The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 01 – Chapter 11

Now then, since I’ve already exposed myself, I guess I should get started with my revenge.

【Transformation Heal】is an ability that changes my body to the way that I want it to, so I can obviously change my body appearance like I did right now. I was currently on top of Flare, imitating horse riding and was looking down at her.

Right now, Flare has had all her mana taken by me with【Looting Heal】. Because her talent distribution is magic orientated, without her mana, she can’t do anything.

“Wait, please wait. Keare-san, you are misunderstanding something.” (Flare)

Flare that was underneath me had a cramped smile while opening her mouth.

“A misunderstanding you say? What is it.” (Keare)
“I used the drugs because I was thinking for your sake. I did it so that your heart doesn’t break from the pain. I had also planned to eventually let you out from the underground prison.” (Flare)

Well, at least she isn’t saying any lies because in my first life, she completely got rid of my personality, made me into a doll that doesn’t have the function to feel pain or fear, and then let me out.

“I see now. So Flare spewed out abusive language at me, kicked my crotch, stepped on my face, and gave my body to someone else every single night all over of kindness huh. That’s quite a funny way of expressing love.” (Keare)

Flare’s face distorts. Oh, I get it; Flare thought that my memories from when I was indulged in drugs didn’t exist inside my head.

“I remember everything.” (Keare)
“Ah, that as well, it’s different, it’s different from that.” (Flare)
“In the first place, if you want to make me not feel pain, then it would have been fine if you just didn’t forcibly make me use【Recovery Heal】.” (Keare)
“That is, that was to save many people.” (Flare)
“That’s a lie. You only have an interest in increasing this country’s power don’t you. After all, you only healed warriors from this country.” (Keare)

I already knew that increasing this country’s power was her objective from the start. In reality, I wasn’t made to help a single warrior from another country. In that group of people I wasn’t made to save, there was even an influential person who was a sword saint and even extremely famous people in there.

“That was just by chance, my information network had.” (Flare)
“That is also a lie.” (Keare)

This woman isn’t that incompetent; she has at least understood the situation of the other countries.

“But, but.” (Flare)
“Well honestly speaking, I couldn’t care less about that kind of thing. I fell into hell because of your fault, which is why I figured I might as well let you savour the taste of hell as well. Even if you really were a good person, or your actions had good intent behind it, it really doesn’t matter for me. I was made to suffer, which is why I chose to take revenge. It’s quite simple isn’t it?” (Keare)

I couldn’t care less about a reason; I’m fine with just knowing the truth. Flare keeps sprouting out poor excuses, but it’s starting to get annoying now.

“Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.” (Flare)

I start off with breaking her finger, and just with that, she raised a shameful scream. Oi oi, if you are in this much pain now, you won’t be able to hold on hereafter. Oh yeah, I just thought of something good.

“Flare, do you want to play a game?” (Keare)
“Ga-, a game?” (Flare)

Flare puts on a dubious face after hearing that. Well I guess that’s understandable.

“I’m planning to return everything that was done to me right now. To be specific, I’m going to give back the equal amount of pain that I received from you. I’ll sexually abuse you, I’ll emotionally corner you. I’ll destroy your personality, and recycle you into a convenient tool to use. Well, basically just everything that was done to me, because I figured that it would be good if you were in the position that received damage, even if it was only occasionally. If I do that, will Flare finally become self-conscious of the sins you’ve been piling up?” (Keare)

Flare face turns pale, and she looks at me with appealing eyes, but in the next moment, she turned even paler than before. After all, she was able to understand I was serious after seeing the look in my eyes.

“I-, if it’s money you want, I can give it to you. Even political power, I can give you a court rank and make you into a noble. I can also give you pretty young noble women, as much as you want, and you can do whatever you want with them. Th- that’s why.” (Flare)
“Ahaha, you really think that I’ll believe that kind of bullshit?” (Keare)

This woman would never forgive her own enemies, and these are just my thoughts, but she’ll probably do all of what she said right now. However, that is only because she is trying to lower my guard and take my head while I’m sleeping. Honestly, it seems that I’m being quite underestimated here.

