The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 01 – Chapter 12

After I accomplished my revenge, I begin thinking up a method to escape from the castle. Although there is a lock in this room, it’s the princess’s room, so it wouldn’t be weird if someone just comes in.

Since I have large baggage, the difficulty of escaping is also increased. If I was alone, then it would be easier, but since I have another person, I’ll need to think of some kind of scheme.

“Well before that, I guess I’ll take some money for my current living funds.” (Keare)

I pull out a wallet from the attendant’s corpse, and I then look around the room, taking all the things that could be worth money.

To say the truth, I had even taken the imperial guard captains wallet as well. As expected of the princess and the people close to her, they are casually walking around with gold coins in their wallets. I probably won’t have any financial problems for a while.

Although I can easily gain a lot of income by using the power of my【Recovery Heal】, there is the dilemma of standing out too much if I use it. At the very least, I don’t want to make an uproar in this town before I leave.

I put on the armor of the imperial guard captain, because if I have the appearance of the imperial guard captain, I’ll probably be able to escape from the front. Ahh, the imperial guard captain really did such an idiotic thing didn’t he. His subordinates are able to give a testimony that he went to Flare’s room, which means that this he will have to shoulder all responsibility for all of this uproar.

After leaving the castle and change my appearance, I should try and not be caught. This is because the royal family would probably massacre the imperial guard captain’s whole bloodline.

“Now then, I’ll need to do something about this woman don’t I.” (Keare)

Although it is the imperial guard captain, if he’s seen while carrying a nude woman, I think they will become suspicious.

I took off the underwear of the armor, and put it on Flare, who was nude and unconscious. None of Flare’s clothing is in this room, and she most likely has a clothing dedicated room elsewhere. Since the attendants clothes are also unable to be used as it’s all bloody, I had no choice but to do this.

Taking into account that Flare’s face transformed because I used【Transformation Heal】on her, no one should be able to tell that it’s her. If someone does criticize me, then I can just say she is a certain noble’s daughter who got drunk, and I was in the middle of escorting her home. (TL Note: It says recovery heal in the raws, but it was probably just a mistake.)

Since I’ve finished my preparations to depart, I chant【Transformation Heal】and disguise myself as the imperial guard captain.

On top of that, I’ve collected flammable objects and put them in the best possible place. And then, I pour plenty of oil that is used for lighting on them, and light a fire. A small flame gets produced, and smoke starts rising.

I then adjust it so that it will become a fire in one hour from now, so by the time I leave the castle, it’ll probably start grandly bursting into flames.

This is my so called diversionary tactic, which will also destroy all the evidence. The thing that is called a magic investigation is actually not the stupid, and will be able to trace the marks in this room. From those traces that remained in this room, they might be able to reveal the truth, and start pursuing us afterwards.

Nevertheless, I committed an unthinkable serious crime of slaughtering the princess, and then set fire to the whole place. If I ever get caught, I can’t even guess how much of a punishment I’ll get. Well, whatever, because after all, the one who’ll suffer the punishments from the crimes will be the imperial guard captain.

Anyways, I feel like I’ve overlooked something after slaughtering the princess, but in any case, I should hurry. I’ve got no time until the fire starts burning up. I leave the room while carrying Flare in a princess carry, and the moment I leave the room, I pay attention to my surroundings. As expected, if I get seen here, there’ll be nothing I can do.

While I was leaving the castle, sure enough, I had been questioned by someone, but I was able to pass it off with my excuse I had already prepared. I told them that I brought in a woman to have fun with her, which resulted in them thinking that I was a low-life, but there’s no problem with that.

After leaving the castle and out into the town, I headed towards the river that flows inside the town and let my knight armor flow away, while only keeping the sword. It’s just that it’s too big and heavy, making it hard to handle in my hands. Since I do have alchemy magic, I tamper with the shape to make it into a sword of my liking.

I unintentionally look to the direction of the castle and see it burning furiously. Ahh, it’s beautiful. I did quite a good job if I were to say so myself.

