The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 01 – Epilogue

The battle had finished. The soldiers who attacked the ice wolf race’s village, tried to make money by aiming to sell them off to Ranalitta as slaves and on top of that aimed to get EXP to strengthen themselves were crushed.

Afterwards, I call back Freya who was doing separate things and together with Setsuna, we three were invited to the ice wolf race’s village.

In spite of Freya and I being human, we were all treated like heroes and received a warm welcome. The ice wolf race gave us words of gratitude, and pushed food and gems to us.

It was a bit weird, because although I thought they would thank us, I thought they would at least say that they hated humans.

The welcoming ends and one man from the crowd came out.

“Setsuna, you’ve admirably returned, and even brought the hero of the sword with you. I’m very proud of you.” (Setsuna’s Father)

It seems that he is Setsuna’s father.

“Father, Setsuna is…” (Setsuna)
“When I heard that you were kidnapped, I was completely astonished. I thought that you would be fine doing something like patrolling… but as I thought, you being a warrior is impossible. Don’t fight anymore. Go make a child after finding a husband and protect your family.” (Setsuna’s Father)

Setsuna’s father tightly hugs her. These words weren’t what Setsuna was looking for.

In the first place, she is mine. Even if it is her father or anyone, there’s no way it’s fine for them to arbitrarily choose her future.

“It’s not impossible. She has talent, and if she wishes for it, she can be stronger than anyone. I guarantee it.” (Kearuga)

That’s why I cut into a conversation between a parent and a child. Setsuna looks at my face. Although it makes me feel a bit bad to separate a parent and child that have finally come back together, Setsuna is a necessary and capable person.

“Father, Setsuna will go together with this person. I’ll leave the village of the ice wolf race and become stronger while going on a journey. So today will be my last day.” (Setsuna)

Setsuna declared that while looking straight ahead at her father. This is different from a child’s selfishness, and I can see the resolution of one adult becoming independent.

The weird thing is, it’s not like she’s reluctantly coming because of the contract, but instead, Setsuna seems to want to go with me from the bottom of her heart.

“… I see, if you’re going to choose that path, I won’t stop you. Hero of the sword-sama, does Setsuna truly have talent? It’s the journey of a hero so it’s bound to be dangerous. Isn’t fine for me to believe that Setsuna has power and capabilities to follow along with you?” (Setsuna’s Father)

It’s normal that a parent would worry about their child, but the part he’s concerned about is whether she has enough strength to meet my needs. This must be the peculiar way of thinking for the ice wolf race.

“Of course. If she stays by me, she can become stronger than anyone. There is no mistake in that.” (Kearuga)

The only thing she is lacking in is her level. But, that level limit wall was already removed the moment she chose to grab onto her future.

“In that case, I have no words to say as a father. Please, take care of Setsuna. … Please take this.” (Setsuna’s Father)

Setsuna’s father hands me a necklace with a blue gem on it. I can feel strong mana from it. This is a magic tool, and on top of that, it’s high quality. It should be worth a few hundred gold coins.

“What is this?” (Kearuga)
“This is our heirloom. I had planned to give this to the man who was to be Setsuna’s husband when she became a bride. I entrust this to you.” (Setsuna’s Father)

Since he said I can have it, I’ll depend on his kindness. It has the effect of raising your mana, and there is no trouble with having it. After that, Setsuna’s father told me all about what foods she likes or dislikes, what she isn’t good at and the habits she has when she’s trying to act tough to hide her bad condition.

I properly recognized him as her father. She is loved, and if she stays in this village, she would probably be able to live a peaceful life under her father’s protection and someday find a husband for herself.

However, the moment she chose to take her revenge, she had to walk a blood stained road together with me. For her, that may be misfortunate.

After that, I parted with him and got invited to village chief’s house.

“For this occasion, thank you very much for saving our village, and our comrades.” (Village Chief)

After passing through the guest room, I immediately saw a village chief looking person, who was middle-aged ice wolf race man and was lowering his head. This man is this village’s chief.

“If it’s gratitude, please show it to Setsuna here. I came here because of her wish.” (Kearuga)
“Is that so. Even then, I’ll thank you and Setsuna, you’ve done well.” (Village Chief)

Setsuna lowers her head. Well, I should give them a warning and some advice. The Dioral Kingdom puts quite a lot of importance in pride, so it’s impossible for them to give up after having the tables turned on them after attacking a demi-human village. At this rate, if they don’t do anything, the ice wolf race will perish. Thinking about how I should begin to talk, the village chief opened his mouth.

