The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 01 – Chapter 07

Sword saint Kureha Claylet. There is no one in the Dioral Kingdom who doesn’t know of that name.

The Claylet lineage is the strongest sword clan in existence. They act as the Dioral Kingdom’s sword, and are the most feared aristocrat lineage. Every single action they take is all to create the strongest swordsman. Introducing strong blood into their family, they continue to give birth to children specialized for the sword, and is close to madness. According to rumors, if they decide that that child doesn’t have strong blood in them, to not dilute their blood, they even carry out consanguineous marriage like it’s nothing.

After a few hundred years of giving birth to children specialized to be good at the sword, the children from the Claylet lineage started getting an extra class. The name of it was… sword saint.

It was found out by researchers that the class you awaken to is connected to both your blood and the environment where you grew up. The only people that acquired the extra class sword saint in this whole world, is, the Claylet lineage. Furthermore, they don’t just have the class that comes with the status, the Claylet’s sword is the strongest as the most truest fencing as well. The large variety of sword techniques can even be called art in a sense. And it can’t just be labeled as a decoration, as it was diligently built from innumerable actual fights, further backed up by their blood and iron.

And among the Claylet lineage, Kureha Claylet is called a genius of all geniuses

“I want it, I really want it; the sword skills of a Claylet.” (Keare)

The me at the time when I healed Kureha was still quite inexperienced, so her life experiences didn’t get engraved deep enough within me. I didn’t have the time to do that as I was suffering from pain and fear, and my【Recovery Heal】proficiency wasn’t high enough anyways.

After that, I had to experience innumerable experiences so the sword saint’s experience was pushed out, and I had wasted my chance to gain the world’s strongest sword skills. But this time, it won’t go the same way. I will definitely engrave the experience of a Claylet inside of me, but I won’t be able to gain the extra class called the sword saint. If I can just copy the skills of a sword saint, not only will I be as strong as her, I would also be able to overwhelm a great number of the employers here.

Like always, I was studying hard in my class that is being held in my room, and an attendant came to call me over.

“Hero of healing, the sword saint has come to see you. She is currently waiting for you in the Rai nara room. Please show us the power of the healing hero to your heart’s content.” (Attendant)

(TL Note: The Rai nara thing is explained a bit later in the chapter, just saying since I was really confused at what it meant. Raws: ライナラ. So if you have a better suggestion for this name, it would be helpful if you could tell me since I think rai nara sounds kind of… meh)

I put on a bitter smile. The first time I had experienced this first week, I was overflowing with eagerness to do things. As foolish as I was, I had fallen for Flare’s exterior, indulged myself in the pleasure with the attendants, truly thought of myself as a hero, and was filled with thoughts of trying to show my cool moments to the girls. Even now, I am filled with overflowing eagerness to do it, but my eagerness is simply because I am aiming for the skills of a sword saint.

… … I have also increased my level to the point that I can just barely use【Imitation Heal】as well.

Race: Human
Name: Keare
Class: Healing Magician, Hero
Level: 5
Level Limit: ∞
MP: 27/27
Physical Attack: 10
Physical Defense: 10
Magical Attack: 16
Magical Resistance: 18
Speed: 17

Talent Values:
MP: 110
Physical Attack: 50
Physical Defense: 50
Magic Attack: 105
Magic Resistance: 125
Speed: 120
Total Value: 560


  • Healing Magic Lv2


  • MP Recovery Rate increase Lv1: Healing Magician’s skill, MP recovery rate is 10% faster.
  • Healing Ability Increase Lv1: Healing Magician’s skill, adds a positive correction to healing magic.
  • Increase of EXP: Hero only skill, gives 2x the amount of EXP earned for you and your party.
  • Level Limit Breakthrough (Yourself): Hero only skill, the release of the level limit cap.
  • Level Limit Breakthrough (Others): Hero only skill, by giving your body fluids to someone which has your magical power included in them, there is a probability of their upper level limit going up one level.


I have raised my level up to level 5.The secret to why my level has risen without me fighting a monster, is because of my fourth version of【Recovery Heal】,【Looting Heal】. When using【Recovery Heal】, while you send mana to your target, a magic, two-way path gets connected between you and the target.

Using that path, it is possible to steal EXP or mana from your target. Although I can’t take EXP that has already been used to level up, I can take the EXP that isn’t enough for their current level up.

At night, when the woman is assaulting me while being defenseless herself, I take it from her. By repeating that, I had become strong enough to just barely use【Imitation Heal】.

Because I have【Looting Heal】, I can have a peace of mind even when I’m constrained. Like livestock, even if I am forcibly coerced to heal multiple people, I am still able to raise my level from it.

Thus, once I get all the eye-catching skills and reach the level of being able to escape easily, I will fulfill my promise from my past life and destroy Flare’s everything, making her my toy this time.

To meet with the sword saint Kureha Claylet, I had come to the Rai nara room. The thing that is called a Rai nara, is a white flower with a tinge of blue in it, and is this country’s symbol. You can’t find any citizens in this country that doesn’t love this flower of unparalleled loveliness.