It’s dangerous to leave the town at night, so I’ll be staying at an inn for now. Now then, I wonder what kind of face I should【Transformation Heal】into. Let’s see, I guess I’ll change my face into a friendly young man kind of look, which is influenced by my real face. Yup, that would be good and that one seems like a more convenient one. If you look at it, you can see it’s the face of a good young man, just like how I had imaged it to be.

Afterwards, I stayed in an average quality inn together with Flare. As I thought, it was a good idea to take their wallets since their coins are actually able to be used in normal situations.

I passed a night in the inn and had thought about what I’ll do from now during that time.

What I want to do from now, is to achieve three main objectives.

The first one is to continue my revenge. I’ll need to show my thanks towards the sword and gun heroes’ affection towards me. Those two were deeply in love with Flare, and to get friendlier with her, they put me through horrible experiences because I was the one she hated. I’ll need to properly show my gratitude for that.

The second one is that I want to meet with the demon king. It’s not like I have a grudge against her or something, but it’s just that I am a bit concerned about her final words. I want to know exactly what it was that she was trying to protect, and while I’m at it, stopping the war between the humans and devils will be a brief entertainment for me.

(TL Note: If you forgot her last words, it’s this: “I see, so this is where my life ends huh. I feel frustrated that I couldn’t protect anything.”)

My third one is to become stronger until the utmost limit. To say the truth, as I am right now, I’m pretty weak because what I want is strength that will let me fight against suffering and hardship.

Last night, I suddenly realized the unbelievable error I made.

I had forgotten to kill the imperial guard captain who I had used【Transformation Heal】on to make him look like me. Although I destroyed his voice to the point where it is absolutely impossible to heal him with normal methods and even made him unable to hold a pen, once they look at his status through the appraiser, it’ll be revealed that he is the true imperial guard captain.

Once they do that, they’ll realize that I have the ability to change my appearance, and will know that the imperial guard captain who was carrying a woman while going outside was me. On top of that, if they connect the dots, they’ll realize that that woman was Flare.

However, I don’t think they’ll think of using an appraiser on the imperial guard captain who’s in that state, but after they notice he became absolutely unable to use【Recovery Heal】, they’ll become troubled and use it to find out the cause. If I go along that way of thinking, I still have time until they find out. Or they might use an elixir on the imperial guard captain, and he starts desperately telling them that he is not Keare, or possibly…

“If I sneakily enter the castle at this point of time, it’ll be quite painful.” (Keare)

At this point of time where the princess has been killed, and the castle has been burnt down, they’ll have security maxed out to be as severe as they possibly can. Therefore, it’s probably not a good idea to burden myself with useless risks.

The safest possible thing I can do now is to hurry up and escape into another country. Today, for the full day, I’ll have to do some work for Flare to be able to be reborn, so I’ll depart tomorrow.

If I am going to go somewhere, I guess I should aim to go to an eastern country. Those countries are usually free countries, with people coming in and out, and the management is quite loose.

Next to me, a woman starts squirming; it’s Flare. Yesterday, I had slept in the same bed as Flare. So she has finally woken up huh, I wonder if the erasure of her memories went well. Flare properly gets up, looking at her surroundings restlessly.

“Um, where is this place? What exactly am I doing” (Flare)

And now, she started staring around with a puzzled face. After pondering for a while, she then held her head in her arms.

“I can’t, remember anything, in the first place, who, am I?” (Flare)

While being in an anxious state, she frantically tries to think. She’s doing a futile act; after all, she won’t be able to remember anything.

Because her memories have already been erased. No, it’s a bit different. It’s more correct to call it that she lost the key to open the gate of her memories. Even with my magic, it is still impossible to erase their memories, and so I made it that she won’t be able to remember anything instead.

One day, if I let her become able to remember again when she’s in a position where she can’t go back from, it might be good. For example, if I do it after she falls in love with me and destroys her own country that had believed in evil, it would be quite an enjoyable situation.

Leaving behind my wild ideas, I start doing quick preparations.

“So you finally woke up. I’m relieved.” (Keare)

I embrace Flare’s body, as if I was her lover.

