The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 01 – Chapter 13

After buying the things necessary for going on a journey, I started leaving the town together with Freya, who was formerly Flare. Although I thought of using a carriage to go to the next town for regular service, because of this strict guard system, they are all confined inside.

Thanks to that, we ended up going on foot and right now, we have just left the town. We were able to easily pass through the inspection, but it is a matter of course, because they are looking for the imperial guard captain, not me.

“Freya, make sure to firmly hold onto the baggage.” (Kearuga)
“Ye-, yes Kearuga-sama.” (Freya)

I still haven’t been able to get used to my new name, Kearuga, and my responses are one beat late.

Freya and I are both carrying heavy backpacks that were densely packed because to get to the next town, we’ll have to travel dozens of kilometres. We probably won’t be able to secure food or water until then, so we packed an ample amount of it. We also packed a change of clothes as well, and apart from that, we brought a various amount of things which resulted in it being considerably heavy.

And since we prepared that much baggage, the expenses were also quite large.

If we are stingy about what we bring, we’ll definitely regret it, so we bought a complete set of clothes for two people, which is light, made from durable cloth, and has even been tightly sewn, with a cloak that covers the body.

As expected, I hadn’t taken the magically enchanted ones, but sooner or later, I’ll do it myself. With alchemy magic and my knowledge, as long as I have time, I’ll be able to do it. Although metal armor has higher defensive abilities, that’s out of the question. Only people who are dim-witted fools wear metal armor in long journeys.

A water canteen and preserved food that is protected from the outside, a sleeping bag and so on. I used about half the amount of money I had on hand, which means that I’ll probably need a way to quickly raise money.

“Please, wait a bit. Kearuga-sama. The baggage is heavy.” (Freya)

Freya is taking in rough, short breaths. Fumu, from her status, I figured that she wouldn’t have too much of a problem with that amount of luggage, but it’s probably because she hadn’t moved her body much that she isn’t able to do it. However, with a bit more exercise, I think she’ll be able to go back to her real value.

“Since it’s you Freya, I’m sure you’ll be able to endure, so do your best.” (Kearuga)
“But since it’s my first time with this kind of luggage, please go a bit slower” (Freya)
“This is for you Freya. If you say that you’re tired and so you can’t move in a battlefield, you’ll die. Besides, I said it before, but if it’s you Freya, then I’m sure you can do it.” (Kearuga)

It can’t be helped if she really didn’t have the ability to do it, but even though she’s a magician, she’s level 25 and her physical strength is at the stage of a superhuman.

In other words, she is only bringing her limit lower because of a problem with her feelings which can only be fixed by forcibly moving her body. If I pamper her, then she will be stuck that way for eternity.

“I understand! I’ll work hard to live up to Kearuga-sama’s expectations.” (Freya)

Hearing my words, Freya starts moving her legs faster, so it seems that she at least got into the mood of doing it. Well if her stamina becomes exhausted, or gets muscle pains, I can just【Recovery Heal】her at that time. By the time we reach the next town, she will probably have improved by quite a lot as well.

“Come to think of it, Kearuga-sama is aiming for the neighboring town Ranalitta, but do you have some kind of purpose for going there?” (Freya)
“Yeah, I’m going to gather some comrades. Because both Freya and I are rearguards, I want a vanguard.” (Kearuga)

By the way, I made Freya believe my setting that I’m a certain country’s noble, and I’m travelling about to gain skill in combat, while going on a journey to save the world. Well, it’s not a lie, since I’m planning to travel around the world and I am planning to become stronger as well. On top of that, I’m also intending to end the war between the devils and humans.

“Indeed, there were quite a lot of strong adventurers in that town weren’t there.” (Freya)

If I was to explain Ranalitta in one word, it’s a town that’s in disorder. A lot of commodities that have gathered there without even being asked if they are legal or illegal, and the security to leave or enter is very loose, which is why many people gather there. For this reason, many yakuza-like adventurers intentionally choose to live here. If you are a strong person, then that town is a place which is easy to live in.

“I’m not expecting anything from adventurers, and what I am expecting is a surprise for when we get there.” (Kearuga)

My aim is to go to the slave market, since 60% of this country’s slaves have been sold to Ranalitta.

Most of the demi-humans who were captured to become slaves have gathered in Ranalitta. Even among the adventurers, there are illegal requests to attack the demi-human villages, kidnap the woman and children to circulate them into the slave market.

Personally, I don’t really like the existence of that myself, but I’ll use the things I can use. At the very least, I want to give the slave that I’ll buy good enough treatment so that they’ll think it was good that I was the one who bought them.

However, I need to be cautious about the time I purchase a slave because there are lots of hits or misses with slaves. Most of the time, because they are demi-humans who have been forcibly abducted, there are a lot of times when their condition is bad, or they die straight after they are bought. The quality of their talent value and level limit also depends on luck. Demi-humans that come with an appraiser have their value become much higher.

