The Redo of a Healing Magician – Volume 01 – Prologue

I had determined that healing magicians are only able to heal.
I had admitted that they are an existence that can’t do anything by themselves.
They cannot fight unless they rely on someone, and because they are that kind of existence, they are exploited by others.
Being exploited repeatedly, I have come to this point.
By the time I realized my mistake, it was too late. My life was over.
That’s why I’ll start over.
I can’t let it be known that I’ve recovered my ego, so I continued to act dim-witted; all in order to win at the very end.

A land in the farthest ends.
A jet black world.
A desolate land.
In that place, we are subjugating the demon king.
The enemy of humanity and the strongest, evilest existence.
It had the appearance of a girl with silver hair and pupils the color of blood.
Her small body is wrapped in a black lascivious dress, and her jet black, fallen angel wings are fluttering.

“You damn humans!  Are you bastards trying to take not just the land of death, but even the resting place for our last survivors!?” (Demon King)

She’s breathing roughly, and countless scars are engraved on her white skin which  pouring out blood.
Facing her, is the hope of mankind; the strongest party filled with the best heroes in the world.

The hero of the sword,【Blade】. A blond haired handsome man with a lean body. His weapon is the sword decorated with jewels, the divine sword Ragnarok.
The hero of the gun, 【Bullet】. A big man with hair dyed brown and black eyes who converts mana into bullets and shoots them with his gun. His weapon is the silver cannon, the divine gun Tathlum.
The hero of magic,【Flare】. A beautiful girl with long pink hair and pink eyes. As well as being a hero, she is also a princess and her weapon is a staff made from the world tree, the divine Vanargand.
And finally, there’s me; the hero of healing, Kearu.
I’m unarmed. Among the heroes, I’m the only one who doesn’t possess 【Divine Arms】.

“Bullet, keep bombarding it without a break. Please don’t let the demon king rest. Make a chance to let me fire a strong spell.” (Flare)
“Yup, just leave it to me.” (Bullet)

Without stopping, the hero of the gun 【Bullet】continues to shoot mana bullets from his divine gun Tathlum.
The power of his bombardment is equal to rank 5 magic, the highest grade of magic that humans can use, and on top of that, rapid-fire is possible. Furthermore, each and every bullet he shoots draws a different trajectory.
The demon king click her tongue in annoyance and tries to evade them by flapping her wings, but as if blocking her escape route, the bullets come around and directly hit her.
During that time, the hero of magic, 【Flare】, performs an aria and enhances her magic power.

“Thank you for waiting, Rank 7 magic,【Mjolnir】.” (Flare)

The hero of magic Flare fires a certain kill magic.
A magic circle with a diameter of a few metres, comprised of 5 layers expands.
Rank 7 Magic,【Mjolnir】.
It’s a magic that is two ranks above the limit of what normal humans can use, and is limited to the hero of【Magic】only.
From the sky, lightning falls straight down onto the ground. It changes into plasma from the extremely high-voltage, and the downpour of lightning was like a pillar of light.
The demon king gives up on evading, puts her all into making a barrier in the sky and takes the pillar of light.

“Blade, I am counting on you for the finishing blow.” (Flare)
“Leave it to me, the divine sword Ragnarok has been filled up with light. I will be the one to kill it!” (Blade)

After receiving the hero of【Magic’s】, Flare’s, words, the hero of the【Sword】, Blade, starts running.
The divine sword Ragnarok gleams in a white light after absorbing his sacred feeling.
The heroes believed that demon king who has her hands full with defending against【Mjolnir】will be cut up.
The demon king’s expression becomes grim and she opens her mouth.

“Don’t underestimate me!!” (Demon King)

The heroes’ thoughts were too naive.
Feathers flutter down from the demon king’s fallen angel wings.
Each and every one of them become a fallen angel type monster.
The fallen angels rush on the hero of the【Sword】, Blade.
The hero of the【Gun】, Bullet, repetitively bombards them to cover Blade, but as expected of the demon king’s other selves, they avoid his bullets and don’t fall even if they did get one direct hit.
The hero of the【Sword】is desperately shaking off the fallen angels with his sword, but each time he cuts one down, the radiance of the divine sword Ragnarok fades, and became unable to be taken out after he pierced the fifth body.
He was slashed at in the next moment from every direction,  and retreats in confusion while shedding blood.
It’s not just that. Black light started mixing with【Mjolnir】, that was incessantly raining on the demon king.

