower was to get information about him. But it was impossible, to tell the truth.

‘A few things about me?’

Soo Hyuk thought.

‘What did you hear?’

At first, he thought that just like Ian and Alex, Rhino too wanted Soo Hyuk to be the next head.

But if you have heard the rumor, he should know that Soo Hyuk was not the next master of the tower. But why does he react so modestly? What on earth did he hear?

Rhino was the head branch manager of The Tower of Poison located in Hadrac. A branch manager is under no circumstances a low position. So, why was Rhino being so modest?

There must be a reason.

‘Did he think I was a disciple of the tower?’

Soo Hyuk was able to learn magic from Pavian, the leader of The Tower of Poison. Perhaps because of that, the tower is mostly known to learn magic from Pavian. Is he doing this because he thinks Soo Hyuk was Pavian’s student?

‘I’ll have to ask him later.’

Soo Hyuk, while thinking, nodded toward Rhino who was waiting for his response.

“Oh, I see.”

Then he told Rhino.

“Then later I’ll visit you at the branch office.”

Rhino who was shocked with such a response nodded and said.

“Okay, I’ll be waiting.”

Rhino stopped nodding, continued with a scary and spooky look, said.

“If you need any help…”

“Yes, if I require help, I’ll be sure to let you know.”

That’s how the conversation with Rhino ended.

Afterward, Rhino disappeared, leading the poison mages who waited behind him away.

After Rhino left, Soo Hyuk moved back to the entrance of the underground waterway. He could see both Kamian and his Guild members looking at him with a puzzled look on their faces.

Kamian and his guild members knew about Rhino. He must have been embarrassed by the reaction he showed to Soo Hyuk. 

“You’ve been waiting for a long time, haven’t you?”

Soo Hyuk spoke sheepishly toward Kamian and the other Koma guild members.

“No, no.”

Kamian shook his head as the representative answering Soo Hyuk’s words.

“We just got here and it wasn’t like you were late!”

It was just that Kamian had arrived a bit early and had been waiting for about 30 minutes but it still had yet to strike 9 as there were still 10 minutes remaining. So, Soo Hyuk wasn’t late either.

It was just then.


Roa, who was standing at the back, came forward and greeted Soo Hyuk. And with her as the lead, all the Koma Guild members one by one came out and introduced themselves with greetings.

“Good morning. My name is Ketoto!”

“Hello, my name is Garan.”

“This is Healer.”

“It’s K-Cross but you can call me K.”

Finally, when all of the self-introductions of the Koma Guild ended, Soo Hyuk opened his mouth.

“I am Soo Hyuk. Nice to meet you.”

Soo Hyuk’s greeting ended it and they all went back to the business.

“Let me show you the quest we’ve received.”

Kamian said then suddenly, a quest window appeared in front of them. 

[The chimeras have been causing havoc within the underground waterway. What happened? Find out why the chimera showed up!]

[Reasons about the Chimeras appearance: 0 / 6]

[Time Remaining: 46 days]

[Quest reward: ???]

It was the S-Class Guild Quest that the Koma Guild received. It seems that there are six reasons why the Chimeras had started to live in the underground waterways.

‘We have to check out the Magic Circles.’ 

Soo Hyuk knew why the Chimera appeared. It had been listed in the quest “The Troubled Underground Waterways.”

The reason the Chimera had appeared was because of the magic circles and the number of magic circles that had been summoned by the mages had been six. If they could check them all, then the quest would be completed. 

‘This quest will be completed.’

Of course, the quest “The Troubled Underground Waterways” would be finished as soon as the Guild quest is completed.

“Thanks, so, shall we begin?”

After looking over the quest, Soo Hyuk questioned Kamian.


Saying that Kamian closed the quest window that floated in the air. Then Soo Hyuk, Kamian, and Koma Guild members Moved toward the entrance guarded by the NPCs.

“Can you show me the token?”

However, before Soo Hyuk could pull out his S-class token, Kamian took out his own. But not the mercenary token but the guild token. The guild token was golden just like the mercenary ones, the S was carved with a dragon.

“Here you are.”

“Ah, you’re the master of the Koma Guild. Be careful!”

Listening to the NPC’s concerns about the guild, the group headed inside the waterway.

As soon as they entered, the whole atmosphere changed. It was too spooky, murky and the air was mixed with a stench.

“Soo Hyuk, can you show me the map?”

“Oh, yes.”

Soo Hyuk opened his inventory taking out the ‘Hadrac’s secret underground map’ and gave it to Kamian.

“This is where we are,” Kamian said, who had already been here, pointed at their current location.

“The nearest place is…”

Kamian moved his finger, pointed at the red spot closest to the entrance. The number of red dots on the map was six, making it clear that they were the Magic Circles.

