The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 01 – Chapter 06

For the audience with the king, my body was cleansed, I had changed into the clothes they had prepared for me, and the minimum amount of etiquette was driven into me. Currently, I had been summoned to the antechamber to the audience room

While the maids and I were heading towards the door to the audience room, Flare joined up with me with her attendant. It seems that Flare had changed from her magicians’ outfit to an elegant dress.

“Keare-san, I was quite surprised at how different you look. You look quite good in those types of clothes too.” (Flare)
“Thanks, you look pretty too, Flare” (Keare)
“Fufu, you are quite the flatterer, but I’m still glad that you think that way.” (Flare)

We both exchange empty words with each other, basically just lip service. Like that, the doors of the throne room open, and we enter the room.

“The heroes have arrived.” (Random attendant?)

As soon as I walked in, an exaggerated voice echoes throughout the room. The size of the room is like a joke, and I can see that there is an extremely extravagant throne established at the back of the room.

In a place that is one seat higher, an elderly man was sitting down, and on both sides, there were nobles that seemed like the countries leaders who were lined up in a line. I don’t know how I feel about how they do this much just to meet one villager. No… if I think about it, it’s obvious.

It just means that the existence called a hero is just that special. Normal humans only have a level limit of around level 20~30, but heroes have an infinite level limit. On top of that, heroes have the skill to let not just themselves, but everyone in their party to get 2x the EXP you would normally get. Additionally, male heroes have the ability to increase other people’s level limits by doing a certain deed. It’s also guaranteed that they have the capability to increase their original class to a higher-level as well. The existence called a hero is an existence that can surpass the battle power of 1000 troops with just one of them.

The attendants get urged to move towards the king and using what I just learnt; I put my knee on the ground, and lower my head. Using the moment just before I faced my head down, I used【Jade Eyes】on the king. Putting power into my eyes, I see the level limit and the talent values at the same time as when I see the status.


Race: Human (?)
Name: Proum
Class: Magic Knight
Level: 41☆
Level Limit: 41
MP: 153/153
Physical Attack: 81
Physical Defense: 67
Magical Attack: 81
Magical Resistance: 75
Speed: 55
Talent Values:
MP: 90
Physical Attack: 93
Physical Defense: 75
Magic Attack: 92
Magic Resistance: 84
Speed: 60
Total Value: 494


  • Fencing Lv3
  • Attack Magic (Fire, Lighting) Lv2


  • MP Recovery Rate Increase Lv2: Magic Knight’s skill, MP recovery rate is 10% faster.
  • Attack Magic Power Increase Lv2: Magic Knight’s skill, adds a positive correction to attack magic.
  • Fencing Correction Lv3: Knight’s skill, attacks that use a sword get a positive correction.


I close my【Jade Eyes】. I got surprised, because he is too strong. Even though he is not a hero, his total talent value is close to 500. Furthermore, apart from his speed, all his stats are above normal and he has the magic knight class which uses both physical and magical attacks to fight. On top of that, he has a level that is over the amount that a normal person should have, and is over level 40. He is a genuine monster. Having the star next to your level means that you’ve reached your level limit and you can even confirm this with an appraiser.

Speaking of that, I remember hearing that the royal family was taking in heroes blood so that they can have a strong bloodline, and if so, then that makes sense.

However, I am concerned that there is a question mark next to his race, because this is the first time I’ve ever seen this kind of notation. There is no doubt that this guy is undertaking something which makes him stray from the path of a human. (TL Note: So he isn’t going to ask about why the talent values are different from the actual stats? Or has it already been mentioned that although it is affected by the talent values, the actual stats differ.)

“You did well coming here, new hero. Raise your face.” (King)
“Yes, your majesty.” (Keare)

I raise my face as told, and while I’m raising my head, I think of how I should escape. I should aim for when the king isn’t here, since his individual power is quite dangerous. And if he is absent, then his guards would also be absent, making it the perfect time to escape.

“Fumu, that’s a good expression. I have heard from Flare that your class is a healing magician, but is there no mistake in that?” (King)
“Yes, it is just as you say.” (Keare)

For one moment, the king puts on a disappointed face, since healing magic can be replaced with other thing. The king probably wanted a more combat-oriented hero to add to his fighting power, but even then, he puts his expression back to normal and opens his mouth.

“Having a hero with healing magic is something that our whole country was wanting, so we are pleased to know you have awakened to that power. We will bestow upon you the title, the healing hero.” (King)
“I am grateful for that title, and I will call myself the hero of healing from now on.” (Keare)

You were longing for me? How can he say that so shamelessly? Pushing down my inner anger, I say my words of thanks.

“Hero of healing, in our long battle with the demons, many warriors have been unable to fight anymore with their injured state. There are many among them who can’t even be healed with the legendary miracle medicine, the elixir. And so we figured that maybe the hero of healing who specializes in healing could heal them.” (King)
“I haven’t actually used it yet, so I’m not sure if it will work” (Keare)
“No, since you are a hero, then you should be able to heal them right? In a week’s time, a very powerful sword saint will come to visit us, and it seems that if it is just about swordsmanship, then she surpasses the sword hero.” (King)

The sword saint; it’s a nostalgic name. I definitely want to copy her ability no matter what. Unlike the sword hero who relies on his strength of his status, her sword skills are beautiful with no wasted movements.

