The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 01 – Chapter 15

After arriving at Ranalitta, Freya and I searched for an inn.

In the town of Ranalitta, there are many visitors. Adventurers, criminals and poor villagers who are working away from home. On top of that, there are merchants and dilettantes that come here aiming to buy slaves that you can only buy here. There are a great number of visitors like them, so there are also enough inns to accept that amount.

Among them, there are inns aimed for poorer people, and inns aimed for wealthy people. If I think about the amount of money in my wallet, it would be better to stop at a cheaper inn, but it’s better if I avoid that.

In this town, staying at a cheap inn is scarier than being in the night forest. It is basically the same as saying “please go ahead and help yourself to my belongings”. Staying at a guest room is also scary, and there is the possibility that the shopkeeper would also steal.

Freya and I go towards the middle class section from the 3 sections this town has.

The poor people section where the pauper, ruffians and criminals live has bad public order, and is overflowing with illegal things. The sanitation is also not good.

The middle class section where people who have a decent income live and we can secure the minimum amount of safety and sanitation.

And finally, the wealthy section where nobles and rich people live. By donating a large amount of money, you can live in a place that has beautiful landscape with good security as well.

I decided to pick a somewhat higher priced inn from the middle class section, based on the amount of money I had and the security.

“Kearuga-sama, I can’t wait for the soft futon since in a sleeping bag, the quality of my sleep is a bit bad.” (Freya)
“Certainly, with a sleeping bag you can’t relieve your fatigue.” (Kearuga)

I put on a bitter smile after hearing Freya’s words. To think she would say she had difficulty sleeping after falling sound asleep from her fatigue.

That being said, this princess hasn’t become used to going on a trip. Today, I’ll be able to wash my body with plenty of hot water and sleep in a soft futon.

That night, thanks to picking a good inn, I was able to relieve my fatigue. The fee was also more or less necessary, and we couldn’t replace the security.

Freya and I are heading towards the poor people’s section to sell my medicine. Since slaves were quite expensive, I won’t be able to buy one without making money from selling medicine.

Until last night, I was troubled about what type of potion to make. On the trip to coming here, I gathered absolutely every piece of wild grass and mushroom that had high medicinal efficacy, but there would be nothing I could do if I made medicine that didn’t sell, so I decided to not make a potion. However, right now, I’ve made up my mind on what I’m going to make, and I’ll without a doubt make a large profit from it.

I remember about yesterday’s inn. Even though it is a middle class inn, I picked one with a higher ranking which was worth it, and it came with dinner that didn’t taste bad.

However, there was one fatal defect about it.

“Kearuga-sama, you said not to drink this water, but why’s that? Although I was happy that you ordered some delicious alcohol, I’m worried about our travelling fees.” (Freya)

With good timing, Freya asked me about the fatal defect and I choose to answer it.

“Because my eyes are special, they can see bad things, and I can see that there is poison in the water. I searched into it because I was curious, and it seems that this town’s source of water itself is polluted. A lot of monsters corpses that carry poison must have sank upstream, but even if that’s not it, something has happened. Although the poison has become weaker, you’ll probably fall ill if enough of it stores in your body.” (Kearuga)

I had felt a sense of discomfort from the water’s taste, so I used【Jade Eyes】to check everything.

At the start, I thought that the shopkeeper had mixed sleeping pills in it, so that he could take all my possessions at night, which is the routine welcome in this town. However, I found that this poison was a monster’s poison, and one that doesn’t have instant effects.

Therefore, I ordered Freya to not drink the water, and ordered wine instead. After that, I checked the water from the well and guessed the cause of it.

“Um, if the water is polluted, wasn’t the meal from yesterday dangerous since it had water in it? Was it okay?” (Freya)
“As long as you pass heat through the weak poison, it’s fine. Well considering it has weakened quite a lot, it’ll be fine as long as you don’t take in too much of it. And it doesn’t matter too much, because even if they don’t replace the water, in one month it’ll probably settle down.” (Kearuga)

Well it seems fine to just leave it alone. The illness you get from this isn’t fatal either, and it doesn’t have any long lasting aftereffects either.

