The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 01 – Chapter 09

Thanks to my hatred towards Flare, I had finally obtained the drug resistance skill.

Since I knew that I was crossing a dangerous bridge, cold sweat ran down my body, but I had to cross it because of two reasons.

In that state where I didn’t have pain resistance, if I couldn’t rely on drugs to distract myself from it, even I wouldn’t be able to continue taking the full brunt of that pain after a while. Therefore, until I got the pain resistance skill, I wanted to rely on the drugs.

The other reason was because I wanted a honorable just cause for my revenge, because this time’s Flare still hadn’t done anything to make me hate her. Even though the first time’s Flare gave me extremely bad treatment, it goes against my aesthetics to outright condemn this time’s Flare with no questions asked.

To say the truth, I could’ve been in a favorable relationship with Flare this time and realize her wishes.

However, that kind of thing is out of the question. If I did that kind of thing, my resentment will never be refreshed, and on top of that, if I continued to keep on healing as Flare tells me to, my actions will be restricted, meaning I won’t have any freedom. And as a final result, I’ll just be kept as a pet until I die.

For this reason, I have traced history all up until this point. Thanks to that, I’ve gained pain resistance, amassed a lot of power and have gotten a just reason to carry out my revenge.

“You’re slow. Hurry up you dullard.” (Flare)

Flare who was walking in the front shouts at me in an unpleasant voice.

Following Flare, I head to the guest room after exiting the underground prison. We are currently heading towards the guest rooms so that I can heal the warrior that Flare picked. While listening to Flare and her attendant, the supervisor of magic research, I find out that the person I’m going to heal this time is an alchemist. I’m thankful that the person I’m going to heal this time is an alchemist, because the magic they use are very convenient and useful. I certainly want to remember this one.

“Let’s quickly finish it, because I want to enter a bath as the dog’s smell seems to have transferred over to me. I guess I’ll need to throw away this dress.” (Flare)

As always, Flare is spitting out such abusive language where no one can see her. So it seems that she doesn’t like my smell huh. Well then I’ll be sure to heavily soak her in my smell later. While thinking those things, because I was ordered not to open my mouth, I continue to diligently walk behind her.

We have arrived at the guest room, the Rai nara room where I healed the sword saint Kureha. It appears that Flare eagerly wants to boast of this garden which she made with her own hands, that it inevitably always happens here.

The alchemist seems to have lost both arms and from how the opening of the wound is carbonized, it probably means he lost them from an experiment, rather than a wound from an enemy.

Flare and the alchemist seems to be happily talking to each other, which I quietly watch from the side. Flare then introduces me as someone that is quite reticent, which is honestly quite a faultless excuse. Choosing a time that they aren’t focusing on me, I use my【Jade Eyes】on the alchemist to see to see his status.

Race: Human
Name: Wachilda
Class: Alchemist
Level: 28
MP: 84/84
Physical Attack: 51
Physical Defense: 39
Magical Attack: 49
Magical Resistance: 47
Speed: 33

Level Limit: 33
Talent Values:
MP: 70
Physical Attack: 81
Physical Defense: 60
Magical Attack: 77
Magical Resistance: 75
Speed: 50
Total Talent Value: 413


  • Blacksmithing Lv5
  • Alchemy Magic Lv5
  • Alchemy Knowledge Lv3


  • Alchemy Magic Ability Increase: Alchemist’s skill, reduction in MP and accuracy for alchemy magic
  • Blacksmithing Ability Increase Lv1: Increase in concentration and accuracy when using the blacksmithing ability


The alchemist guy seems to be called Machilda. (TL Note: It’s different from the status and I don’t know which is correct, so meh.) His talent values seem to be lower than the standard values, and his level limit isn’t that high either.

However, his status is not what made him become a strong warrior, but instead, it’s the alchemy magic which is an ability that only someone who holds the rare class of alchemist can use.

You could even say that alchemy magic is an all-purpose magic.

Blacksmithing, compounding, it is a magic that includes everything needed for an alchemist. Extracting active ingredients from raw materials, stirring, separation, heating, fusion of metals, increasing pressure, decompression, etc.

As I can’t increase my abilities with skills, I would never be able to defeat an actual magician in a proper fight. For this reason, I absolutely wanted the alchemy magic because it is a magic that can put my knowledge to good use in practical application.

As long as the limit of magic you can use is just one, alchemy magic is a necessity.

It seems that【Imitation Heal】has its ability limit as well. Although I can accumulate as much knowledge and experience I want with【Imitation Heal】, there is a limit of only being able to get 5 abilities. That is the so called limit of my calibre, and although it may increase as I level up, for now, it’s just up till 5.

However, I can swap out those 5 with others as long as the ones I want to swap are ones that I can vividly remember the knowledge and experience of. That being said, in my experience, the only abilities I can swap out are ones that I got a month ago at most.