“Hero of the sword-sama. We will throw away this village, and go towards the country that is even further after this mountain, where the elves and the fire fox race lives. If it’s that country, they should accept us.” (Village Chief)
“That’s a wise decision. As long as you live in this village, the next time you get attacked is just a matter of time.” (Kearuga)
“Yes, the ice wolf race is a proud race, and have been surviving by using our own strength. However, it’s time for that to stop. If it stays like this, we will definitely be eradicated.” (Village Chief)

It seems there was no need for advice, and he had a proper, accurate grasp of the situation. The ice wolf race seems like they do have crisis awareness.

“About that, could the hero of the sword-sama accompany us? If we have that sword skill, we can have a peaceful trip, and plus, Setsuna seems to be emotionally attached as well. It should be fine to take her as a wife and live a peaceful life. Of course, we will give the best treatment we can.” (Village Chief)

I quietly shake my head. Feeling someone looking at me, I look towards Setsuna, and Setsuna averts her face. Her face is slightly red.

“I will have to decline that offer. I have an objective that I want to achieve which is why I’m travelling.” (Kearuga)

In the first place, she is already my property. She cannot become chains that restrain me.

“Is that so. I understand. We will depart the day after tomorrow. Because we are having a banquet today, please enjoy yourself. With all our power, we will make sure to entertain this village’s heroes.” (Village Chief)
“Ah, I’m looking forward to it.” (Kearuga)

With that, our conversation finished, and we ended it with some idle chatter.

The banquet continued until late at night. The sake the ice wolf race makes is very spicy and makes my throat burn strongly. Although that peculiarity is quite strong, it’s quite tasty.

Freya who drank without a sense of wariness became drunk, so I made her sleep in a room that was lent to us.

And now, I had slipped away from the banquet and have arrived at the forest at night. At the forest, I made Setsuna put both her hands against a tree, and from the back of her sticking out butt, I…

“… Today was quite intense.” (Setsuna)
“Yeah because after a battle, you are excited.” (Kearuga)

With a red face, Setsuna was fixing her own clothes. Setsuna’s level limit is still quite low, so I’ll need to properly increase her level limit. Just because I say that I won’t do it today, that doesn’t mean that the next day I’ll be able to do yesterday’s part as well.

“Setsuna was excited as well. Extremely.” (Setsuna)

I wonder why an obscene appearance of an immature young girl excites my heart. Without being able to hold in my urge, I kiss her and indulge in her.

“What are your impressions after dirtying your own hand by killing the humans you hate?” (Kearuga)

Setsuna closes her eyes, grips her hands tight to make a fist, and opens her mouth.

“It felt good. Both my head and body was hot enough to be burning, and each time I swung my nails, that feeling flickered, but when I saw some of them crying or shouting out, I got unnecessarily burned up and when I became unable to move, I couldn’t help but want to laugh…. It’s just that while I was in a trance, I killed and killed, but when I noticed it, my body rapidly went cold as if it was a lie, my mind became pure white and my tears flowed down.” (Setsuna)

Setsuna hugs her own body tightly, and it was as if she was frightened of something.

“Hou, so you regret it.” (Kearuga)
“I don’t. I’ve always wanted to do this. If I hadn’t I would’ve gone crazy. I was able to show them at least 1% of our suffering.” (Setsuna)

Contrasting to those words, Setsuna’s face turned pale.

“In that case, what are you afraid of? What are you frightened of?” (Kearuga)
“I don’t know, but, the one thing I know, is that it’s still not enough. Setsuna’s revenge still hasn’t ended. That’s why, after my mind when completely white, I still chased after the backs of those who were trying to escape. Even then, it still wasn’t enough.” (Setsuna)

Setsuna laughs, saying it’s still not enough. That’s right; revenge is that kind of thing.

Setsuna certainly many enemies that she hated. However, what Setsuna lost can’t come back, and so she isn’t able to be satisfied. Since she can’t feel satisfied, her revenge isn’t over.

“If so, you should just continue taking revenge till your heart’s content. You guys are still able to fight the Dioral Kingdom who toyed with you, as much as you like. As long as you are with me, that is.” (Kearuga)
“Nn. I’m looking forward to it.” (Setsuna)

I stroke Setsuna’s white wolf ears and head. She then leaned her body on me.

“Our promise, that you would save everyone from the ice wolf race and help me with my revenge. You fulfilled it, so I’ll give you Setsuna’s everything.” (Setsuna)

I sweetly smile. Setsuna is about to reveal her true name to me. The name that is carved on the souls of all living beings apart from humans. Once I know that, I will be able to manipulate all of Setsuna at will. Setsuna will become my property in a true sense.

“Kearuga-sama, Setsuna’s, Setsuna’s true name is…” (Setsuna)

Setsuna’s true name is carved into my mind, and using that name, I invoke the contract magic. Setsuna and I become linked, and with this, Setsuna has become mine now.