“Phew, I’m relieved. We absolutely shouldn’t drink any water that hasn’t had a flame passed through it from this town though.” (Freya)
“Well even if there is an outbreak of an illness, it isn’t a big deal anyways, since at most, you’ll be bedridden with a fever for 2 months and you’ll writhe from the pain that feels like it’s stabbing you all over your body.” (Kearuga)
“Wait no, isn’t that an extremely big deal!?” (Freya)

Freya starts making an uproar, over such a small problem from taking in too much poison from monsters. If you look outside, a lot of the time, you can see a large amount of people getting illnesses, and in one week, there’ll probably be an outbreak of people with serious illnesses. Most likely a few hundred, no, a few thousand people.

“I thought that this town had a considerable amount of people that were in an unhealthy condition, but is it possibly” (Freya)
“Ah, yeah, there are quite a lot of people suffering the initial symptoms from the poison, but considering the water source itself has been polluted, it’s only natural that it happened.” (Kearuga)
“Isn’t it really bad!?” (Freya)

If it’s like this, then I’ll be able to relaxingly gain money; indeed, my luck is great. That reminds me, in my first life, I remember hearing that an infectious disease had spread widely through Ranalitta, so this is probably it.

“Kearuga-sama, you are putting on a face that’s thinking of something really evil.” (Freya)
“I’m not thinking of anything evil, since I can save everyone by coming at this timing. I’m just being delighted at that fact.” (Kearuga)

After saying that much, it seems that Freya finally realized what I was planning to do.

“Kearuga-sama, are you able to heal their illness with your potion?” (Freya)
“Yup, it seems that I can somehow do it.” (Kearuga)

I gulp down water from a flask that I had asked the shopkeeper to prepare before we left the inn. I washed it all down my throat with a lot of force.

“Eh, Kearuga-sama, why are you drinking the water!?” (Freya)
“I’m fine since I can fix it myself, and I need ingredients to fix this illness in the first place.” (Kearuga)
“Ingredients?” (Freya)
“It’s my blood; I’m going to make an antibody by drinking this poison. Then, I can make the potion by using the antibody which is inside my blood as a base. That’s the quickest and easiest method to make it.” (Kearuga)

【Jade Eyes】, alchemy magic and【Recovery Heal】. It’s only something that can be done by combining those 3 things together.

The strange disease which is assaulting the town has an unknown cause; unknown treatment and the amount of infected people are unusually high. I was able to get confirm that information yesterday at the bar room in the inn. Therefore, there is no way that the remedy for it wouldn’t sell.

I concentrate on my body, and strengthen my immunity strength, which continuously starts making antibodies inside my body. I accelerate that by using【Transformation Heal】. I extract that by using alchemy magic, and also extract the active ingredient from the medicinal plant which I’m holding. And then, I synthesize it. I then put the liquid I just made into the water flask that I drank up.

Now then, with this, my potion is complete. On the way, I purchased 30 containers and poured the liquid for an adult male’s quantity.

“That’s amazing Kearuga-sama, if you heal this illness with an unknown cause, you’ll be this town’s hero!” (Freya)
“I don’t plan on being a hero, and I don’t plan on naming myself this medicine’s producer either. However, I do plan on using as much medicine as I can.” (Kearuga)
“No way, if you name yourself, you’ll get praised by everyone and you can get money and honour… Kearuga-sama, you’re too humble. You are such a man of character!” (Freya)

To that, I put on a bitter smile. Although I won’t deny it since it’s too troublesome, Freya is making too big of a misunderstanding. I’m 100% only thinking about myself while doing this.

Selling medicine that can heal an unknown, spreading disease which also doesn’t have a proper treatment for it is just a lump of profit. If I can get monopoly in selling it, it can become a terrifying amount of money. However, it also has the same meaning as danger because those guys who have money and influence will use all their power to capture the producer, so that they can monopolize the medicine to gain more money and influence.

Those guys without money are also dangerous, because they’ll try to take the medicine and might even kill to take it for their own life or an important person’s life.

No matter how many lives I have, it still won’t be enough. If people say that “a medicine that treats the strange disease was made on the main road” and keep buying, my shop will fall to ruin without lasting a day.

A convenient power is always a double edged sword. That fact was beat into me to the point until I hated it in my first life.

A business that handles lives risks your own life, which means the maximum caution is necessary when selling. I had thought up a method that will let me comfortably and safely make a large killing. Now then, let’s hurry to the poor people’s section.

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