“Wh-, who on earth are you?” (Flare)
“Are you not able to remember me!?” (Keare)

I purposely make a surprised reaction towards that.

“Yes, I’m not too sure, I don’t even know about myself.” (Flare)

Releasing Flare from my hug, I firmly hold her shoulders.

“No way!? Why did it become like this!? Your name is Freya, and you’re my attendant. Even though we loved each other so much, you’re saying that you forgot everything…” (Keare)

I stare straight into her eyes while using hypnotism magic. I then use alchemy magic to vaporize the remaining opium inside of my body.

I use two layers that are of magic and drugs to complete it. It works well on people with no memories and is in a blank state. If I use the knowledge inside of me for practical use, I can do things like this.

The name Freya is just the new name for Flare that I came up with. Even though her appearance is different, it is still safer if I change her name as well. The reason why it’s similar to her old name is to reduce this sense of discomfort that I’m unconsciously feeling.

“Me, and you, had loved one another.” (Freya)
“That’s right, you were deeply in love with me. From around 3 days ago, you had fallen unconscious because of a high fever and when you had finally woken up, to think you lost your memories!? I feel so sorry for you Freya.” (Keare)

Although this is a rough setting and acting, it is plenty for Flare as she is right now. As proof of that, she has drowsy eyes, and steadily believes the random things that I said.

I put in humorous settings as I go. Former Flare, Freya, is a woman who felt supreme delight when she was made to serve me, would happily present her life if it was for my sake, and was a obedient sow who would happily obey any order, no matter how horrible they were.

“I am, Freya, your servant, a sow.” (Freya)

With eyes that had lost reason, Flare was just repeating those words. No, Freya was repeating those words.

“If we put our bodies together, you might be able to remember. Freya, let’s do the thing we do all the time. You know…” (Keare)

Like that, I made a non-existent ‘all the time’. I added in a characteristic that we never do, and toyed with her. In the middle of it, I was able to complete her hypnotized state because of the pleasure she got from it.

After everything had finished, I lay down on the bed and Freya comes over and holds my hand. Ahh, I really feel as if I’m her husband. While I doze off on the bed, Freya looks at me with affection and opens her mouth.

“Fufu, although my memories haven’t returned, I can tell that you are an important person to me. Also, I hadn’t asked you an important question, but what is your name?” (Freya)

I become a bit troubled as I hadn’t decided it yet. Since I had changed my appearance, I might as well change my name as well. Well I guess I want a powerful sounding name.

“My name is Kearuga. Don’t ever forget it again ok.” (Kearuga)

I, who had reborn as Kearuga, am stronger than Keare.

It took one day to make Flare into my cute slave Freya, and by the next day, I had finished my preparations to leave. The princess is bravely holding my baggage for me, while having a whole-hearted smile. It’s quite an enjoyable scene.

To go to the next town, I’ll need to first buy some slaves. I want at least one slave as a vanguard. I am only able to modify my talent values, so Flare who is a magician has a low capability as a meat shield, meaning we have to have a vanguard.

A demi-human slave will be good, because if we use a certain method, a demi-human slave definitely won’t betray me. I can’t trust humans as I don’t know when they will choose to betray me. I have already decided that I’ll only use brainwashing against my revenge targets, so the good person who I am can’t use someone other than a demi-human.

And if I’m going to buy one, I want a woman. When I am raising their level limit, a woman is more convenient for me. Although I can still do it with a man, it is the problem of how I feel. As I think about those types of things, the bulletin board comes into view.

“Ahahahahahahahahaha!” (Kearuga)

I instinctively burst into a roar of laughter. After all, what was on there was a portrait of the imperial guard captain just as I had expected. As the man who was a great sinner, there was a large prize money for getting him and if I look closely, I see that there are more of these portraits throughout the whole town. Honestly, they are misunderstanding who they should be catching. If it’s like this, then I’ll probably be able to easily escape from this town.

Now then, while these guys in this country are exposing their own stupidity, I should find a companion and go to the next town.

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