“It’s the truth, and either way, even if you use violence on me here, you won’t be able to escape. It’ll just end with you being killed, which is why it should be obvious what the smarter decision is.” (Flare)

I stay silent, and break one of her fingers.

“Gyahiiiiiii.” (Flare) (TL Note: What kind of scream is this?)

She raises an idiotic scream which can’t be thought of as a scream of a princess.

“Because Flare was going on about such annoying things, your total amount of game chips went down by one.” (Keare)
“Ga-, a game?” (Flare)
“Yeah, I’m going to break your fingers and tear off your nails, one by one. After that has finished, I guess it’ll be your feet next. If you manage not to raise a scream by the time I’m done breaking all your fingers and toes, it’ll be your win. If you win, I’ll stop my revenge immediately, but if you do scream, I’ll do everything I explained before, and I’ll even add a bonus for you.” (Keare)

This is something I’m doing out of consideration so that Flare’s mind doesn’t break because if she ends up giving up on everything, her reactions won’t be as interesting after all. That’s why I made a situation to give her hope so that she can directly face pain.

“I-, I understand. I’ll do it, that’s why if I am able to endure it…” (Flare)
“Ah, don’t worry, because unlike you, I protect my promises.” (Keare)

Flare puts on a face of determination, and clenches her back teeth. With this, she’ll probably keep fighting against the pain until the end. Now then, it’s the start of a fun game. (TL Note: Anyone else thinking of Hyodou from Kaiji while reading this?)

“Nnn!!” (Flare)

Flare frantically tries to keep her scream from coming out as her bed and dress continues to get dyed with blood. I really am surprised at this.

She has already endured until there is only this one last toe left! Even with her fingers being broken and her nails teared off, she was still able to endure. As expected of the princess; truly a heart of steel.

However, it seems what was going inside her mind wasn’t that good though. She has been fighting with the conditions that I set of not letting out any screams while I break her fingers and toes.


“【Recovery Heal】” (Keare)
“He-?” (Flare) (TL Note: In case you weren’t sure, “He-?” is basically her letting out a dumb/surprised voice, and it’s not her saying the word “He”.)

At this situation where there was only one left, I used【Recovery Heal】out of my kindness to heal all her fingers and toes.

“Well Flare, I used【Recovery Heal】for you. Now then, should I start from the hands again?” (Keare)

I sweetly smile towards her while saying that. I can’t believe how much of a kind person I was.

“Unfair, this kind of thing is unfair, after all, this kind of thing” (Flare)
“I said that I would break all of your fingers right? From the start, I had taken into account you having to endure until my mana depletes when I was making the game conditions. Now then, I wonder how many more times I can use【Recovery Heal】.” (Keare)

A weird whistling noise leaks out from Flare’s throat. Even though I had gone through trouble just to give her hope that she’ll be able to win once my mana runs out and I become unable to use【Recovery Heal】.

I guess I’ll check her condition for a bit. Oh, as expected of Flare; she was able to set her resolve for the second time. She’s quite a praiseworthy person.

Well unfortunately for her, unlike【Deterioration Heal】, the efficiency of mana usage is good and only consumes 5 MP each use. I’ll be able to casually use it for another ten odd times. However, Flare probably has the misunderstanding that my level is still low, and probably estimates that I’ll only be able to use it two times at most.

Come on, with this much determination and hope, I wonder how much happiness I’ll get if she breaks? (TL Note: Ok this is actually Hyodou from Kaiji, cause it even has “yukai” which is like Hyodou’s catchphrase.)

While thinking about that, I reach my hand towards Flare’s finger.

It is now the fiftieth time, and because her endurance had reached the limit, Flare finally raised a shameful scream.

“Ah, that was so close. Just another eight times and it would have been Flare’s win. It truly is bad luck.” (Keare)
“Ha-, Ha-, eight times.” (Flare)

Flare’s eyes get dyed with despair, and her face that is already splattered with tears starts getting more tears spilled on it.

“Although it is unfortunate, it’s time for your punishment. Well, it seems that I’m going to have you enjoy some more pain in a bit.” (Keare)

Like that, I had enough knowledge stockpiled in my head and so until I move onto the next course, I’ll be having some fun while making sure that she is just not broken.

