The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 01 – Chapter 19

The slave that I bought had white hair, wolf ears, tail, skin and just about everything was white; she was a beautiful ice wolf girl, Setsuna.

I had asked her a question and it was about whether she would grab onto her future or not. She had then shown her courage, and picked the option of grabbing onto her future out of her own will. Therefore, for the sake of Setsuna’s revenge and to protect her comrades, I decided to lend her my strength.

Tomorrow, we are going to go as reinforcements to the ice wolf race’s village that is going to be attacked by humans. Thus, today I’m breaking through her level limit barrier and giving the non-growing Setsuna wings from the power as a hero. The name of those wings are, level limit release.

Of course, I made her cooperate as well. To become stronger, she used all her power to make an effort, albeit awkwardly.

Although I want to raise her level all at once, it doesn’t work no matter what if the concentration falls. Strangely, although【Recovery Heal】can restore physical strength and has no problem changing appearance, it’s not possible to restore vitality. Because of this, it happens only once every four hours, which in total is three times that I can raise a level limit.

Nevertheless, I was surprised. The moment I raised her level limit, Setsuna’s level rose, and this happened all three times. I wonder exactly how many monsters she defeated while being in a state of not being able to become stronger. In her body, there was a vast amount of EXP accumulated, and that became part of her flesh and blood every time her level limit rose.

Each time Setsuna leveled up, her face became crumpled up and she cried. The moment your level rises, there is a peculiar feeling, so I understand why she became like that.

She must have been quite happy. Setsuna laughed while saying that if it’s her current self, then she can kill the humans who kidnapped her friends and drove them to their deaths.

I don’t hate seeing her work hard, which is why I’m going to use all my power to help her.

Early in the morning, I left the inn and bought a raptor which was sold in the town. A raptor is a convenient monster for riding. It’s a bipedal reptile and although it has a rough temperament, it’s stronger than a horse and is faster.

But, you also need riding training to that extent, which is no problem for me because I have【Imitation Heal】.

I swapped out one of my abilities with riding. I have already used【Imitation Heal】on knights to the point where I’m sick of it.

I found out the movement of the knights disguised as mercenaries last night by sneaking out in the intervals until my hero became energetic and performed a solo reconnaissance.

They had around 200 men, and if we think about the location of the village from what Setsuna told us, they should arrive by evening today.

“Freya, Setsuna, let’s go.” (Kearuga)

Yesterday, I told them both that we are going to go to save the ice wolf race. I also thoroughly explained that the Dioral Kingdom sent soldiers to attack demi-human villages to sell them as slaves and earn money. After hearing the fiendish deeds of the Dioral army, Freya became angry and declared that she will wield her power to save the ice wolf race. She said…

『It’s horrible that they are playing around with people’s lives for money. That kind of thing, they aren’t even human anymore. They are just beasts. Therefore, I will have no hesitation to defeat those people.』

I was desperate to hold in my laughter the whole time. The princess Flare who was just recently the number 2 in the Dioral Kingdom, Freya was seriously getting angry. Well since she said that much, I borrowed her power as well. Just to be safe, I made her wear a cap that entirely covers her hair, and a mask to cover her face.

Although they are putting on a disguise of being a mercenary group, the enemy is the Dioral Kingdom military forces. If her face or appearance is exposed, that itself will end up being the troublesome thing. Since they can’t use the excuse that we were disturbing them from assaulting a demi-human village, they’ll most likely frame some random sin on us, and put us on the wanted list. This is why a disguise is required.

I straddled the raptor, and in between me and the reins, Setsuna’s small body snugly fit in, while Freya was embracing me from the back.

“Setsuna, there’s a secret path right?” (Kearuga)
“Nn, that’s the only thing Yumuran didn’t reveal.” (Setsuna)

Yumuran is the name of the ice wolf race man who was captured and exposed the secrets. Hitting the raptor with a whip, it breaks into a run; sprinting at full power. Even though it is a monster, at this pace, it would become exhausted in ten minutes. However, I am able to use【Recovery Heal】. Because of that, I can continuously restore its stamina which makes it possible to have it constantly running on full speed. Taking that in consideration, since we’re leaving in the morning, I concluded that we would probably meet in the middle of the trip.

“Wow, Kearuga-sama, it’s quite fast isn’t it. I didn’t know a raptor was this amazing.” (Freya)
“I’m surprised. Even though I can outrun a horse, I can’t beat this speed.” (Setsuna)

Freya and Setsuna both give out voices of admiration. A monster’s physical ability is outside of common sense, and if it has a physical strength ability, its speed would be around this much.

“Be careful not to bite your tongue and properly hold onto me because if you get thrown off, you’ll injure yourself.” (Kearuga)

The two tightly cling onto me. A cool wolf eared beauty, Setsuna. A beauty with perfect appearance and good style, Freya. This might be quite a good side benefit.

While running, I think about what it is that I should be doing. This time, the Dioral army has sent 200 soldiers, and if it is around 200 people, then I should be able to win without a problem if I use my full power.

However, what would happen after that? If 200 isn’t enough, then they’ll double it, and if that isn’t good enough either, they’ll double it again, coming to fight again. One day, I can tell that I’ll fail since those guys won’t end it with themselves failing because of their self-esteem.