That being said, I have both the【Jade Eyes】and【Recovery Heal】 so I can choose a demi-human who has high physical attack, defense and speed. And if they are damaged, then I can just heal them as well.

Freya and I both continue to diligently walk. During that time, I sometimes picked up wild grass or mushrooms, as I had thought of one way to earn money. If it goes well, it’ll become good money in the next town.

Both of us had high levels, so our speed was also fast. If we continue going at this pace, we’ll be able to reach the town by only camping twice. While I was thinking about that, Freya called out to me.

“By the way, you’ve been gathering wild grass and mushrooms since a while ago, but what are they for?” (Freya)
“It’s to earn money for our travelling fees.” (Kearuga)

While saying that, I show her the insides of the basket I was carrying in my hands.

“This is?” (Freya)
“These are mushrooms and wild grass that I can use to make medicine. Because I can use alchemy magic, I can extract ingredients with high efficacy for medicine and make them into potions by using a magically bestowed enchant.” (Kearuga)
“So you can even do those kinds of things.” (Freya)

Freya looks at me with eyes filled with respect, to which I put on a bitter smile. alchemy magic’s practical use is wide, and can be used for things other than fighting, such as a production skill. No, in one way of thinking, using it for production is the right way of handling it.

Using【Recovery Heal】for this is quick and easy, but it’ll make me stand out too much. For that part, as a doctor, if I use【Jade Eyes】and alchemy magic to make highly efficient potions cheaply, I can gain money without standing out too much. Besides, I can create fake evidence that I’m an alchemist.

“Once we reach the town, let’s work hard to sell it.” (Freya)
“Well, it’ll sell if Freya is there.” (Kearuga)

If it was just me, no matter how good the effects of my potions are, it’ll be difficult to attract customers. However, if an extraordinarily beautiful girl like Freya was there, customers will immediately come over. An excellent appearance by itself can become a weapon. As long as customers come, I can challenge them with my quality, and once it becomes like that, it is only obvious that I’ll win, after all, they are potions made by an alchemist. For now, I should focus on getting the materials to earn our travelling expenses, so I put power into my【Jade Eyes】 to find wild grass and mushrooms to gather.

After that, we continued walking for another 2 hours and then left the path to find a clearing in the forest, and we are now starting to make our camp.

While teaching Freya how to do it, I started doing the installation of our camp. While looking at how I do it, she tries to memorize it. Since she is smart and skillful, after we do it one more time together, I should be able to leave it to her afterwards.

While I was in the middle of making our camp, I sensed the presence of mana, and when I look that way, I see a one horned, rabbit type monster looking this way. Oh, lucky. I happily laugh, and throw the knife which was in my pocket that I had purchased in the town. The knife then pierces the rabbit’s forehead.

“Pigyaa!?” (Rabbit)

After saying those final words, the rabbit turned into a corpse that speaks no more.

“Isn’t this great Freya, we get to have meat for our dinner that was supposed to be preserved food.” (Kearuga)
“Um, Kearuga-sama, that, that’s a monster you know. If you eat a monster, you’ll get a stomach ache.” (Freya)

What she pointed out is correct, because the difference between a monster and an animal is whether they carry miasma in their spirit or not.

For humans, miasma is like poison to their body, so if you eat the meat of a monster, you won’t get off unharmed.

However, in the knowledge that’s inside of me, I know how to remove the miasma, and it is knowledge that I got from a certain sage when I used【Imitation Heal】on him. A very old hero called Sauge had also known this information, and wrote a thesis about it.

“Well, don’t worry, it’s safe and besides, it’s something necessary to get stronger.” (Kearuga)

Even I’m not particularly doing this troubling thing because I want to eat a monster.

In the thesis that a very old hero wrote, this was written down. Monsters have genes that humans need for becoming stronger. And in reality, with my【Jade Eyes】, I can see those genes as well.

If I eat this meat, it will adapt into my body, making my talent values themselves rise. I once used【Transformation Heal】to raise my talent values, but I’m unable to raise it any higher. However, the only exception to that is to take in those genes which are inside a monster while it is in a appropriate shape.

While laughing, I expose the meat of the one horned rabbit as I became a bit nostalgic. In my past life, I had done the same thing. Out of harassment, there were many times when I wouldn’t be able to eat anything, so I would sneakily slip away from the party and use the technique I learnt from the old hero’s thesis to remove the miasma and eat it to endure my hunger.

It might be because of that, that I was able to overwhelm the demon king in the decisive battle. The me of that time had reached the limit of proficiency for【Recovery Heal】, and was even able to do things like concentrating all my talent values in only the things I need, all in an instant. That is exactly the style that I am aiming for.

“Freya, I’ll be able to make a tasty dinner soon, so look forward to it.” (Kearuga)

Now then, let’s have a tasty, tasty dinner. Unexpectedly, monster cuisine isn’t that bad.

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