After that, for 30 minutes, I had continued hurting Flare’s body. Her dress was all tattered, and you could see injuries from the exposed skin.

Flare’s tears had withered and her voice was cracked. Yeah, I was able to have a considerable amount of fun. With this, she’ll probably have experienced at least 1% of my pain. For the next part, I guess I’ll go with sexual abuse and mental abuse.

I tear off Flare’s dress.

“Ah, ahhh, ahh” (Flare)

With Flare’s current cracked voice, nothing she says can even turn into proper words. Besides, although I stripped her of her clothes, I already know this woman’s true nature, and her body is full of injuries which makes me lose strength. Well, I wonder what I should do.

“【Recovery Heal】” (Keare)

I started off with making her appearance into something bearable, but I left her achilles tendon alone as I cut it while torturing her to restrict her. It would be quite troubling if she ran around everywhere after all.

“Hii, hiii, forgive me already, I hate it, I hate iiiit. Please, it hurts, I’m scared, stooop.” (Flare)

Flare that became able to speak once more held her head in her hands while still being nude and was weeping. It seems that her withered tears had come back as well.

“Flare, you do know that I said because the pain was too much for me, to not make me use【Recovery Heal】as well right? At that time, could you remind me what you did then?” (Keare)
“I-, I am, different, it’s different” (Flare)
“It’s not different, which is why I’ll be doing the same thing back. That being said, I’ve gotten tired of giving you pain, so I think I’ll violate you.” (Keare)

Flare’s eyes open widely, and she then starts shouting.

“Noooo, nooo, I don’t want to be dirtied by someone like you, I’m a princess with high-class blood, someone like you, of the lower class, impossible, absolutely, impossibleeee, noooooo!” (Flare)

Humans show their true nature when they get cornered. I see, it seems that the incredible princess who smiles at any commoners without discrimination thinks of herself as a chosen person.

“When you hate it that much, I also lose strength. From the start, I guess I wouldn’t be able to get excited over a pig like you anyways.” (Keare)

Flare misunderstands something, and a face of relief floats onto her face. What an idiotic person.

I then move towards the fireplace inside the room, melt the equipment used to adjust the fire, and make it into a rod shape. After heating it for long enough, I put it near the carpet, and the carpet makes a sizzling noise until it starts burning.

“Flare, I’m planning on giving you 〇〇〇 or this burnt iron rod. I’m thinking of putting in one of them into Flare, but which one do you want? Because I’m a nice person, I’ll let you decide.” (Keare)

If I don’t get an erection, I can just replace it with something else. Humans are a species that specialize in using tools, but it seems that Flare didn’t know about that. It can’t be helped since she’s a pig after all.

“Eh, a, that’s.” (Flare)
“By the way, if you don’t answer, I’ll put in both, so answer by the time I count down to zero. 10, 9.” (Keare)

Once I started the countdown, her facial expression literally fell out, and she opened her eyes to the limit while shaking and letting out a scream that couldn’t be put into words.

While speaking in a loud voice, I continue the countdown. Flare faces me with a pleading gaze, to which I return back with a smile, resulting in her face becoming even paler.

I’m sure Flare already knows that I’m a man that does what he says by now.

“Ah-, your, your one is better.” (Flare)
“Hmm? I don’t quite understand what you mean when you say it like that.” (Keare)
“〇〇〇 is better!” (Flare)
“Better huh, I see, so you don’t like it. Well I shouldn’t force you after all. So let’s do it with the burnt iron one.” (Keare)

Flare starts trembling all over with fear, clenches her fists hard, and shouts out with a discouraged and blushing face.

“Keare-san’s 〇〇〇 is better. Please, give Flare Keare-san’s 〇〇〇!” (Flare) (TL Note: Talks in 3rd person here which is what people who try to act cute do, or little kids use.)

I unintentionally start roaring in laughter after hearing that. Hi-, hi, this is quite pleasant. To think that a princess would say this, I think I’ll tease her a bit more.