That’s why a point of compromise is necessary. I’m going to get Setsuna’s everything, and in exchange, I decided to achieve her revenge and protect the ice wolf race.

Now then, what should I do to solve this challenge. I’ll need to figure out the answer of this.

We took a detour to pass through the secret path, and arrived near the ice wolf village just before the battle started.

Before entering the village, we checked out the situation while hiding in all kinds of trees that were in the forest. When I put power into my【Jade Eyes】, I’m able to enhance my eyesight, and Setsuna’s eyes are terrifyingly good, so we had no problem checking it out from afar.

The Dioral Kingdom’s soldiers that were disguised as mercenaries had reached the village. They set out their encampment, and seem to be preparing something.

“Sorry, the arrival of the imperial soldiers was faster than I had expected.” (Kearuga)
“… The battle still hasn’t started yet. We just barely made it.” (Setsuna)

Setsuna gives me a short reply in response to my apology.

“The ice wolf race’s defenses are unexpectedly tough.” (Kearuga)

I become surprised after looking at the ice wolf race’s defenses that protect their village. At one glance it looks like a simple wall made of stone and mud, but it is also a barrier that uses geomancy magic.

On top of that, it’s quite a strong barrier that uses blood as a medium. If they use that, holding up inside their village is possible.

“Yeah, the ice wolf race has always been aimed at by a variety of races, so they’re good at defensive battles.” (Setsuna)

According to Setsuna, there are two underground passages to pass through the defenses, and one of them was exposed by Setsuna’s friend to the soldiers.

However, that path is very narrow, so they have no choice but to walk in single file, so it would be easy to protect against them.

It seems that there wasn’t really a need for me to come. The moment I thought that, certain things appeared from the Dioral Kingdom’s soldier encampment.

5 men and women, and all of them were of the ice wolf race. They were all naked, had slave collars stuck on them and were on all fours like a dog while being brought to the front of army.

At that point in time, I realized what they were going to do. I see, as expected of the Dioral Kingdom; even at times like this, they are unwaveringly horrible.

The soldiers were showing themselves torture the men and assault the women from the ice wolf race to the people who were checking out the situation from inside the protective wall.

Setsuna’s eyes widen, and try to leap out towards them. I panickingly cover her mouth and hold down her body.

What they are trying to do is simple. It’s difficult to do something about the ice wolf race who secluded themselves in their den.

Therefore, they are making them open the den themselves. They are waiting for them to open the gates to try and save their comrades.

If the soldiers hear a small scream, they stab the person that screamed with a sword, pour alcohol on them, and set it on fire.

The ice wolf race’s screams resound in the area, and the state of the ice wolf race inside the protective walls become suspicious. Any time now, the hot-blooded, vigorous type of guys should be leaping out to save them.

Honestly, I don’t like it. Why do my unpleasant predictions have to be correct.

I look at Setsuna. Her hatred is expanding near the limit, and I would feel sorry to make her endure any longer.

However, if I allow her to go for a reckless assault, she will unmistakably die.


“Setsuna, listen to my story as we are right now. Listen, if you leap out right now, you’ll die.” (Kearuga)
“Nn, nn.” (Setsuna)

As if saying that she already knows that, Setsuna continues to struggle.

“However, I don’t plan on making you watch while twiddling your thumbs either. I won’t order you to do something worse than death.” (Kearuga)

Her comrades are made to be toys right before her eyes, and she’s made to overlook the these guys that are despicably laughing. There is no way that she could endure that.

“I’m going to jump out to create a safer situation for you to jump out by lowering their numbers, which will let you be able to pull off your revenge. So wait 5 minutes. Are you able to do that?” (Kearuga)

Setsuna became obedient, and nods her head with tears clouding her eyes. Alright, that’s a good girl.

Besides, it seems that there isn’t that much more time left since the ice wolf race opened the gate of their protective wall. While shouting, young men start jumping out. Like what Setsuna had done before, they clad both hands with ice nails.

They must be planning to take back their comrades go right back to the gates. That’s too naive. As if waiting for that moment, a rain of fire magic and arrows fall down on them.

Just like that, the ice wolf men that jumped out died, and some received serious injury. It would be fine if they immediately closed the gate that they jumped out from, but the people inside hesitated; that hesitation was fatal. The soldiers raise their voices while closing in on it. It won’t make it. Now, the opened gate is held back by the soldiers.

It was a performance that is brilliant to a surprising degree. As expected of the Dioral Kingdom soldiers; they are familiar with these kinds of tactics.

I look towards Setsuna’s direction, and she hasn’t raised a scream. However, she is glaring towards the Dioral Kingdom soldier with eyes clouded with hatred.

She’s properly waiting. Good on her.

“Now, I guess I should go.” (Kearuga)

I’ll go full out, to set up the stage for Setsuna’s revenge.

However, just erasing my presence and taking them out isn’t fun. Oh, I’ve thought of something good.

While covering my face with a mask, I jump out of the forest while holding my sword, and then I shout out while using magic to enhance the volume of my voice.

“I am the hero of the sword! My sword is a sword of justice, so in the name of justice, I’ll cut down these evil people who are assaulting these pure demi-humans village!” (Kearuga)

It’s just a bit of harassment. With the abilities of the sword saint, I should have those sorts of movements as well.

Now, it’s the world’s first time I’m going serious. Even though it’s this situation, I can’t help but feel happy.

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