Having to only pick out of 5 is troubling. The skills “divine sword” and “all-seeing” from the sword saint class which is the strongest out of the close combat skills. With that, I’ll definitely have alchemy magic as well, whereas the other two I guess I’ll just change depending on the circumstance.

It seems that Flare had finished her talk with the alchemist while I was thinking, and then orders me to use【Recovery Heal】.

While still pretending to be a dog that still has its collar stuck on it, I obediently use 【Recovery Heal】.

Of course, I also use【Imitation Heal】to copy his ability, and【Looting Heal】to steal his EXP. The alchemy magic ability firmly establishes itself onto my body, and it seems that I even accumulated enough EXP to level up.

Thanks to the pain resistance skill, I’m able to endure the side effects of 【Recovery Heal】and because of it, I’ll be able to cast【Recovery Heal】without any hesitation.

I’ll properly make sure to check my status afterwards, because I won’t be able to form my plans without knowing my status properly.

After that, we parted with the alchemist and I once again was restrained in the underground prison. As a reward, they give me a large amount of narcotic drugs, but they had thrown it to my face, and on top of that spat at me.

This is just my thought, but Flare is probably doing it not because I’m unpleasant, but because she takes joy in doing it. Really, what a great hobby. I plan to give Flare all the pain and humiliation that I got from her, and because she doesn’t know that, she is just continuing to dig her own grave. Honestly, since she has done this much to me, it’ll be such a pain to maintain her sanity by the end of my revenge.

Well, it doesn’t really matter I guess, because if Flare breaks, I just need to use【Recovery Heal】after all. I definitely won’t let her run away from pain and fear.

After Flare left, I use【Recovery Heal】to fix my drug dependence and start planning out my escape when my brain had started functioning better. Even my sense of time is vague.

Food that seems to be my dinner gets brought down to this underground prison, and I see that it is soup with bread floating in it. As there are no knives or forks, they are telling me to eat with my bare hands. They really are treating me as livestock. However, I’m thankful that it is a liquid form because I can look at the reflection of my face and use【Jade Eyes】on myself to check my status. Luckily, the guards aren’t looking inside right now either, so it’s safe.

Race: Human
Name: Keare
Class: Healing Magician, Hero
Level:  29
MP: 133/133
Physical Attack: 34
Physical Defense: 34
Magic Attack: 66
Magic Resistance: 78
Speed: 75

Level Limit: ∞
Talent Values:
MP: 110
Physical Attack: 50
Physical Defense: 50
Magic Attack: 105
Magic Resistance: 125
Speed: 120
Total Talent Value: 560


  • Healing Magic Lv2
  • Divine Sword Lv4
  • All-Seeing Lv4
  • Alchemy Magic Lv4
  • Ground Shrinker Lv3
  • Serene Lv2


  • MP Recovery Rate increase Lv1: Healing Magician’s skill, MP recovery rate is 10% faster.
  • Healing Ability Increase Lv1: Healing Magician’s skill, adds a positive correction to healing magic.
  • Increase of EXP: Hero only skill, gives 2x the amount of EXP earned for you and your party.
  • Level Limit Breakthrough (Yourself): Hero only skill, the release of the level limit cap.
  • Level Limit Breakthrough (Others): Hero only skill, by giving your body fluids to someone which have your magical power included in them, there is a probability of their upper level limit going up one level.


While I was in a state with no ego, thanks to me diligently using looting heal, I had raised my level all the way up to level 29. And when you speak of the number 29, it’s basically close to the level limit of an ordinary person.

Also, about my abilities, my healing magic had gone up one level. (TL Note: Umm according to chapter 8, it’s still level 2 :/…) On top of that, I have the sword saint’s divine sword and all-seeing, with the alchemist’s alchemy magic. In addition, I also added the convenient ground shrinker and serene because it is still in my memory. Although the abilities are one level lower than Kureha or Wachilda, it is fine because it in the process of using【Imitation Heal】, the level lowers by one.

The other two skills are ground shrinker, which lets me use high-speed movement, and serene which makes my cognition accelerate by putting me into a deep concentrated state. They are both extremely useful and easy to use.

As long as something big doesn’t happen, I think it’ll be fine if I establish my abilities as those five. Either way, I can switch out ground shrinker and serene with other abilities depending on the circumstances or the opponent.

“Well even if I’ve settle the problem with my abilities for now, there is a problem with my original status.” (Keare)

During my escape, I will be outnumbered by many, so no matter how hard I try, I won’t be able to get out unharmed. Therefore, I’ll need at least the minimum amount of defense as my current defensive ability will give me a fatal wound in just one hit.

I’m uneasy about my offensive ability as well, because my instant death magic,【Deterioration Heal】doesn’t have the best magical power efficiency. Even if I can replenish my mana with【Looting Heal】, I still want to preserve as much as possible because I might not even be able to get a chance to use【Looting Heal】. Because of this, I’ll need to be able to defeat enemies in close combat.