The Rai nara room, is an indoor garden which is multicolored with many different flowers in bloom, and is considered the loveliest place in the castle. I heard that it was made because it was for Flare’s hobby, so it seems that although her personality is the worst, at least her hobbies are seemingly good. No, it’s actually a grand waste of money, so I guess her hobbies are bad as well after all.

While I was thinking about that, it seems that the preceding visitor has noticed me.

“Hello, are you by any chance the hero of healing?” (Kureha)

A girl that was wearing an easy to move in, plain white, knight clothes called out to me. That figure who had no openings, a sword that can pierce your skin and an elegant behavior. If there was someone who didn’t know her saw her, they would immediately know after seeing her once, that she is the…

“I am the healing hero Keare, and have gotten the orders from the king to heal you. I have heard of your rumors, and am honored to meet you, sword saint Kureha Claylet.” (Keare)

There is no doubt that she is the strongest sword saint. Long silver hair and an expressionless face that is still lovely. That type of girl is the sword saint, and I bet that no one will actually believe it unless they see her.

“It seems you know about me, but I’ll take this chance to properly introduce myself. My name is Kureha Claylet, and I am the former sword saint.” (Kureha)

She said the word ‘former’, and the reason for that is simple. Since she doesn’t have a right hand, her right arm clothes are moving around loosely. A high ranking demon. An enemy that not even a hero can kill alone, was killed single-handedly, but she lost her sword arm in exchange for it.

“Now then, let’s get started with the treatment right away.” (Keare)
“Yes, I’ll request it. Since it is something that not even the elixir can heal, the only thing I can depend on is your power.” (Kureha)

Kureha clenches her lower lip. The Claylet clan is a clan that gambled everything on the sword, so if she can’t use the sword, then there isn’t a single fragment of meaning for her existence. No, there is one meaning for her life, which is to make a child. She would be coerced to live just for leaving behind strong children because she is the strongest sword saint. That title would inversely torment her.

“Kureha, could you please turn your back to me? To use my healing magic, it’s necessary to be facing your back.” (Keare)

After nodding to that, she faces her back to me. To see their back to use my healing magic is an outright lie, and my true objective is to use my【Jade Eyes】on her. I’m doing this because if I face her, it is impossible to hide the shine of my【Jade Eyes】from her. Now then, show us the strength of the sword saint.


Race: Human
Name: Kureha
Class: Sword Saint
Level: 45
Level Limit: 51
MP: 169/169

Physical Attack: 122

Physical Defense: 86

Magical Attack: 70
Magical Resistance: 86
Speed: 103

Talent Values:
MP: 91
Physical Attack: 128

Physical Defense: 90

Magical Attack: 72
Magical Resistance: 90
Speed: 109
Total Value: 580


  • Divine Sword Lv5
  • All-Seeing Lv5


  • Divine Sword Ability Increase Lv3: Sword Saint only skill, speed and power data correction.
  • Presence Detection Lv3: Sword Saint only skill, all-seeing’s detection range and speed data correction.


Strong!? What is this, this is completely broken. Her total value is at the same level of a hero and her level limit is high. I’ve never even heard of someone who has a level limit in the 50’s.

And the talent value distribution is artistic. Only the stats that are useful as a sword saint is high, and the useless stats are low. Furthermore, she has an ability which is the highest ability in all the sword abilities, divine sword. She also has the ability which boasts of holding an overwhelming advantage in close combat. Both of these abilities have been strengthened by skills.

A monster. Without a doubt, there is no way that someone can beat her one-on-one. Even heroes that have an overwhelming advantage in level limits would have to rely on large numbers to fight her.

“Is it fine now?” (Kureha)
“Ah, that was plenty. I’ll start the treatment now.” (Keare)

I want to hurry up and make divine sword and all-seeing mine. Although I can’t use【Imitation Heal】on the skills, I can get those two which is plenty.

“Please wait a bit!” (Flare)

Just as I was about to use my【Recovery Heal】, the magic hero Flare rushed in, bringing in one old man with her.

“What happened Flare?” (Keare)
“The truth is, I wanted to watch Keare-san use【Recovery Heal】too.” (Flare)

I remembered now. I’m pretty sure the first time I did this, it was the same too. The old man who is following Flare is the person in charge of the magic research team. He’s here because depending on the hero, they can be a singularity that have their own class’s skills stronger than normal. Therefore, she probably brought him with her to check if I am a singularity or not.

“Ah, please just do it as you please.” (Old Man)
“Please don’t mind me either.” (Flare)

I have no reason to refuse, so I guess I’ll start now. For this body, it is my first 【Recovery Heal】on someone else, so an extremely strong pain will probably assault me. Even though I remember the pain from my past life, I have yet to experience it in this world. There’s around a 50/50 chance that I’ll be able to endure it. If I just repeat it enough times, I should be able to get the pain resistance skill, which makes my brain able to produce endorphins at will. However, right now I am unable to do that, which means I’ll have to fight head on with the pain. Clenching my teeth in advance, I use my magic.