“Thanks. Setsuna, I’ll stay affectionate to you until death.” (Kearuga)
“Nn, I have the resolution for that. Probably because for Setsuna, it’s happiness.” (Setsuna) (TL Note: As corrected by Zen, the resolution here is resolution to be a slave forever)

Even though it was decided that she would be a slave for the rest of her life, Setsuna laughed. She’s an unusual one.

Well, it’s fine. I can use her. So that she won’t break after being used too much, I’ll valuably take care of her. I stroke Setsuna’s head, not to increase her level limit, but purely because of lust, I indulged in her body at that moment, and Setsuna reacted with a lovely voice.

After that ended, we entered a limestone cave that’s deep in the forest so that I can tell something important to her. That place had water that ran through the underground water vein in the city, and it was also the source of the strange disease that happened.

“Setsuna, you said that the two ice wolf race slaves that were with you together died after not being able to withstand the suffering from the strange disease right?” (Kearuga)
“Nn, that’s right. We caught that disease at the merchant’s house after being turned into slaves.” (Setsuna)
“In other words, they were directly killed by the strange disease.” (Kearuga)

Setsuna tilted her head while being suspicious. It seems she doesn’t understand what I’m getting at.

“The truth is, I knew that the spread strange disease because monster poison was being mixed in with the source of water. And I also saw that same monster which holds poison near the ice wolf race’s village. From that, I realized. I realized that this was actually planned and was artificial.” (Kearuga)

Using magic, I found the source of poison, which was this limestone cave. This place is in between the ice wolf race’s village and Ranalitta, and the monster which is the source of this poison is a monster that lives near the ice wolf race’s village.

If this much is revealed, it’s obvious who it was.

I pull out the thing that had sunk to the bottom of the limestone cave. A monster that looked like a mix of a monkey and a crab was in a half dead half alive state while being chained down with weights.

On top of that, to fix up its wound, body fluids were pouring down its body incessantly.

I laugh. Although the Dioral Kingdom does ruthless things, the ice wolf race in one way is beyond that.

If it’s the amount they killed, then it overwhelmingly surpasses the Dioral Kingdom. They were planning to destroy one town. (TL Note: I think this means it overwhelming surpasses the amount of ice wolf people the Dioral Kingdom killed.)

“… No way, our, the reason for the strange disease was, the ice wolf race?” (Setsuna)
“That’s right. Well the original reason was the guy that kidnapped you guys, but the direct cause was the ice wolf race. Well Setsuna, I’ll ask you a question.” (Kearuga)

It actually wasn’t necessary to talk to Setsuna about this, but it was for my hobby of watching other people’s revenge.

“I’m able to further enhance this virus, and if I do that, more of the humans that you loathe will die. On the other hand, I can tamper with this monster’s poison and make it flow medicine. It will release everyone that’s suffering from the disease, and if you want, I can locate the perpetrator of this incident. It’s a chance to kill the person from the ice wolf race who killed your friends. I’ll let you choose. It’s a commemoration for Setsuna becoming my property in a true meaning.” (Kearuga)

Well, what will she choose. Either one she picks, Setsuna will become hurt, which is why I’m asking her.

“Kearuga-sama, please cure everyone. I want you to make it flow medicine.” (Setsuna)

Setsuna’s answer was the one I was least expecting, considering it means she is going to save the humans she hates.

“Are you fine with that?” (Kearuga)
“I’m fine, I like humans suffering. But, it’s hard for me to make unrelated people suffer. Besides…” (Setsuna)

The corners of Setsuna’s mouth curved into a cruel smile.

“If I am going to kill them, doing it directly with these nails is better. It would be boring to do it like this.” (Setsuna)

I unintentionally break into an applause; that’s the best answer possible. The harsh environments warped an immature little girl to this extent.

Until now, I thought Setsuna was a decent person, but it seems it was a massive misunderstanding. She’s broken enough, and possibly even more than I have.

“Ah, then let’s do that. Setsuna, I’ll count on you from now on.” (Kearuga)
“Nn. Kearuga-sama, please treat me well as always.” (Setsuna)

My journey for revenge has only just started. Princess Flare has had her memories wiped and has become Freya who love me, is devoted to me and has directed her fangs to her own country. Her sins are piling up. Someday, when she remembers everything, I wonder what kind of reaction she’ll make.

Setsuna who is from the ice wolf race supports me by being my accomplice and person who understands me. She will never be able to escape from me for her whole life. She’s one of my cute possessions.

When I realized it, the painful and lonely fights suddenly became enjoyable. Well then, what should I do next? I noticed that I was raising my voice while laughing. This fun journey can still continue.

Author’s Note: Volume 1, the ending epilogue. This is the first end. I am very happy that it got evaluated this well! (TL Note: Erm… I completely failed that I think. I got the meaning, but the English sounds weird… well whatever lol. As I said before, since it’s my holidays now, I should be able to translate faster, so hopefully I can quickly get on with translating volume 2!)

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