“I see, so you want it that much. Flare, you really are such a lewd pig. To think this thing is the princess, the king must be weeping, and the citizens are so pitiful.” (Keare)
“Yes, I want it. Please, I beg you. Please give me your compassion.” (Flare)

She even prostrated on the ground for me. Flare really is such a lewd woman.

“However, as unfortunate as it may be, I don’t get excited when I’m doing it with a pig. Oh yeah, do anything, and just try to excite me. If you can’t do it within 10 minutes, it’ll be the iron rod.” (Keare)

Ahh, I’m such a kind man. Flare, unsteadily gets up, and starts doing an enjoyable performance while shedding tears.

It was quite fun afterwards, as Flare was doing idiotic poses which she thought was arousing, and did a dodgy dance as well. Thinking ‘if it’s not enough with this…’ she came up with many ideas to excite me. I was desperate to hold in my laughter the whole time, but even then, it’s still as expected of a princess. She’s originally a beauty of the highest grade, and she seems to get the gist of it. Thanks to that, she was able to get what she wanted, and spilled tears of joy from being overcome by emotion.

After everything was over, she still seemed to not have had enough, so I gave the burnt iron as a present to her who was immersed in the aftertaste. Ahh, I really am such a kind person. Although I expressed that she was a pig, she really is just a pig and she often squealed like a pig.

Well I guess you can say that all the pain, sexual abuse and mental abuse has mostly finished now. Now all that’s left is to break her ego, and make her into an useful tool.

Flare is about 90% broken, but if it was an ordinary woman, they would have broken a long time ago. She’s as insistent as a cockroach which is why I was able to have fun, but I’m starting to get bored of it by now. I give her the finishing blow.

“【Recovery Heal】” (Keare)

I heal all of her injuries, and then use【Transformation Heal】to deal the finishing blow.

“Ah-, u, ahh” (Flare)

As she started making noises like a baby, I grabbed her hair and dragged her over to a mirror.

I let Flare look at herself in the mirror.

“Ahh, ahh, ahhh, m-, my, face, my face has” (Flare)
“How is it, I made it look cute. You should be grateful about this.” (Keare)
“No, this kind of, this isn’t my face!!” (Flare)

Yes, Flare’s face had changed into a face that wasn’t hers. While leaving a few traces of her old face, I changed it into a face that is my type.

“Your memories will be erased after this. Having a different face and losing your memories, you will disappear from this world. And you will then publicly become my tool. As a slave to deal with my sexual desires, or even as a shield in battlefields, I’ll use you well so don’t worry. If it’s about the castle, then you don’t have to worry because while I was coming here, I used【Transformation Heal】on a dead body to make it look like you and then hid it. They will surely find it someday, and they’ll take it as your death.” (Keare)

If I just normally kidnap the princess, this kingdom will definitely search to the edges of the world to find her. However, if they find Flare’s corpse on the grounds, and if the person herself has a different face with no memories, no one would think it was me who kidnapped her. Therefore, i can have a piece of mind while walking with Flare.

“Aren’t you lucky, after all, the next time you wake up, you’ll be my faithful and loyal slave. Isn’t it just the best for trash like you to get your mind replaced and make a fresh start in life.” (Keare)
“Hii, nooo, nooo, don’t want to, stooop, nono nonooooo” (Flare)

Flare thrashes around, but because of the massive difference in status values, there is absolutely no meaning to it.

“Because I’m nice, I’ll even give you time to say goodbye to your current self. I guess you should be praying or something in this one minute before “Flare” disappears.” (Keare)

Flare cries out, acts violently, and by the end, she had completely broken. Ahh that’s good, I was able to make her completely break at the very last moment.

“See ya, Flare.【Transformation Heal】” (Keare)

All of Flare’s memories were erased, but only her memories. I’ve let her knowledge remain and once she opens her eyes, I’ll amusingly and strangely tell her about a whole lot of things.

Now, since I’ve completed my objective, I should hurry up and bring Flare with me to go outside the castle. I was able to break the woman who broke my life and even made her into an useful tool.

The air is delicious. My body is light. It’s amazing! So this is the feeling you get after accomplishing your revenge!

Right now, at this moment, I am the happiest man in the world!

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