“You damn humans, this is the power of the demon king!!” (Demon King)

The lightning from the【Mjolnir】spell is completely dyed black. And then, the lightning climbs back up into the sky, and once again falls.
The destination of the lightning is the hero of【Magic】and【Gun】.
The demon king did not defend against the magic, but she stole the magic.
She stole magic from the age of the gods. It’s a special move that’s in an area beyond human understanding.

“Kyaaaaaa” (Flare)
“Guaaaaaa” (Bullet)

Flare, who has high magical resistance is in a severe condition and Bullet was burned to death.
Even though we were just one step away from defeating the demon king, the hero party was cornered in a catastrophic situation.
The only one with no injuries is me, the hero of【Healing】.

“Oi! You dullard, hurry up and heal me. I’ve already used up my elixir and since you can only heal, hurry up and do it!!” (Blade)

The hero of the【Sword】is looking at me and screaming
However, I ignore it.
The hero of the【Sword’s】face is dyed in anger, and once again screams.

“Don’t ignore me. I only let you live to heal us.” (Blade)

Even though we are both heroes, the hero of the【Sword】was always looking down at me.
There was nothing I can do about it.
To begin with, the heroes are too strong. Since they hardly get injured, they don’t need to be healed.
And on top of that, there is a supreme item called Elixir that can heal anything except for missing parts.
Although it is a very valuable item, because it’s for the hero’s party, it was collected from all around the world and presented to them.
The hero of【Healing】can only use【Recovery Heal】.
As long as they have the Elixir, the hero of【Healing】isn’t needed. I’m there as a reserve so that if they ever run out of Elixir, they can turn to me.

“Oi, are you listening you trash? Did your brain become blank from the drugs!?” (Blade)

Hearing the word drug, I unintentionally made a self deriding smile.
Yes, I was a severe drug addict.
【Recovery Heal】has a fatal flaw.
【Recovery Heal】is a type of magic that returns the person’s body to a normal state.
In other words, you can’t use it without knowing the other person’s everything. What’s normal changes depending on the person, so it’s necessary to reproduce the experience that was ingrained in their body.

For that reason, this magic drives all the experiences the target has had in an instant, to let you understand that person.
Unimaginable pain, and the fear someone other then myself going into me.
It’s unbearable with a normal mind.
In reality, I ran away once because I didn’t want to use this power. (TL Note: In other words, this magic makes him experience the other persons life, and because he knows everything about them, he can return them to a state without injury.)

However, I eventually got caught and was drugged to lose the feelings of pain or fear.  I became a severe drug addict, and was trained to happily use【Recovery Heal】for the sake of drugs.
As a general rule, healing magicians are not able to heal themselves. Drugs ate into me, I broke, I even forgot who I was, resulted into a dullard that couldn’t even realize that I was breaking, and I continued being used.

“Who would heal someone like you. Go die you trash.” (Kearu)
“You… did your awareness return?” (Blade)

The hero of the【Sword】raises a surprised voice after saying that.
It’s understandable. I have been with this guy for more than three years, but I was already broken when I first met him. At that time, I was a doll that simply followed orders like a machine.
Two months ago, I regained my consciousness after finally acquiring the【Drug Resistance】skill, and I also noticed I was able to heal myself because my proficiency of 【Recovery Heal】rose.

After healing my drug-eaten body, I secretly continued polishing my fangs so that no one would realize I’ve regained my consciousness.
It’s for the sake of this day.
I run. My aim is the demon king.
I will defeat the demon king, and obtain that.

“Fool, do you have a death wish, you have no fighting power!” (Blade)

I ignore the hero of the【Sword’s】rebuke, and run straight towards the demon king. Countless fallen angels come heading my way
However…, there is no need to fear.

