The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 01 – Chapter 03

I had remembered everything after getting the【Jade Eyes】, which were the eyes of the spirit. The time when I was being used like a slave every day and the part where I used healing magic on the world to go back to the past. At this rate, if nothing is done, then the same tragedy will just repeat itself, and I just will not forgive myself if that happens. To avoid that tragedy, I will start planning out what I can do.

“Firstly, in two days when it’s my birthday, I will awaken to my class.” (Keare)

There are only two days until my fifteenth birthday, and at the same time when I am considered an adult, I will awaken to my class. Of course, I will awaken to the healing magician class, but not only that, I’ll also awaken to the extra class which is the hero class.

“Why did I have to be hero?” (Keare)

‘Hero’ is an extra class which only ten people can get in the world, and has four abilities derived from its class.

  • Class ability strengthening, which is an ability of the hero class which boosts your class up by one dimension.
  • The release of the level cap; every single living being has a level cap to their level, with the exception of the heroes.
  • The amount of EXP that you and your party get is two times the amount of what normal parties usually get.
  • The increase of the level cap for your followers; if they do a certain deed, then their level cap goes up.

They are quite useful abilities, and they are all abilities that are befitting the title of a ‘hero’. Without a doubt, the reason I was able to reach what lied ahead of【Recovery Heal】,【Imitation Heal】,【Transformation Heal】and【Deterioration Heal】, was definitely because I was a hero.

And on top of that, not having a level cap is a nice part of being a cheat. Normally, the level cap is around level 20-30, but us hero’s level cap is infinite; our strength can keep on reaching new heights. The dimension of strength is completely different compared to normal people.

You can’t even laugh at the rise in value of EXP, because if my past life’s memories are correct, for each hero in the party, all members get a rise of EXP by 2x the normal amount. And back when I was in a party with the four other heroes, it was 2x2x2x2 the normal amount, which meant we got 16x the normal amount of EXP you get.

“Now then, Flare should be coming in a week or so I think.” (Keare)

According to my memories from my past life, the kingdom should send an escort to pick me up five days after I got the hero class. Apparently, it seems that the already awakened, magic hero Flare has the ability to discover the birth of a new hero. This time as well, she will definitely come too after finding me, as the heroes who are only ten in number in the whole world, are a valuable fighting force.

As I diligently walk through the woods, I decide on my plan.

“First of all, escaping the kingdom is out of the question.” (Keare)

There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that no hero can escape from the magic hero Flare with her hero detection magic. Especially if my level is low and I have no skills, as the elite force owned by the royal family will instantly capture me. If I were to seriously try and escape, I would have to destroy Flare’s detection magic, or else its checkmate. There can only be 10 heroes in the world, so the royalty would kill off the useless hero, to give birth to another hero.

The second reason, is that I want to be able to use【Imitation Heal】on the people that are strong.

In my past life, being unable to stand the pain of using【Recovery Heal】, I had ran away, only to be brought back and drugged. After that, the kingdom made me heal all the veteran soldiers that couldn’t be healed using an elixir. Although it was a nightmare like experience, it was a chance to copy the skills of strong warriors that I couldn’t afford to miss out on.

Going through all of that, there is only one option that I can take, which is to use 【Imitation Heal】on as much people I can, and then escaping the royal castle using those skills.

But to do that, there are hurdles I need to jump over.

“I definitely want the drug resistance skill, because if I lose my ego after getting drugged, it will be the same as last time.” (Keare)

I need to acquire drug resistance so that I will be able to keep my ego even if I get drugged. And I also need strength if I want to escape, so I would prefer to increase my level. I’m not bothered to much about the latter, because I have【Looting Heal】to cover up for it. As I copy skills, my level will also rise as well.

Now that I’ve decided my plan, I need to start preparing for it. As I return back to the village, I collect poisonous mushrooms and plants and put them in my bag. It took a long time to acquire the drug resistance skill last time, because I had gotten addicted to it and abandoned myself to pleasure from the drugs. To gain drug resistance, I need to try and resist drugs while eating them, so if I continue to eat poisonous plants for a week, the proficiency should increase by quite a bit. Although I won’t be able to get the drug resistance skill in a week, I should be able to get drug resistance skill in the near future as long as I continue to raise the proficiency and try to keep a strong heart.