“Here I go,【Recovery Heal】!” (Keare)

The moment I said that, every single experience that sword saint Kureha Claylet has experienced assaulted my whole body. Her childhood training that I can only think of as abuse, thousands of battlefields covered in blood, her whole body getting worn out every day, and an everyday life which is covered by her enemy’s blood.

Well it is reasonable since Kureha is still in her teens after all. As a teenager, her level is over 40, and that kind of human doesn’t live a peaceful life, every day is a living hell. Killing, killing and continuing to kill every day…

It hurts, it’s painful, it’s scary, save me.

“Ah, ah, ah” (Keare)

My voice starts leaking out. My focus is wavering. The hell that Kureha Claylet experienced throughout her whole life, was all experienced by me in that one moment. My tears start falling out, and I endure the urge to scratch off my neck. A【Recovery Heal】that is once activated, cannot be inactivated by will. Although the existence that was me was literally breaking, I had done my job, and Kureha’s right arm had been restored. And it was restored just as it used to be, with all the muscle strength in it. I had recreated every single experience, habit and reflexive action that that arm took perfectly, making it just as it was before.

Once I had finished that, I had collapsed after spasming with tears and drool coming out of me.

“It was healed, my arm was perfectly restored back to normal. Amazing, it’s a miracle. With this, I’m able to fight again.” (Kureha)

Kureha Claylet’s voice had echoed through my head, and I was watching that with distant eyes. Although I had prepared myself for the pain, to think that it was going to hurt this much. Well for my first week, I had fainted, so I guess I have improved by a bit. After all, I’m still conscious, and thanks to that, I was able to properly use【Imitation Heal】. I also have divine sword and all-seeing now.

“Thank you so much Keare. Eh, are you alright?” (Kureha)

It seems that Kureha who had gotten overjoyed from my【Recovery Heal】results hadn’t properly looked around her, and only now realized my state. She panickingly raises my body up.

Surprisingly, she seems to have a good personality. I pretend to faint, aiming for Flare to let her guard down. While closing my eyes, I concentrate as much as I can through my ears.

Kureha then gets chased out of the room, because she will supposedly get in the way of the treatment. And while leaving, Kureha happily said some thanks.

“Please tell Keare when he wakes up, thanks for letting me hold the sword again, and I will never forget this favor. Kureha Claylet will definitely give back this favor using all of her power.” (Kureha)

She truly is such a good person. While wondering about what Flare will do from now, she opened her mouth.

“Not even being able to use his only redeeming feature properly, this might be really useless. Even though we recycled one of the heroes, it seems it was pointless huh.” (Flare)

Not noticing that I was still conscious, Flare lets out her true nature. Contrasting from that, the old man from the researching team seems really excited for some reason.

“Princess Flare, this, this is really amazing. The【Recovery Heal】that this man used isn’t the ordinary【Recovery Heal】that normal people use!!” (Old Man)
“Isn’t just the normal【Recovery Heal】? What’s different about it?” (Flare)
“It’s different right from the fundamentals, the dimension is on a completely different scale. An ordinary【Recovery Heal】is a healing magic that uses your own natural recovering ability with magic to activate it. In other words, it can only heal something that a human body can naturally heal. You cannot heal a gouged out eye, and an arm that was cut off cannot be restored!! But that【Recovery Heal】is different. Analysis reconstruction. Imagination that comes from nothing, or time regression. Either way, it is on the level of god’s area!! I am getting excited; there is no doubt that the secret lies after him suffering until he goes crazy. It’s the first time that a healing magician showed that kind of reaction after using healing magic! I want to study it, and simplify it so other people can use it!! I am, I am!” (Old man) (TL Note: “There is no doubt that the secret lies after him suffering until he goes crazy”… what’s wrong with this old man? Like seriously though.)

Ah, this person is dangerous. While still acting like I’ve fainted, I experienced fear course through my whole body.

“Is that so, then I guess we will be able to use this it seems. Be it drugging or brainwashing, whichever is fine to control him. After all, he’ll probably use pain as an excuse to refuse using【Recovery Heal】on others. At least make him able to heal 20 warriors with his healing magic, and help him until then. After that, I don’t mind if you break him or whatever, because you would have found out the foundation for his healing magic by then.” (Flare)
“At your will, I’ll make sure to take plenty of data before kindly breaking him. Fufufu, if he is going through pain and fear, then we just need to make him enter a hypnotized state with magic, and then drug him to make him go into a pleasurable state.” (Old Man)

Like that, my destiny was being decided by these two. I see, so at this stage, Flare had already given up on me huh. I properly understand now.

“I’ll leave the rest to you. Seriously, if I think that this useless thing is a hero like me, disgust just runs through my body. He’s even making us have to figure out the foundation of his healing magic.” (Flare)

After saying that, Flare then takes her leave, and I was desperately using my all to not laugh the whole time. I was truly happy from the bottom of my heart, to the point where I couldn’t do anything! That woman is trash, ahh, thank you. Truly, thank you for staying as the trash that you were the first time round! Now with this, I will have no hesitation and no mercy while I have my revenge!! Once I use【Imitation Heal】on the heroes that are on your list, that moment will be your last.

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