“Slow” (Kearu)

While dodging the fallen angel’s attacks by a paper-thin difference, I run past them.
What made that possible was purely martial arts.
I used the most efficient method of moving that is allowed for humans.
Until now, I have used【Recovery Heal】on a countless number of humans.
I experienced a countless number of people’s everything, and used their techniques. Among them, there were martial art masters as well.
The side effect of【Recovery Heal】was not just a side effect, but it brought me power.
My movements will surely even surpass the hero of the【Sword’s】movements.
This is…

“【Imitation Heal】” (Kearu)

When I had come back to my senses, I truly was surprised.
After all, there was so much knowledge and techniques inside of me.
Many were masters, many were wise, and all of that power is inside of me.
After seeing how fast I was, the fallen angels clad themselves in black light.【Strengthening Magic Formula (Enchant)】. The speed of the fallen angels jump up, and with that condition, they simultaneously attack me from all four sides.
I click my tongue.
Even if I took the most suitable actions, as I am now, evading is impossible. No matter what I do, it is physically impossible. In this current situation, I’ve basically been checkmated.
In that case, I have no choice but to raise my power.

“【Transformation Heal】” (Kearu)

I use【Transformation Heal】.
Normally, 【Recovery Heal】 is a magic that changes the target’s appearance to their normal state.
If it can cause change, it should be able to not only change back to the normal appearance, but also to the appearance I desire.

With【Transformation Heal】, I rewrite my body into one that’s suitable for battle.
Due to that, my physical ability suddenly rose, so I evade the attack that was impossible for my previous self to evade, and come closer to the demon king.(TL Note: Kotarou? What are you doing here?)

“As expected of the demon king’s familiars. They’re persistent.” (Kearu)

Even with all this dodging, it seems that the fallen angels still aren’t giving up.
The fallen angels gather up in one place, and then combine.
They didn’t get bigger, but the density rose to an unbelievable extent. An overwhelming presence.

The fallen angel rises, and then raises it’s fist overhead while swooping down.
However, there’s no need to fear it. I grab the arm that came striking at me, and then…

“【Deterioration Heal】” (Kearu)

I activate magic.
If restoring to a former state and changing the appearance to the one you desire is possible, breaking is also simple.

Living existences are terribly fragile. They break from simple slight things like connecting a blood vessel that shouldn’t be able to connect or just detaching the spinal cord and brain.
Therefore, I use【Deterioration Heal】to break them.
The dreadful thing about【Recovery Heal】is that it disregards every possible resistance.

Living things instinctively accept【Recovery Heal】.
In other words, it’s a certain kill hit that nullifies defense.
The fallen angels crumble down.
While watching me with eyes of fear, the demon king raises a voice.

“Who the hell are you?” (Demon King)
“I am the hero of healing, Kearu. Just an ordinary healing magician. (Kearu)

【Recovery Heal】is not just limited to healing.
The moment I realized that, my surroundings had suddenly gotten brighter in one go.
Making the techniques of people I healed my own,【Imitation Heal】.
Changing my body to the appearance I desire,【Transformation Heal】.
Instant death magic that nullifies all defense and heals it into a broken shape, 【Deterioration Heal】.

If I had these powers 4 years ago, I wonder if my life would be different from the one I lived till today.
Making this delusion come true is my aim.
The demon king shoots out a countless number of jet black bullets at me.
However, it’s useless.

With the sages’ knowledge inside of me, I read the power, speed and trajectory of them, and then dodge them by using the strongest martial artist’s techniques and strengthened physical ability.

I push through the rain of magic, and reach the demon king. As long as I touch her, it’s my win.
I touched her.
All that’s left is to use one magic.

“I see, so I end here as well huh. It’s frustrating. I couldn’t protect it.” (Demon King)

The demon king smiles while crying. For some reason, when I look at that face, I feel an extreme sense of guilt.
However, I can’t stop. I have my own objective.

“【Deterioration Heal】” (Kearu)

Even the demon king is helpless against my【Deterioration Heal】. She breaks and crumbles down.

“Don’t worry about it, it’ll start again soon anyways.” (Kearu)

I mutter that, and start pulling out the demon king’s heart.
It’s a crimson jewel.
This was my aim.

“Good work, hero of healing Kearu. My father, no, the king will surely be delighted. Ahem, by the way, that gem seems to be a very dangerous gem with a terrible curse inflicted on it, so I, the hero of【Magic】, will take care of it.” (Flare)

After recovering her injuries from the black lightning with an elixir, the hero of magic, Flare, is talking to me while smiling.
I feel nauseous.
She has never smiled at me before.
Normally, she would look at me as if seeing a dirty stray dog.