“But… just running isn’t fun, so I’ll destroy Flare and bring her back I guess.” (Keare)

In my past life, that woman drugged me to turn me into a machine that can heal, so I’ll do the same thing to her, by using【Transformation Heal】on her.

That being said, I’m not a demon. The Flare of this world hasn’t done anything bad to me, so it doesn’t make sense to try and break or exploit her. If she doesn’t try and break me, I’ll let her go. However, if she tries to break me again, I’ll definitely take revenge on her; I’ll make her understand how it feels to be treated like livestock.

Using my knowledge, I continued to ingest poisonous plants or mushrooms that are at the level of not being able to kill someone and diligently walked through the woods.

It has been two days since I got the【Jade Eyes】, and I’ve gotten much more used to poison. Currently, I have gone to the river to drink water, and as I look at myself in the river, I notice that my cheek has sunk in, and my eyes look vacant.

I might have gone a bit too far… well whatever, it is something needed in order to let me live happily. As I gaze at the sky, the full moon was shining, and my arm suddenly started hurting as if it was on fire.

“So it’s come.” (Keare)

One the back of my hand, a geometrical crest had been engraved onto it. It’s proof that you’re a hero; it seems that I was picked as a hero this time too. I should also have awoken to my class now.

Looking at the surface of the river, I put power into my eyes, and the【Jade Eyes】that I got from the spirits start shining. Normally, you cannot view your status without using an expensive magic tool called the appraiser. However, with my【Jade Eyes】, I can see someone’s status without using a magic tool.

Race: Human
Name: Keare
Class: Healing Magician, Hero
Level:  1
MP: 12/12
Physical Attack: 5
Physical Defense: 6
Magic Attack: 7
Magic Resistance: 8
Speed: 7


  • Healing Magic Lv1


  • MP Recovery Rate increase Lv1: Healing Magician’s skill, MP recovery rate is 10% faster.
  • Healing Ability Increase Lv1: Healing Magician’s skill, adds a positive correction to healing magic.
  • Increase of EXP: Hero only skill, gives 2x the amount of EXP earned for you and your party.
  • Level Limit Breakthrough (Yourself): Hero only skill, the release of the level limit cap.
  • Level Limit Breakthrough (Others): Hero only skill, by giving your body fluids to someone which have your magical power included in them, there is a probability of their upper level limit going up one level.

It’s very useful to be able to see a status without using a magic tool every time, especially for me as I can see peoples status’s to check if I want to copy their abilities or not. Using these eyes, I can specify what skill I want, and then copy it from that person.

And the【Jade Eyes】power doesn’t just stop there. Until now, it was what you could see with an ordinary appraiser, but you can see past that with these eyes. That is…

Level Limit: ∞
Talent Values:
MP: 110
Physical Attack: 50
Physical Defense: 50
Magic Attack: 105
Magic Resistance: 125
Speed: 120
Total Value: 560

The level cap and talent values appear. Living beings all have their maximum level, and by seeing that, I can see the people who have the most talent. No matter how high someone’s stats are, if their maximum level is 10, then they won’t be of any use.

And the important part is the talent value, because the increase in certain stats after leveling up depends on your talent value. If your talent value is low, then no matter how much you raise your level, you won’t be able to get strong. In my case as a healing magician, my physical stats are low, but every other stat is high level.

No matter how strong the hero, they wouldn’t be able to fight alone; they have to have comrades. If I use these【Jade Eyes】, then I would probably be able to find some people that have high talent values.

“The healing magician class and hero class, the preparations to get the drug resistance skill and the【Jade Eyes】. I have gotten all the things I need, and now all that’s left is to follow history. It is weird though, because although I hated Flare that much, I’m looking forward to meeting her.” (Keare)

I was praying in my head for Flare to be the trash she is in this world as well. If she is, I can freely carry out my revenge, and cherish her as a pet.

With a thin smile, I stood up and began to walk. Making sure that I will definitely fulfil my objective, I took one step at a time, all to lead up to my revenge.

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