I curse my own magic specialised status, and decide to tamper with it.

“【Transformation Heal】” (Keare)

By using【Transformation Heal】on my own body, I optimize myself, resulting in an increase in talent values. Due to this, my talent values increase by around 10%, and if I want to do more, I’ll need to “take in another factor”. That being said, it is still better than not doing it. (TL Note: In my opinion, it’s literally going up by like 5% except for one… but who cares.)

Race: Human
Name: Keare
Talent Values:
MP: 110 → 116
Physical Attack: 50 → 53
Physical Defense: 50 → 53
Magical Attack: 106 → 111
Magical Resistance: 126 → 132
Speed: 120 → 126
Total Value: 560 → 591

My body has now properly become stronger, but it’s still nowhere near enough. It hasn’t even reached the standard parameter that ordinary humans have, which is 60.

That’s why I’ll do an even further【Transformation Heal】. I am unable to raise this value any higher than it is right now, but I am able to change around the distribution of values.

My talent values were arbitrarily decided, and have an excessive amount on MP and magical resistance. Therefore, I’ll add that excess to physical attack and physical defense. Although my magical attack stat also seems a bit excessive, I need at least 100 in that value or else it will mess with my accuracy of using 【Recovery Heal】.

“【Transformation Heal】” (Keare)

Race: Human
Name: Keare
Talent Values:
MP: 116 → 80
Physical Attack: 53 → 130
Physical Defense: 53 → 83
Magical Attack: 111 → 100
Magical Resistance: 132 → 72
Speed: 126 → 126
Total Value: 591 → 591

This is exactly the ideal distribution I want if I’m going to escape. With this status, even though I’m only level 29, I’ll be able to escape. (TL Note: So changing the talent values which aren’t your current stats do something? Like I thought talent values were your growth potential, or basically what stats you’ll have when you hit your level limit… well this is a bit confusing, but meh)

However, I have a need to return all my pain and humiliation back to Flare, and once I do that, it’s the end. ‘In a state where her ego has been taken from her, I’ll use her as a convenient tool’ is the kind of punishment I need to give her. To do that, I need to at least get another 5 levels, but on the other hand, you could say that I only need 5 more levels.

I have decided the time of my revenge. It’ll be after I raise my level by 5, and when the king takes the elite knights together with him, making the security become a bit short of hands. Until then, I’ll just have to endure, and the time of my revenge probably won’t be so far away anyways.

It has been two weeks since I regained my awareness and because I’ve regained my sanity, I realized that I have been living in the most disgusting and worst lifestyle.

In this period, I’ve had sexual with many people aiming to increase their level limit, and obviously, the ratio of men wanting to get stronger was high. After all, there are more men that are knights or adventurers than women.

My body had become a toy for the men that had come here to get their level limit increased, and there was even a guy with that kind of fetish, and raped me without even needing to. It seems that he wanted to have a friendly relationship with a cute boy like me. Die.

But I endured it, while being sane the whole time; I endured and didn’t go mad. I don’t mind getting forcibly made to use【Recovery Heal】on other people. However, each time, princess Flare would cruelly trample all over my dignity and I can’t even count how many I suppressed the urge to kill her on the spot.

The reason I was able to endure, was probably all for today. During that two weeks, I only thought about the best and most pleasurable way to get my revenge on princess Flare. Gruesomely, brutally, without any mercy, I’ll continue doing it until she pleads me to just end her life. I’ll ridicule her after cutting off her tongue, only to instantly heal it back! Once everything is over, the existence which is Flare will be deleted; she’ll just be my pet that exists as an useful tool and use her until her breaks! And I’ll be able to do that by using【Transformation Heal】!

Right now, it is late at night, the time when everyone has fallen asleep. In that time, I was glaring with my【Jade Eyes】, shining the jade light everywhere. The soldiers who are guarding me are unprepared; they probably think it would be impossible for me to defy them even in their dreams.

“The time that I had to endure is over now.” (Keare)

I have already caught the information that the king is departing to a foreign country with his elite knights. I’ve got the ideal abilities that I could have, and my level has been raised to a sufficient level. My preparations to escape have already been arranged, and even my preparations to go to Flare’s room have all been completed.

“Now then, it’s the start of the party, so I’ll come get you now!!” (Keare)

I take off the collar on my neck with alchemy magic, and melt the chains as well. Pouring that metal into the keyhole, I cool it, turning it into an instant key and open the door.

Without any sort of trouble, I opened the door of this cage, and if I was going to escape, then I would be facing the outside.

However, I have the objective of getting my revenge on Flare, so I’m aiming to go to her room. It’s the start of my revenge! Leaving the cage, I use all my power and start sprinting.

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