“In this section, the Chimeras guarding this area are the incorporation between orcs and wolves.”

“Orcs and wolves?”

“Ah, Ketoto, yes they are very powerful. mostly, their vitality and their attacking powers are significantly high.”

While Soo Hyuk and Kamian were busy talking and marking the map, K-Cross took part in their conversation.

“I’ve checked with the eyes of a dragon.”

K-Cross was a hunter, with his hunter-only skill ‘The eyes of a Dragon’ he had confirmed the Chimera’s vitality.

“The Chimeras have the HP that ranges from 1 million to 1.2 million.”

Considering that the vitality of the chimera is around 1.2 million and a 200-level troll’s vitality ranges from 300,000 to 500,000 the difference is unimaginable.

“A million to 1.2 million?”

Soo Hyuk, who knew the vitality of the monsters from the website, had no choice but to ask.

“Yes, and it is getting higher as we get near the red spot. I’m thinking maybe, 1.2 million is just in the middle, the range is getting higher.”

The chimeras at the entrance had a lifespan of 1 million to 1.2 million. And as they will move forward, the vitalities of the chimeras will get higher. The HP of the chimera, when they reach in the middle, could be estimated to be more than 1.2 million.

“That’s incredible!”

Soo Hyuk had no choice but to praise. But, it didn’t mean he meant it in a good way.

‘What’s its level?

‘What is their level that they have so much vitality?’

Ketoto asked when Soo Hyuk, while lost in his thoughts.

“But their attacking power is not very strong when compared to their vitality. If I am right, they should be about a regular level, 250 Ogre. ”

Ketoto was a tanker-type fighter who mainly focused on defense, more than offense. Naturally, he would be the one to take the lead when fighting with the chimeras.

At first, Ketoto was worried about hearing high vitality. But now hearing that even if he was attacked they wouldn’t do much damage. All he had to do was endure.

“But the poison attack is ridiculously high.”

Of course, the only thing that could be endured was their physical attacks. Chimeras spewed out their poison even at the end of their physical attacks and the damage caused by being poisoned couldn’t be compared to that of a physical attack.

“I’ve invested a lot in magic and you’re saying that you’re scared.”

The problem was that Ketoto had a high level of magical defense. A warrior who heavily invested in attacking skills didn’t possess much if any magical defense though could only block physical damage 

But, Ketoto was a taker-type warrior who gave up on his attacking skills. Instead, he possessed all the physical and magical defenses. Nevertheless, they could encounter terrible damage.

“You said that the poison attack is over 300 levels.”

“Oh, I see.”

Soo Hyuk said as if he understood.

It was just then.

“I’m back.”

Roa, who had gone out all alone to check the waterways, came back.

“There is a chimera heading right up. It’s a Wolf Ork.”


“Yes, turn right and you’ll see it right there.”

She replied to Soo Hyuk’s question.

‘Just one.’

Looking at Roa’s nod, Soo Hyuk thought.

‘If it’s one, then.’

Soo Hyuk looked at the map and said to Kamian.

“Can you wait here for a moment? I’ll be right back.”

How strong is the chimera and how much strength would he need to catch it? If it could be caught, Soo Hyuk thought, how long it would take. 

“I’ll tank for you.”

Ketoto said at Soo-hyuk’s words.

“It’s okay. I have a wide range of attacks….”

Soo Hyuk answered and that was enough for them to understand. The Koma Guild members knew the level Soo Hyuk had in magic. Ketoto thought he would suffer more from Soo Hyuk’s magic than he would while tanking for him.

“Please let me know if something happens. I’ll step in immediately.”

Ketoto, who understood, nodded.

“Um, if something happens I’ll shout. So, then I’ll be back.”

Soo Hyuk after talking moved to the direction Roa pointed. And when he turned right, he could see a chimera made of wolves and orc, just as Roa described.

‘It’s upper body was that of an orc and the lower half was like that of a wolf.’

It didn’t look as strange as I thought it would be.



The wolf-orc looking chimera, who found Soo Hyuk, began to approach.


Soo Hyuk used his magic at the approaching chimera.



Ugh! Owowowowowow!

Does it have two heads? A painful scream came from the mouths of the orc and the wolf. Then at that moment, a green lump came out of the wolf’s mouth.

Soo Hyuk, who was watching the reactions of the wolf-orc chimera, quickly dodged to the side as soon as he saw the green mass flying towards him at a high speed.


The green mass hit the exact spot Soo Hyuk was standing. The mass just as it touched the ground burst and started to spread. Soo Hyuk’s eyes narrowed when he saw the particles were now flying towards him.

‘Damn it!’

The lump itself could be avoided. But, it was impossible to avoid its small particles. Soon the green particle touched his thigh and a message appeared in front of him.

[You are not poisoned.]

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