When I had awoken to my powers as a hero, she is the perpetrator who dragged me out of my village, caught me while I was fleeing, drugged me, and stole my awareness.

“The philosopher’s stone.” (Kearu)

The moment I said that, Flare’s face became stiff.

“This is the reason you guys killed the demon king right? To kill the demon king and gain this, you decided to exterminate the demon race. The strongest magic item that explosively increases any magic spells. As long as you have this, you could even use forbidden magic.” (Kearu)

I have used【Recovery Heal】on Flare before.
Therefore, I know all about her.

Originally, there are two types of monsters.
The monsters that were controlled by the demon race and the demon king, and the monsters that appear like a natural disaster and are instinctively violent.
They all worked well together with the demon race and the demon king.

However, 10 years ago, the kingdom suddenly got attacked by atrocious monsters. Everyone began to think that the country, they need to exterminate the demon king and the demons.
In reality, that didn’t happen.

Kill the demon king and obtain the demon king’s heart. For that reason, it was necessary to gather money and military strength, so they made that story to be a ‘just cause’.
The ten years of warring was an necessary war.

“Oh, you are quite knowledgeable. I had no idea that the demon king’s heart has such a name.” (Flare)
“Yeah, I am quite knowledgeable. I also know that you guys have a foolish delusion of trying to conquer the world by using forbidden magic with this.” (Kearu)

For just a moment, Flare’s face changed into one dyed with hatred.
However, in the next moment, she makes a soft smiling face, that’s appropriate for a princess.

“Well, I do not quite understand what you are saying.” (Flare)
“Is that so, then I’ll be using this for my own sake.” (Kearu)

I continued acting broken even after I regained my consciousness all for the sake of outwitting Flare at the very end,

“What exactly are you going to do?” (Flare)
“This philosopher’s stone outrageously enhances the user’s power. I can even use absurd magic. With this power, I’m going to use【Recovery Heal】, as there is something I desperately want to fix.” (Kearu)

Yes, it’s something that’s broken.
It’s something that I definitely can’t regain with common sense.
Something that I am truly craving for, from the bottom of my heart.

“You, no way!?” (Flare)
“I am going to use【Recovery Heal】on this rotten world, and start over from before I met you, four years ago.” (Kearu)

Normally, no matter what broad interpretation I make of it, even【Recovery Heal】can’t reach that territory.
However, I can do it as long as I have the philosopher’s stone.

“Wha-, it is impossible. There is no way you can do that. And even if you were able to do that, your memories would all be gone so you would make the same mistake again.” (Flare)
“Yeah, that might be true.” (Kearu)

After hearing my words, Flare has a relieved face.

“In that case, do not do such a useless thing. If you just pass over that rock, a happy life is awaiting you. The royal family will ensure that.” (Flare)

I smile at her, and she reaches out her hand.
Her eyes saying to hand over the philosopher’s stone.
This idiot, there is no way I would agree to her just like that.

“Of course there is a chance that I might forget everything and this might all repeat. Normally, that would happen. However, that won’t happen. Even if everything disappears, I absolutely will not forget this pain.” (Kearu)

The despair and suffering I went through when I wasn’t myself and the grief after I had recovered my senses; these feeling and memories have all been engraved deep into my soul.

I get the feeling that those emotions will never be forgotten, no matter how much time rewinds.
I’m sure of that. The new me will definitely be able to find the possibilities of【Recovery Heal】and start over.

“Are you actually planning on doing it?” (Flare)
“See ya, princess. When I start over and meet you again, I’ll make sure to deprive everything from you.” (Kearu)
“You re〇ard!” (Flare)

Flare realizes that I’m serious, and points her staff at me.
However, it is too slow.
I’ve already charged my mana till the max, now all I need to do is use it.
From the philosopher’s stone, dazzling red light gushes out.

“【Recovery Heal】” (Kearu)

I use【Recovery Heal】on this rotten world.
It is reverting to the normal state I desire.
As if the four years never happened, I will come back to that day.
Next time I will do it well. I’ll surely be able to do it.
Even if all my memories disappeared, the pain in this soul will make me remember everything.

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