“The other day, while fighting a high ranking demon, she lost her right hand, so I was wondering if you could use your power to heal her. Until then, we’ll have you learn about heroes and we will be sure to prepare the best teachers possible.” (King)

While ignoring the words of the king, I once again realized that history is repeating itself completely. I use【Recovery Heal】for the first time on the sword saint, and I truly had the worst luck, considering the first person I had to heal was a sword saint.

For【Recovery Heal】to return the target to their normal state, the magic makes the practitioner go through everything the other person experienced and all the pain they have gone through till now, to properly return them to normal.

The existence called a sword saint is someone that lives through thousands of battlefields, and carrying that burden was too much for one plain villager.

Just healing the sword saint almost drove me insane and doing that gave me a trauma, which made me unable to use healing magic, ending up with me getting drugged by the royal family.

“Understood, I will dedicate my power for this country.” (Keare)
“Fumu, that’s a good attitude. You may return now.” (King)

Like that, the audience ended after going the same way as last time.

After the audience with the king ended, I was given a room to rest in. I also got a teacher specialized in that area, and was making an effort to study. I was taught knowledge that was needed for an adventure, general education and etiquette. A lot of different information was hammered in my head. I once again realize that at this stage, they still were trying to treat me as a proper hero.

After studying, it was some light sword practice because although healing magicians can’t get sword skills, it still works for self-defense. After that, I had dinner and then took a bath; in the blink of an eye, it had become nighttime.

On my bed in my private room, I turn my body to lie on my side. It was a high quality bed that you could never even dream about in the village and because my fatigue had built up, I became quite drowsy.

Just as my consciousness was about to fade, my door made the sound of opening and I looked towards the direction of the door.

When I did, I saw a young woman enter my room and noticed it was the first attendant that I had been introduced to. She was one of the people monitoring me and had a status equal to this country’s elite knights.

“Hero-sama, I had fallen in love with you the moment I saw you. Please, embrace me.” (Attendant)

She was wearing lascivious clothing that lightly stuck to her skin. She then pushed me down, and started stripping me. (TL Note: So she wants his… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) level limit increase.)

“Stop, stop it” (Keare)
“Even though you say that, this part of you is energetic isn’t it?” (Attendant)
“Seriously, stop it. Why are you doing this!?” (Keare)
“I did say my reason though, I fell in love with you.” (Attendant)
“Please stop, onee-chan.” (Keare) (TL Note: Onee-chan is a way of calling your sister… well in this case, it is because he is addressing a young adult female while acting like a young boy.)

Although I am desperately resisting, I’m level 1 and so I can’t do anything about the difference in physical ability. Forcibly getting raped, I got dirtied.

“Scared, I’m scared.” (Keare)

During the time before I got dirtied, apart from my mental age, I am a fifteen year old boy who just became an adult so I tried to act as a pure young boy. It seems that I had pulled her heartstrings, and she was having fun while sexually assaulting me.

After the woman left, I laugh by myself. So far, it has been the same as the first week in my past life.

“I was delighted the first time though.” (Keare)

A healthy boy that was approached by an erotic young beauty, and I was also a virgin, so there was no way I wouldn’t be delighted.

However, this time I couldn’t be honestly happy, as I found out her true objective.

She had two objectives, and the first one was to win me over. If she can indulge me in sexual pleasure, then it would be easier to control me. The other reason is to increase her level limit. Heroes have an infinite level limit, but male heroes can also increase other peoples level limits by one, by directly filling up other people’s origin of life. That being said, no matter how many times you do it in one day, it is only going to increase by one. Unless it is the very first time for the day when it has the most mana and vitality, it won’t work.

Putting it simply, if you have sex with a hero, you get stronger. Thinking about it now, the reason why those attendants were so uselessly strong might be because they were first rate adventurers applying to get stronger. After all, the difference in level makes a big difference over small differences in talent values. (TL Note: So then the reason the king was so uselessly strong was because… I should stop think about this.)

“So this is going to happen daily huh.” (Keare)

That attendant is going to assault me every night aiming to increase her level limit. If I’m unable to resist, I might as well enjoy it. Fortunately, all of them are pretty anyways.

After arriving at the royal castle, one week has passed. I’ve learnt quite a lot of things, and I’ve gotten more used to what happens at night. I think that at least it’s better that I do it with a girl instead of a guy.

In the first week after I was drugged, they mercilessly even made me do it with guys as well. The guys think that as long as their level limit increases, they would happily suck all they want. If it is for strength, humans use can endure anything just to obtain it. That is also another reason of my burning desire to get revenge on them. There is no way I would forget that humiliation.

And finally, the fated day had come. The day that I, as a healing magician, was judged as a useless tool. The day that the princess Flare had decided I had no use as a proper hero, and used me as if I was livestock.

I will be summoned to a room, and will meet a certain girl. I will meet with the sword saint Kureha Claylet, the girl with the most beautiful sword skills in the entire world.

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